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Friday, March 17, 2006 

Free pony rides!

So Yeah, I'll be at the Season 3 castings in Los Angeles (judging, not auditioning...) @ The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.
Come by and say "HELLO" even if you're not trying out, I'd love to see you......depending on my MOOD, I might even give a couple free Pony Rides!!!!!!! Much Love, SANTINO

hell yeah.

Looks like fun... *looks around for nearest person* Who wants to play???

Yep, that's the guy.

Good time had by ALL I'm sure!!!

hey santino! i just wanted to let you know that i was at the fall out boy concert in portland, maine last night and the band dedicated a song to you. they said something like, "this song goes out to santino because we all know he should have won!" so yeah, fall out boy loves you. haha.

xo christina

Oh how I wish for that pony ride!

Hay Santino, would you please let us know when you're in NY. We want to see you. Last month I have met (accidentally/or not) almost every one here but you. It hurts. It would be so great to talk to you!
Have fun in LA and always remember - you're THE STAR and you always will be

Thank you,

Come to New York, I'll have a saddle waiting for you ;)
<3 <3 <3

Santino, if only I were in L.A. I would accept your offer of a pony ride and to say hello. I dream of the day I'll meet you. But alas, it won't be at the PR casting for season 3. But I hope you enjoy meeting all your adoring fans. And strongly consider doing a "meet the fans" cross country tour. I'd drive almost anywhere to see you.


hmmm...i think you should come visit me in my small town in Ohio so i can have a pony ride...haha...would love to come see you in LA but thats too far for me to im broke..hope you have fun!!!

Yay, you're trying out for season three!!!!!! There's more Santino comin along my way.
Too bad I don't have money to fly to Los Angeles because I would definitely have to hit you up for one of those pony rides.

if that's the case I think I am going to put together a collection of stapled toilet paper squares just to get a peek at ya. hell yeah I would.

If the pony ride was a definite, the flight to LA for a day would be worth it...

The idea of getting a ride from Santino brings interesting images to mind. (!!!)

what about giraffe rides?

you're silly and oh-so-cute.

I hope things are going well for you, and that you enjoy being part of the season 3 auditions.

A SANTINO tour should be in the works i agree I would go see you anywhere. And oh yess pony rides are a must. Love ya good luck with the auditions ~danielle

Oh man. I wish i was in California. and old enough to try out. and was able to sew.

There is a great amount of love for you in Gig Harbor, Washington!

byebyeblackbird @

o hell yea ima be there just to get a pony back ride ;]

Hmmm.....not the pony ride I want! ;) Gittie up boy! :P

HEY! Why don't you do a season 3? I think it would bring more fun to the show and it would give me a reason to watch the show again! LOL

fall out boy sucks ass.

is this really santino??

or some unfortunate hung-over intern?

go listen to the screamers.
some la history will do everybody some good.

add my name to the list of santino supporters.

shoulda won bro.

Dang that might just get me on a plane from Phoenix. Would you autograph my Santino T shirt? :D

"See you on Season 3!!"

I just couldn't resist...if Daniel F is on Season 3 then you should be too.

It's only because I miss seeing you every week though.

Aww I wish I could get down there tomorrow! The pony ride looks fun ;) ;) Have fun tomorrow!!!


p.s. I've started a message board for any Santino fans who want to chat with on my name for the link.

...The Santino Dino...judging for PR. That is great! I hope there is much more of you out there in the limelight! You need to open up your own line of work in the big cities!!!

Lots of Love from the Big D,

I do that fish face when I go under water! he he. Only us big lip peps can do it.



you are so fucking talented. you're clothes rock...and you are a bright light.
i have much respect for you.

Santino, loved you in the final episode! Those of us who "got you" already knew the vulnerable innocence underneath it all, but DANG what incredibly entertaining armour do you don! Your collection was absolutely amazing. Just remember us common folks with somewhat smaller pocketbooks...totally sell out! Steal Mizrahi's Target audience away from him~I know I'd be there browsing!

Interesting fact: Chloe Dao's finale collection only generated close to HALF of what Santino's collection sold for...hmmmmn, I guess I wasn't the only one who realized Salvation Army has some terrific 80's Shantung prom gowns in stock right now!

did anyone end up going? who got a pony ride? lol




Yeah, I auditioned today! I didnt make it, but it was a pretty freaking sweet expierence, oh and meeting you was rad!

Haha! Owen and his crazy drunken antics. That was a really fun night.

we should go have vegan cookies together at urth cafe. my treat!

i said id just go for that piggy ride and did i? YESSSS. wooo thanx alot for it hahah
waited almost 3 hrs for everything to be done to meet you <3 loved it.

santino! I am so upset I was in mammoth and didn't get to meet you. You are my favorite! Everytime I email you through myspace you never return my message, is that your real myspace id santinorice? I am a runway model and love your stuff! xoxox

haha how the hell is that guy holding up his body if ur pullin him ?. beats me.. are u the only finalist who didnt go to fit wtf. thats kinda freakin funny considering that the show is based in parsons... ur awesome!
btw i use ur lines all the time.. "cant polish a turd" omg.. i luv it.. its so mean but delishish and luv the tim gunn and andrea date scenerio so fuckin funny! =D much luv from the putzinatoR .. aka mimi ::wink::

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Off-Topic...just wanted to say I love you and was totally rooting for you!!!!

Now, what I wonder is this... Did Daniel Franco show to audition, again?

Are you going to be at the New York casting!?! I was planning on going in hopes of meeting you!!

You are sooo hilarious and such a cutie. We all know you should have won, even the Chloe fans know that.. you should really release a line. Loved your pleated/flowy dress that was on your model from the show!


hi satino beauty.
you seem to be a dear lunatic...but legal
the picture oh of you it was manageable

I also want to eulogize him/her for the blog that very crazy
and that face ties more
crazy and hallucinated...
\m / o0 \m /

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