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Friday, March 03, 2006 

Having the Best Week Ever

Hello! I taped VH1's Best Week Ever this week and it was a blast! Everyone on the show was great and if you're jonesin' for some more trash-talking by yours truly, this should do the trick. It first airs tonight on VH1 but should be on a few times this weekend.

If I don't talk to you, have a beautiful weekend y'all!

Much Love, SANTINO.

yo santino. hi. i have been watching project runway weekly. a huge fan, i am. i enjoy the creativity of the designers. i think you are a fashion phenomenon. i lived in l.a. for a short stint..i reside east coast now. i think this means meeting you in real life may be out of the question. but..stay cool.

- jackie

yo santino. hi. i just wrote a bunch and it disappeared. dammit. you are quite fly as a designer. i have been watching this season (sounds so gay to say and 'oo america...but hey...). anyhow, i think you're cool and dig your designs.

see you.

Hi Santino!! I just started watching Project Runway last Sunday when they had the marathon. I tuned in this past Wednesday to watch, now I'm hooked. I'm rootin' for you!! Even more so when I heard you were from St. Charles, I live in St. Peters!!! Would you ever consider creating some fashions for us plus size girls? I'm a size 16 and would love to be the first one in town sporting an original Santino Rice!!! God Love Ya!! Keep on keepin-on!! Julia, in St. Peters.

People are saying some nice things about you
in the comments on this site.

Wow- that is great news, I can't wait to watch it. I needed a Santino fix. I hope to see you on tv lots more...hopefully in your show.

Santino + Best Week Ever = Cream in mah pants. Two of my favorite things.
Can't wait for BWE tonight.

wow!I will def. be watching BWE. So happy to see you on Tv, anywhere I can. You really need your own show. I couldn't help myself and checked out your FW collection. Folks...I think we have a winner!

Much love, whitney

*grabs remote, cues DVD-R*

I so needed a Santino fix tonight! And I will probably watch it a few times this weekend! Keep up the good work we are all rooting for you.

- Nikki

Hi! I don't want to gush, so I won't but, I knew that you would make it at least this far, from the beginning. Yay! I wish that I knew that you had a blog before now, so I could have posted my support instead of telling it to the TV and to any unfortunates who happen to be nearby. And, since I don't have cable in my room, and since I hate my roommates (so I don't really spend time in the common areas) I have to go elsewhere to watch Project Runway. Even though I know it all happened already, I am pullin for you!! (And if you ever need a Jersey girl as a model and/or inspiration, give a holler)

I LOVE best week ever. I'll be watching!

At first I thought they got to you on the last show with the "love to hate" bizz.
And the shade Daniel & Chloe threw you at the Hotel,you were all apologetic so I was really worried.You said "I really have to think more before I say something about someone.."

Then five min. later you say "Chloe's collection looks like a couch is comming at'cha"

Hahahahha! So funny and true and thankfully you didn't change at all!

In N.Y. nothing you said would have been thought of as a big deal, you're just calling it like you see it.Frankly those who got upset are too thin skinned for fashion, where the dissing is a lot harsher than anything on the show so far (with the exception of Michael K. to Guadalupe).

And it is funny as hell.

Keep on!
Don't change a thing.

I LOVE best week ever so Im so excited. I just CANNOT wait till next week for the finale. Anywhoo hope you have an awesome weekend, with some sun. Because here in Michigan it sucks ass...

I actually like Best Week Ever too.. so that should be a great combination!

i love that show,
looking forward to seeing you on it.


i love BWE.. great to see you are getting so much exposer! i love it! i'll be watching..

much love, Jill

We watched you on Project Runway, and now my mom is hooked. My brother is going to name his new puppy Santino. Good Luck

ALSO.. lol.. i love the Santino WWSD shirts.. although it shouldnt be "what would Santino do?" it should be short for... WORLD WIDE SANTINO DOMINATION! yeah baby!

hee.. can i make a request? how about a good cut/design for us.. um.. curvy girls? you know.. the ones that can fill the hell out of a shirt? lol

much love, Jill

Hi Santino. I picked you as the winner of Project Runway on that first show. You made me cringe in shows thereafter, but I still wanted you to win. The creativity you have in your designs - I just haven't seen that before in women's clothing.

I'm a mom of two girls and I just love the mix-it-up stuff along with the very classic-styles. So seeing what you do for women's clothing has been terrific. I actually liked Guadalupe's things in the beginning too (I liked the dress she made for Nicky Hilton but that's another story). You clearly have a highly creative style and I look forward to seeing more. Your first dress and the "Austin Scarlett" fabric dress were the two standouts for me - OUTSTANDING.

Oh I rambled on there, but back to my point. I didn't like the "character" of you that was portrayed. But during the reunion show I started to get the feel for your personality and how you just say it like it is, perhaps you don't know your tone, but you clearly learned from it and the humility that showed there was great. When I was younger I had the same issue with my tone and how direct I could be - but it was not malintentioned. But some people just don't get that, so I had to learn to be sensitive to that. You have clearly figured that out quickly.

I LOVED you on this weeks show. I LOVED seeing those kids all over you - if you were not a loving person, there is no way those kids would be clamoring over you. Kids see the truth so simply, and I was pleased to see that.

And when you talked about your insecurities and how you have thought a thousand if not a million times more about yourself re: the comments you've read that people have said about you. You are clearly a thoughtful person and I loved learning more about that real person.

Best of luck and hope to continue seeing more of you - will watch the VH1 show if I can find that channel - haven't watched it in many years.

GO SANTINO!!!!!!! I hope you win, but I admit I love Chloe and Daniel too!

So happy I found this website (too late though). During the show I always thought I was the only one fan of Santino. Dear Santino, I'm sooooo happy you have such a big fan club. I was reading mail sent to you and almost cried. As everyone else I wish you the best of luck!!!!

Love, Irina

Dude, i am so tapeing best week ever, currently studying for a bio exam, take short breaks to visit your site. I love that show because it makes fun of celebs, you had "the best week ever," right?

Dude, i am so tapeing best week ever, currently studying for a bio exam, take short breaks to visit your site. I love that show because it makes fun of celebs, you had "the best week ever," right?

I am a big fan of Project Runway and have been since the very first episode of season one.

However, I have to admit Santino, I have not been a fan of yours until the last episode that aired this past Wednesday.

Fan or no fan, your story has touched me. I mean, seriously, it means that you ARE human after all and I enjoyed seeing this side of you.

Also, for the first time during this entire season, your designs have impressed me and as much as I hate to say it, I'm dissappointed with what I have seen from the other contenders in the show. I think you have this thing in the bag. Your dresses are DEVINE!

So I must apologize for my blog posts against you. I want you to know, I'm behind you 100% and I hope to see next week that you have won it all!!

You deserve it!!

so long cowboy in to the sunset of good fortune
im sending you my happy thoughts

Amazing. I'm sure you're going to be hilarious. I always wanted to be on that show because I know I could tease with the best of em'.

Thanks for being you Santino. Can't wait to watch BWE tonight!! I LOVE your fashion week collection and am hoping that you win next week. Good luck!

Hello Santino,

I'm suporting you all the way!! I know you'll surprise everyone with your line...I know your going to be the winner of Project Runway!! Much Love

Oh Santino, you're breaking all our hearts!

Why would Matt at the Lounge kiss and tell?

On an unrelated note: Who would you have picked had Daniel snatched up Andrae? We assumed that Kara, showing her own collection, wasn't actually available to choose, and Nick seems to be wearing a big chip on his shoulder these days. Who else, then?

(It appears that the last link died. Pretend I gave you this link instead:

Again with the kissing and telling

Santino I just wanted to say that I have been rooting for you since day one of Project Runway, you are my favorite designer. I was ecstatic when you made it to the final three!! I hope you win it all!

Hi Santino!

My mom and I watch Project Runway religiously and we have been your fan for a long time now. We find your comments on the show soooo funny. It would not be a HIT show without you. Keep up the great work and God bless!

Hi Santino!

My mom and I are big fans of yours! I don't think Project Runway would be such a hit without you in the show. We find your comments on the show so hilarious!! Keep up the great work and we look forward to seing your clothes on Rodeo Drive one day soon! God bless.

Where did you get the Basquait t-shirt you wore on the show>?
It was black with a white crown and his name in white.
I want it!


I totally thought this website was 'Satin or Ice?'. Some sort of twisted sexual themed website.

My guess was correct.

My boyfriend and I have been in love with you from the very beginning. I mean, sure you were a little arrogant, but so am I...and don't you just hate when people can't take a joke? Whatever the outcome of the show, you know where the true talent is. No one can ever take that away from you. We will be rooting for you next week. Best of luck and happiness for the rest of your life.

Great show. :) I will have to catch it this weekend since you are on it. You may think this odd but my Dad and I have bonded over PR. At the moment the line has been drawn when it comes to you, haha. I never had a clear favorite for any of the designers.

But you have completely surprised me! Your line at FW was just beautiful and showed how hard you worked. Even the garish, off the wall designs you done for PR earlier had their own charm and unique quality despite what the fashionista triumverate thought. It's not a terrible thing to think outside the conformities of mainstream. Fashion is totally art.

It was bound to happen...
Behold your collection of fans blogging about nothing but YOU on Livejournal:

Santino Groupies


1. I live in St. Charles County--Weldon Spring, actually.
2. I am an executive recruiter in the fashion industry.
3. I am likely one of the few heterosexual males who watches the show (due to #2 above).
4. If they gave dipshit Jay a show, your career in television is assured.
5. If you come to St. Charles, I'll buy you lunch at White Castle and some rides on the go-carts in Boschertown. If you bring Andrae, I guess I'll pop for Red Lobster....
6. You may have been kept on the show for ratings, especially with your skating costume (ouch!!!), but you better win---your collection is clearly superior and cohesive.


1. I am likely one of the few heterosexual males who watches the show. (See number 2)

2. I am an executive recruiter in the fashion industry.

3. I live in St. Charles. Weldon Spring, actually.

4. You may have been kept on the show for ratings, especially with that skating outfit, but you deserve to win. Your collection has depth and originality, plus the other two are so inferior.

5. If they gave dipshit Jay a show, your television career is secure.

6. If you come to St. Charles, I'll spring for some go-cart rides in Boschertown and some sliders from White Castle. If you bring Andrae, I guess I could pop for Red Lobster....



I live in St. Charles; Weldon Spring to be exact. I am likely one of the few heterosexual males that watches the show, because I am an executive recruiter in the fashion industry. You may have been kept on the show for ratings, but you deserve to win. Your collection has depth and innovation, and you finally curbed your over-the-top tendencies. Makes the other collections look like amateurs.

Next time you come to St. Chuck, I'll spring for a few go-cart rides in Boschertown and some sliders at White Castle. If you bring Andrae, I guess I'll have to pop for Red Lobster.

Finally, if they gave dipshit Jay a show, your television career is certainly secure....


Fix it so you can see your comments instead of having them disappear, and then you look like a turd that can't be polished when they show up on the blog three times!!!

Fuckin' make it work!!!!!!!

OMGSH, that so rocks hard. I'll record everything you say, because yu rock.

Santino you're so TYPE A like me.. and honestly, every comment you made, was what most of us were already thinking.

It's kinda like MTV, we "stop being polite and start being real"... we just do it earlier... because we're type A and we don't have time for the bullshit nor do we mind working our way to the top using any means possible.

I think you did/said everything you should have.

I am so impressed with your courage and dedication to accomplishing your dream. I think that you are the patron saint of dreamers. I'm leaving home for another jurisdiction by myself in a few months, and I know how scary it is. I've done it before for a job and it did not work. But, you managed to do it and make it work in spite of having difficulties. I hope you win because it show the world that it's okay to take chances. Sometimes, they work out well. I hope my adventure works out as well as yours. Thanks for being an inspiration.

I think you don't want to come across as a mean person but you just say the stuff the rest of us are thinking.

Ah! Mr. Rice, you are fucking fabulous. Project Runway is the best show on television (it is my religion), and you are the STAR*
Whats up with the website?
I want to see some outfits!!!
Everything you do is uncompromised and totally pimp (not to mention beautiful)! If I were a rich girl, you would make clothes for me for sure.
Thanks for rocking my face off!
Fuck those prudes!


Can't wait to see the VH1 show!

My favorite part of the reunion episode was when, during Andrae's breakdown, the camera shifted to you and you were laughing with your hands over your mouth. It was hilarious.

ps they should make your Tshirt design (on the official PR website) clearer on the internet because its hard to tell what it says.

Santino, you're absolutely amazing. I loved everything you made on Project Runway, and I truly hope that you take the prize.
Can't wait to see you on Best Week Ever tomorrow. Have a good weekend.


P. S. I think that you are way hotter than Daniel Vosovic.

Hi Santino!

Thanks for the headsup for Best Week Ever. Can't wait! Congrats and hope you are soaking in every bit of the love you are being blasted with this week.



Hey Santino,
I just emailed you some long email and then realized how to use this post here.
The Santino Space Shuttle has blasted off! Bravo man! I am just shitting myself that your honest caustic humor paid off. You are an original and will win this show and much much more- Take it to the stars where you belong babe. Isn't NYC crazy? You gotta love it! Congrats! You fucking did it! I know you did.
I think Daniel V got way to big in his head for his britches and his work was boring and Chloe is very very good at her thing but it's not "blow you out of the water" original. She's too safe. I think Kara should have stayed- I liked the balls she had to tell Nina that if they just trusted her, she would wow them with her show and I have a feeling she actually would. The shows challenges really didn't give you a chance to really see what the designers were made of only their personalities and a sneak peek at their styles. I always thought that you were the most talented and I thought that they broke you down in the begining and made you second guess yourself. It's too nerve wrecking! Your personality shined through as a real individual who is fearless and knows who he is. It's all so comical and UN-Real that it's interesting that they would turn the most honest person there into the villain. All the other contestants were jealous and had no sense of humor. You will do as you claim Santino. You will make it way beyond this stupid show. All you need to do is be yourself and create beauty. I wish you'd make me a gown! I wold totally rock it out!
p.s. I hope you read my email too.
much love,

To the poll at the side. These are two addons:

1. Santino and Andrae go to Disneyland! With an action cam! ;)

2. Santino becomes part of the judging panel for next season. Project Runway's "Simon".

How could you ever feel weird about your voice??? You have one of the hottest voices I've ever heard--speaking, singing, ranting. I can only imagine the pillow talk...sigh....

Just sprinted...up steps...after watching....Best Week Ever...... YOU WERE SO DANG PIMPIN!!! Saw Danial too, but you were awesomer that him.


Just finished watching BWE. Awesome to see you on there, and the Tim Gunn voice for the Sizzler was such a bonus. It's always awesome to see you on the tv.

Much love for your fashion week collection. Any woman would be crazy not to want one of your garments.


Santino u r soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u, the way u r, your designs, u have made me so happy watching u. PLEEEZZZZZZ come back to television...i need my Santino fix!!! mayra :)

Seriously has been boring since Santino broke in... I LOVE your style, moxie, wit and intelligence. You are by far the best designer ever... I get so excited watching you on pr that I shake and start to cry! I am a seamstress and would love the chance to sew for you someday...a dream come true! Never change and "stay focused" All the best to you! cindyb.


You were in my dream last night.

You were great (as you always are) on BWE. I hope you won PR, although I don't think it will matter if you didn't. You HAVE arrived darling. Your designs speak for themselves.
And for that "Santino, the guy you love to hate?" Hell to the no.. Santino--the guy I love to love!!

Santino!!!! You are so fucking great. I was always your fan, and when I saw that dress you made for the hilton chick my heart was yours. Hey I just moved to Spingfield, MO and I hate it. Will you come over and make this lame ass town cool. I think there is even a red lobster here. Whatever. I love you Santino....stay real.

aloha from hawaii!

yes, even us natives on gilligan's island have cable. i'm a big fan of PR, watched season one religiously, was estatic when jay-bird won since everyone thought kara had it in the bag. season two has a different feel and santino, you are definitely the most creative and interesting designer on the show. you should've won the barbie and iman challenges!

to me, one word describes you: fearless. you never appear to compromise your creativity, apologize for your designs, and damn, boy, you defend yourself on the runway like a fricken criminal defense attorney!

i peeked at the fashion week collections of all the designers: my verdict--you got it in the bag! i know you won. i have complete faith in you.

as an aside, i wanted to digress and comment on the last episode aired (finale-part one). is it just me, or did everyone bust-out laughing when tim gunn called daniel v's handbags, "hand-crafty" or some shit like that? especially after daniel was acting like a diva and bragging about his "talent" that he couldn't wait to spring on santino. lawd, that was almost as satisfying as the fiasco last season with kara's custom shoes at fashion week.

seriously, though, santino, you're a winner and i mean it from the bottom of my heart. it sounds like you had a tough life and had to fight for everything you have. i believe that's the reason why many of us admire you.

good luck on your career. i suggest you have more merchandise links on this web-site. we fans would be happy to support you. more cool t-shirts please!

may God bless you always!

~wicked wahine

p.s. your baby picture in the project runway magazine (free @ banana republic) was ADORABLE!

Santino, you have really touched this sixty-three year old lady's heart. It is wonderful to hear of someone really following his dream.
Stay true to yourself.
You will go far.


Yaaay I'm so glad i checked in when I did. BWE is on soon here. Cant wait to see you on there. xx

I noticed on the last episode that when they did a quick flash on the runway shots for next week, they were all Santino's collection.


Go Santino!

I was watching BWE, heard your voice, saw your face, creamed myself, then changed my panties. :D

Whenever I'm bored lately I turn on Bravo. It's always either "Project Runway" or the poker show. If it's "PR," I keep watching no matter HOW many times I've seen the episode. If it's poker, I turn it off. There's only one solution: Santino, you gotta start playing poker!

Ok that was hilarious Ms. G. Santino on every reality show out there. Skating With Celebrities? Survivor? haha

Go Santino!

SANTINO I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sitting here watching the PR marathon on Bravo and I'm getting so sad because i feel like soon i won't be seeing u anymore. I love your personality, your designs, your sense of humor, you r fucking fantastic...not to mention u r soo hot, i fantasize about u & i have actually had naughty dreams with u. I LOVE U!!! I WANT TO MEET U!!!!!!!!!! mayra :)

With all these comments, I don't know that you will actually get a chance to read this, but here goes...
By now, you know who has won PR, but we don't yet (at least here on the East Coast). I just have this feeling... and I so hope it's you. Even if you haven't won, you have. Not to sound like a cliche, because that would suck, but I just think you are amazing. Those dresses you've created are so orginial, beautiful, and beyond what anyone else could imagine. I've watched PR from the beginning and I've so wanted to yell at Michael Kors and Nina for not seeing what you do. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it's almost like they aren't looking at all your creations with an open mind.
I know you've had to face being the "bad guy", but hang in there. You are amazing! Do what you gotta do to acheive your dream, 'cause no one else is gonna do it for you, dude! (Geez, that so did not sound as cool as it did in my head, lol)
Break a Leg. I hope someday I can afford a dress created by you. :-)


When is The Santino Show coming on.

You could save ABC like no Regis ever could.

Wake up TV Execs!

You couldn't be hotter... wait a minute yes

Yes you could!

I had never watched Best Week Ever before... That was the most spaztastic show ever, and you didn't warn us that we'd have to put up with Hipster McGoldenchild too. The maybe-twenty-seconds-total with you were fun, but damn. I want my half hour back. ;-)

Whew. You blow my mind, Santino. I think you're my soulmate and I want to make you breakfast every morning.

I can't seem to find your birthdate anywhere but I really feel some Gemininian traits emanating from you. hmm..

I'm from Washington,living on East Coast right now (ugh), moving to LA in August- I design clothing myself, but am quite a youngsterette and thinking about Otis. any advice? email me if possible. (congratulations- I know you won!)

Frances Carr


i want your babies. the end.

i'm rooting for you!! i loved your collection for olympus fashion week! it's beautiful!

Santino you rock. You have an for fashion and great talent keep it up.

not nearly enough santino in that episode. love you, dear. im rooting for you.

That was a really funny episode of Best Week Ever. I enjoyed seeing you on there, not just in the way of another interview - but as a celebrity giving commentary! Very cool!! You were very funny!

I could have done without seeing anymore of Daniel V. and his magical wood bags.

On a different note, the segment about Dancing for a Dream was hysterical!

Make me a dress!

Santino. Marry me.

much love

When I first saw you on PR I though this guy looks like Zod from Superman two, awesome!Then you started talking and I was like this guy is the show. I was so glad to see you made it to the top three! You beat the odds and you are living your dream. I can relate to your story. On the outside super confident on the inside a big softie. Love ya Amber

Just watched the show. Do not agree with the judges at all. You are the big winner. You have all the talent, the passion. Love your designs.
Hope to see you back on TV.
You have it all!!
Do not ever give up your dreams.
Know your Mom must be soooo proud of you. We all love to love you..


Hi Santino,
All of us who dream to be in your shoes as a designer are really proud of your accomplishments. I loved your final designs. What a class act. You are a winner in our eyes. Hope to see ya around Hollywood.

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