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Monday, March 06, 2006 

The Hotel

Some pics from the hotel in Time Square.
The day after the runway show, we got buried in snow, i didn't mind - it gave me a chance to relax.

I love NY when it's snowing. We don't get much of that down here in Louisiana. :) I'm completely rabid for Wednesday night's episode. From the look of things on Getty Images, you really "brought it". Can't wait!!!!

thanks for letting us all be part fo the excitement.... oh, it's mounting, baby :)and we love you.

Yo Santino!

Wow. That hotel looks amazing. I agree with the comment before mine. I can't wait to see what is about to unravel Wednesday night on Bravo. I am really rooting for you!

Awwww I love it when it snows...especially after a hard day, it's crash time.
I saw the gettyimages too online a while ago, and you definitely kicked everyones' ass!

That gold/brown off shoulder gown was absolutely gorgeous! You really surprised everyone. As Nick said at the reunion, I definitely am happy to see you just came out and bedazzled everyone.

Before I didn't understand your attitude during the show, but now it's clear to me...I would have felt the need to rip the entire cast's heads off. I always hate it when people don't have a clue and have sticks up their asses!

I am rooting for you!!

I love that jacket so much. I have a favorite jacket too. The bed looks comfy.

I want to crawl into that bed with you and do dirty things.

I am becoming obsessed. Ha.

Hioooo! Santino I am rooting for you big time! Are you still in NYC? I have been skowering the streets for you but to no avail! haha Good Luck Santino--YOU, are a rock star! xx Katie

I don't know if you guys read this. Unbelievable.


Santino, you're full of unbridled sex appeal. Who took the pictures?

I was out in the snow that Sunday and it was fun to make snow angels and run around in the streets with the kiddies. When it snows a lot there it feels like a different place. Everything is quiet and people are more neighborly.

i already bought a button and a magnet

and would totally buy panties, just not a thong... if only they had some really cute boyshorts or something....

I have been a fan of yours since I do not know when. There was a change in Project Runway and from then on there was only ONE WINNER on the show. It looks like Project Runway is looking for the whole package. Personality, balance and a tremendious talent. You are it Santino.

I have to tell you something really silly. I know that they have already chosen the winner for Project Runway for this season....BUT I am still praying you WIN on Wednesday night! Now that is a fan.

You got it all Santino!
Jeanne R

I have been a fan of your since I do not know when. Something happened on PR and since that time there has only been ONE winner.

It looks like PR is looking for the whole package. Personality, balance and a tremendious amount of talent.

Santino, you have it all. Jeanne R

wow.. those outside snow shots almost look like their from a movie set! (Then again, I'm a bit biased when it comes to those sorts of things...)

Only the long-time fans know where to find the -{DRUMROLL, PLEASE)- picture of Santino NAKED!!!!!!!

I'd love to say something thoughtful and classy, but the lust inspired by that top photo has ripped my head in two.

Ok, in regard to that "bed crashed" photo, just how long ARE your legs? 10 feet? ;)

your body is a wonderland

i want to eat you.

I rode by the olympus fashion week tent the day of your show. Excitement.

i want to be in that bed with you

post finale comment: like all the other millions of fans, I felt dirty after the final decision was announced. But I woke up clean today: we know who you are and that will never change. Jay McCarroll was right in many ways: that is what counts at the end of the show. You really have touched a lot of people. and now your responsibility is to give us more. We want to see more clothes. Project runway is over, project Santino has begun. we are waiting, and we're not patient....

btw, a lot of us crazy fans want to send you things...cds, letters, shit, some people even want to send you money (not me though, im broke). is there an email we can send to for further info on santino fan mail? Please email me (or have andrae, your little helper) send us some more info. I am at: hector01 at g mail dot cow

to anyone reading that, don't stalk me unless you're real hot...

love always,

daniel (LJ team Santino president)

Santino...I flippin LOVED you on the show. I singled you out as the winner from the beginning and I am super pissed that you didnt.

Thank you, Santino. I enjoyed your site and your music, as well. I assume you did your own mixing? Very nice....

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