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Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Interview from Yard Sale

Steven from* arrived at my yard sale, recorder in hand and interviewed me and my friend Tony Ward. Here is a direct link to the interview

*Site & interview contain material of an adult nature and are not suitable for children.

Great Interview, Santino and Steve. I'm so jealous, I want to meet you Santino! Lotsa Love ~V~

The interview is really good. I wish it were on video! I'd been wondering about that picture of Andrae and Tim Gunn outside Red Lobster. Before this interview I'd assumed it was Photoshopped. I thought, "This can't be real. - They're SMILING!"

The interview was good. It gave a little insight into what you plan to do in the future and the steps you're taking toward creating the Santino brand. And It's nice to know you're looking into more television. You're a man that knows what he wants. And Tony Ward is always a pleasure.

Nice interview - I hope you have an agent and a publicist - and that they are working on getting you out there where we can see you again

I'm glad you have a friend like Tony - but he is a lot raunchy - are you?


I loved this interview. My favorite yet.

I loved this interview, especially the part where you have Tim saying "I'll have the scampi!"

I would love to hear your impression of him saying, "I love the cheddar bay biscuits the best. These cooks know how to make it work."

Great Interview! Wonder where he got the name Pink Mafia from?? hehe. Keep it coming Santino, you know we're just aching for more


Santino has very cool friends.

Santino- I think you are fabulous! I watched Project Runway every week. Dude you should have won!!! You have even inspired my little monkeys- my kids aspire to be on Project Runway. When can we all pick up your clothing???

Hi, we are Brazilian students and we decided to visit a flogao north amaricano, we discovered yours and here we are leaving our congratulations for terms liked him a lot. Tie the close

Wooow, this was a long interview. I had to break it up into 2 sessions after a long day. I went check out Tony's site he mentioned after hearing it. Wow, very revealing! he he he

-Martine Savoie

Do you have any leftover fabric scraps I could buy? I live in Nebraska and couldn't make it!

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