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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Me and Andy

Andy Cohen is Bravo's Vice President of Production and Programming. We got a drink at one of the Project Runway parties after the fashion show in NYC. Andy called me yesterday and asked me a bunch of questions for his blog... here's how it went down. He was typing as i was talking and complaining that his fingers were starting to hurt. LOOK Andy, I don't care if you have to CRY and TYPE but you better CRY and TYPE!

Much Love, SANTINO

P.S. did anyone hear Andrae and I on Sirius Radio last night?

Loved the interview. You rock. Can't wait to see what you come up with tonight!!

Cool interview. I completely agree with almost everything you say. Freaky. and Andrae were on Sirius? Is that what happened to Andrae? 'Splain yo'self boy!

Are you ever on AOL IM or any other messenger?

oh man, I could write a book about being a Ctholic school outsider, as I'm sure you could, too.

Hey Santino,

Hi. It's Diana. How come you didn't invite me out for drinks last night? I was home doing nothing, just playing around with ideas of polarity and science. I'm working on a new garment that is based around double sided sequenzs with a thin layer of polarized mica powder so if you travel to the North Pole, the garment is blue (sequensz are blue on one side, magenta on the other), and then if you travel to the South Pole the garment turns magenta. I've discovered a way to utilize thread to mimic the vibrations black holes give off, with subtle undertones of the 4th dimension. I discovered this knitting a hat for Santino. SANTINO you didn't invite me out for drinks last night! There is this great new drink I want to try out with you called a Black & Tan that is made up of 2 beers whith different elemental weight properties charateristics and magnets and science. Which reminds me that Marla and Guadaloopay came over the other day and we sat around and critiqued the hat I'm designing for you. They don't like the concept i'm playing with that would use magnets reverse polarity so the hat wouldn't actually sit on your head but hover in the air. Scientifically this is possible but the tiny nuances in the ether might throw off the central balance causing the fiber structures to fluctuate in mid-air. Marla is a bit skeptical. I'm not sure about guadaloopay though. Well, that's all for now. I hope to see you soon!

Dirty Diana Rice

He didn't invite you out for drinks because he knew you would turn to dirty diana lol.

Since we currently have no emoticons, colors or other bells and whistles here to work with (not necessarily a bad thing; makes us use imagination), I shall improvise a graphic to express my reaction to the interview:

)nod( ++smile++ ***SWOON!***

I didn't like the interview that much because the criticism seemed kind of like old news. Already, most of the questions have been asked and answered elsewhere. I've been guilty of this too in the past, but it seems to me that a lot of people forget that they are watching the portrayl of a reality show edited for entertainment and content purposes instead of actual reality. It seems to me that anyone of the designers could have been the bad guy or woman if the producers felt so inclined. Everyone seemed to have good and bad moments, good and bad designs, and high scoring designs that were quite bad. It's tv. People need to keep that in mind and let things go. I love all the designers on the show. I hope you all shake up the fashion world.

a lot of ppl are bugging out over the fact that youre black, but keep representin' rainbow babies, santino! show em how we do, haha, which is basically confusing the hell out of their construct called race. im mixed with black, cherokee, german, and dutch and my extended fam has anything from japanese to jamaican in the mix, and the range of phenotype is a giant eff you to americas concept of race.

much love, a fan and fellow mixie,
anj aka nettepoet on livejournal

<3 <3 <3 and swoon, hahaha

I missed you on Sirius because I have XM Radio! Ugh!


Hahaha, that part just made me laugh. He should bold them or something, instead of caps. I just pictured you talking regularly and HIM YELLING THE QUESTIONS AT YOU.


hahahaha. Keep it real, dawg.


Santino! This is really random, but I would enjoy it if I saw you on VH1's Surreal Life.

Hey Santino! Is there a recording or anything of you and Andrae's interview?? if so put up a link on your blog!!

i wanna hear!!


You're black, Santino?

hehe i was bored earlier, so i made this for you:

much love, MARNIE =]

marnie? what the fucking hell
ive been mocked.
im utterly embarassed

Great interview. Your house is hot, bro.

Hallo, Santino! I just wanted to say that I'm totally rooting for you to win.

It's spectacular bastards like yourself that "change the world", for lack of a better term.

I'm an art student and I thoroughly admire your talent, dedication, and passion.

Whatever happens, I wish you all the best!


I don't know what it says about me that I've pretty much always seen you as the sympathetic character and not the person you "love to hate." I think other people have come off much more negatively.. especially on recent episodes.

I wish you much success!

When you say you were on Sirius.. that narrows it down to a lot of channels? So I guess I missed it!

Hey Santino,

Just wanted to say that I will never understand how you feel, growing up as an outsider, but I do--have felt the same way. No matter what happens on PR, you are a brillant human being and rememeber to keep your chin up and love your true friends. God Bless you S. love Alison

Hey Santino! I just wanted to say that you kick ass on Project Runway & I hope you win. I love your impersonation of Tim Gunn. You made me crack up during each episode.

Tonight's show was crazy. Tim Gunn's thoughts of Daniel V's collection really makes me believe I was totally on point about it as well.
I know you already know who won (or do you)? But I really believe you should win. You're collection totally proves that the devil is an angel too.

btw - in case that didn't come across clearly.. you're my favorite.


Santino, I've loved you since Day 1 of the show. I thought you were the least mediocre contestant - your designs and yourself. Now that I have seen how you live your life, I am more convinced than ever. You are a wonderful human being. And, by the way, both my 17 year-old daughter and myself (age 50) agree - you are HOT. Take this opportunity and run like hell. You deserve the best. You have to win!!!

Dear Santino,

You rock and people that i know, which live in the states - - range from Tahoe to NYC - - have thought that you were their boy and the most talented from the start of the show. In fact the show was at least always edited down to be a competition between you and Daniel V.

Just saw the first final episode - Santino - you are the real deal - I think you have the most drive and hunger to be the top designer. The other two seem too hung up on who's going to be who's friend, yadda yadda. Very cliche after-school special. Your work is beautiful and exciting - not prom-ish or Channel-ish - been too overdone, sick of it. It's amazing how literal tv audiences take each show - there's no way we could ever know the real you or any other contestant. The blips are definitely orchestrated - for entertainment value. But for sure I bet Bravo TV didn't see you coming! (bravo for YOU) I only wish you the best - you so deserve this - I think you are probably a most intelligent, deep and interesting man - I so look forward to watching you on your stroll to fame!

- How delightful is it that the preview of next week's show included a "Where's Andrae" moment!

i think all the other designers were so offended by those little clips because THEY TAKE THEMSELVES SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY.. Get over yourselves, pussies!!

you have a personality and people that play by the rules are naturally threatened by individuality

i dont think Daniel V has a chance. he's gotten this 'golden 5 chllenge winner complex'... he's the safe bet. he's coming off cocky and mediocre. if he won, thats too bad a mistake for bravo.

admit it, it was the Santino show from the beginning. you took over that shit!! even if you seemed like a heartless asshole at times, everything is taken totally out of context.. major props for being honest and brave enough to put yourself out there
p.s. your show better be more exciting than 'Project Jay'

I think I enjoy your blog a little *too* much. If I weren't a poor college student, I would have a Sirius radio. Okay, probably not...but it's always nice to blame being a poor college student for everything. Is that comment really from Diana? I'm too lazy to read the comment to actually assess if it is her or not. I suppose I shouldn't actually be reading your comments, since they are *your* comments. Okay, I'm going to kill this comment now...

Hi Santino!

I'll admit, I swore and yelled at my TV at you (I know that sounds semi psycho but true) in those first several episodes. But when you did those Tim Gunn imitations you started winning me over.

I think I get your "schtick" but when it comes down to it, I love your designs. I especially love what I've seen of your collection so far.

Good luck! Although I know it's already been decided. Hope you're well on your way to Fashion Stardom!


love love love you. You're the hottest shit to hit that show. Ever.

I read Andy's blog and I was really upset about your being sad and lonely while doing the show. Well, I can only hope that you've won the whole deal -success is your best revenge.

Santino.. you are ADORABLE. <3333333

My Dearest Santino,
I think you are a genius and I hope you won the show. Also, I think you should have a show with you, Tim Gunn and Andrae all living together in house, with you doing impressions of Tim all day long. You're the only reason I watch the show and I would like to have about 10,000 of your babies. How do you feel about a 10 year age gap?

Looked at the pics from fashion week and your collection is gorgeous --- wow! Keep up the great work and keep on keeping it real. Even those that knock you have to admit that you are exciting - a real electrical presence - and fantastically talented. You deserve to win. (Chloe had some nice pieces, kind of mixed and I didn't like Daniel's stuff at all -- some of the hems made his models look deformed.)

Santino just watched tonight's episode. It was great to see you and Andrae together again! Chloe and Dan V were so mean to you! You rock Santino. You are so amazingly talented! Dont let the haters get you down. I hope you won!!!!

Hey Santino...oh man, you floored me tonight! After readng Andy's blog plus watching PR and seeing you interact with your friends and their little kids hanging all over you....I'm in love. I actually LOVE that you say what you mean. At least that way, people know where they stand with you from the start...there's no playing games. I can relate to the loneliness. Still in it, as a matter of fact. It sucks. But you do have friends who love ya and, of course, you have all of us. Don't forget that. Knock 'em dead, baby. lots of love, Heather

oh santino you are so inspiring

I loved your dresses on last nights episode, and what an adorable little baby you were!!!!

After seeing last nights episode, where you chose Andrae and Daniel chose Nick, I was really thrilled because you guys are the Breakfast Club of Fashion. I love seeing all of you together again.

Dear Santino-

I used to hate you, then I adored you, then I kinda hated you again. But seeing you last night, and seeing yet another side of you...well gosh darn it I think I love you again. Sorry for being such a fairweather fan. You must have known that by inviting the cameras into a place where a very adorable child would use you as their jungle gym would bring some of us back from the darkside. Also, thank you for choosing Andrae. The show wasn't the same without his rubberface. One of my favorite lines ever from the show was when Santino asked Santino if he missed Andrae, and he said "Yeah...I miss Andrae". Fucking adorable. Ok, have a great Thursday.


After watching the episode last night and hearing you say that you were the person people loved to hate...just had to come here and say that my roommate and I love to love ya. We've both loved you since your MMMMazing dress in the first episode. Both of us find your comments about the other designers, and general observations hilarious. It shouldn't be your fault that some people take everything too seriously. You are also SEXY and have an incredible voice. Have confidence in yourself, we are rooting for you!

You and Andrae need to come out with a spin-off show. I would love to see you two on the red carpet together, interviewing celebrities. If Flava Flav can get a third reality tv show, then you getting another show should be a piece of cake. Bravo would be nuts not to.

Btw, I can't wait to see your designs on the runway next week. Even if you didn't win, I'm sure you are going to be very successful in the fashion industry. It's great to see a designer with a different perspective.


Thoroughly enjoying you on Project Runway, and looking forward to seeing your collection. You've gone from being an outsider to someone with a serious fan base, and a much deserved one at that. No matter how it ends, you have definitely made a mark on pop culture. Rock on, Santino Rice. Rock on.

Santino-- I have XM, not sirrius-- I have never regretted this until this moment!!! Project Runway would have been FAR less interesting w/out you this season and I am looking forward to seeing more of you on my tele. Please don't ever lose that humble side that only some people are clever enough to recognize...

Damn it, Santino. You let babies crawl all over you and give you hugs, and you make my heart melt. Now I'm all, "Go Santino, Go!" -- but honestly, your collection rocks, too.

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

You were so nice on the show last night! I was really surprised. I think you took it to heart that you had hurt some people and you were more careful with your comments during the interviews. Bravo. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for next week! BTW, your outfits are hot. I LOVE the one with the leather pants and flowing top!

Hi and nice to virtually meet you! I peeked at the runway slideshows at during Fashion Week and decided you have to win if only for that one dress. I'm not a pro but it's the one Tim couldn't get over, so there, ha! That was one wild hour of TV last night, I'm sure you won over all the hard cases. You are a living example of how to learn from adversity and you have responded with dignity and maturity (that's from one Leo to another!). Here's my test of whether you read all the blog comments: Can you (if you haven't already) post a list of the books on the shelf that they showed in closeup? I freeze framed it in Tivo but could only make out about 3 titles. I'd love to know what you fed your brain. (I'd also love to see all the photos you took when they sent you all out on the street, but I haven't searched for them on your blog yet, they may already be there as well.) People who think all the stories have been told should look at that bio in your local paper with the story about the muscle car - how brilliant is that!?! You're dad's "bitchen"! And forget that nonsense about cutting comments, because I haven't heard or seen anything out of your mouth as mean as Tim comparing that one model to marshmallows! I still can't believe he said that!! I promise to buy WWSD stuff, the Santinohead dingbat is the funniest!!! Hang in there....

YOU &*^(%*& GENIUS!
I loved the interview, particularly when you said you hated how some of your comments made other people feel.
You said what is true, and it needed to be said. You are so real its RAW!
You are WAAAAY ahead of our time...and I personally want you to take me with you into what is to come from SANTINO RICE
I will buy every garment you produce and I truly hope you win this!
~~~~Lions roarrrrr

by Dede

I just watched my TIVO and I have to tell you, it was wonderful to see you as "Uncle Santino" :)
You were an adorable baby and your mother is very pretty. Love the line thus far and looking forward to next week!
Californai Love ;)

Santino, seeing that side of you made me really love you that much more.

santino. you are a beautiful human being. you're funny, smart, cutting, sad, over the top, humble. you're a wonderful mix and we're all rooting for you santino. you deserve this more than anyone. you are an amazing person, we love you so much.

1) You and Andrae should get married.

2) I want to be the flower girl.

3) You are my hero and shit.



Santino. Is there any way you can get that Sirrius interview on your site? IF you and Andrae had your own show, that alone would make me suscribe to Sirrius.

Hey can you call that Andy guy back and tell him YOUR readers have a few questions for him?

Why here's one now...

Ken from Chelsea writes:
Andy ,did Daniel V. do anything with or to you to influence the judging? 'Cause for a show about fashion it is hard to explain how he could have won 5 challenges.

Marla from Malibu writes:
I noticed you wear a lot of self tanner can you tell me if a paint brush is the propper application method ?

Butch from San Fran writes:
I noticed on your bio that you also brought Queer Eye to TV. I was wondering if there are any gay sterotypes that you have not yet reinforced ?

Bobby from Boston writes:
As a journalism graduate is it good to sell out right away or should you wait ?

I think this kind of questioning can be very productive and Andy can now adress his critics....

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