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Sunday, March 12, 2006 

No really, this IS the best week ever.

Best Week Ever did the sweetest segment. I recorded a few things for the show a couple weeks ago but didn't expect they would do this!

See?! I'm not a loser... I'm a winner! Thanks again Julie for helping me get the site back up and running, it's good to be back.

Right on!

haha i had to replay that like five hundred billion times. i can never watch those replay things with a straight face, it's all just too funny.

and by the way, i think you should have won. your designs are incredibly amazing and inspiring.


I watch BWE all the time and I just knew they would do a segment on you which made me happy. I guess we can all sing and dance and be happy for Chloe but really you were and still are the star of the show!

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buwahahahaha i loved it.. they were right - YOU are the one we all will remember and mostly .. in my humble opinion, the one we love the most.

you rock honey..
(yippie for the site being back up!)

much love
may the moon dance in your shadow,

Hahaha, I saw this Friday night. Awesome!

I was so excited when I saw this on BWE! You are definitely NOT a loser. Losers work at Banana Republic. (Just kidding!) But honestly, I cannot see your creative vision thriving under such a restricted, corporate environment. I think you're the best Santino. Keep on rocking!

ahh i saw this last night and was so happy! congrats!

see you are the only one anyone wants to remember


hey santino
you rock on buddy
er er er er er..... s...aaaa....nnnnn...tttt...ino!

" Heidi Klum picked Chloe Dao as the next great American Designer, but no one noticed because we were busy watching Santino!"

best quote ever!... you are a winner! woo hoo!


Santino is "...a little Gay OSAMA BIN LAUDEN??!!!!"

Get the F@ck outta here!

That clip is the best TV of all time. I hope you guys are having a great weekend in Chicago or wherever it is you're rebounding from THE BEST WEEK EVER!!!

Give Santino a big hug from all the fans who know he's a WINNER. Get some rest. Have a breath of the real world after all that freakin' "REALITY..."

From all of us in Miami who know a good patternmaker when we see one... WE LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!

God! I'm going back to YouTube to watch that again.

Kick ASS!!!


supper cool.
i love that show.
and you.

You're a winner!

I * heart * you, Santino!!!

You're the greatest!!!

That segment is very cute; the beat box moment was funny... Very cools...

I saw that last night, it was too true. I never realized the strange hours you update the site before Jamey. haha.

I second that. It's good to see the love getting spread all around again. So what's next for you Santino? BTW- Those lucky ten that are getting the personally designed Santino Tees- you've gotta send pictures in once you get those relics.

-Dan (

That rocks! I'm so glad they said what we were all thinking.

You are an awesome beatbox. hehe

EXACTLY! See, no one is going to give a shit about Chloe and her bad Molly Ringwald Pretty In Pink Prom Dresses! People seriously can't get enough of you. You are a fantastic designer, you are hysterical beyond description and you are just BRILLIANT. You are the Clay Aiken to Chloe's Rubben Studdard. But you know, better.

Hah. It's true. Nobody is going to remember Chloe or Daniel...they'll remember you...and your Tim Gunn impressions.

You totally own and they are so right - you will be the designer everyone remembers.

And btw, your line was amazing and I think the judges went on previous incidents with you to base their scoring rather than how great your designs were. I mean, Chloe did nothing but evening wear and Daniel had those horrid purses. You kept it unique while still keeping in mind what the judges wanted.

Way to do it right - you rock and will be huge in the industry. Keep being real.

hahaha! That was a nice tribute the the "great santino!" HA! You WERE the best part of project runway. Without Santino, I would have stopped watching probably

Ah Santino, life's a little better with you in it...

haha. that's awesome.
i didn't see that on tv.

Best Week Ever was right, you were the most interesting person to watch.

Philly loves you!

I finally got to see the finale - now I'll have to check out Best Week Ever. I've been watching the online auction on Bravo's website, and I think the fact that your final collection is selling for SO much more than anyone else's shows who truly is the real winner. What designer do the people choose?? Santino!

I can't wait to see what you do next.

That has to be the FUNNIEST crap I have ever seen! I believe there will be no topping Santino in the next Project Runway! I really believe that everyone made the show but when they were booted off Santino took up the slack for them! LOL Just too funny and congrats to Santino for being the real winner here and whatever the winner's name is because I hate to even say it YOU sucked! You did not even want to win and good luck with your number 8 store! LOL

Chloe's designs were boring as hell - and that first dress on the catwalk?? I think she got confused and thought she was designing for a reunion of 'Dynasty'. Your designs ROCKED and you were the most interesting person on the show.

Thanks right back at you, Santino - I'm glad I could help fix your site.

That video - that is the greatest clip ever!

I think you'll have just as much opportunity (perhaps more) than if you'd won PR.

I just read about Jay McCarroll rejecting the Project Runway prize last year - the rumor is PR would have owned 10% of his NAME in PERPETUITY??

I'm sure THEY figured you'd never go for such a deal with so much equity in your character (evidenced by this video clip)...

Bravo, Santino!

That was GREAT! Thanks for the props you got! It's true though, you were and are the most memorable thing about that Season. And frankly, next Season will be boring without you sight unseen.

Julie, I thought the exact same thing. You're absolutely right. Santino would have never accepted that prize and Chloe, being that she is so business minded, may accept the offer in order to get her name out there and make a profit. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, but I just don't believe that Santino would go for that.

As a fan of this wonderful site, thanks Julie for helping Santino out! :o)

HAHAHA that is fabulous and true, Santino you WERE the show and you are destined for amazing things and great fame way beyond fashion, I think.

But your designs are great too so keep doing it.

Love ya, make sure you stay in the spotlight so we can still see you.

You should have won not only based on your designs... but no one would have watched that show this year without your personality. Even the people who hated you watched to see what you would do/say. (Not to mention I love how the "You were so fake in the finale" comment was left by someone anonymously. Pussies.


What a cool feature! - Further proof that the Santino Revolution has begun. You're a star, baby!

"santino's the best part of project runway..."

haha, so true! what a great clip. santino, don't leave us hanging here, get your clothing line started ASAP! looks like fashion's about to get a hell of a lot more boring (looking at nyc and europe runways for f/w 06-07), so we definitely need your influence to keep things pretty and creative! the whole world is a lot more boring without santino in it. so keep us entertained and stay in the spotlight!

I love ya, Santino...! <3 I'll be honest and say I was cheering for Daniel, but you were the most fun to watch. And I never thought you were a bad guy. ;D You're just the coolest guy ever.

santino, santino, santino - I just watched the finale again and I still can't figger out how Debra Messy got to be a judge and why you di'nt win.

Santino YOU DA MAN. They "Establishment" including "gay friendly" Deborah Messing didn't see it. They picked Ms. Asskisser instead.

Your dresses were some of the most Beautiful gowns I've ever seen. They got it wrong.

Stick with it bud, stick with it.

Santino, the VH1 segment was hilarious and so true! I died when I first saw the clip of the "Project Runway Musical"...No matter what the outcome of the show, so many people have now been exposed to the talent and artistry that is Santino Rice. I am happy to be one of them, and I look forward to seeing all your future designs! ~Candace, fellow Los Angelean

I still want to see the pasties and maxipad outfit.


Happy you're taking this in stride. I can't wait to see your designs in stores!

I love the best week ever and they're never wrong. Santino you rocked Project Runway and you were the best thing about the show. I loved the segment and I love you. You're the best. May your journey back to the real world be a blast.


Santino, I was extremely surprised when you didn't win. I thought your designs were amazing and something I would wear.

I really hope you keep pursuing fashion, and I hope to see your designs on more runways.

I love your dresses, and seriously hope you continue designing. Plus, I can never get enough of the Daniel Franco song.

ahh you're the best:) and your friend stephan scott is the shit!


This clip is HILARIOUS!

Leave LA and get your ass to NYC, will ya?


Hey Santino,
I loved your collection! Your designs are beautiful! But I also like the music you created for your collection on the runway. Will we see more Santino music in the future?

Oh Santino,

Who didn't see this coming?? The Santino Revolution! Honestly you had me captivated since episode one. And in my opinion, even though you should have won, winning wouldn't have necessarily been a good thing. I wouldn't want you turning out like Jay did.

While Daniel V. and Michael Kors are thinking up of more ways to ruin fashion and Chloe is collecting dust in her Houston boutique, you'll be emerging as the John Galliano of our generation.

And next time you release shirts for the public to buy, remember Men's Small!

bro, i never fucking look people up on google, unless they have truly inspired me. im 16 from san francisco, an aspiring fashion designer, hoping to be in new york by '07 and i guess im just writing to thank you for making AWESOMESJHDSJHGDJHG fucking clothes and for motivating me to do what i want and not be afraid of doing what i like and what i think is cool. if it was up to me you would have won project runway, keep on keepin on bro man. your fucking great.
by the way,
your the most popular designer from the show to all my teenage friends..if that means anything....

I wish you were str8t baby, I'd give you the best week EVER! I love you Santino you're a winner!!!



Can you please upload that song that you played on the runway during Fashion week? I can't get it out of my head... it's the best song.. I'd love to have it.. thanks............

OK... did anyone else hear they were doing an outfit for Sasha Cohen back when that episode aired and think 'Ali G!-- can't wait to see what Santino will do to this one????' I was soooooo disappointed to see the actual episode on dvr!

Santino, sweet Jesus man, I love your creativity, but you are just too damn hilarious to be behind a sewing machine forever!!!

Spread the love!!!!

BTW, I can't believe they called you a gay Bin Laden on VH1- when I saw the pic on this site from the Donny ????? show, where your head is down, I thought; be careful Santino... you know, in case anyone is actually still looking for Osama : )

If I wasn't so in love with my girlfriend I would hunt you down and beg you to marry me!!!!!

Big hugs to you!!!


my posts aren't posting!


Originally, you made me crazy & not in a good way. However, the Bravo editors must've realized that they'd done a good job of setting you up as the "pot-stirrer," and finally started giving us your more human side. As a lifelong Chicagoan, it was great to see that Midwestern sense of unapologetic realism rattle everyone else's cages. I'm glad you're not designing for Jewish grandmas and Asian debutantes,like Chloe! .

haha, gay osama bin laden! thats funny stuff

Well shiiiiiit.

Had I known that you were watching the finale in Chicago I would have joined you.

I look forward to seeing what you create in the future.

Maybe you can organize my fiance's and mine's wedding outfits.

That could be quite fun.

Matt in Chicago

Santino!! You are amazing. I loved your work throughout the show and I especially loved your outfits at Fashion Week. They were absolutely beautiful. You made the show worth watching for me, your impressions of Tim were hilarious. Good luck in all that you do and take care! The world needs more Santino!

Much Love,
Carol (

PS: I know you are very busy, but drop me a line sometime! I'd love to hear from you!

Chloe's stuff was like Jay's, very much the Elle esthetic of key-color-per-page, exploded pinata styling they've adopted since their much cooler beginnings (long ago, when they'd put Gail O'Neill on the cover and then tell racists who threatened to cancel their subscriptions to piss off).
Everyone's telling you what to do, of course, but I'm desperate. I have despaired of finding any decent-looking or well-constructed mass production items in department stores or online. I know the scam where what you get is fundamentally inferior to what's on the model in the ad or on the runway, because I've experienced it firsthand.
I can see you as the male Anna Sui, flying solo and only franchising on your terms on your time. I would rather make one purchase a year in the four-figure range (OK, five are beyond my means) and give everything to you than buy crap off the rack all year only to feel humiliated and robbed.
I'm clearly not the only one. Others have mentioned in your blog that they don't fit the mass-market norm, and I'm on that list as a 5'5" petite. I hope those of us who are on the fashion fringe can help you help us expand our horizons.
Please take a cue from the current Project Runway auctions and see if you can auction couture or limited run clothes of a high standard on your site, if only as a series of experiments. I'm willing to wait for that to happen and save my money up for it meanwhile. I've only watched the show in hopes of finding a designer I can call my own, and I believe it's happened.

Hey Santino! You're the Winner of Project Runway...You ruled the show :) Keep up the good work! I hope to see another Santino show at Fashion Week don't need a TV show!

That one pleated dress was the most inspired design in the whole run of the show.. and who picked DM as a fashion expert!

I'll help you design for a woman's body...... ;)

Santino, I still can't believe you did'nt win ...days later. Daniel and Chloe were lame compared to you. You're hysterical and unbelievably creative and talented. We would laugh our asses off together.Love Ya!

Love it! Marry me?

Watching you throughout these past few months on Project Runway has been so inspiring. You have the most creative mind that I have ever seen. Though my friends don't like you, my defense for your every move never halted. I stuck by you when the going got tough. (oh yes, bitches)

You made my Wednesdays enjoyable. Thank you very much for that.

If I could possess a fraction of your talent (or a piece of your clothing), I could be a happy person. And by the way, Best Week Ever was off the hizzle.

Good luck and godspeed, Monsieur Rice.


I know this comment will not stick out, but I can't even begin to describe how much I adored everything you did on this show. your fashion sense, your pissedoffness, and your outspoken nature make you tres interessant. i hope to see more of you and your fashion stylings. ta ta

"What should Santino do next?"

start a rap career!

We all love you Santino!

I know we're all dying to get a copy of that badass song you did for your runway show!

Please share your awsome music skills with us as well!

You are just too silly :) you had me crying doing your impressions of Tim- too awesome

sooo.. darling Santio.. what are you going to do next? are you starting up your own line or have you gone back to work for your friend? VH1 or Bravo needs to give you a reality show on your own so we can keep watchin... how sad is my life? lol kidding kidding!

much love
may the moon dance in your shadow

Hey Santino

I love your clothes. I wish I had the money to buy your clothes (too bad i'm not nicky hilton), especially the dress that heather wore at the final runway show at olympus fashion week. I think you deserved to win Project Runway.
If you ever do launch your own line, please let me know. I would definitely be your first customer!

This opportunity happened for a reason for you. Not only did you get to show your creative designs but you got to show the world your spunky personality. Your personality is so unique and outrageous, the whole world caught on to you. You have to be the coolest charachter or person I've ever seen on any show. I love the fact that you have so much pride and you believe in yourself. You value your autonomy, which others seem to view as "arrogance", but that's what makes you Santino. You really seem like a kind hearted person, who really in reality is just trying to make it like everyone else.

I'm such a fan of yours and truly love your talent and your personality.

In my mind you've already made it!
I love you SANTINO!!!

you are a hoot santino! i rooted for you from day 1!
you totally ruled the show... your personality and humor is unstoppable! even though you didn't 'win' their little designer contest, you WON a lot of people's hearts! you WILL be successful whether you won the show or not!
good luck to you!

i took the poll on your blog and you and andrae doing a show together would be fun but i think you deserve your own show!!!!

That was the first time I've seen the clip...VERY FUNNY!!!!

haha sweeeet. nice beatboxing Santino!


sweeet. Nice beatboxing, Santino! We love you!


to the "gay osama bin laden" haha...hey it was really cool to see your mom on tv with you. nice tv moment.

good luck to mr. santino
and don't forget we are waiting for the
santino socks. to keep our little feet warm.

Chloe who? All we are going to remember is Santino. He is pure television. I am all for you Santino. I watch Best Week Ever all the time b/c I have mad crushes on all the Stella guys. crazy huh?

Oh yeah... Santino never stop making fun of people. That's classic.


I was touched by your creativity, personality, and eventually, by the love and admiration you showed toward your mother and your friends.

I feel you were the designer who most deserved to win and the one we tuned in to see.

It was so amusing to me that the other designers seemed to gang up on you, and instead of admitting that you threatened them with your talent, they blamed it on your "mean" comments.

Every comment you made in regard to the other designers was something we all at home were thinking. (Can anyone really stand the sound of Diana's voice?)
It was part of the game.

I had people in my office excited for you to win and they didn't even watch the show!

I hope to someday own a Santino Rice design.


You Rock beyond words mannnnn! I know that you must take a little while to let all of this shit soak in (as well as plenty of rest and I can't wait until you're on my television again (fingers crossed). I just know that you won't get "affected" by all of this shit and lose your passion for the fashion baby! It's all about you. Right now you look like dinner, and.....I'm starved for more SANTINO!!! I need a fix
Be Good baby!

Hey baby!!!
Keep it tight baby!!! You Rock beyond words! Make sure you remain "unaffected" by this business. Stress Kills!!!! and I know you must feel like you're in the middle of a hurricane right now but it does get easier (smile). Don't lose your passion for the fashion baby! It is truly your season!!
Be Good!

Truely the BEST best week ever

I love that segment they are right you are the star and you should have won honestly i forgot who did win because the real winner is you my friend i hope to see more of you on tv you rock i love u lots best wishes

A gay Osama Bin Laden? I don't know about that...the rest of the commentary is pretty accurate though. I love to watch the finale when you and Andrae are selecting fabric for the 13th look. You sound so defeated and irritated, but sweet little Andrae is so nurturing and kind! Mama ANDRAE & Bambino Santino.

That shit is HILLARIOUS!!!!! When are you home, S? I miss you. You are the closest thing that I have to dating these days :) Other than Phillip of course.
XX, Tracie

See, everyone agrees that you are awesome!!! Chloe who?? XOXOX

Ok, here is my 100th attempt to leave a message here! Santino, what is next for you? I thought your collection was beautiful, and I wish you well. Jeanne

Oh no I missed that!!! Thanks for putting it on the site! That was so awesome!!!!! you ARE a winner Santino, everyone is right, nobody is gonna remember the prom queen. it's all about Santino!


btw, I put on my "shitty blog" :) quite awhile ago that if you turned down the whole PR prize the way Jay did, it would most likely hurt the show's sponsors.. which is a huge part of why I think they decided the way they did. It was obvious you should have won. Oh well - what the hell!!

HaHaHa! I love Andrae but everytime I see the video of you laughing during his breakdown I want to pee in my pants. I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU, WILL YOU PLEASE MARRY ME?!?!?!?!?!!

Santino, I agree... you were the star of the show! You should have your own sitcom. Not only are you an incredibly talented designer you are one of the cattiest men alive and I love you. I'm a designer too, wanna get married and take over the world?

Omg Santino....I saw the video and you are AWESOME... I really wanted u to win... I think you have the most imaginative mind out of all the contestants......your fashion has really inspired me to begin sewing and stuff... thank you very much Santino... and remember..... u are a winner and we won't forget about u!

Oh snap!! That was HILARIOUS!!

The gay Osama Bin Laden.. Omg.. Too funny..

That reminded me that after I saw the episode with the space pants, I went up to EVERYONE I knew saying that.... Godamn, Santino has given us so many good lines!!

"Where's Andrae" & "Are these space pants" Have to be my favorites tho!!

Oh i'm so glad everyone else felt the same way. SANTINO you are the star of Project Runway. not only because you make quality TV one million times more enjoyable, but because you were the most imaginative designer there! by far the most creative. Rock the casbah! hahahaha

I feel like Katie from Wisconsin expressed.

"I was touched by your creativity, personality, and eventually, by the love and admiration you showed toward your mother and your friends.

I feel you were the designer who most deserved to win and the one we tuned in to see.

It was so amusing to me that the other designers seemed to gang up on you, and instead of admitting that you threatened them with your talent, they blamed it on your "mean" comments.

Every comment you made in regard to the other designers was something we all at home were thinking. (Can anyone really stand the sound of Diana's voice?)
It was part of the game."

Those were Katy's words but I'm right there in agreement with her.

I remember once that Chloe said that you used your personality to get ahead in the designer contest. Well if you have one USE IT! Just because you had the best personality and talent.

I loved when some one said that Project Runway was "just a little contest".....compared to what your future holds for you. "Just a little contest".

You are inspiring to us. I look at clothes in my closet and want to redesign them.

To think Jay turned down the money. Something is WRONG with this whole picture.

Jeanne from Phoenix.

I am mucho enamorado, in Laaaaaaav with this jerk of a man Santino, he is the savior of fashion and of all mankind (note the resemblence to an arab jesus)...
ok- nah really he just is so dam talented and crazy dat u want to eat him up and then barf him up so you can eat him again... but then have someone cut my stomach and take him out, and then id be his second mother, although im a guy, so id be his PAPITO! ooooo jes... oo jes....

im actually not gonna eat him, dont worry santino rice lovers out there, just the real good parts... hee,hee! ok this aint gona get posted im sure, but if SANTINO is the Sh!#%t, then he gonna post it cus me, I loves u man!

hey santino!!
I love love love all of your designs. A friend and I saw you on hollywood and highland last thursday, you were crossing the street and we honked @ you and you said hi!!omg we were sooo freaking excited!! we love you!! You were totally our favorite on project runway!!
Laura (

I love you Santino Rice.

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