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Thursday, March 02, 2006 

Note: subscribe to email updates.

Hey all - don't forget to register for email updated here. We'll have a special announcement within the next week which will go out to subscribers FIRST, before posted to the site.

UPDATE: hi! I've noticed by checking the database that several of you have signed up more than once or using multiple email addresses, that shouldn't be necessary, as long as you entered your email correctly - you're all good. You should have received an email asking to confirm that you want to be on the list, so check to see if you got it. Note about the announcement, as you know PR season 2 is coming to a close but SANTINO is just getting started and we want to keep you updated on what he's doing next, where you can get his clothes etc. Thanks, Jamey.

Now that PR is about to come to a close I am so sad that I won't get to "see" you every week :( You and the rest of the designers have become such a part of my routine, I won't know what to do with myself on Wednesdays. Please keep updating your site and giving us junkies our SR shots in the arm okay, love.

After seeing your collection it is so obvious that you've won unless the judges lost their minds or something. Dan's collection seemed boring and nonsensical (what were those patches on the model's chests?) Chloe is talented but what was she thinking with those prints, billows and bows? I knew that with more time than the allotment for PR challenges that you could turn out some amazing finished pieces and you did it!

Love ya,

PS: As a mixed woman (black/white/native) I am so glad to see you representin' and keepin' it real ;) I knew you were one of us the first time I laid eyes on ya.

Has there been an email update sent out yet.. just curious?

holli, there have not been any updates yet - we'll send our first one next week.


Your first emailed update better be how you are so happy you WON Project Runway! ~crosses fingers~

That or letting us know where we can buy your stuff!

Good luck Santinoooooo

The best part of the show last night was seeing your home and your friends. I honestly don't know what I will do w/o you and Andrea and Nick. I watch PR practically every night and I am going to miss you so much. Hopeyou win!

Ok, I subscribed.

I LOVED you on the show last night. Well, I loved you already, but I love you even more now(if that's even possible). I always knew you weren't the Devil Incarnate as some people thought. You were so sweet with Tony's kids.

Oh, and I was squealing with glee when you picked Andrae! I was so damn happy. I adore him. I adore you. Santino+Andrae= Me in heaven!

Dearest Santino,

I hope you win this s#@t! I can't until I can go to work in first Santino Rice piece. Hmmm.. what will it be??!! Good luck Santino!


I just wanted to let you know how inspiring it is to see someone with both creative talent, technical skill, and the balls to be conceptual and daring. So many designers (in all fields) lack this combination. I havn’t seen the final episode, but I know your abilities as a designer will guarantee you success in life, if not on reality TV. Maybe us fans can help raise money for you to start your own line, should PR turn all stupid.
Actually I’m writing this gushy post, cause I think your hot and have a total girl crush on you. What can I say, there is not many cool, attractive guys on tv.
Best of Luck,


Hey Santino - my sister and I have loved you since day one. We hope you "Rock the Cassbah" next Wednesday.

I feel the same way guys...i won't know what to do with my wednesday nights, i am so sad the season is almost over. i feel like i have gotten so close to PR. I feel like i am part of Santino's world. I will miss you dearly. Also i just saw your collection online and i kow u must have won, it was absolutely beautiful and i can't wait 2 start buying your clothes. I CAN"T WAIT!!! I LOVE U SANTINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mayra

Team Santino all the way! I hope you won. You are my favourite by far. Can't wait to find out!


I can't wait for the update! You made the season of project runway, I hope you won it as well!

Note to all men: Measure up to Santino.
I adore you so much, you are simply amazing. I really wish I had you as my best friend.

Hey S, It is so interesting how the PR edited the show to make you the guy everyone loved to hate, and now that you are going to win they finally showed more of your softer more human side so that America can feel good about you winning.

Today at the "water cooler" everyone at work who hated you all season long were singing your praises. I hate to tell them "I told you so".

You are so talented and your work is so amazing, I think we have only seen 1% of what you are capable of.

Best of luck, even though you don't need it!

Chloe had a few beautiful pieces, but her collection was largely over the top. She also relied on prints a little too much. A few of her pieces were just tacky. Daniel Vosovic's line was simplistic. I didn't see anything innovative. Yeah, the patches were disturbing, the shoulders odd and unflattering, and the colors boring. Yours was amazing - I say that sincerely. It was tasteful and elegant with an element of risk. The mint-green dress with the black detailing along the bust? I'd give you my first born for that dress. From what I've read on other blogs and messageboards, most people--even those who despise you--think you won. Even if you didn't, we're all very proud. What an amazing collection from an even more amazing person. Congratulations!

As a typical suburban mom/housewife, I'm lovin' me some Santino. I really love all the ads on your site- you know how to work it. Good for you. Next time I check here, I want to see some tiny thumbnail of you and the rest of the screen filled up with ads- suckers.

The public was happy to see another side of Santino. But don't think you should be sorry or anything because other people don't get it. It doesn't matter if you win or not...but it would be nice. kisses...

Oh my, now I'm totally curious! I'm hoping the email update is an announcement of your WINNING PARTY with an invitation for all of us! :)

santino! I'm gonna be so bored on Wednesday nights!!! You need your own show! ((((HUGS)))) i'm gonna miss seeing u on tv :(

You are simply marvelous, Santino, and from the moment I saw your work, I knew you were something special.

I'm looking forward to receiving that "I WON, BITCHES!" email. You deserve it!

I say that once you win that money from Banana Republic, you invest some of it into taking your biggest fans out for a celebratory meal at Red Lobster! are such a creative inspiration and sexy as HELL! Your insight, intellgence, wit, good looks from another period from history, height....and yes...the boyish smile...all are the things that make you the new TV star that you now are. Your difference give so many people who have "all" kinds of differences...HOPE. I LOVE the fact that you are bi-racial (I could'nt tell...and I'm good at seeing those kinds of things) just adds to your flava !!!!!!!!!!!!(smile)

Hey team Santino,

Could y'all send an email out to those subscribers on the list to confirm that we're there? I just want to be sure that I get the winning announcement next week for Santino! Again it's been said, many times, many ways- but Santino, you rock. Is it possible that you could arbitrate posting pics of your tasteful collection yet? I keep looking at those pics every day and can't wait to see those garments in motion. Thanks!

I am a huge Santino fan! Not just Santino the designer, but Santino, the awsome man that you are! I really hope you win. You have to be the winner! There's really no comparison. I just love you collection!

I know I've subscribed!! Haven't I?? Jamey, please don't forget to send out the updates. I'll probably be in rehab after next Wednesday night's show trying to recover from my PR addiction but I'll try and find someone with a computer.

I've been a long time Santino fan and it is so nice to see so many others gettin' on the train before it leaves the station.


Wow, it really bothered me to see you eat crow on the show the other night! You have NOTHING to apologize for. I am sorry that they are painting you, as a "villain" to boost ratings but let's face it no one would watch, if it weren't for you. It made me so mad to see Chloe and Daniel trying to give you come-up pence. I could see that they had taken a little bit out of you.They are so small, smug and petty. Look at how petty Chloe is -she didn't pick Kara as an assistant as some kind of vendetta, she was trashing the other Daniel- until he did a selfless act and then felt bad. And Daniel don't get me started, he is the worst kind of corporate-monkey-ass kisser I have ever seen, was he born in a B.R. store or what?! Did he design his apartment to look like a B.R. store before Tim came over? Let’s face it B.R. is not fashion but the fashion equivalent of those drink cup holders made of post consumer recycled material. They don't start anything but regurgitate what others
do in beige for businesswomen. That is why all along I thought he was going to win, because the prize is an intern/mentor -ship from B.R. (which you don’t need). How did he win that evening dress challenge with that boring blue dress! Or the challenge when he sent that marshmallow down the runway! I say this shit is rigged!!! There are millions of him in every facet of corporate life around water coolers everywhere. You aren’t even considered to be “in” fashion if you design for B.R., Gap or J.Crew by the fashion world. You are beyond all this, talented, smart, creative, funny, you have everything
you need to be a success. I am happy to see that Tony Ward is one of your friends because he is well known in L.A. fashion and can help and protect you, which is what you need. I worked in fashion for 6 years and met him back in the early 90's he is a nice guy (he has always taken in birds with broken wings, even my old roommate). I just want you to know you do not need to change the way you are in any way. When you are talented people are going to talk about you and some are going to try to bring you down, just to make themselves feel better. It is sad but this is the way it is. In some ways it is good that you had this type of experience because the fashion world is filled with Nicks, Daniels, Grudge holding Chloes, etc.. Also Heidi is on my shit list for letting that "reunion" humiliation go on air, that was ugly. And I have been continually amazed at your ability to handle all the bull they are hand you with grace and humor. You are not arrogant but confident. Anyway I didn't want to write you to hate on the others but just to say .You are a beautiful person don't let people who are insecure dictate how you judge your self. You are doing a great job under circumstance that I'm sure we don't know the half of (my friend is a make-up artist on other reality TV. shows and told me all about how the producers play all kinds of head games to get stuff to air). You have won. You don't need the show
or any of it anymore -go to Paris. Live there for two years see how the old fashion houses do it with artistry and come back and launch your own line. Paris is the best learning experience you could have and it is beautiful on the worst days. And they would love you. You are a star , now just run with it.

I am also a typical suburban housewife(funny how Santino appeals to us) and I have LOVED Santino from the beginning. The show would be nothing without him. Then we see the softer side this week and I am so feeling the Love for him. You definitely didn't need to apologize for even one thing you ever said, but in doing so it just shows how sensitive you truly are. Wow-I can't imagine watching PR without you. Even if you don't win,(which you will), your life will be changed for the better-this is the beginning of something fantastic!!!!
Good Luck-We Love You!!!!

Santino Rice---You are perhaps the funniest one on Project Runway---from the beginning, you cracked me UP!!! I forward that damn musical to everyone, and for the past week i hav had the DAniel Franco song STUCK IN MY HEAD. Goddamn.

If you dont win, you should look into comedy. GOOD LUCK!!!

Oh wait.. so I only needed to sign up one time???


yeah i'm a dork that did that BECAUSE my spam controls are unpredictable so to be on the safe side and fulfill my SantinoCravings.. i signed up twice.. TWICE THE LOVE! lol embrace it.. good god, i need a hobby.. lol

much love, Jill

I just recently started watching this seasons PR and I am obsessed! I haven't felt this way about a show since way back when the Real World first came out. My co-worker just hung a sign on me that says "make it work"!!!!

I LOVE you Santino and I really hope to see you after PR is over!! I am sure we will.....

Love your stuff except the flame thrower ice suit you made with all the stuff hangin in the back...
Hope you win...
I am on a fashion mission have Project Runway..set up challenge segments and have clothing designed for the dwarf
pop[ulation who of all clothing buyers and wearers[whole families] can't go in to a store and buy anything their size..
so new sizing,new styles,new ideas
need to be had in the fashion industry.. make a line of dwarf and LP sized clothing..
also to have dwarf mosels,dwarf designers, dwarf consultants,
the shows , the fanfare, parties, all of this fashion flair..
Lps are 4'10" and under and have special needs as far as comfort and sizing...
thank you...
I am the Joan of Arc for this cause...

What can I say? I watch rerun after rerun and I'm totally impresssed every time I see you... (over and over and over) I can't wait til Wednesday and I know your collection will ROCK NY city....
I love you, I love your attitude, the bad and the good and look forward to wearing a Santino one day.
~Your biggest fan,
XOXOX Katheryn

What can I say? I watch the new shows and rerun after rerun and I'm totally impresssed every time I see you... (over and over and over) I can't wait til Wednesday and I know your collection will ROCK NY city....
I love you, I love your attitude, the bad and the good. Even when you wear your heart on your sleeve which you do ... I look forward to wearing a Santino one day.
~Your biggest fan,
XOXOX Katheryn

Oh crap Mr.Jamey I hope I'm not doubled up on your eml addy's list but I can not, for shit, remember if I added myself so I'm doing it now. I usually delete those confirm things from my inbox after I check'em. blah. I gotsta get any Santino updates y'all have though cuz I adore him.THX!~Majie

IMPORTANT: 22nd Nov 2006, DISCOVERY Channel "Flex your CreativiT" Contest @ Singapore. We have entered the contest but were greatly disappointed when 10 finalists were pre-seleted by someone else. :( We hope to impress you with our unconventional design but were dismayed that we were not given a chance. Please help! Thanks Santino!

I was watching project runway today. The episode where you had to create a figure skating costume. It showed a couple shots of attire you've made before and i was very jealous. It was then that i realized that the judges aren't feeling your style because they're the wrong crowd. If you came to my town you'd have ever teenager wearing your clothing. I think they're amazing. The more that is going on in your clothing the more sexy it is. Your really inspiring. <3

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