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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Our 'Little Lamb' Raises his lone hand high and proud!

So I just got through watching The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and I must say I was rather disappointed. It appeared Donny was a bit overwhelmed with the the huge panel of guests this evening. To me, the show seemed like a quick and dirty recap of the entire season to give all the disconnected husbands an idea as to what their wives and kids have been obsessed with for the past several months. I will say it's awesome that they're auctioning off that porfolio on Ebay and giving all the proceeds to Autism Speaks.


Here's a screen of my favorite moment of the show:

Donny: "Who would choose Santino [for the win], raise your hands...O.K... there's the only one."

Thank you Andrae! You're a brave man.

xoxo Jamey.

Looks like everyone else will be sorely disappointed.

My co-worker and I raised our hands too, not that Donny could see us, but we were counted on the web page....and Jay offered up his support that's three more : )

I want to know who won, Bravo is a tease.

I do hold out faith that our little lamb is correct. I adore Andrae more and more, I swear.

Damn, Donny Douche should be nominated for some sort of Barbara Walters Amazing Interviewer award. Way to listen to your guests, buddy. It's really amazing when an interviewer lets his guests finish sentences, let alone answer whole questions or respond to nasty, out-of-context film clips. Stellar, Donny. Superb.

Where was Heather? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anybody else catch the wonderful editing gaffes?
1. In the opening clip, while Donny talked about "The three finalists, Daniel, Chloe, and Santino," they showed clips of Daniel, DIANA, and Santino.
2. The whole, "Here's Tim Gunn impressions! And by "Tim Gunn Impressions," we mean musical moments! Tim Gunn, how do you feel about this tribute that we didn't actually show?"

Small blessings, I guess, that Zulema wasn't given the chance to speak... if we could get Franco to shut up, we'd be all set.

Santino made the best of the epitomal shitty-ass interview session, though. Way to not... well.... make a huge douche-bag of yourself, like Donny? Sorry, I'm having a tough time coming up with something positive from that show. Alas. Love you anyway.

I Love you Santino, silly me.
Please don't leave us.

I think Bjork said it best, "I miss you but I haven't met you yet."

Never will I guess.

Oh Well!

Best of Luck to You.


They are all idiots who wear their uninspired biases (no pun intended)on their sleeves. I mean, look, I've seen photos from Fashion Week on Daniel's and Chloe's collections okay. I don't know what the hell was up with Kara (how did she even make it to the final four without a single win?) But, Santino, your shit was F A B U L O U S!!! This sista from Detroit has been a fan of your's from the very beginning. I accurately predicted the top 3 after the Clothes Off Your Back challenge, and I've predicted that you are the winner. Yo Go, Boy. Holla at yo girl, V

They are all idiots who wear their uninspired biases (no pun intended) on their sleeves. I mean, look, I've seen the collections from Fashion Week ( and Daniel's and Chloe's collections were cute, safe, and predictable. I don't know what the hell was up with Kara's (how did she make it to the final four without a single win?) But Santino, baby, yo shit was F A B U L O U S!!! This sista from Detroit has been a fan of your's from the very beginning. I accurately predicted the top 3 after the Clothes Off Your Back challenge, and I predict that you are the winner. You go boy! Holla at yo girl. V (

That was a horrible interview, not by any fault of your own. Has Donny Deutsch ever watched the show? He seemed absolutely clueless. Not only did he interrupt you guys after every question he asked, but he just spoke entirely too much. We wanted to see what the Project Runway cast had to say, not hear Donny Deutsch's scripted impressions of the show. What really disappointed me was that this interview was a poorly structured regurgitation of the Bravo reunion episode. He played the same clips and asked the same questions. Were you pissed off when only Andrae said that he wanted you to win? Oh yeah, and during the last ten minutes of the show during the runway sequence - nobody clapped for your two designs. UGH, those assholes. I don't know how you kept it together. You are a much better person than I am.

everyone else is just jealous (except for andrae because he is awesome)

Santino you'v got the fidel castro look there...maybe people are afraid of you aka fidel.

haha. hope you win it!


oh, i forgot this is the best season/best reality show.

what can we watch when it s o v e r ?

not that lame cooking show....

That screen cap is haunting - almost seems to capture the spirit of the whole season: Santino with his head down as the gang in the peanut gallery exhibits assorted facial expressions of bitterness and/or cluelessness. Except for our little lamb. The circle around him reminds me of a halo. Which he deserves.

Yes Andrae!

I did not like the way Daniel "Mr. Ego" V. came out Rocky style on to the Runway. Yawwwwwn.

This "interview" was basically a recap of the reunion show. Oh well, at least more coverage for the show. Tim Gunn as gracious as ever. I too thought Santino didn't seem too pleased. I hope everything is ok.

Looking forward to seeing the girls on The View dishin it up.


Andrae!!!!!!! (((HUGS))) Gotta love Andrae! Finally got hubby to watch a few episodes this morning and I didnt say a word about who I thought was the best...he said he liked that Satan guy (from my hubby, Satan is a compliment! lol)
Go Santino!!!! xx

You have to love Andrea. He just seems like an all around nice guy. Santino, you put that man through a lot and he still raises his hand. Daniel is very talented, but his line seems blah. When I look at some of Santino's pieces online, to me they seem to suck the air out of the room with their splendor. The pieces are beautiful. I think if the judges vote on the best line, Santino should win. If the judges vote for the most popular with the tweens, Daniel will win. If Chloe wins, it will not be a good day for fashion. But, everyone is great and Santino keep making beautiful clothes.

santino. i love you so much. i think you're wonderful and i know you'll win.

Donny's line-up was too ambitious. I think his show sucks all the time, not just last night. He is an asshole too to say to Santino, "what the hell are you wearing". Ok Mr. Purple Shirt Man with highlights trying to act like he's 30. He was just jealous that Santino looks like a God compared him!

Why would he try to have the entire cast, THEN Jay, THEN a fashion show....too much! He should have just focused on the "Top 3" and get the other's to be there "via satellite" where they can respond only at certain times. Then he could have had a separate episode with Jay, because he totally dominates. Tim Gunn, don't get me started, he deserves his own network. The clips were total rip offs from the show! I didn't even know you could do seems like plagiarism to me. At least the portfolio is going to charity for a lot of $$$$

I almost jumped up and pummeled my tv when daniel or chloe were talking last night. Whenever his boring ass designs came out he was like, THIS dress is actually the one Iman chose and wore, blah blah blah. When did he get so conceited? O yeah, when he realized he has to put up a front and pretend like he's gonna win.
Santino, you rock! I love how your designs were so original. Good luck!

The more I watched the show, the more I admired Andre. And the more I realize that Daniel V. is a narcissistic ego-maniac that NO ONE seems to see. Santino, you have so many fans, including myself you absolutely adore you and will always be there. I loved your FW collection and I promise, if you don't win this I am not watching PR again. I love you!!!

Hrm - I never leave long comments, because they kind of freak me out.. BUT!

Aside from Donny and his big idea interrupting everyone.. what really annoyed me was:

"Project Jay" who at one point said he wanted you to win - jumping in with the crowd to get on the Daniel V. bandwagon. AFTER giving his sage piece of advice about being NICE.

Daniel V. making some really crappy/catty statements last night that didn't go unnoticed by me, all directed at you. "This is the dress Iman DID choose." Whatever!

I may not buy haute couture, but I do shop my ass off (as I can afford to do so).. and I hope the other people on this blog do too. And I can guarantee I will NEVER buy anything that Daniel V. creates, even if it's specifically targeted at single, working mommies named holli. BLAH!!

I love Andrae for raising his hand. What a human being.

The whole show last night reminded me of the mean girls back in highschool.

I'll say it again - I REALLY hope you win.. but you already know that.

Okay - I'm done ranting. WHEW.


Don't read too much into this mediocre show. MSNBC is owned by NBC that owns BRAVO TV. They were parading our Santino like a dog tired show dog for ratings! Look Santino must have been partying in LA all week for Oscars. Oscar nite was Monday ...this was Tuesday nite.
You do the math! It was a BAD NITE

The Big Idea was a big letdown. It was like the PR Reunion show all over again, except this time with some annoying straight info-mercial host. Every time you guys would try to talk about anything, he'd cut you off and go to commercial. I was way more interested in hearing y'all discuss your experience than some lame re-runway.

Hi Jamey, thank you so much for keeping us updated. I was also surprised yesterday by Daniel Franco. When asked if Santino was kept only because 'he's a good TV', Daniel F. was the only one who said that Santino's both good TV and a good designer. I watched the show twice last night. Very painful. And that vote was very suspicious. Only one person vote for Santino? Is it a TV conspiracy? Did he win? I'm going creasy.

Also, Jamey, guys, are there any fans in NY? Can we may be get together tomorrow night to watch the show . Does anyone know if there are bars or pubs around Times Square where you can watch BravoTV? Please let me know.

Thanks so much,

you looked depressed last night. thank god for andrae gonzalo. I wish they would have shown the actual impressions as opposed to the musical clips.



Andrea IS our dear dear little lamb. No need to ask where he is .. he is there with his hand up.

Most courageous of the lot and certainly the one with good taste.


i have the strongest inkling in the bottom of my stomach that you did win, after seeing that show, maybe it's all of these segments i've been watching post-fashion week... any chance you can confirm that for me? =)

and i heart Andrae, I think he's an honest and good soul.

LOL, I don't know if you're going to win (but I really want you to..) but your line was so much better than everyone else's. Really. Like, the long gold one with the sleeves? BEST dress ever. The longer ruffly one? AWESOME dress. LOVED the fabric on the red dress, it was divine. Daniel's was nice, but it was too JC Pennyish, you know? And Chloe's wasn't bad, but the shiny fabric was yuck.

Yeah, this comment has spoilers, so maybe you shouldn't approve it, but really, no matter if you won or not, your line gets my vote!

Awww, I love Andrae. He truly is 'our little lamb'. I didn't see him raise his hand last night, because I was covering my eyes. That is just a horrible question to ask. But I'm happy to know that someone stood up for Santino. And I'm even happier that it was one-half of the 'Andrino' connection.

"Andrino"? I prefer "Santindrae"

YEEEE-AH! Andrae is my hero! All the people out there in TV Land were raising their hands with him -- that's what really matters. Donny Deutsch was unbearable and uncomfortable to watch, like the man had rapidly skimmed the Cliff's Notes version of PR before his show. Ugh. It was like sitting through a slow-motion train wreck. Also, I could have lived without the special "contrivance" of a guest appearance from Pillsbury Dough-Diva Jay, although I do appreciate that he called Donny out for his lame-ass hair.

God, Donny seems to forget that 9/10 people have no idea (nor care) who he is. Santino, on the other hand...I'd love to have him interupt me anyday.

First, Donny Douche, sucks as an interviewer. He did not even let anyone complete a full sentence, he would say he would talk about something, then skip it all together and jump into something else. It was super rude how he cut off Jay when he was talking. Anyway, I was surprised Jay said he would pick Daniel V. as the winner, and then when Santino's dress came out he was yelling "I'm a Santino fan!!"

Anywho, I'm oh so very proud of Andrae, our little lamb. How can you not love him! He is the sweetest thing. He had the guts to support Santino. Definitely the others are jealous. No matter who wins (though out boy Tino more than deserves it), bottom line is that the show would have been crap if it weren't for Santino (and the hilarious drama moments provided by Andrae).

Santino, I'm sure you will SHINE, no matter what you do. You have arrived! Best of luck with everything.


I can only assume Donny Deutsch is shouting constantly because CNBC has cut the funding for closed-captions?

HAHA my comment about santino resembling fidel castro didnt get posted...i was just making a joke out of love nothing vicious.

come on lighten up!

hugs to all the gay designers of the world unite.


don't remember seeing that one - sorry.

Just how much did you slip under the table to Andrae before the show?

(I will say Santino--I see you in a different light now since Part 1 of the finale aired and Tim G came to visit you and we saw you playing with your friend's kids)

Can't wait to see who wins.

I agree with the earlier comments---I propose a name change from The Big Idea to The Big Idiot. And Donny Deutsch to Donny Douche. What an idiot.

And not one word from Zulema or the insane Guadalupe....

Also, Emmett looked gaunt...anyone else think so?

Yeah, I already know too well you won. Andrae, stand out, and stand strong...

I think Santino is talented and has the best chance to win. But I love all the hatred you people are screaming at other designers, and are still hypocritical about hatred towards Santino. Anyway, none of this matters in the grand scheme of life does it. If it does, I missed the memo. Best of luck to all the designers.

Donny D was the worst interviewer...didnt listen to a damn thing anyone hes never even watched this season or last season...Santino you are going to win I know this...every pic i have seen from differnt websites shows that your line was fabulous!! I have to say that I do like Daniel V as well..but I think he likes himself enough for everyone involved..I hope you take the Jay route and make your stuff available to the real people..there is a market for that and when Jay goes nationwide hes going to explode...I love him too..good luck Santino..even tho you dont need it..julie

Hiya folks

I just want to say two things:

First, I agree with our "little lamb" and in fact I'll be quite devastated tomorrow if Santino isn't the winner. I honestly think his collection is amazing, and the best of the three finalists.

Second, Santino's story in the Finale, Part I touched me very much. I was one of those kids who got picked on in school too. I'm insecure, I'll admit it. And I appreciate that Santino opened up to us a bit.

But in a way, none of that personal stuff matters. All that matters is that the clothes are amazing. And they are.

Break a leg, sir.

i'd raise my hand! hope you win!

that broke my heart santino
go andrae
god damn
you are AMAZING
stupid people
i was a dan fan
but screw him
so thank god for santino
i would buy any of your shit
just tyo look at its beauty

I now am glad that I missed the Donny interview after having read the comments, but I did TIVO The View and am watching it now. Man..I think that people outside of the industry sometimes don't understand that sometimes you don't necessarily want to win the show. Sometimes you do much better when not tossed into that corporate box and Santino, your ass is way to BIG and FREE to be put into any box in this Whatever happens, to every thing there is a season and baby, your season has arrived. You're set no matter what!!! Shit, I love when the universe makes these things happen!
Kick Ass Baby!
Penny Ford!

We're having a big assed party to celebrate the fact that television finally gave a shit about someone who is Genuinely Creative and talented. I love when the universe makes these things happen to people who honestly deserve it. To everything there is a season and everything is certainly well with you from now on.
Luv ya madly and Kick ass mannnn!
Penny Ford

They say that nothing unites like a common enemy, and you, dear Santino, are the one to beat. Your work is the most inspired, original and daring of the lot, and frankly, they seem like whiny little bitches. I hope tonight's episode proves them wrong. OH, and I hope one day SOMEONE from that show will spill their guts about what a manipulative bitch Chloe is.

My husband is totally in the loop (he is a cool husband). We've been scheduling dinner around Proj Runway reruns on the weekend. He's consantly asking "What happened to (fill in the blank)?" in an imitation of your Tim Gunn imitation. We've also caught ourselves saying "Lighten up it's just fashion" realllly often.

We're both of the opinion that you're the only one with real talent - hope you win tonight!!!!!!

How many more times do we have to see the little lamb cry, on every promo show they always show andrea crying, I hope he is doing well, does he have a page?

i raidsed my hand high. basicallly santino yourr the fuckin shit. andraes the fucking shit and thats it. you inspired one of my recent designs and that came out to be the shit. soo yehhh lovee you sooo muchh and cant wait to see u win tonite.

I missed the DD show but Santino, Andrae has been supporting you for the longest time when I spoke with him at X-mas he was so full of hope and positive things to say about you..Best of luck in all of your endevors!

so amazing! I love Andrae! I think that you've been singled out for ratings. I do not feel it is fair. I've come to love you more and more. You've definitely changed since the show aired. Donny is a deutch (well you know what word I mean). I support you all the way with my Team Santino t shirt!

best update ever.

please have a reality tv show with andrae.

*** S A N T I N O ***

are you single?
WOO HOO darlin' -


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