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Friday, March 24, 2006 


O.K. This, I know is very short notice. However, I'm moving! (I'll still be living in Los Angeles)

This Weekend and This Weekend ONLY, I'm having a HUGE YARD SALE!!!!

Saturday March 25th and Sunday March 26th Come out and score some deals!

Yard Sale Address: 609 N. Beachwood Dr. Los Angeles CA 90004
(between Melrose and Beverly)

I hope to see you there!!!

a yard sale eh?
did you get a minion to run that while you hung out in the hotel basement with us freaks ?




wrong weekend...

hope you make a million and get rid of the heavy stuff.
We're barbequing a pig up here in SF providing it doesn't rain.

wish i could be there to snag some bargains...too bad i'm stuck in kentucky this weekend

How cute. If I still lived in LA, I'd be there with bells on and cash in hand. But alas, I left there years ago. But this reminds me that I need to have a yard sale of my own pretty soon. I have a lot of crap to get rid of, and my bank account (more specifically, my account balance) needs some serious help.

Good luck with the move, and I hope you make an ass load of money with your yard sale!

Will there be autographs/photo ops?

I'm letting my imagination run wild, trying to think of "things one might find in a Santino garage sale." Tee hee hee. Could be very interesting. If I weren't over here on the other side of the country, I'd love to go shopping!

I would love to rifle through your stuff - all those "My Scene" Barbi's, their legs splayed and twisted in impossible positions, their fishtail hems floatin' in the breeze. Will Andrae be there to help you price the goodies?

i'll be there... i hope you have some good shit ;)

oh santino, quelle mistake my friend, now i'm definitely stalking you all weekend...or at least buying all of your belongings and selling them on ebay.

damn! wish i lived there, i'd stop by for sure!!!! i'm in ohio!

hello santino...i was wondering where i can find that dress that you created for the runway... it was the last dress shown please let me know thanks

I wish I could go..(pout) I live in Colorado. Hope you make tons of cash selling stuff!!

East Coast checking in!!! No shopping for me...unless you're selling those 5' stilletos...then we'll do some talkin'.

I am so there.. But Santino.. you're not going to have anything left to sell on Sunday...

see you there mister!

Damm I'm stuck in tijuana
can't buy the antlers I wanted!

I love that virgin Mary bedspread of yours!!!

I love the attack dogs too...

Do you have any whips or chains to sell??

This is not a comment on the yardsale, but I couldn't find anywhere to just post a comment, so here goes. . .I LOVED you on the show, can't believe people actually didn't dye their muslin on the first episode, you were GREAT straight thru!! Wish you the best of luck for your bright future. I also design from my hand painted and batiked silks. Best wishes, Chris

Santino...are you selling some clothes there?!!!!!

Hey, check this out -

Don't forget to actually go to and look up the definition of "walk-off".

Santino, how I wished I lived anywhere near California, but I don't. If I did, I would be at that yard sale in a heartbeat. I hope you make lots of money and sell lots of crap that you don't want to haul when you move. And are you shocked that the media is all over this yard sale. It's like Tom Cruise is having a yard sale. Oh, the power of Santino. May you reap the rewards.


When I read the phrase "lawn sale," I had a sudden flashback to one of my favorite lines from "Project Runway" :

Tim Gunn: "Andrae! What is all this flotsam and jetsam?!?"

Will Andrae be there ???

Hey Santino -
Too bad, I live in the Big D...Dallas, TX. Too far to come and buy some cool stuff you probably have floating around. Are the items that don't sell, are you going to auction them off on this webpage?

what time??

im soooo there and to get a less blurry pic with you :]

yay i'll be there! save me something. :)

oh and im so glad you're staying in LA

if i lived in la, i'd so be there.

My friends and I will be there to rummage thru whatever is left on sunday. Although looking at all the comments I imagition a great wasteland of a yard with scuffed up tables and lots of camera flashes but that sounds equally fun. See you sunday s-dawg

hey i think its a great idea if u design some of your clothing online....because i definitely would be interest buying them....please post some new clothing for online shoppers.....i love u santino...thanz

Is there a store in LA that's equivalent to Mood in New York?

PS I love your're awesome

SANTINO! Thanks for the song-BLOW YOU KISSES!!! I have been dyimg to get my hands on it.... FINALLY!!
What time is the BIG sale??

An Open Letter to Project Runway

To: Heidi Blum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia,
& the producers and sponsors of Project Runway

From: Karen Klein, psychotherapist

Subject: There are people inside of clothes.

I defer to your obvious expertise in fashion but question your judgment about people. Specifically, I’m referring to your understanding of the people who are contestants on your show and your understanding of the people who are watching your show. (We are not idiots). As such, I submit the following comments and questions for you:

1. You specifically chose dramatic and self-confident people but when Santino pushed the envelope toward narcissism you were all so shocked and amazed. Name one successful designer who isn’t fairly narcissistic. Let’s see…Michael?

2. After insisting he has “affection” for all the designers, Tim Gunn more or less called Santino and Jay freaks. Tell me, are they freaks or geniuses? Was Einstein a freak? Was Salvador Dali a freak? (Tune in to Project Lameshow next season).

3. The producers made a big deal out of us “casting our votes” for the final three and then showed the results for a mere nanno second because Chloe came in dead last. Embarrassed anyone?

4. Could somebody just admit that you all totally sold out because of money? This is a reality show about fashion and yet money wins over art once again. The Banana Republic mentorship is a conflict of interest to begin with. Why not just stick with cars and cash? Have a bank sponsor give a line of credit.

5. Michael Kors tells us that the sign of a good designer is the feeling of wanting to see more from them. So Michael, I guess you’d like to see some more 80s prom dresses?

6. Last but not least, to Heidi and Nina: After seeing the amazing clothes you both wore on the show this season, would either or you be caught dead in one of Chloe’s runway garments? Seriously.

Karen Klein, M.S.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Hey Karen, lighten up, it's just fashion and TV! Santino is talented, intelligent, beautiful, thoughtful and a rockin' good time. He's gonna end up on the up-side of this journey. His friends will make sure he is okay until he's on his feet for good.

Betcha the garage sale is a wild scene today, have fun all.

Paix - Jen

Believe me when I say I would have come in from Brooklyn for this one if I could have.

I love you SAntiNo, you are so funny and adorable!

To all the folks that were asking if Andre would be at Santino's Yard Sale: I doubt it.

Common sense tells me Andre is STILL at Red Lobster with Tim Gunn!

...ora et labora...

I will try to be there on Sunday!
Hope to see u Santino :)

did anyone go? tell us about it!

You should definetly sell the left-over stuff on eBay. go boy!!!

Santino, I loved watching you on the show, Im from argentina and I just wanted to tell you that you should have won, you are clearly the best designer !!!!! hope to buy your stuff someday! chau

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