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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

A quick video message.

As most of you know, I watched the Finale of Project Runway with some friends in Chicago. here's a quick video from that night...

A lot of you have asked where you can obtain a copy of my runway song, I'm working now to make it available to you! Please check back, I'll keep you posted.

Warmest Regards,

Thank you Santino. Your video message: delicious. I can't wait to get your music up. I heart it almost as much as I heart you.


You were clearly the winner! My only comment...Up Yours, Michael Kors!!!

Having never seen PR before the "On Thin Ice" episode, you made the show a delight to watch. Loved your impressions of Tim.

Good luck in the future.

PS: Sold Out?? Make More T-Shirts!!!

Hey Baby,
Nice you have moved on but for the some of us it still stings a bit...ok, a lot. Still can't fucking believe they did that, anywho, Spring is here and I need clothes...what are you selling besides the t-shirts?
BTW, someone other than your bad-ass self will be "opening" an on-line store this upcoming Friday...HINT, HINT!!!
Time to get crackin' Son, time is a wastin' and I need gear before I go on vacation.

You are the coolest Loser I know.

Please don't go away now that PR is over. A world without Santino is so bland and boring.

Aw, you just put that video up to collect more virtual hugs.

But seriously, thanks for sharing that with us. Who else would do that?

Your laughter through the hurt, is courageous. It is also sooo infectious! I love your laugh. It makes me laugh too. You are too creative for the world out there not to scoop you up. Keep us posted on your website in regards to your song that you made for the runway. Your fan always,


i'm so excited that you're going to make your runway music available. It was fantastic!

thank you so much for the video message. keep on rockin!

Santino I love your clothes.
Your designs have inspired me to lose weight so I can look slammin in the park and in the street!

Six months from now I will be the number one bitch...

My inner animal is a lionness

I love your clothes

Your designs have inspired me to lose weight. I want to look slammin in the the the club.

Six months from noew I will be the number one bitch!

My inner animal is a lionness!

Oh no, watching that made me even sadder! You look so humble :(

I hadn't watched season one, and didn't intend to watch season 2, but after seeing you on the first episode I was hooked... I thought you were funny as hell and super-creative. I'm sure you'll be just fine!

I'm embarassed at how involved I got in the show, but such is the power of Santino!

I watched the final episode again (as painful as it was to watch you get auf'ed twice), and paid specific attention as all of your models came down the runway on how the gowns fit... I only noticed one dress where there MAY have been a fit problem (and it wasn't glaring by any means).. So I think that was a bogus excuse... As a matter of fact, before they said that about you, I said to myself, "Wow, Daniel did a horrible job fitting some of his gowns"

But what's done is done. I have not doubt you'll be on to bigger and better things...

Do you design wedding dresses!?!?!? :) :) I can just imagine walking down the aisle in a Santino original :)

Good luck with all you do, can't wait to hear your music, I thought it was great.


Looking at "omigod I already forgot her name, she was that memorable's" line, I felt like I was staring down the barrel of the shotgun known as my Senior Prom 1991. And what was with the strange Henry VIII cape/coat things? Ugh. You on the other hand made truly beautiful and interesting pieces. I know the judges commented on the fit. But those girls couldn't fill out a training bra so what were you supposed to do? I digress, you are really onto something and you certainly don't need Project Runway to accomplish it. Everyone wants you, men and women alike, cash in on now so that we are all wearing a Santino in the next year.

Thank you so much for sharing your exceptional creativity and talent with all of us! More importantly, you seem like such a cool and genuine person. EVERYONE knows you were the real winner!

I still say your designs are the ones I'd most want to see in my closet.
I love you (and your beautiful clothing)!

The video was very funny!
The 12 and 13 year olds of the world must be happy now!
I LOVE the song you had for the runway show; dance-worthy!!!

Who was asking you the questions? He asked you how it felt to be a loser so naturally... awww..

By the way, you are NOT a loser! You have NEVER been a loser! Nor will you EVER be one!
*smack* for that! I dislike when people put themselves down!!! Humbling, yes, but still... You're too AWESOME to ever be considered a loser.

Okay, this is getting a little long... so...

Love Love Mucho Amor,

I really liked your music, and collection. Please put the music up immediatly!! It was great.

Honey, you are NOT a loser. You were adorably humble, though. Thanks for sharing the video clip with us!


Doesn't this Santino as God site seem a little creepy to anyone? Your design was impeccable. But, look how starved america is for a hero. Its crazy. What the hell - i'll sign up, I'll take Santino over our prez any day.

Jamie, those 11 and 12 year olds want Santino designed wedding dresses, and they want them now! I know you have legions of annonymous fans telling you to keep your head up and make them clothes. Seriously though, I could definitely see how much it hurt to lose that competition. Your "character" said it was the Santino show, and you came to win, and damn it, it was completely evident in your final collection, more than Daniel or Chloe. It MUST have been hard to lose at that stage, I can't even imagine. But although you didn't eat Nina, it's still cool, because you can and will do greater justice for the industry. I agree with you- fashion is all about personal taste and style and I think you've inspired alot of people to find that style, to make them think about expressing themselves beyond what's hackneyed, and that's really something important (and you're gonna make money to do it). I hope that things are much better for you now and that your dreams and ambitions come to fruition. You are a cool guy and you let hundreds of thousands of people in on your personal life everyday. I'm really enjoying it and am glad to be a small part of it! So live life, be happy, don't f*ing suck (cause you DON'T), and go out there and kick butt.

-Dan (

awwww, Santino, you are the fucking sweetest man. Thanks for sharing that video.

yay video! yay song! yay santino! thank you! :)

I now have my own Santino blog at and yes, there's only one post and it's got a typo (it should say "wants" instead of "want" near the end), but what could you expect from a blog virgin?

Wow Santino! I just want to give you a big hug! I think you are so sweet and I have loved watching you on PR. Your collection was amazing and I couldnt beleive that you didnt win! My husband was asleep and I was in bed watching the finale....I couldnt beleive it when you didnt win, and my husband was like, what are you getting so upset over? Im was like, SANTINO should have won!!!!! LOL.

Anyways, I think you are awesome and if you werent famous I could see us being totally awesome friends. Love ya!!!

Speaking of Damage that the cat is out of the bag and we know who won...
will you be making a statement about the BR Kimono dress???

Is there a way to find out if it was for sure made AFTER you should your design?


California Love :)

Its nice to see you online, but its not the 'same'...sniff sniff.

Can't wait to see more of you advertising your own line.

We are all behind you 100000000 % Santino!

My week is not the same without you, Santino. Thank god for TIVO, but its still not the same.

I am so looking forward to you advertising your line. Can't wait to have a piece of my very own.

Dear Santino,
I adore you win or lose. From the very beginning I knew you were going to make it far and you did! You are awesome and will go far! I know it!

You didn't let us down!!!!!!!! We know who the true winner is.

And hey I'm not 12 OR 13!!! heh heh

You should have won

Darling Santino,

You are the most delicious, talented man alive. I--a semi granola crunchy looking lady have actually become obsessed with fashion because of you. Now, please do something with your god-given talent and prove those lame asses wrong. You are truly brilliant. When oh when is your line coming out???

I know I don't know you personally, but lovely man, the last thing you are is a loser. You are so super awesome and such an inspiration. I adore you madly and find your designs supreme to most I see in the shops and online. Keep it strong, belief in yourself. You are the true star from this. Much luck and love to you my anonymous friend. xoxo

"i've known all my life"
that made me laugh.

i would imagine that it'd be
weird watching myself on tv plus
having friends around watching.
is it weird to you?

i did think your collection
was the best of the three.
i should have known that
they'd pick the ugliest one.
cloe didn't deserve to win.
she already has her own store
and she said herself that
she wasn't sure she wanted it.
i thought it was bullcrap.

anywho, thanks for sharing the video.
hope to see more of you in the future.

thanks for the video Santino!!


santino!!!! this video makes me cry.

i love you though.

luvv youuu,

Hey! I am still proud of you reguardless. What are your plans for the future now though? I also would like to know did ANYONE see your designs and offer you your own line?! I really hope so! Keep your head up and keep your dream alive. Remember when someone steals your hopes and dreams there is nothing else leave to take!

Santino, I'm so impressed by your amazing attitude, you seem like one of those people who can make a hot cup of piss taste like're a beautiful talented human being ( I'm saying this as if I've known you for years) now go put them space pants so we can see that out of this world ass of yours! <3 <3 <3

I feel like I know you ALREADY! Your smile just KILLS ME! (in a good way) I keep watching this over & over again just to see the "REAL" you! I love you Santino, you've captured my heart. I won't get into my sad story due to it sounding like a fake twisted plot to meet you. Just know this.... I've been through ALOT and God has destined for me to be on this earth when doctor's said I shouldn't be. And while I'm here on earth I will do EVERYTHING I can to meet you one day. You have truly blessed me. I'm a Pastor's daughter and I'm ALOT like u in too many ways! (smile) The same criticism you get, I GET ALL THE TIME! When you made the statement that what others say and think about you YOU'VE thought it 100x over ALREADY- I was in tears. I so feel you on that. People hate when you don't CONFORM to their version of the "NORM" never stop being you Santino- NEVER! You only inspire me to be MYSELF....and that means more to me than you'll ever know!
Love ya,
Melaney Lynch (San Diego, Ca)

I looked forward to your antics every university is really boring. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now!

It was awesome seeing you, Daniel, and Tim on VH1's "Best Week Ever," though.

And yes, we all want Santino Rice original wedding gowns.

Have a good week!

Santino, starting today I'm saving my money so that in five or six years I can hopefully call on you to design a wedding dress for me. I will wear no one else!

Much love.

Great message, Keep doing what "you" do best! I had a wonderful time watching your final runway show for PR and jumped for joy at seeing your collection.The music you produced and wrote fit so well with the collection.

UPDATE: Actually I TRIED to post a virtual hug earlier today, but the board wouldn't let me. It said "Your HTML cannot be accepted:Tag is not allowed." Likely story. They just don't want no hanky panky 'round here. CENSORSHIP! (Tee hee).

can't wait till you get your music up on the site!! It's awesome. Not as awesome as YOU.....but awesome just the same.

Thanks for the video. Just want to remind you what that famous makeup artist (sorry can't remember his name right now oops) told you. You have great skin and a great jaw line. Hint hint. Loved the clean shaven Santino in the madras pants.

This was jealous of all those folks who got to watch it with you. Who was the first to give you a hug? ;)


PS. Can't wait to get my T shirt! :D

Santino - I LOVE Project Runway but I think you were the most brilliant designer out of the whole cast. Not only that, but you had the most gall! But, whatever. Since you are incredibly gifted and uniquely creative, I have no doubt that I'll be buying your clothes sometime in a store in Miami (and I really hope that I do! Me and my sister LOVED the stuff you presented for your collection!)

Thanks Santino. It's cool of you to let us back into your life after coming off the heels of a "reality" show. This proves you really are the coolest man on the planet. You've turned me into a 12 year old girl again. Because all I can think of is how sexy and talented you are. Please keep it coming. You're the best.

Proud to be the fan of a loser,


i have to say! I loved and hated you on the show...but your work is really brilliant...and i am sure i'll hear your name again.

thanks for the vid

best wishes...

ps KS > MO

Your song was stuck in my head all day! *laughs* Forget fashion. Get into music! I thought your collection was gorgeous, the best out of all three and you have amazing talent.

oh, Santino. you are the greatest!

I'm not 13 and I like losers
*wink wink*

Yo Santino,
I just saw you in Chicago on Monday. My fiancee and I were walking around, and we saw you and your friend at the Bentley dealer checking out the Ferrari's and Lamborghini's. Not sure if you saw two other people there, but we were the ones that were behind the roped off section with you back there. Then we saw you two head into the Westfield shopping mall. Hope you had a good stay in Chi-town. I know that ours was better since we saw you there.

santino - you are hilarious! Everything you said about everyone on that show was what we were all thinking anyway. Your musical soundtrack for you show was totally creative. Your fashions were compelling and outrageous. Santino please don't hide yourself away making dresses for rich red carpet running divas! you are bigger and much more mighty, you are a universe of wit. You have the power to make people laugh and that is divine. I am waiting for the Red Lobster reunion! It has a red carpet too!

Hi Santino! Congratulations = it seems you really did win! No one was really happy with Cloe's win and her reaction was very "lame". I wanted and expected you to win = so I was bummed along with millions of other fans when you didn't = here's my take = Did anyone ever consider that Cloe most likely had help from her 8 sisters???? If you look at the show when Tim went to visit her = she had zip done!!! Also the fabrics that she showed him that she was going to use were horrible and did not show up in the final show! She seemed very shallow in the actual design department. She looked like she was in way over her head!!!! You know darn good and well that Cloe' and her sisters had their own little sweat shop going on in their garage!!!!! I think you really hit the nail on the head when you said = she was a good pattern maker but not a designer! Even on the "13th" outfit = she freaked out because she could not even handle making one more stupid design!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! She let her "helper" do everything = including choosing the gold fabric and piecing it together! Anyhow = I am very suspicious about her actually "designing" all of those outfits and if she didn't do it and sew them as you and Daniel had to do = fraud!! Anyhow = good luck and know that you are loved and respected by other "real designers"!!!!! God bless you brother!

What a joke. Dude, whatever, it's like this. Me and Nina Garcia knew all along you were way more talented than we we had an innocent chip on our shoulder and lose Project Runway because we get the final say and need to make a point. So what if we dissapointed all the fans. We're getting rich off of your talent and personality. Hahahaha... Also, Nina Garcia wasn't really upset that you yelled at her for 5 hours. She was jealous of your love affair with Dirty Diana and to this day is completely torn the whole thing and hopes you'll come back for Season 3 with Danny (Weirdo Freako) Franko.


You shoulda won dawg...totally lame man...things happen for a reason, blah blah, i'm at peace with blah blah,,,,YOU SHOULD HAVE WON AND IT'S FRIGGIN BS.

Please check out fourfour's blog / PR Finale Recap - This guy's got the whole show down (Kors/Klum included)- even your runway song (which should have earned an award in itself). This guy was present at the runway and included himself in your corner.

I love your site in that it shows the real you.

I do have a question and I hope you will address it: What do you think about Chloe's little come-back where she says, "I can only say that I guess you're wrong! I can't help it if I had skills, honey."

Santino - You are such a winner in my heart. I was in Banana Republic just the other day and you just have too much awesome personality for that store. Whatever you do, I will be following along with much anticipated curiousity.

Fantastic that so many are interested in your runway music, because I am too and really want it as a single. Hopefully you'll do an album soon!?!

I love you!!

are you still in chicago baby? because i know some broads who wanna stalk the shit out of you.

Just stopping by for my minimum daily requirement of Jamtino, without which my blood gets all sluggish and my hair loses it luster.

Santio you may have lost PR but you still a winner with me. Good luck in whatever you do now.

i would like to thank you for being so good to your fans by giving us all the santino we want.

I can't get enough of you. are you working on new clothes, or are you taking some time?




Bet E

thanks for makin PR interesting this yr!! i had a santino party wednesday night, 20 friends came over and we stayed up and watched it. when they said "santino, ur out" we flipped out and started chuckin things at the tv haha i was so sad u didnt win =( but im sure u'll come up with ur own line anyway.. like.. santinosantino or I<3Rice hahaha please dont leave tv.. my wednesdays are empty w/out you!!!! <3 Jess

Thanks for sharing that with us , Santino. And yes , PLEASE, make that music available !!!! It was wonderful ... and so are you !

you're on to much better things. would you really want to work with banana republic anyway? i can't wait to see what you'll do next!

p.s. that lip lick was hot.

Santino, you made the show!! I hadn't heard about the show, but my friend "made" me watch a PR marathon with him one afternoon. Needless to say, I was hooked after the first show. You took chances and expressed yourself verbally and visually with your designs. No one else did that. I can get a plain Jane Banana Republic look anywhere because it sells easily. However, Santino designs are one of a kind genius. If I had the money, I'd buy your designs. Maybe if I get manage to get married one day, I'll look you up!
Keep it real! You kick ass!

Santino, you are amazing. You have a strong vision, and a great character. Everything you design is unique, innovative, creative, and AMAZING.

You seem like you'd be such a great person to be friends with. You're hilarious! You clearly have a talent, and you belong in the fashion industry. You'll definitely succeed. I hope to see more from you! I miss seeing you on Wednesday nights. You are my winner! I'll be quoting you forevah!

Love you!

Santino!!!!! It breaks my heart to watch this. Please keep on keepin' on for us all! Love you!

I guess this is the best place to post this as any. Santino, I love your style. I love your humor. I love your clothing line.

What I liked about your style was that you created different designs. Personally, I liked your undergarment design best. It was fun..and you were right, it is meant to come off. I would wear what you designed over any of the others.

You made the second season of Project Runway a hit. I had no desire to watch the first season..but you were just fun and interesting. I am not one for reality TV shows but you made me watch.

I'd really enjoy being able to get a copy of your runway song. It's stuck in my head right now! (not such a bad thing- I like it!)

Chloe's collection DID look like a sofa coming at you. I was shocked that they picked her. She was last, in my opinion. Your collection was gorgeous. It blew me away. I think you got robbed. But you really pissed the judges off and they were just determined not to give it to you.

Anyway, your song was great too. I think you were the total package. Funny, talented, and entertaining. Everyone was such big cry babies at the reunion special. You were catty, you didn't kill anyone. Big deal. It's fashion, you're supposed to be catty! Everyone else was just fucking BORING! If you had not been on that show it would have been a snoozefest. Anyway, I love you and I love your collection. And I love your song. I hear it in my head all day at work, "and her words were blowing kisses." I definitely want a copy of that. You RULE.

It's nice to see you showing your true character, which is adorably gracious. I know we'll be seeing you and your work for many years to come.

As for the winner, I wonder whose dick she sucked - because that 1983 pink prom dress explosion looked like an asbolute abortion.

Your designs were elegant. Congratulations on making such a wonderful show of your work and your brilliant personality. I lurve you long time.

Rock on, Santino. You're positive attitude and style speak volumes. PR said you "played it safe" but I would say PR played it safe by picking Chloe. You were why I watched PR and your collection was fab.

Mark in MN

I am waiting with bated breath for your runway song!! \m/ (^_^) \m/

You don't know me, but I'm a big fan of yours. I thought that you should've won, because you clearly had the best collection there. It's too bad that you didn't win.

I am a heartbroken 12 year old,
( p.s. i won't slit my wrists)

Santino - what are you plans for designing? Want to see more of our work and you begin to take your place in the fashion world?

THE SECOND YOU'RE CLOTHES GO INTO STORES I WILL BUY THEM LIKE CRAZY!!!! I totally want your clothes to fill my closet!!!! Anyway awesome job!

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