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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 


UPDATE: song title: Blow You Kisses

Hey everyone - I have gotten so many requests for my runway song and I wanted to make it available.


It is crazy how many famous people have blogs now :)

Saw you on tv, good to see your page. Glad it is working out for you!

(Alex from NYC.)


Santino/James, thanks so much for posting 'Santino's runway' song. Great job! Keep us posted, please.


Just want to say that I downloaded the song, the process went smoothly, and I'm proud to support our very creative Renaissance Man!

You this page could also be called Rantion Sice.

But maybe that wouldnt work as well because people wouldnt get it.

But just an idea.


ms. g is right, Santino is a creative Renaissance Man! He was my favorite on Project Runway.

I'm going to download the song, eventually; don't have the funds at the moment.

Welcome to the blog world, Santino! I really like your blog so far. I will be stopping in more often.

so excited you made the song available! I feel like I'm the shit whenever I hear it, makes we want to strut around naked!! <3 <3 <3 looks to me you don't necessarily need to create amazing clothing to help make people feel sexy ;)

OH Hellz Yeah I support you Santino! I love it! Only wish I could make it a ringer for my cellphone! That would be almost as BAD ASS as YOU! I LOVE YOU SANTINO!!!!

You have great taste in music.


Santino, I was cheering for you all the way. I was bummed when you didn't win. And damn, you had the hottest model on the show...ALL HAIL HEATHER BROWN!

Keep on kicking ass!

Huzzah! Thanks for making this available; it kicks ass for us fans to be able to support independent, creative people and get music in return. You inspired my room mate to dance in her stilettos.

Give us a title for this! I keep renaming it between "Uncompromising" and "Look At Her Go." I want it to be more exciting than "the runway song." On the other hand, "Under The Tent" has a nice ring to it.

Jen A - Please email me for assistance.


Wow, what a music!

Little's Blog Things

"The Sound of Santinovision."

Thank you for posting this, Santino!

And for everyone else, the whole payment/downloading process is flawless, so there are no worries there -- and the song is MORE than worth the $2.45.

Download it now! Let's support our Santino!

You're an amazing designer, thank you so much for showing us all what you do. Seriously.

*sigh* I can't believe Santino blogs...

Hi Santino! Greetings from beautiful Sedona AZ. Great song...I hope you make more items via your website which have been "Santino'd". I'm still bummed I missed out on one of the 10 T shirts but am looking forward to my S vs. L T shirt anyway!

Cheers! Hope you are enjoying all of your days.


Santino, I'm sure you are a man of many talents. But music is definitely your other gift, besides fashion. I fall more in love with you everyday.


I got it...thanks so much for putting it out there. It is fab. My good thoughts are with you, I hope that nothing but succesas is in your future. You Rock Santino!

Are you going to give copies of the song out to dance clubs?

Oh man, this totally made my day. Thanks for the post!

I want the song but I don't have an MP3 or ipod. Can I just download this to my computer? I hope someone can help this computer nerd. Thanks!

Dude, you're so awesome. I was bummed when you didn't win PR, but you rock anyways.

Keep on keepin' on.

I love this. I think it's great. You are quite the talented individual. Keep it flowin'.

**blowing you kisses**


I don't have an Ipod either, but downloaded it to a disk - took me a few tries (cause I'm not very computer literate) but it is so good I'm glad I figured it out -

I loved Santino's version of Paid in Full (paid in fool) too - you guys should look that up if you haven't heard it

Damn your track is better than some club mixs I've purchased recently (don't ask...deep sigh). For what it's worth if the fashion scene gets tired you have a very nice career option on your hands my friend. Being flown to NYC, Amsterdam and Ibezia ain't a bad gig if you can get it...hint, hint!!!
BTW, loved the track if you had any doubts!!!!

Gosh, I can't remember the last time I ever paid for a song, but I doled it out just for you! I looove this song! I hope you make another one! :)

I thought it was awesome to see that your designs auctioned for largest sums of money by far compared to all the other designers. I think that says volumes about the real quality of your collection and your work. Way to go. I love ya man!

"You can't polish a turd..." Thank you.

love the song man, very uplifting and just plain cool/sexy.



i loved your collection a lot. ;]

that dream with you in it made me HURT. And now to find this out. :(

We all missed you at FIDM yesterday!! It wasn't the same without you. Your final runway looks were AMAZING!!!! You had the best runway song by far.

damn it man, you should have won, you should bitchslap chloe and daniel, and your model was SO HOT i can't even sleep any more

Yay for Santino.


why are you by far the most amazing human on God's green earth?

I was so upset that they left you hanging! You have the talent and they slept on you!!!!!!!

Santino, why you don't acept the requests from the bands on MySpace?

i think ur sexy and interesting. u should get 2 know me.

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