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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Santino Video Interview Pt. 1

more to come...

if lovin you is wrong i dont wanna be right... *little sigh* ive said it before and i'll say it again - you are the best they had on PR2 (hell, i like you better then Jay). go out there, do your thing and stay true to yourself - freak or no freak. personally, i would take your kind of freak over the others that were presented.

i'm still behind you, still wishing you the best..

much love,

Santino-I couldn't agree with you more. It's those people who dress in suits and hide stuff that are freaks!!! Yeah, Chloe won, but we will think of no other than YOU when we refer to PR 2 ten years from now!!! I absolutely loved your FW collection- it was thoughtful and well-constructed. I know that you will make it so far in this industry. My dream is to have you personally make me something and hopefully when I finish school I can be able to buy your clothes!!! Much Love...


You're amazing and don't let anyone ever make you feel bad about yourself. If Tim is calling YOU a freak! then hell! we're all freaks. I really know you are going to go so far in life.

Love you,

Shame on Tim Gunn if he did in fact say that. First of all, as an older man he grew up gay and in fashion in a much more viscious era, he should remember all the times he was probably called or looked at as a freak.

Second, not only did he insult you, but he also insulted Jay, who poor dear is even called a "sissy" from his own father. You both have tough skin and the above is not even the point per se.

The point is, PR is supposed to be about the best designer, not personality, not image. So since Jay is "out there" they felt obligated to pick someone boring, sorry Chole, but yes boring?

He not only told on himself and how the show works but he made all his mentoring look like a job and not genuine.

From one freak to another, freak on baby.

Where is the individuality? Where is the encouragement? Where is the love?

Tim Gunn gets the big 'WHATEVER DUDE!"

California Love :)

yeah I read what tim said and I was shocked to say all those nice things to your face and then to write that is shady. You are a great person to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he should never say you shouldn't have won or call anyone a freak everyone is special and deserves respect. Your collection is brilliant truly they way he was critiquing seemed as if he would have picked you as the winner so I say the cards have fallen where they may and you will come out on top as one of your supporters I love you and your work and you are a brilliant mind and I applaude you. never stop I mean you even made your own damn song that deserves a trophy ;0). Keep smilin, Love always Danielle

I’ve always considered being labeled a freak to be THE most delightful compliment and in my book you, SANTINO, are one talented foxy inspiring freak. I ADORE you for it.

In the good 'ole USA money talks and the $$$$ say, " Santino is the winner of Project Runway".
The online auction is over and the results are:
The Santino Collection pulled in
The Daniel V. Collection pulled in
The Chloe Collectiion pulled in

That was a great interview Santino. Ok, here's how I took Tim's words. If each "winner" was , ahem, cut of the same cloth. MEANING, very outgoing, outspoken, colorful, wild-in-their-designs, over the top personalities, it would just look like a pattern. A formula.

Honestly, I think that's alot of why you did NOT win. To keep the public guessing, which is the whole point of reality TV. Keep people tuning in because of the ???? factor.

If there was another male, wild, outspoken, over the top designer next season, everyone would expect them to win. See what I mean?

With all that being said. I don't really think you and Jay are in the same category AT ALL. You are fun, wild, dramatic, straight forward, but in a LIKABLE way.

Jay, in my opinion, just comes across as arrogant and obnoxious, lacking that "likability factor" you have in spades.

Anyway, I took what Tim said as a compliment totally and explaining why you didn't win.

In the long run, Chloe will get more business at her boutique. YOU however will be at Fashion Week again. My prediction.

Thanks for keeping this blog up so we can all get our Santino fix.

I absolutely love you and your work...keep workin' i'm behind you all the way!!!

santino you are truly amazing! i love your brutal honesty and your sense of humor and fashion. you are very talented and i hope you keep up the good work and keep your career going and not give up!
<3 erin

Santino I love you. You have such an amazing personality. And I think Tim Gunn really does like you and respects your talent. He said those things because of the fashion industry snub in him. But I've heard the good things he said about you and he seemed to mean them. Being called a freak is not a bad thing. It takes a lot of balls to be yourself.


That was great. You are so wonderful to give such access to your growing number of fans. I completely agree with you. I don't think there is anything remotely "freaky" about people who are genuine and aren't afraid to be who they are. It's the people who break their necks trying to convince everyone how "normal" they are that scare the living hell out of me.

Can't wait to see more of your video interview.

Santino, he said your collection was magnificent! You must know how Tim feels towards you, don't question it're becoming a tool for tabloid. what you feel is real, even the audience is able to see the genuine affection he has for you...why question it now?
Sadly, being true to yourself and honest with others makes you a freak. Do you really have any other choice? You are the way you are and you are respected as an artist. Be thrilled! That doesn't usually happen until you die!
Your collection was beautiful. When I saw the billowing sleeves on Design 10, I screamed...that will be forever! Put this behind you and start designing for next season...there must be a line of financial people waiting to back you now...

The genteel and discerning Tim Gunn can be a bit of a loose cannon (no pun intended) sometimes, can't he? I actually enjoy it when nasty little comments come bubbling up from somewhere inside of his otherwise mild-mannered demeanor. "Marshmallow-headed" models, "freakish" designers..bring it on, Tim! On the other hand, I don't get his dyspeptic tirade about Jay and Santino. Is he afraid that his highly polished Parsons veneer is going to be varnished by association with non-conformists? Or is he just envious of them?

Tim was just being honest - he did/does love your collection -

If the "freak" is a great designer - and presents the best collection then they should be the winner - period. Otherwise this show is unfair to applicants - as they were unfair to you - but as you said earlier - it is an arbitrary business

I like you for your honesty, your wit, your talent, your intensity, and now for your insights

I love your little dig at Banana Republic at the end. I think Tim Gunn really does like you. I've read nearly every interview he's given and I've listened to all of his podcasts. Sometimes he finds you irritating, but that's because he's a very straitlaced fatherly figure sort. And since he's a straitlaced fatherly figure sort, he can also love you despite your eccentricities. (We love you *because* of your eccentricities.) From what I can tell your Fashion Week collection inspired him. He was afraid Project Runway would get typecasted and blah blah blah. I think the judges agreed. They decided long before Fashion Week that you couldn't and shouldn't win. Conversely, they were also looking forward to what crap you'd pull on the runway. To their horror (since they didn't want you to win), you produced something insanely gorgeous. They tried to bullshit you with lame excuses (your dresses didn't fit), but I saw some closeups of Chloe's and Daniel's collections - they had quite a few poor fitting dresses, too. I also think those assholes shouldn't confuse 'refined' and 'tasteful' with 'safe.' Oh, I'm ranting. This still pisses me off. Anyway, Tim cares about you and he clearly loved your collection the most. That's a small comfort.

actually the auction amounts are

Chloe - $8903 25% of total

Daniel - $10,992 30.9% of total

Santino - $15,704 44% of total

(this is the percentage for just the final 3)

Average price of a garment

Chloe - $684

Daniel - $846

Santino - $1200

I need to get a life - but this is a confirmation to me of the talent, marketability of Santino

Kara is an also ran at $4993 for the collection and $383 average for a garment

I need emoticons! I need little hearts and thumbs-up signs and smiley faces and.... I guess I'll have to use words..but words aren't enough!!!!
I'll try not to get real corny here, Santino, but all that stuff you're saying in that video about yourself and other people and "the suits" and honesty and...ALL OF IT: It's the way I feel, too, and I instinctively knew that about you from seeing you on "Project Runway." Actually I think I can pinpoint the first moment I realized it. - It was the argument with Nina Garcia over the underwear, when she was saying your pieces didn't look like what people were used to and you said, with absolute conviction, "That's not what I'm trying to DO!
It's so hard to put up with the small-mindedness and LACK OF IMAGINATION of the majority of the people out there, and to see someone on TV fighting that good fight was just so....cathartic, inspiring...such a RELIEF!
OK, that's just PART of my reaction to the video, but this is getting long, so I'll stop, but...I can't wait to see the rest!

OH! The video is not playing!!


do other videos on the site work for you? you need to have the Flash player installed - go to for support.

thanks Jamey.

Awww, dearest Santino...
If anything, I think our Red Lobster Tim was talking about the clothes made during the contests, not the actual collection during fashion week. But even then, I do not think it had anything to do with being a freak... You're not a freak; you're original, talented, creative, AWESOME, determined, and very calm mannered *I've noticed after watching your two recent videos*.
Don't let the criticism get to you; it can bring anyone down, but the people who can roll with the punches are those everyone gets.
You're an amazing person, and many people who have seen the show and check out your blog, and those that know you personally, can see that. Santino, in one word, you are: AWESOME.
The thing with Tim Gunn is that he is being a bit protective of Project Runway; he does not think that all of the designers post PR 2 should be over-the-top, or too out there. Do you kind of get what I got out of Tim's words? He doesn't want the show to be all about theatrics.
I agree completely about being the supposed "eccentric" is being truthful to oneself, and being an individual; to live as oneself in their own defining unique way is everything that people should strive to be in life. That's what makes life interesting and worth living.
You have to also consider the capitalist/reality TV show pusher idea, as well. Project Runway is a show people want to watch; majority of the public may be turned off to the show if it showcases too many out-of-the-box contestants, you know? For the sake of the show, the ratings, the public, the companies behind PR, I'm sure that's what all of them are probably thinking...
I'm with you on this, dearest Santino, I truly am.
Don't let the petty words get to you; sometimes even the closest people to you can say things that do hurt you. That's only natural, you know? Everyone has their own opinion; he said your collection was magnificent: he loved it.
Smile, Santino; you should post up a picture of you smiling, wearing that AWESOME greyish striped hat on and your black jacket. That would definitely make my day!
Well, there's my two-cents on the matter.
Love Love Mucho Amor,


Tim Gunn said your collection is magnificent, and that's what he meant!

Don't read into the "freak show" comment. Tim adores you - it's clear in his interviews. He isn't calling you or Jay a freak.

He's invested in the success of Project Runway (he gets compensation), so it's in his best interest to "protect" the show so it's taken "seriously."

AS IF they could FIND 16 Santinos for next season!

They should BE so lucky!

Hey Santino. So, I was at the Fall Out Bay concert last night in Albany, and Pete Wentz dedicated a song to you, cause he thought you should have won, I agree, so I screamed for you.

santino-- i truly take issue with tim calling both you and jay "freaks" and think it was unfair to both you and jay. of course, i find it especially offensive being jay's sister. after reading his comment, i couldn't understand how he could call your line magnificent", yet not support the possibility of your winning PR2 simply because jay won before you. you are both originals and i'd much rather live in a world with santinos and jays rather than chloes and daniels. i was optimistic for a "visionary" win and you were the only one who had any vision at all.

Dear Jamey and Santino,

Thanks so much for all of the effort that goes into keeping up this blog. It's wonderful. This is the very best way to "speak" to your fans and you are really the only one who is doing it well with regular updates. Santino, whatever you are paying Jamey - he deserves a raise!

Everybody! Check out the Village Voice interview with Santino at:,zappia,72552,15.html.

"We skipped interviewing the victor this year and put in a request to talk to Santino Rice instead, this season's designated bad-boy designer and the one we were convinced would win almost until the end."

Santino, I loved the interview. As always, you were honest, funny and insightful.

Just keep being true to yourself and being the Santino that we all know and love. Don't let what anyone says - friend or foe - make you question the way that you do things.

I just wish some of these people understood how wonderful it really is to feel comfortable in your own skin.

I tend to trust unique, eccentric individuals more than your average "suit" as well because individuals that put themselves "out there" and let it all hang out are very passionate and typically very compassionate. Which leads me to say - I'd rather see, buy, and wear clothes designed and showcased by someone exciting for gods sake@@@ Freak show, who gives a shit - he's one of the damn freaks anyway (which is why we like Tim as well - I mean who calls debris on the ground flotsam and jetsam - a freak that's who )

santino, you described the "freak" term beautifuly! It's all about being true to yourself, whoever you were created to be, there is nothing freakish about truth...although to many it is uncomfortable...when I look at what you presented on TV and interviews, I don't see a "freak" I see someone with an amazing passion for life...and a gift for making things interesting and enjoyable... again this is only what I'v observed from your screen time, I obviously don't know you personally, but you are definately some one I would follow around at a party! Keep being the beautiful human being you are, fuck everybody else. <3 <3 <3 xoxoxox

Tim Gunn's comments are unprofessional. If we are pointing fingers about who is a "freak," doesn't it seem odd that he is a man who hasn't had a romantic relationship for almost 20 years which he said in an interview. I think that qualifies him as a freak. Chloe, in my opinion, could not have won on her own because the clothes they were calling beautiful looked odd, and unwearable. Plus, you have to be different to come up with new ideas on how to create designs. A new perspective on how to wear the old thing, if you well. Like I said before, it's okay to like yourself and have confidence. The entire PR francise liked you fine when you brought in ratings.

Well I'll tell you one thing Santino...


hyuk hyuk

What Tim was saying is that you and Jay command attention. He feels that if you'd won, auditioners for next season would think that their audition goal/final 3 strategy was commanding attention - not coming with knockout designs. Since not everyone commands attention naturally, many people do so by acting freakish. Auditions would be like AI, and since they are not looking to film AI-style audition specials that need freaks for ratings, it's not something they want to encourage. He was not calling you two freaks, only fearing an onslaught of people who earn attention by presenting freakishness. Give it a few days and read his comment again. Don't respond to these things; keep designing. -Nik


First of all, I love your work and you rock! About Tim Gunn, check out his podcast on the PR website. It's obvious in the last 2 podcasts covering the finale that He thought your collection was the best. Also, he had nothing but good things to say about you in his podcasts, and I think the "freak" comment may be written out of context.

PS. are you going to be at the LA auditions this weekend?


Why didn't my last comment make it thru, is there actually some type of censorship on the santinorice site - how very odd

what Nik said (a few posts up) was spot on. try not to take it to heart too much. look how many pople are behind you. Big cyber hugs from one "freak" to another ;)


I don't think that Tim meant anything bad by his comments. I think--it appeared--that he really respected your aesthetic. I think the only reason he said "Project Freak Show" was b/c you and Jay are both very outlandish and 'more is more' in your designs (thank god) and that they needed to "balance" PR1 and PR2...the weird&wild Jay with the tame and streamlined Chloe. BUT, I don't agree with that at all. I think the most talented designer should win, and that should've been YOU.

xoxo, Emily

Not only do I agree with you but I have to admit that when I see someone out shopping in a suit I get a little I'm being followed by the FBI or something.

Not that I have anything to hide.

As fot Tim's comments...I hope katiecoo is right when she said that he was trying to explain the 'reality' part of the tv show.

I'd like to think Tim secretly loves you.

Great Interview!

You know people are so funny sometimes. They like you here and not there. The word freak means to be "different" in my book. Freaks stand out, leave a mark, and most of all stick out in our minds. You don't EVER want to be the same or follow everyone else because you are soon lost in the crowd. I just think that you should do what your heart tells you and forget everyone else, you know? The heart is what truely leads you through life and I believe your designs were out there but you were smart enough to take the chance and do YOUR style and look what it got you. You must have done something right because you are all over the place now! Don't worry about what people say and just do what you feel. Remember they also said that some of the greatest inventors were freaks too! LOL

dear santino, i highly doubt tim gunn meant to sound malicious in his comments. as others have said, he thinks the show would turn into a magnet for people who are naturally outspoken, loud, over-the-top, whatever. because there obviously isn't enough of that on reality TV, right? i hope you aren't taking his words so seriously that you feel victimized or something. obviously you have a lot of fans and obviously tim respects you as a designer and a person.

I don't usually watch television, but one day I happened to come across project runway on Bravo.
What caught my eye was the ART! There was art on television?! It was your art that caught my eye. I saw this magnificantly beautiful work of art being laid upon a human being. It had so much expression just like your personality. The show grasped my heart then and there (then I became extremely addicted). It was you Santino and your unique trait that caught my eye, all the others weren't as artistic as you! Maybe people misinterpret your beautiful unique traits as being a freak. But I knew you were different than most when I looked at you on that television screen. You had a true vision of what you wanted to infer to people. It came out so much in your dresses.

I just wanted to say that you are loved by the people who could see what kind of person you are. I can see that you're a beautiful intelligent person with a visionary mind. It's funny how the most intelligent and artistic people I've ever met in my life are considered to be the freaks in this society. Keep staying true to yourself Santino because that's what makes you a beautiful person.

I think Tim has the hott's for you.

Oh Santino, I'm so happy you put up that video, I was just beginning to feel Santino withdrawals ;)

I never once looked at you and thought 'freak' during the whole show, after the show, etc, etc...

I think you're super creative and I envy your talent, perhaps that's what drives a lot of the things people say about you (they feel that envy, but not it in a good way).

Most unique people are looked at by the cookie cutter masses to be freaks, it's been my experience that those are the most interesting and intelligent people.

It must be difficult to hear all the things people say about you, that think they know you from seeing a snippet of your personality on highly edited TV. I can't imagine trying to reconcile all of that...

I think and obviously MANY others think you're simply amazing.

The fact that I'm actually sitting here typing comments on a blog for someone I saw on TV (which I never imagined EVER doing) shows how captivating a personality you are.

Keep doing what you do!
- BubbyKat

Santino your great- all tim gunn has been saying is that you had a beautiful collection that he absolutely admired- and he found you to be loveable. Don't take the freak show thing so personally- especially from a guy (you) who has been misquoted and said some mean stuff. That said- stay your fabulous self, and let some things slide

You're the shit. Rock on, Santino!

Santino - you are soooo for real and that is why we love you. Stay true - and we always will. And you shouldnt even waste your breath on the likes of Tim Gunn. He is afterall, the by product of a walking corn dog and a ken doll. You cant get more fake that, so why even address it? ;)

Anonymous said...

dear santino, i highly doubt tim gunn meant to sound malicious in his comments. as others have said, he thinks the show would turn into a magnet for people who are naturally outspoken, loud, over-the-top, whatever. because there obviously isn't enough of that on reality TV, right? i hope you aren't taking his words so seriously that you feel victimized or something. obviously you have a lot of fans and obviously tim respects you as a designer and a person.


Exactly. I believe Tim's comments are aimed at what he believes is a simplistic, reductive public, and not towards your character.

If you did not exist, the world would make sense, and seriously, who needs that? Keep on being a "freak", ccause guys like us make the world go 'round.

If anyone would think you were a "freak" it would most likely be a conservative, middle-aged woman with a family. Basically, someone just like myself! I DEFINITELY do NOT think you are a freak. I have to say that I am usually right on about reading people and as many have already told you, it's apparent you are a kind, genuine person. I think? Tim does like you, but if he doesn't, he doesn't. So be it! Not everyone is going to like you....but know that a lot of us do. God Bless - Cathy

Santino, I absolutely love you!!! You were by far the most talented and most creative person on the entire show, and you should've won. I heard you have a boutique in Los Angeles. I'm not sure if that's true, but if it is...where is it??? I would love to buy your clothes.

I just think you are fantastic. I admire your drive. Please keep going, and keep designing no matter what.

awwww. group hug for santino.

he meant eccentric and also its ok to shop at banana republic they have some nice classic/vintage inspired clothing. but no one is perfect and people say things without meaning hurt.

cheer up santino ..and make us some socks!!

I love you Santino. You're just like all my friends, what with your "you can't polish a turd" kind of remarks. People have to laugh at themselves... and the truth. Anyway, you're awesome.

Great Blog Santino!

Your passion for fashion is evident and you will succeed...


Tuesday, March 21, 2006
love to love you, baby
i was so angry (and i'm a birkenstock-wearing hippie, dude) after hearing tim's podcast comments during the final week of PR that i fired off a nasty letter to the show. i know tim loves your work and seems like a nice man, but after your graciousness to him in LA, your kindness to him in opening up your world, and with your amazing talent, i just can't get over his comments. i used to love this show but will never watch again because now it feels so fake. remember, santi, they didn't pick you because they wanted a team player who would play nice with Banana Republic, be sure to sign their contracts, blah, blah. maybe tim just got caught up in the showbiz part of it and couldn't handle the pressure. and got warped. wouldn't be the first time showbiz warped someone. in a way, i feel kinda sorry for him. anyway, i hope you've been reading the print media and their reviews of this final episode. the reviewers are as angry as i am. in fact, i've never read so many angry reviews of a flippin' tv show! PR just got too greedy and ate itself. not pretty to watch. eww. you, however, are cool and lovely and --surprise -- wind up as the class act of this horrid, snooty show. don't let them hurt you, ever. you rock my world.

Hi santino .. I love you.



How dare you be in Chicago and not tell me?

Hey Santino!
I must say, I loved your collection at Olympus Fashion Week. Especially the turquoise colored dress w/ a black outline. I thought you would have won! I seriously think you should sell your dresses to stores, because I really want one!!


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