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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

Santino Video Interview Pt. 2

also check out this interview with

Sorry for the gap in posts.

Also... All Santino -VS- Lacko T-Shirts are going out by this friday, sorry for the delay!

You da man! Great stuff on your that's what I call a fun blog.

I'm confused. Is this Santino's blog, written by someone else?


This IS Santino's Blog. Sometimes I help him with it.

you make some good points in this interview... i loved watching the designers grow in their ideas and forms of expression, i was always trying to think of what i would do with the challenge and was always amazed at what you would come up with, taking it from paper to model to runway, it I wasl always entertained and amazed by the creations you were able to come up with in such a short amount of time and with so many restrictions.

loved both interviews you are so humble and down to earth. and about PR's editing and people geting the wrong impression. I say your true fans knew the truth the whole time. they know you are honest, straight forward, yet humble and kind. I knew all along and i never thought differently I kinda liked the editing you seemed like a fun lovin honest guy and I like that. I'm the same way!!You Go Santino!!!

great interview Santino! Keep on living your dream, and us fans will help get your account back in the positive!

thanks for the updates! Santino you SO need your own tv show! :D


hi Santino,

I was wondering if you could make us some warm tube socks to keep our feetsies warm. Just put your image, like the photo on the button or full frontal face on the side of the socks.

There are also the cool tube socks with the red stripes at the top.

Just a suggestion.

I absolutely agree about the compelling nature of watching artisans in the midst of the creative process. Unlike other shows where only a pulse is required for consideration, designers on PR had to bring something of merit to the table. In spite of what I feel was some very manipulative editing that was catty and unnecessarily bitchy, I think it was very exciting television.

Hi. My name is Brittany from Tampa.
I just wanted to say, although bold, I loove your outfits! Although your best work was not the lengrie'. ^_-
Good luck on your fashion!


Hey, you are a "Blog of Note" on the blogger homepage! Congratulations!


You were the blog of note, and I had to blogroll you. You should have won project runway! Your designs are wearable works of art, you have an awesome personality, and you are so unbelievably creative, it makes me jealous! Keep up the good work!


Santino, I enjoyed pt. 2 of the interview. You're right, watching the process of an artist create is what makes PR so interesting for me. I could watch someone create something beautiful all day. I too am in love with the process of making things. And as for you, I could listen to your voice talk about the weather and still be pleased. And I still want your views on religion, politics, and Thai food. I haven't changed my mind about that. Keep the posts coming. Also, it would be nice to hear from you on the blog more often. No offense Jamey, we love you too.

Hello again. As for the TV Guide article, I'd come across it before on the net and read it. But I enjoyed your candor. It was a good interview. Also I really hope Santino reads these comments. This blog is such a great thing because it allows Santino's fans to talk to him simultaneously. Keep up the great work.


You are a passionate being with more talent than I can imagine.
Create.Inspire. you can.

You were my absolute favorite on the show, I thought you'd win. In a way, you guys all did..

wanna paint my nails?..can't pay you though srry :D

Hey anyone,

What's the music at the beginning of both 'You Tube' interviews?
Moo chas grassy ass.

iPod - $ one arm

Laptop - $ one leg

Music software - $ free

runway song - $ priceless

p.s. if I catch anyone passing around the $2.45 runway song, I'm gonna have to take your balls, sorry about that, rules are rules.

Its really funny, but on this week on America's Next Top Model one of the models were made up to look like a german girl with deer makeup. I wonder where they got that idea.

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