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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

Santino's Take:

Hey, Santino headed back to LA last night. He's got a lot of crazy exciting things in the works, we'll let you know what they are as they happen.

Before Santino left, we sat down with a camera and talked about the show. We'll start putting videos within the next day or so!

stay tuned...

Needless to say I am very excited to find out what dearest santino is doing next.


your fashion week collection is kicking ass in the auctions. :)
it keeps changing but with a few hours left,
Santino = $13,393.21
Daniel = $7,921
Chloe = $6,130

I can't wait to see Santino's commentary! When does he get his own TV show? That's what I want to know!

just say somthing nasty about somebody thats true - I live for the Santino wit! VIVA RED LOBSTER!
sister raya

After looking at the three designers works over and over again, I really feel that Satino did deserve to win the runway finale. To prove my point, go to the auction page affiliated with Project Runway's website. Here's the link for one of Santino's dresses that sold for over $2,000:

If you listen to Tim Gunn's Podcast, you will hear that he even admits that Santino should have won, but the producers were worried about the show. They were afraid that there would be a "freak show" of contestants wanting to be on Season 3 of the show. He says that there were issues with both Chloe and Daniel V., but that Santino's was the most immaculate. I also agree. I am not saying which designer I liked most on personality or design preference, but on which line was the most succint and beautiful. So congratulations, Santino Rice, you did an absolutely amazing job that you should be completely proud of, and I believe that you will reap the success of your work! Much love, Mary Castellucci

Has our Mr. Rice seen what's going on over at the Project Runway auction? The peoples have spoken with their pocketbooks. The verdict: Santino first, Daniel second, Chloe third.

Did my heart good to see that.

So is it going to be all "James Lipton-interviewing-Russell Crowe on-'Inside the Actors Studio?'" serious or more "Conan O'Brien- talking with-Triumph the Insult Comic Dog" funny?

Yayyy!!! You're back! That best week ever thing was GREAT... You should now be a judge on project runway.. hahaha. All the losers would cry as they ran off the stage after your honest and tasteful criticism.

Keep rockin' ;)

Dear Santino Rice,
You are my hero.

Santino - you have been my favorite on Project Runway since the beginning. They were stupid to vote for Chloe, you were the best by far.

I would love seeing you get a separate site from your blog for your designs. I'm so excited to see what you will do!

You rock!

santino...YOU ROCK SO HARD!!!!!!!

We are from Saint Charles and my daughter is into fashion. She wants you to sell some of your dresses for your final show so she can buy one for prom!! We love your work and your personality. Keep it up! Angela & Mallory

All I know is auction ended, and you have 8 pieces over 1k, and Chloe and Daniel each have 3 pieces over 1k.

Who gets the money? I hope Bravo doesn't pocket that... It's chump change compared to the 100k, but could definitely help out...

you rock---you're fashions are way cool!
you are the winner in my eyes and SHOULD have been on PR!
why, look at the response to bidding at the PR auction---you goddam great fashions got the highest bids.
SOOOOOO......go into your studio and create kick-ass clothes! the fashion WORLD has not heard the last of you, MR. RICE!
LOVE ya,

God help me I'm going through Santino better get them videos up real soon!!!

it was wednesday and no Santino - we are all having withdrawal - we miss you and need you - from one of your "old lady" fans

I was actually rooting for Chloe. But Santino's line was simply beautiful and nothing less.

He was robbed. That line about fit with the bustline the judges handed him was bullshit.

Santino, I belatedly saw the conclusion to the show, and given the final award, I am compelled to add my voice to the others: "Bravo", again and again. Your collection was devastatingly beautiful. I have to believe that many, many good things will come to you, as a result of what you showed us on that runway. You are an artist of great merit.

hey Santino, you got a ton of fans whom you've won over. We will support you with what ever way you go. Thanks for being "real", and showing true heart.

John Ohio

Santino!! are you going to be at the season three auditions??

What advice do you give any hopeful designers??

I want to give you make beautiful clothes!!!!

Some of your dresses remind me of bradley bayou. In fact the model who wore your mint icecream colored dress was in the bradley show in LA.

You should have won you pretty bastard!

Oh Santino, how I heart you. My two good friends and I watched this season of Project Runway religiously. Every week we'd buy a bottle of cheap champagne and make a PR night out of it. And let me tell you, we were outrageed (outraged!) that you didn't win. That was, frankly, the most disappointing ending to a reality television show in the history of television. The entire season the judges got on your ass about "editing" and when you finally did "edit" they wish you hadn't? I don't get it. You were my favorite from the very beginning and I look forward to hearing more about you in the future!

-Veronica Hohenstein

I wouldn't have even watched Project Runway this season (#2) if it hadn't been for a co-worker who was telling me how fab the show was. Anyways I watched every episode and was holding my breath when the Fashion Show aired.

Let me say that YOUR collection was the best collection on the runway. It had style and class but more importantly the FUNK that can only be brought by Santino Rice. I totally disagreed with the judges when they say that your clothes didn't reflect your personality. I felt that you put your heart and soul into the work.

You have amazing talent and will definitely have opportunities coming your way. Keep ya head up!

Santino, you kick butt! In season 1 Austin Scarlet and Jay really stood out for me... very dissappointed Austin didn't make it to the final show, but you did and that makes me very happy! I think out of all the people on the show you stood out the most and had a lot of personality.

Looking forward to see what you have for the future

Santino -- I was sure you had won once I saw the three runway shows (before the judging, of course). I said, "Oh, Santino kicked a*ss." I was shocked that you didn't (and I am not a Santino-biased runway watcher). Shocked! Best of luck -- kick a*ss elsewhere!

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