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Saturday, March 25, 2006 


The Santino -VS- Lacko shirts shipped yesterday via USPS Priority Mail! Those of you who ordered look for your packages early next week. Thanks so much to my girl Nej for helping out.

New shirts are in the works - as well as other interesting developments... stay tuned!


Years ago, Arkadius was offering a small run of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted white cotton shirts through a preorder web site in the UK. Since everything else for sale there was wool, I had my heart set on one of those. However after numerous tries at getting my credit card info through, and getting no replies to my email, I went back one day to find the whole shop had disappeared.
I'm still heartbroken, and have been unable to find a decently made, white cotton shirt that doesn't make me look like I'm off to catholic school (scarey flashbacks!) or to work in a bank (which would be fine except I don't work in a bank).
At the time, his shirts were to go for about 500$. How to account for inflation now - 750$?
Here's hoping!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the pictures of Santino's elves packaging the shirts! I hope there'll be pictures from the lawn sale. I can just imagine a couple of rabid Santino fans having a tug-of-war over a pair of very long-legged jeans - one fan on Santino's lawn possessively clutching the cuff of the right leg, as another fan waaaaaaaaay down the next block pulls furiously on the cuff the left leg! :-)

I can't wait for my T-shirt - thanks for the personal effort.

Got my shirt this morning (that was fast, haha)! It kicks major ass, thanks a bunch! =D

Ms G, I love your posts lol

Is there anyway you can put Santino in a box and send it to my house?

you should totally be wearing our


Hey, Looky what I Found :-]

Santino is the shieeet<3


i got mine and i love it. even though its 2 sizes too big. hahha

Ecstatic your sale was a super duper success. I pretty much said the same thing on myspace. You should read it. Hope all is well.

Better Dayz,

YES!!! I got a Santino VS LACKO tshirt in the mail today! My friend surprised me!!! What an awesome gift. I now have a life-size Santino head to make out with. I'm going to try to transform the tshirt into a grammy dress for nicky hilton. just kidding, i couldn't rip up this shirt cus the fit is so good. thanks santino and my friend raymond!!!

I love my new t-shirt! I can sit and listen to Santino rockin' out!!! It's the best.

Your blog is nice, very nice. I would like to congratulate for his great work. Go on like this!

Where's Santino ??

It's been almost a week since we had heard from him. I understand with his moving and all......I'm going through withdrawals!!!!!

Please hurry back...we miss you.

A day without Santino is like a day without sunshine. are you???Your work is very cool, I enjoy a lot!!!It is wonderfull.Thank you.

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