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Tuesday, March 07, 2006 

Sportin' Santino

If you've ordered anything from our store at cafepress (or anywhere else for that matter), ordered the t-shirt from the Bravo store or made something yourself - why not take a photo and pass it on to me at

We'll set up a special page for super-fans sporting their Santino gear!

Site traffic is through the roof, comments are on fire! Santino's been shooting TV appearances since yesterday morning - but I told him of all the love he's getting here and as you heard him say on last week's show... he reads every shitty blog especially THIS one. :)

xoxo Jamey.

Hey Santino,

Do you really read these Blogs? You should have a best Blogger contest. But my comment this time is not polishing your "Golden Oscar" it's a little bitter. Do you print bitter?
It's about your comment on your fashions having "third world sensibility". With outsourcing, most garments are made in third world countries with horrible conditions ...when you win the contest and have a real clothing line will you address this at all? Help to make the world a little better place like BONO...or is it JUST fashion?


You looked so sad on Donny Douche Bag's show. But keep your head up, all the others are just jealous. You have such talent and you deserved your place in the final 3. Nicky Hilton was right, you have the whole package. Don't let the haters make you doubt your talent and keep being the Santino a nation has come to love. I'd be proud to sport Santino gear. And remember, everyone hates a winner. So even if you don't win that reality show, you were still the best. Carry on!


um, do u ever feel like you've been here before? u remind me of someone...?

I like your style!!
Best Wishes,
A fan!

so i worte you a song. we and my friend plan on recording it and emailing it to you. it goes:
santino rice (in the tim gunn voice)
i'm your man
santino rice
can i be your girlfriend
santino rice
make me a dress
in which i'll get no rest

santino rice
don't you understand
santino rice
i just wanna get wit you
santino rice
i don't know what to do
because your designs send me to the moon
~Brittany Thomas
santino fan

I hope you win, but who knows if you won because you did seem kind of down on that Douche's show. What amazes me is that people think you're mean, but in reality you tell it like it is. You point out what everyone is already thinking. Also, the other designers had their flaws too. For example, Chloe and Kara have always been making snarky comments, which amazes me that no one points that out.

Also, it seems you have been a major influence on others, especially Kara since she has Santino inspired designs on her website, including a jumpsuit. What's up with that? ANd then she's trying to downplay that you didn't help her, oh please!

It seems that most of the designers on the show aren't making anything fresh, but doing what we've already seen. You on the other hand have been taking it to another level, thinking outside the box and that's why I think you should win. I may not like all of your designs, but I know just by looking at one of your designs that you are not trying to be mainstream, but do your own thing.

Anyway, I'm now going to watch The View. I despise that show, but not when it has Santino!

Team Santino, team team Santino!!!


I've got to agree with the first person who posted a comment today on this blog about the outsourcing of garment making to poor sweatshop workers in third world nations. Please prmoise you won't go along with that trend.

I love ya to pieces. Please please take the high road


Guys, if anyone from New York, can you please send me an email to


I'm in chicago this week, Santino's in NYC now but coming here tomorrow.

So Santino already knows who won? I'm surprised he hasn't given any hints or blurted out I'M THE WINNER SO SHUT UP ABOUT DAN. V.!! haha.

Hey, when will TARGEt have the Santino line for sale?
Santino should design something we all could buy, like socks etc.. Actually I would wear socks with santinos face on them. Cool.

My favorite quote , "yes nina i know women don't want to leave the house looking LIKE DEER." hahah.

Awww, shitty blogs are fun.
I'm wearing my shirt tomorrow in honor of the final show!
You rock Jamey!

so, given your request that we all take pictures of ourselves donned in santino gear, i'll repeat my earlier merchandising suggestion: boy short undies with "are the space pants? because my ass is out of this world" on the front/back. i'll buy 'em for all my hotty friends, i swear.

Jamey we love you too! Thanks for being such a good friend to Santino and giving us the 411!

Santino, will you be making t-shirts with your face on them (not the WWSD with your face all small...) I am hoping you can make a really cute graphic "Santino style" shirt with your face on it! I bet it would totally sell out!

Santino lovers .. go over to the Donny show web site and vote for our guy ... he's running neck and neck with Daniel V.

And Jamey, you said you were in Chicago ... remember the motto there .."Vote early and vote often!"


If you haven't voted for Santino in Donny Deutsch's poll, do it now! Daniel Vosovic's catching up. Grr. I think I might have to purchase some of this Santino gear of which you speak. As for the whole outsourcing to third-world countries, those people need jobs, too! It's one thing to complain about the conditions of factories in third-world countries (that's reasonable), but 'outsourcing' implies that those jobs belong in America, as if Americans own them. That's ridiculous. Free markets, baby.

Got my rectangular magnet. It's big, it's attractive and it's VERY the man, himself! :-)

Santin--OH OH

Hope you win dude, you definitely are a winner in my book.

I saw you on The View, you better win because Daniel V needs to hop into a pair of mom jeans and start pumping out some kids with his Carol Brady haircut.

Oh and Chloe is well....Chloe.


I think I'll update my blog with nothing but praise for you, buddy.

Love ya!

Hi Santino!

I just saw you on The View and you looked jubilant. I love that Nikki Hilton dress.

I'm just sick of Daniel V. I also did not appreciate that he was called "favored to win" on there. Uh, have they not seen the poll? Favored by who?

GO SANTINO! I really hope you win but you are already a winner. How would you feel about having at least a partial career in television? Fashion television?

I walked in on my guy friends..they pretended to be watching ESPN...then they admitted that they were actually rooting for you and turned the channel back to Project runway!! I admire your brutal honesty.
Good luck,

hey santino!!! i met you yesterday on the big idea!!! do you remember me? you signed my nick verreos barbie :-D you were so nice!! i cant wait to see the finale! your collection looks so awesome!! comment on my myspace...if you ever read these :-P

Aloha from Hawaii, Santino!

Yes, we natives on Gilligan's Island have cable tv too.

I reviewed the PR finalists' collections shown at fashion week, and yours blows Daniel V. and Chloe out of the water! You should definitely win--you are the most creative of the three designers and originality and creativity were factored into consideration when the judges picked Jay as last season's winner.

I have nothing but love for you. You are an inspiration to us all and entertaining as hell! Good luck on your career and best wishes on your new life as the next big fashion designer!

Hey Santino, Just wanted to say that I have been pulling for you to take the win since the beginning of project runway 2. You are by far the best designer on the show, you are f@@king funny ass hell... I don't know why anyone would not want to be a great friend of yours. Im praying to god you are the winner tomorrow.
your designs are kickass great. Chloe seems like she can care less, Daniel shows up with clothes that looks like he stole from Sears. Your Designs Are Pure Art.
Im pulling for you bro.
You Are The Only One That Is Deserving Of This!!!
*From A great fan in New York.

Hey Santino,

After seeing your collection through different online sites, I definetly think you have the edge over Chloe and Daniel. Great work! Just beautiful.

Whether you won or not (I'm sure you know if you did all ready.) I know you will have a great career ahead of you.

Nicky Hilton should've worn your dress!


Wow! unfortunately i missed u on the view and on the Big Idea. I'm going 2 miss u so much...Santino I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & i'm so sad 2 c u go. I don't know how u dealt with Zulema- now she was a bitch. U were always awesome. PLEASE let us know where your designs are. I would b so honored 2 wear 1 of your creations. Would u design a wedding dress for me? mayra :)

Santino, you are an amazing man.
I'm gonna miss you after Project Runway is over.
Project Jay?
Forget that shit!
We need a Project Santino.
In NJ, the runway show is tomorrow.
Can't wait to see what happens.
Later lovely.

Santino or He/She who reads and sends messages to the busy man:

My wife and I watch Project Runway strictly because of one designer: S. Rice.

Fashion is as much a part of our lives as is making sure our 2 kids eat. In short: my wife Naomi, adores you. She screams whenever you are given shit over your designs by the ever safe designer M. Kors.
She wants you to know that she believes in you and thinks you will/should go all the way. As for me, I throw my support behind you. And I am certain you will be a success regardless of 3/7 outcome.
Blessings, Moses

Jamey, thanks for all you do here, keeping us updated!
Santino, I can't wait to watch the show tomorrow, but I'm gonna miss seeing you every week!!!!


Dear Santino,

You are the best and I cannot imagine that anyone other than you will win PR. I have to say that your "story" really moved me and that made me like you so much more. I guess because you became more like a "real" person and not just a "personality".

Keep your head held high and remember to be thoughtful and gracious. I am so looking forward to seeing your line on the final show. Also, I cannot wait to purchase an original Santino design. (hopefully very soon... love, love, love that dress you made for Nicky H.)

Lots of love,
Kiki Berezin

Thinking good thoughts for Santino for tomorrow night as I head to bed. I hope you are having a blast and just enjoying every moment in NYC.

However this turns out YOU ARE A WINNER!



Santino, your pieces for N.Y. were BEAUTIFUL!

I hope you win/ won and my guess is that you did.

You'll take Hollywood by storm.

(Remember to stay yourself, don't ever do anything that isn't really "you".)

You're so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Go Santino!

Good luck Santino, from a fan in St. Charles. (I think your mother was my 7th grade English teacher. Mrs. Rice at Hardin?)

hey santino,

unfortunately for those of us who don't know you we dont know the results of PR, but just know that my mother and i are rooting for you tomorrow and have been rooting for you for the entire show :)

also, i loved that PR showed "the other" side of Santino.


ps You looked fabulous on Regis & Kelly. Way to bring the fedora back, it needed to be resurrected from 1999.

You know Santino you are very talented and I hope you never forget your roots or where you came from during your long journey. I am from Alabama and I use to live like 15 minutes from Bo Bice till he moved to Nashville. I was upset he moved because it seems like he left his life behind and is no longer "true" to who he is/was. Don't EVER let anyone change who you are inside and stay the same!

Ok WHO is Jamey?LOL

You looked hot on the today show!!

Michael LOVED it.. lol :)

Yay Santino! I love you/your designs! =D

I would take pictures of Santino stuff I have but I only bought it online today but maybe I have time to make my own.

GO SANTINO! Everyone loves you even if they won't admit it because you are awesome. You need to win or else I'm going to be mad.

It's strange, but Daniel's collection actually seems to have fewer garments than yours. Chloe's is probably better than his, but it also lacks that certain something. Your garments are romantic; I am reminded of that old ad for Chanel No 5: "Share the fantasy." You are beautiful. Love you, cythera. XO

Watching you on the Today Show right now. I didn't watch last season and I'm actually kind of glad because this Jay McCarroll makes me ill. Like somehow he's "all that" and judging everyone else. He made some crappy remarks about the NY show.

Santino you look great!

Yeah, thanks Jamey for keeping up the blog!!

I'm looking forward to tonight's show (as long as Santino wins!!) but kind of sad it will be over.

I saw all the shows, surprisingly, I think 'the view' gave Santino more love and appreciation for him being 'outrageous'. Can't talk about other designers, get sick to my stomach. On 'Today' this morning - nothing new. Don't know if Santino's sad or just THAT guy. We only know him from 'picks' from the show, but he's really very soft, polite and truthful. Yesterday on 'View' when asked if he regrets for his outrageous comments during the PR, he said 'NO'. And that's my boy!

No more comments until the end of the show. Could be only 2 conclusions: Very good day for America or a very sad day.


S A N T I N O!!!!!!!! The countdown is ON and I know you are going to *clean* *up* tonight. You are by far the most talented designer of the whole season and most definitely the coolest, most interesting dude! Big love and lots and lots of luck from some of your biggest fans in Arlington, VA.

We're pissed we didn't get our shirts in time to wear today... :( That's ok, cos since you are going to win we'll be wearing our Santino shirts for a long, long time!

WE LOVE YOU, hang in and you are gonna rock the socks of the fashion world, my friend.

S A N T I N O!!!!!!!! The countdown is ON and I know you are going to *clean* *up* tonight. You are by far the most talented designer of the whole season and most definitely the coolest, most interesting dude! Big love and lots and lots of luck from some of your biggest fans in Arlington, VA.

We're pissed we didn't get our shirts in time to wear today... :( That's ok, cos since you are going to win we'll be wearing our Santino shirts for a long, long time!

WE LOVE YOU, hang in and you are gonna rock the socks of the fashion world, my friend.

Hi Santino,

No matter what happens tonight, you'll always be #1 in my book. I can't wait till 10PM to see everything you've designed! Your aesthetic is just what the doctor ordered. That and your personal story really inspire me as a jewelry designer, and reminded me that I need to trust my design instincts and be persistent. And of course I can't get enough of your sense of humor.

I can't wait until my Santino-designed t-shirt gets here so I can send in the picture. Oh, and if you're ever in DC and would like a fun companion, let me know, I'm sure we'd have a blast!

With tons of admiration,

Hi Santino,

No matter what happens tonight (and I will be shocked and appalled if you don't win), you'll always be #1 in my book. Your aesthetic is just what the doctor ordered. That and your personal story have really inspired me as a jewelry designer and reminded me that I need to be persistent with my ideas.

I wish I already had my Santino shirt so I could wear it tonight! I'll send in a pic with it as soon as I have it. Oh, and if you're ever in DC and would like a fun companion, let me know, I'm sure we'd have a blast!

With tons of admiration,

Santino - You are absolutely AWESOME. You deserve to win this show a thousand times over. Your designs rock, you are funny as hell, AND you're genuine. The other two don't even compare. I have a feeling that even if you got robbed tonight and didn't win-it wouldn't even matter. Its just a matter of time before Santino Rice is a household name.

your collection was amazing and if i ever become really reallly rich i am hiring you as my personal stlyist=)
your clothes are beyond inovative yet still tasteful and elegant.
i love your personality and dont change for anyone

Big Mother F'er Santino Dogg. You is Da J-P Morgan of the mother F*ckin Fashion business. First of all "lighten up" you know why...". You where so fun to watch on the show. If designing doesn't work out give me a call and let's put a sitcom together...but I know the fashion biz will work because your shit was consistantly the most inovative and intersesting to peep. My man...Good luck with everything you do, you are a true talent and really entertaining. Much love.

P.S. Where's Andre, and lets smack Daniel F. just for fun.

Peace. Duff

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