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Monday, March 06, 2006 

TiVo Alert: This Tuesday on The View

Santino, Daniel and Chloe will be on ABC's "The View," airing at 10 a.m. (11 in some areas; check your listings) this Tuesday.

Here's a pic from tonight's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch show.
Thanks Just Jared!

Santino. Marry me.

Woohoo more Santino face time.

Oh God, this may be where I have to draw the line. Star Jones could very well blow my tivo into a gazillion pieces. That woman makes me batshit.

I guess I can try and block.. watching you on The Big Idea right now!

Tim Gunn had an interview where he mentioned "the turning over of the keys" and Santino and Andrae were there, is this a big hint that you won my dear or what? Can anyone provide more info on this?

im watching this right now! teehee!

all 3 top finalists were there - they filmed all 3 getting into the car to keep the secret.

Santino, I wish you the best of luck on Wednesday! My cousin and I made "Team Santino" shirts, and will be sporting them all day. I simply cherish you, and think you deserve to win above all. You have the passion, the talent, and the desire. Cheers to you, darling! xoxo ~Ash

GAH!!! I love you Santino! *fangirls* Your line kicks everyones elses! I hope you won.

ps. your blog is the shiz! :3

I'm watching right now. You had me cracking up when they showed your "meltdown" lol You have the cutest giggle! You know they didn't raise thier hands for you cuz they all jealous!(cept for Andraaaaeeee) You rock Santino!! Don't let the haters get u down!! xx

WTF? Only one contestant voted for you when Donny asked. What the heck? I think they're just jealous! Don't worry I have faith in you! My friend and I are wearing 'Team Santino' shirts on Wednesday! :D Good luck! You totally deserve it more than the other two.

I'd give my left lung for you to win, Santino. Those other Runway bitches can go to grass! They are extremely boring and keep turning out the same ol shit time after time. Fashion is supposed to make you think and feel. Your designs are exciting and should be celebrated by the entire fashion community.


I really would adore a Santino/Andrae reality show. The two of you have the cutest friendship, and I can only imagine that there's a lot more that the cameras never showed.

For me this big idea was very painful. I don't know who those people are anymore.

Santino, you didn't look happy, what's going on?
Guys, please go on line and vote.


omg only one person voted for you??

WHAT THE FRIG...seriously, they are jealous.

every other poll in the known internet universe is voting for you... :)

Haha, I've never been so happy to have been laid off of my job AND to watch The View.

I'll be watching tomorrow for you!


Love your designs, love your personality, love that you seemed to have learned from your Project Runway experience but not lost your sole. I hated the last challenge. I think they should have let you show your collection under the best possible light without the stress of an unnecessary challenge. Best wishes on Wednesday. You are the winner, I hope they agree with me.

Your the best. Too bad they did not take the time to collect Daniel's snippy critiques of the other designers. Your the best and your designs are the best. Just lose the Army Jacket for all occassions.

More commercials than actual air time, he talks too fast, he had no idea what he was talking about, its a good thing all those designers flew in to say one word. Also, everyone had to know who actually won, it all seemed so contrived. Hope you all at least has fun after the program, because it looked nauseating to film. I have an idea santino won, hence to backlash.

could daniel be any more ON TOP of chloe?? shit son


Andrea our dear dear little lamb!As the great Manolo calls him ... "the most literate and most delightful of all the designers".

We don't need to ask, "Where's Andrea?" He is there .. with his hand up for Santino.

Precious boy.


I think that of the 3 of you, you deserve and need to win most of all.

Chloe already has an established shop and stated she isn't up for the day-to-day of NY fashion anymore (her thin skin when responding to criticism is a good indicator).

Daniel's work is crafted well but predictable and safe (aka boring). He seems to be portrayed these past few shows as a spoiled whiney ass. Time will tell.

You are the one who most deserves this - hope the judges see that - you have the drive and passion that draws people to you...Your humor, your fashion skills, your clarity and intuition is real and must be threatening to others (who may or may not acknowledge it).

I'm hoping the judges think about marketability when they chose the winner - you'll certainly bring in the bucks and have avenues open to you that the others will not as they, not you, have proven to be the "one trick ponies" of this contest.


You are an incredible designer, my favorite from the very first show. I admire your drive, passion, sacrifice and personality. You deserve all the best but the world also deserves your designing genius. You are the absolute best!

P.S. You have the most gorgeous smile!


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