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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Village Voice

Click Here to view the Vilage Voice interview.

Nice interview... I wasn't that surprised at Tim Gunn's comment because their is the truth and then there is what the people see on TV and I think He was not talking about you, but the character the editors created. which is you, but not completely. I know its hard not to hear these things and take them personally, but I don't think it was meant in a personal way. What Tim says to you I beleive is real and genuine and meant to help you. What he says in interview is for the general public to me its not the same and you shouldn't take offense.. I think..
but of course.. thats just my opinion....

ps.. are you going to judge the next Season three??? If you are what are you going to look for? or what are you going to warn people about?

Great interview and I think it is very telling that they skipped Cloe all together and went for the 'real' winner. I thought your dresses were great, and the only reason I think anyone would think they didn't fit was because runway models have no boobs! Geez! Something to fillout those beautiful gowns would have been great.

So why are runway modles not shaped like real women??

Great interview. The fact that they wanted to interview you over the winner speaks volumes. It's cool to read that you still keep in touch with Andrae, because he's such a sweetie. He seems like he'd be a good friend to have.

great interview!

much love,

I am unhappy to learn that Zelema is burned out. I think she was treated very bad by the judges and Timm Gunn made some nasty remarks about her in articles such as he was happy to see her go.

At least she didn't squel like a pig and act like an idiot like Chloe. She was strong and did some amazing work. It seemed like everybody carried Kara and Nick was catty. I hope she she knows that she's amazing and the PR people's opinion means absolutly nothing.

Santino Rice was mentioned in The Ars section of the New York Times today (03-16-06). It was just a name drop in an article entitled " The Glamour (Whimper) of Heartbreak" it sadly had nothing to do with fashion - it was written about those emo-boy-bands that are the new black of tween society. I wanted to scan in the part about Santino but to my surprise my scanner broke. The focus of the article, Mr. Wentz of Fall out Boy responded to the release of his nude photo by saying [ OMG! gaaah. I forgot the most important part. He said he was upset that Chloe Dao had won the fashion reality show "Project Runway" instead of Santino Rice. " I could have understood if daniel won but her? bah". When they're not rooting for Mr. Rice, the boys of emo are obsessed with girls, too, but not in the same way that Motley Crue was.] I found that last sentence rather humorous.

:-)Santino Rice has turned into a Pop Culture King.

Santino has a lot of important things to say about an artist making his or her way through the real world, with all the politics, stupidity and other nonsense one has to deal with. It's an age-old challenge, whether you're talking about literature, art, music or fashion design. Have I said how much I respect this guy?

I'm back. I can't seem to shut up today. Just wanted to say something about Tim Gunn. There's obviously a fairly cool guy lurking under that icy exterior. I thought the most surprising Gunn moment of the season was during the reunion show, after Guadalupe did her little incoherent monologue. The expression on Tim Gunn's face showed how hard he was trying to make ANY kind of sense out of it, and finally he just announced, with typical Gunn gravity, "That's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard in my life." I almost fell off my chair! Sounded like he was getting in touch with his inner Santino! LOL.

I love this man no matter what. <3
Later lovely.
I hope to see you around sooner rather than later. They thought Jay was good enough for a show, well Santino is better. Not only is he talanted, he is fuckin hilarious.

that was a great article! "The boobs were never where they're supposed to be" umm what boobs! All your models were flat!!! LOL That remark STILL bugs me! :)
Keep us updated, i need my santino fix daily. I'm glad to hear you're still in touch with our little lamb ;)~


This was a well done interview. I always enjoy reading what you have to say about things, Santino. You seem like a very intelligent man and intelligence is always sexy. I would love to hear your views on politics, religion, and Thai food. I know you're a talented designer but now I want to know more about you as a man. Tell us more and maybe we'll subscribe to it. At this point, I'm willing to subscribe to anything you say because you say it with such style.


oh dear god, please come to New York so I can have my way with you!! And I'm so happy to hear you stay in touch with Andre, he's such a " little lamb"... keep us posted! <3 <3 xoxoxox

oh and I loved the article....

Santino, I fell in love with you, your work, and your fabulous personality the very first episode I saw of PR. You impressed me the most, and I completely believe they manipulated you to be the villain, but you played it well. I was SO PROUD of your final collection, and I just knew you were going to win. I nearly cried when Chloe's "Bridesmaid's Nightmare" collection won. Yuck.

Bottom line - I want to wear Santino. You making clothes for big girls, honey?

Love you and your sassiness.

Great interview. It's nice to see someone with intelligence 'make it' in television/fasion/art/anything. Gives one hope.

A truly fabulous interview. You're an amazing designer. People recognize that. I agree with everyone about the comments about fit. I think it's great that you see those judges had no actual justification for their opinions and that this ridiculous behavior has not affected your extraordinary ability to design. I think it's better that you didn't win. You're too tall for that ugly saturn anyway.

I agree on the bullshit criticisms. Hello? There were OBVIOUSLY fit problems for the other designers, and they didn't point that out (it wasn't edited in) and you even said earlier on the show that none of your models showed up! The more I think about it, the more I realize they really did have it out for you, that they made up their minds long before they saw your collection. And Bravo just made fools of themselves for making out the final like this, for poorly editing their own slant into it. It makes me mad to think about it, and I feel really badly for you.

what a great interview. i thought it was a real honest look into the reality of the show and to your thoughts of everything.

when you get back to la, what are your plans? do you plan on opening any boutiques or anything like that?

even if the judges had it out for you, i think it might have been for your benefit. now you don't have to be constricted to bravo's contracts. it is like what jay said on the big idea. its all about exposure.

beautiful collection! where can i buy your clothes in LA?

I agree that Santino makes a more interesting interview, but calling the picture of Choles family "demonic" was just below the belt, completely unnecessary and gratuitously hateful.

Maybe you should be auditioning. You could be the next Daniel Franco, but cooler. I don't think it ever works out to go back like that. But, it would be funny if you actually auditioned. I would pay money to see that. While you were there, did you see Daniel Franco audition? I would love to see Daniel on season three just for the comedy aspect of it. And maybe, you and Jay there as contestants. It would be a great show.

It might make a great "show" but these people are not supposed to be aiming for that. They're supposed to be artists first, reality show contestants/entertainers last.

Hiya Santino! Tim's just pricky because you outed his affair with Andrae. (and when I say Andrae, I mean Red Lobster) As an acress in NYC, I love your clothes and think they would rock any red carpet here. Of course, as an actress in NYC, I can't afford your &*(^$%# clothes, *sigh*

COme back to NY, I want all the Park Ave Ladies who lunch (then throw up that carrot stick) to be forced to Wear SANTINO TOGS all the time! If everyone starts to wear Santino, I believe life spans will increase, guns will be laid down, peace will rule the world, and the Polar Icecaps will re-freeze and taste like cherry sno-cones and all will be right with the world.

*sigh* now I'm crying...please come back to NY!

by the end of the show I loved you..I wish they would have shown you in a better light. but the truth is out now honey!! LOL..glad I found your

Awesome interview! ...says the girl who went into mourning when you didn't win.


You were the funniest pesron on PR! You cracked me up when you dissed Michael Kors (Renaissance joke). What a dolt he is!

I just happened on your blog from Blogger's main page. Glad I found it. While I had an on-again, off-again affection for you on the show (as the producers wanted me to), I never felt you were worse than everyone else. Nick and Daniel were both as hateful as hateful could be at times, but they got away with it because they did it behind the backs of the other designers, then put on facades of sweetness. There's nothing I hate more than phoniness or hypocrisy. You never showed that. I can deal with someone who talks shit to my face; someone who talks shit behind my back is a waste of oxygen. You and Andrae were my favorites (loved the final collection, especially), and I hope to see both of you more in the future.

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