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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Watching What Happens.

Here it is... The big day! I'm chillin' in Chicago for the big show tonight, reading all of your warm words and feelin' all your giant hugs! I can't thank you enough for all the love... more soon.

Much Love, SANTINO

no matter what.. you have already won. I am a forever fan and one who will always watch to see what youre doing and i'll definitely buy your things for my daughter (i'm too curvy for your beautiful designs!)..

here's to a most wonderful and beautiful future..

may the moon dance in your shadow,

Hey Santino...
If anyone desreves this baby, it is you!!! Through every adversity and struggle, you continue to keep your eye on the prisze. For so many of us out there who are hitting major rough spots in life, you make us smile, give us hope, and prove that even an under0dog...can and WILL win sometimes. All the love and blessings to you babe XXXX
You Rock
Karenmarie XXX


I liked your designs from the very beginning. You are a genius designer. No matter I know you will succeed in the field.

No matter if you win or not you will go hella far man! You got what it takes. Rooting for you all the way and good luck! This will not be the last we see of you.

I know the episode is taped. I'm afraid he didn't win (balling like a big baby), it really depresses me too. I love my Sanni so much! I guess I could still rub my Treasure Trolls till all of their hair falls off, but for what purpose? Why is there war? Oh dear God in Heaven, please make Santino win!!! I don't know what to do with myself now. I've shaved above the knee and everything.

Dare you say where you're hanging out tonight?

Do you know Chicago at all? Can I suggest Delilah's. The best beer selection.

Good luck tonight.

I'm boycotting the show if you don't win.


Santino I am a big fan of yours!! My sister and I are rooting for you all the way!! We live in Chicago and wondering if you are watching the show at a bar tonight?? I just read you are in the city.



If you dont win my evening will be ruined, that or I will never buy any michael Coors agian, not that i ever have, did i even spell his name right? i think my mom and her bible study friends would wear his clothes

Oh Santino,
I just watched the clip of you defending your lingerie line over at he PR site, and it compelled me to come over here and tell you that you are loved, adoringly.

squeezing you,


Hope you indeed rock the Casbah tonight, Santino.

if you don't win, our project runway party will be a disaster.. we're ALL rooting for you!!
good luck!!
shreveport, LA

WOW, I wear contacts to get eye like yours!!! (and correct vision).

I watched the View yesterday and noticed you added a broach or diamondique piece to the center...or am I trippen?

Anyhow, I'm pulling for you, but what ever happens, you are by far the most known face this season, that coupled with your talent and we all know you'll be all over doing designs, and THEN SOME!
Best Wishes Doll,
California Love :)

Did you drive to Chicago in a Saturn Sky Roadster?

Santino where are you chillin in the windy city? My sisters and I live in Chicago and it would be so cool to hang out with you. Can't wait to watch the show tonight, I think you won this season!

Santino! You're the BEST! Cheers!

There are stylists and there are designers (oh and Chloe is SUCH a pattern maker, dude!!!)

Daniel V's stuff was so - safe and dull and predictible. I think there are things on the rack at the Banana Republic at my local mall with more ZIP than his staid Brady Bunch Friendly Collection (my friends and I think he looks like the secret 4th Brady Brother - the gay one). Remember Mom Brady slept with Greg and Dad Brady slept with... boys!

Everyone say:
"Oh Miiiiiiiiiike! I'm worried about the boys..."

Anyway Tino - those are my 2 cents. You are the Real Deal Designer. You rocked that show.

Whoever said, "Better Safe than Sorry" was probably from Daniel V's family.

Can not wait for tonight. You - my friend - are ALREADY the winner.

Congrats from Miami!

Hi Santino! You rule the runway no matter what the outcome of the show is. I love your designs! You’re a wonderfully gifted artist and I can’t wait to see more.

Santino! You are the best! Your work is gorgeous! Yours is a technicolor imagination in a world of black & white! You are what we commonly refer to as "Real". ("If you didn't want the answer, why did you ask the question?") There is nothing wrong with that!

It doesn't matter who wins tonight, a year from now everyone will remember you. The others will have faded away.

Keep being true to yourself and your vision!


hey dude,i already saw your collection ,and as i told you ,i was very impressed by the elegance ,sophistication,and the third world details you incorporated in your creations ....there are two ways this show is going to end .1 .daniel v is winning cause he is safe but boring 2 ,. you are winning cause you are the best and bravo and all of us want to see more of you and your life as a designer a continuity of the joy you bring us every week . i am hoping for you ,because you deserve all of this and more . i remember ,when i met you 13 years ago as a young 17 year old boy full of passion ,full of gusto ,even then i know youll be the best and the most famous one in the class ,this is your fate and your destiny ,we love you louie villasanta ps .... are you one of the judges in l. a or nick is or maybe kara saun ?... see you there ....

Santino, you were truly the star of this show and I am anxiously waiting to see you win. Anyone who criticizes you as being mean spirited is seriously lacking a sense of humor. You kept this show fun and entertaining. So regardless of what happens tonight, if you are not a designer, you and Andre could make a fantastic tv show about the harrowing lives of two designer boys in New York, just waiting to rock the casba and Red Lobster.

You're amazing. I'm so excited and wearing my Santino shirt like a.. uh... Fantino. See you on the red carpet!

"If you can keep your head when all about you
are losing theirs and blaming it on you..."

Those are the first few words of Rudyard Kipling's poem, "If." I won't post the whole poem here, but if you're not already familiar with it, it's easy to find on the Internet and it offers some pretty good advice that might help you get through the craziness ahead, whatever the results of the "Project Runway" thing.

Stay healthy. Stay sane. Keep being Santino. <3

Since the first episode you were my favorite and the best designer, i think ;). I am a graphic designer in NYC and really love your style...I think without you the show would not have been as interesting to watch. Thanks for all the laughs, especially the "make it work..." puppet thing you did..hahahaha! I do think they edited to make you look mean, and you're not, you were just being honest, and yes you're blunt but who cares? I am convinced that you will win and if you dont, I will not believe in Project Runway anymore..can't wait to see you collection!


I cannot wait to watch tonight. It is very exciting to see all three collections, but you truly are the one I'm rooting for. I think you are very unique. I love your sense of humour, your wit and your honesty. Like the last post says if you do not win Project Runway - it does not matter because you have already won. I would love it if you made an affordable line...I would definately buy your work. I'll keep checking in on your blog to see what you are up to in the future.
Christine in San Francisco

Go BABY!!! I can't wait to see your collection tonight on the show. It does not matter if you win Project Runway - like the last post says you have already won. I hope you consider making an affordable line of clothing. I love your sense of humour, your wit, your honesty and your spirit. GOOD LUCK in all you pursue.

Ms. G,

I really love your posts. Thanks.

Big love for tonight. We all hope you win. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you - you have so many new fans pulling for you. Charisma that shines. Now if we could just get you in some more of those space pants...
Do a little dance...

i am excited, santino! did you like daniel's purse as much as he thought you would? thank god you're in the final three, i don't think i would have enjoyed the show half as much if you got booted.

i am excited, santino! did you like daniel's purse as much as he thought you would? thank god you're in the final three, i don't think i would have enjoyed the show half as much if you got booted.

Owwwwww, I can't wait to see the finale tonight!! I can't wait to see all the gorgeous things you've made!

Crossing my fingers,
1:02 PM CST

Santino, your collection is by far the best out there, we'll all be rootng for you tonight!! You are a ture original.

Hi Santino:

I've been a bit of a Daniel V. fan for a while (though I've always dug your stuff), but as we draw closer to the big moment, I think you're the one that should win. As much as I dig DV's stuff, yours is the stuff that I'm really excited to see. The teaser we got when Tim Gunn came to visit you only confirmed that for me. ROCK THE CASBAH!

Oh man, you're in Chicago? WHERE?

I'm in Chicago and imma track you down buddy.

But not in a scary stalker way. Really.

I can't wait for tonight, I really hope you win!

I love you Santino and you deserve to win tonight.

Santinoooo! Good luck, you. Sending positive, warm, fuzzy vibes in your direction for whatever the results might be tonight. My hope is that we have Project Santino to look forward to! If not, I'm in for some major Santino withdrawl. ; )

Yay! Only 7 & 1/2 hrs to go now till showtime & seeing your line. I hope you win, but Santi baby? I don't even care what the judges say~ to me you already won! ~$+*LOVE*+$~

Santino, m'little bambino~

I am sitting on pins and needles (no pun intended ;-)waiting for 10pm to roll around. I can't say anything negative about Danny V. or Chloe's designs, I think that they make great clothes but their designs don't have me wondering, "What are they going to do next?" Your designs do.

As soon as I finish my 'bootcamp' style training to get somma this junk outa my trunk...I'm buying the teeny panties and a t-shirt to go along with. Mmmmm hmmmm, watch out! Nice trunk, no junk ;-)

BIG hugs and much love,
Diana Rossetti

I don't know if you will read this, but you rock. I know everyone says that but seriously. just to let you know, I got to scad, (the savannah college of art and design) and today, (the day of the final episode) I made a shirt that says "VOTE SANTINO" I've gotten a few people who agree with me. so...carry on! (ha)

-Jordan Singer

Hey Santino!!
You got this baby. You are an extremely talented designer and I've enjoyed watching you on Project Runway! I've been pulling for you since day one baby!! You are a winner, you are a wonderful designer and I LOVE YOU!! Good luck with everything, I wish you all the best.

Well, I got my pendlum out and asked if Santino was going to WIN tonight and going to WIN BIG. And yes was the only answer it would give me. will be a HUGE SANTINO night.

Jeanne from Phoenix

Congratulations! Your're the winner, whether or not the judges know it. As an architect, I understand well that design is all about the concept, not the details. It's about the forest, not the trees; the story, not the words. You get that and none of the others do. You win by a mile!
Kenneth Garcia


I know you are going to win. I knew it from the second i saw you on the tv, insults about the other designers flowing from your mouth like a river into the ocean. I have waited for this moment for a while now and I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to watch the show. If not for you, I would have never even watched after the first episode. I know you will make it through. Im sure you'll leave those guys in the dust. the only thing im worried about is where ill see you after the show. maybe you should try and make a santino show(well, another one called the santino show). I think you'd get a lot of viewers, me one of them. well just wanted to say good luck.


Santino if you don't win tonight it will be like the SuperBowl all over again. The only reason you won't win is if it's rigged. And if so then I'm gonna crack some skulls!!! Good luck (even though it was already taped) and much love!

-Jerri xoxoxo

I know you're going to win tonight. Cant wait to see the show! I've been waiting for two weeks to see you win. Good Luck!!!

I know you're going to win tonight. Can't wait to finally see it happen. I saw your designs already and they're going to dominate! Good luck, you're now going to be a famous designer!

I can't wait to watch tonight. Crossing my fingers that you are the winner!

SANTINO - You must already know if you have won or not already - right? How can you contain your emotions when you already know?

Win or lose - you are such a winner already. My sister, my whole family and I are routing for you.

You looked a little nervous on The View. You looked very cute though.

Can you start your own reality show because you are highly entertaining. I love Howard Stern and he's on every day, can you be on everyday too?

If Danielbot wins, it will be because Banana Republic decided they didn't want their sponsorship tossed aside again. Santino would be insane to waste an important year fussing around with them, and I'm sure they know it. Daniel will go and nod and smile and create boring coats and tube skirts, and think that a wrinkly neckline equals innovation. Bah. If Santino wins, then it's possible the world isn't entirely horrible.

SANTINO I can't wait to watch you win!!
I could be your muse.
I have a hoard of girls from Smith College ready to be your harem as well.
Much love

Even though you know the outcome of tonight's episode, you have to be a little nervous (and excited) about watching this insane experience unfold on national TV. Even your opponents agree that your Fashion Week collection was superior to others', but I'm worried that the judges took the previous challenges and even Season I into consideration before declaring the winner. In an interview Tim Gunn said that he wouldn't choose you as the winner because you and Jay are so over the top that it'd make Project Runway look like a 'freak show' or something to that effect. That's bullshit and I hope the judges don't give the prize to a lackluster FW collection simply because of another cast member who isn't even in this competition.


You are a light that shines above the rest!

You say what everyone is thinking they just don't have the mox to say.

To quote the book "The Great Gatsby" "They're a rotten crowd." "You're worth the whole damn bunch put together!"

If you don't win you will still shine just as bright.

I however will cry!

You have the heart of a lion don't ever let the B.S. suck you down.

Cheers in Chi-town!

Enjoyed every moment that you were on camera. Talent, ambition, all came through. You're the genuine article. The glimpse into your personal life only served to illustrate that nice guys don't always finish last. I'm looking forward to tonight's show. Keep moving forward...

Ms. G. is the greatest art teacher ever, even though I was terrible at art. I still remember the self-control song that she taught us in 3rd grade.

Santino, it's obvious that your charisma and talent will carry you further than PR, whether you win or not. Stay true to yourself and don't let any bullsh^* get in the way. I'll be rooting for you, like I have all season, from my la-z-boy!

Santino, as a Project 1 fan, have enjoyed the way Project 2 designers "Upped" the ante with this season. Best wishes for tonight BUT whatever remember who you are, where you came from, and where you want to go!

Where will you be in Chicago? You have tons of fans here!!! Are you hanging out somewhere, or playing it low key??

Yay Santino you have green eyes like me! Isn't it the best?

You have already won in our eyes...for real this experience has opened up so many doors for you so no matter what happens you'll still be tremendously successful. The actual "winner" is not always the most famous, rich, or good-looking a couple years down the road....Unless it's YOU of course! I am like a fly to the lightbulb when it comes to your sexy talent!

What does your T-Shirt design say under your name (the pink shirt you designed)?

OMG Santino My wife and I both hope you win. She's at work, I'm home watching the Marathon AGAIN today and can't wait to see if you win.

Barbie challenge- Nina said something catty, then went to Nick, he goes, 'I totally get what Santino was doing...' and you turned, folded your arms, and gave her the best HA! look I've ever seen.
Priceless man I hope you go to the top.

Hey Santino and Jamey and everyone -

I wrote about Santino at my website:

Check it out if you are interested!


Hey Santino! I am so excited for tonights show. I truly hope you win, or I might cry. I have larygitis so I wont be able to yell at Kors and Nina through the telly like I usual do...they irk I will save what voice I do have to attempt a joyful scream when you WIN! Good luck and no matter what, you have gathered a huge fan base with your talent and presence and we we all love you!

keep on keepin' on in Chi-Town, my town, tonight...
Hope that you WIN!!!!

WOO HOO - I can't wait to watch this show - but I'm sad because after tonight I will no longer get my weekly dose of Santino on TV!!!

I gave you love on my blog ( so the whopping eight people or so who read it - oh wait, nine, counting my grandmother - can CATCH THE SANTINO FEVER!


Chicago? Where? Where? We can finally meet up and make a kid together! Lord knows you've been begging long enough!

hey santino!

good luck with tonight! i knew from the moment i first saw your designs on the runway that you would win the whole she-bang and here you are! may you have so much luck no matter what the outcome may be and keep being creative, bold, and risky for all of us independent spirits! take care!

much love,

Thanks, katiecoo for your praise of my posts. :-)

And, ballerinamom, I'm not Ms. G. the art teacher and could probably use some lessons in self-control, myself! LOL!!!!

the 15 robots that competed with you accuse you of being "mean" and "arrogant."
telling the TRUTH does not equal "MEAN."
the reason your comments got so much attention, it was because you are the only really interesting person on the show, as you are the only non-cyborg contestant.

that is, you are a superstar.

nothing bothers people more than when you hit the nail on the head.

we have PLENTY of socially vacant robots in this world, many of them apparently are aspiring fashion designers. america and I love you because you are as REAL as they get. REAL ARTIST, REAL HONEST, REAL FUNNY, REAL GORGEOUS, AND REAL GOOD TEE-V!!!

as gay as this may sound THANK YOU so much for keeping it real this season.
midwestern girls (and bi guys) are the best!

I adore you!

much luck for your big night,


YES! The big day. Project runway is the one show that my mother and I can watch together. Wednsedays are the only nights we're actually in the same room together. Since the first show I loved your stuff. She had been rooting for Daniel, but when she saw your collection she completely changed her mind. We both wanna wish you good luck. I'm rooting for you.

Santino! Santino! Santino! You're in Chi-town? All you're Chicago fans want to hang out with you! Especially tonight! Hmm if I were Santino where in Chicago would I go?

Hey, Santino!

Good luck tonight! We're cheering for you here in L.A. :) Even if you don't win (which you will) I just wanted to let you know that we're 100% behind you and you are a blessing :D

Richard S.

Finally, the big day. Project has been the only show that my mom and I can watch together. We even got my dad hooked this year! I've loved your stuff since the beginning and hope you win. My mom had been cheering for Daniel, but as soon as she saw your stuff, she completely changed her mind. We both wanted to wish you good luck. I'm rooting for you. Actually, it's pretty funny, my mom and I have seen every show together, and then during the finally, she's in florida. We're gonna run up a huge phone bill talking about it. I'm rooting for you!


Santino, just win this bitch :D okay?


Wanted to wish you well for the big show and relay a humorous story. You posted to my blog MyDrift in Jan. Naturally I was so excited that I decided it was a gag put on by a friend. I spent the last 2 months pointing the finger until I finally realized it was you!
Click here to see a fab, funny photo supporting you:

Good Luck tonight from one designer to another!

Hey Santino, I do not know if you won PR or not, but I have been hoping that it is you. You have been the most interesting and inspiring character to watch on the show-thanks and good luck to you!

WIN WIN WIN! if not, ur still a winner. :) by the way, very sexy eyes! *Muah*

Santino if you didn't win, OMG this show is rigged. I believed in you from the beginning and I continue to. Like many other, I will honestly stop watching PR if you didn't get it because you were the best. period.

Go Santino!
You so own this. Can't wait for the finale tonight.

Santino! Can't wait to see how the show turns out, but if the judges are sane you'll win this thing like you deserve to.

And as long as I'm here, let me say, in addition to being a talented designer, you are HILARIOUS. I'll never be able to drive past a Red Lobster again without tears of laughter pooling in my eyes...

Best of luck -
Venice, CA


I'm gonna smile tonight as i watch you win!!! You absolutely rock and it was soooo nice to see the softer side of you on the finale part I show. You are an amazing person who has worked his ass off to reach his dream!! I am inspired by you...all the best always!

Much love,

Santino - As Tim Gunn would say "Make it Work" tonight - can't wait to see the final. We (family, friends, and assorted Project Runway fiends) will be cheering you on.

I know you'll win, dahling! I LOVE YOU!

(beautiful eyes, by the way.)

Here's why I think you won...

1) kara, chloe, and daniel have store websites, you have blogs

which makes me think

2) they are prepared to put their wares on the web

which makes me think

3) they didn't get 100k to do it with

which makes me think

4) you did

but what do i know.. who cares if you did or not because you will sell sell sell baby! :D

*** oh and whoever came up with the "this is meant to come off" lingerie, that's totally a great idea! and you could have guys' boxers that say "bitch, please?" on the fly... hahahha. i kill myself.

Best of luck!!!! Me and all my friends have your back!

Another Chicago resident checking in, welcome to our town - we are glad to have ya! My people and I have been waiting for you to be free of Project Runway and move on up! We hope you got to claim the prize, and we look forward to what's to come.

Rock on brother!

Santino, you are the best!!!all of your clothes are so original and beautiful, and thats what project runway is supposed to be about! i watched last week, and saw daniel V's and chloes stuff...all i have to say is Daniel is WAY overrated..his clothes are unoriginal, and those handbags he made were especially bad...and chloe is just plain boring..if you dont win it's going to be a travesty! even if you dont win tonight, ill still buy from your collection whenever you come out with one. Good Luck Tonight!!!
Amy B In Washington D.C

Santino! I love you. This is the first time I've ever posted comments - - I'm usually shy and retiring. But my love for you, your humor, and your work has inspired me to give you a shout out. Can't wait to see more from you in the future and am hoping you'll get your own show. Your charisma is overwhelming!! Hope you're enjoying our lovely city and staying dry here in Chicago.


I'm hoping you win! I'm so excited for tonight's show, my little heart is about to burst. You know, even if you don't win, I'm sure you can use this to garner enough attention to your line for a while. And if Bravo would give Chunky McFatterson a show, they should definately give you one. Don't you think?

xo, Jen

santino, you simply have to win tonight. I will so depressed if you don't, and I can't wait to hear what you are going to do next. Don't let anyone stop you from following your dream, you inspired me to do the same thing. much love.


Santino! I love you, your humor, and your work. Your charisma is overwhelming. Hope you're enjoying our city and staying dry. Much, much love.

OMG SOMEONE SHOULD MAKE A PROJECT RUNWAY VIDEO GAME! You can be any of the designers and each has a special power.. like Santino has the special "ANDRAAAAEEEE" attack where he pretends to be tim gunn until people's ears bleed.. and daniel v's special attack involves putting his hair in that fucked up sumo-bun and scaring the hell out of people.. and chloe's secret attack involves an army of her 5400 sisters.. AND THE POINT OF THE GAME IS TO KILL THE OTHER DESIGNERS AND EACH ONE IS LIKE A BOSS AT THE END OF THE LEVEL.. AND AT THE VERY END YOU HAVE TO BATTLE A GIANT PREGNANT HEIDI KLUM WHILE MICHAEL KORS HURLS INSULTS AND CHAIRS


you don't need to worry. you already know who won cause the show's taped but you seem happy...which gives me hope that you won! you deserve it the most, and i've seen all the collections already and yours is AMAZING! i love your clothes and you, you've inspired me to stick by my ideas and beliefs, and if anyone deserves this, its you!

BEST OF LUCK, see you on project santino!!!



Woo-Hoo! I can't wait for tonight's show. Even my husband said "Remember, it's the Project Runway" finale. I hope you win. I really want to see a Project Santino special!

Man, your eyes are GREEN! Amazing! You know you won this thing. I'm looking forward to witnessing it for myself later tonight! Rock on and kick a**, Santino!

Are you in Chicago to tape Oprah, because you WON!!!!?? I'd love to see that!

Love you no matter what happens tonight!!!
Rock on Santino....

I can't wait to see it all tonight! I have full faith that you won though. The other two don't even deserve it, damnit!


i don't think words can describe how much you fucking rock. seriously. even if you don't win, you're still pretty kickass. you're seriously my hero, santino.


Baby boy, I have never, EVER, been on pins and needles for reality tv as I have been this week. I am officially obsessed with PR2. But, more importantly, I am so rootin' for ya! Last year I was disappointed that KaraSaun didn't win (although I like Jay a lot). I am truly hoping that I won't be disappointed again. I posted on the blog a few days ago, and just to reiterate, your shit - from Episode 1 to the actual runway show - has been F A B U L O U S! You are fabulous. I don't care what all those whimpy, whining, catty folks said or how the producers tried to make you look; you really are a good person and an extremely talented designer. Hearing you share your story when TG visited really inspired me. You really have kept it real (although rather entertaining). I am praying for your success.

V - Detroit

Santino! Look at those beautiful eyes!!! i know you alreay know who wins but Im still sending you my best wishes. I saw the video of you defending your lingerie and all I could say was You go boy!
Hope no matter what the outcome is, you are having a blast tonight. We are all behind you!!!


Your creativity is nothing short of inspirational. I sincerely hope you are the winner tonight. You are in my thoughts as well as those of every Santino fan in the country. Plus, you are in my city(Chi town) watching the finale so that must be a sign. Best of luck always. . . never mind you don't need it you have talent.

heyy santino
you better have won this show! i loved you and your work from the beginning. you are so ambitious and motivated and it's really inspiring to see someone keep going despite how many challenges they come across. you're an amazing creative person and even if you didn't win this show, you're gonna go far and you're still one of the most talented people out there. thank you for being such a great inspiration!

oo and i live about 30 minutes from downtown chicago. i hope you're enjoying here!

good luck with everything you do


Lord - I think I've commented enough on this blog!! Surely you know what I think by now.


Santino, I've got nothing but love for you. You are talented and so enjoyable to experience through the medium of television. I can't wait to wear your clothes. Mucho Amor to you.
Oklahoma loves Santino!

You rock dude! I hope you win 2nite. Talent and a take-no-prisioners attitude. I appreciate it all man! Ciao.

haha, is Santino in Chicago because he will be on OPRAH? does the winner get to be on oprah? just trying to figure out who is the winner tonite.

i still want my SANTINO SOCKS.

Santino. I'm rooting for you. I'm wearing my Team Santino shirt as we speak. :D Good luck dear. (Have my children?)

Don't know if my first post took.... Hope you win tonight! Talent and a take-no-prisioners attitude! I love it! Best of luck. Ciao.

santino, santino, santino...

you're going to take it home tonight... you are such a talented designer who is destined for so many great things... if you don't win, then i will be convinced that the judges are naive fools who are spitting on the vision of a true artist due to their own misguided, unfulfilled dreams and desires (aka "hating") with all that said, good luck!!!!

Tami B :)

I'm sitting here watching the last few episodes of PR 2 before the finale. Man, i'm gonna miss u. Please stay on TV somehow. I know u can do it cuz u r fabulous. I love u so much and so many other people do too. U r so talented, vibrant and awesome! WE LOVE SANTINO RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An hour til showtime. Got Valium?!?!

Santino you've shown that you can handle yours, I've watched the reruns all night and day, those other contestants/challengers should rewatch the show as well, they could/should learn alot from you. You've dusted youself off well! Gosh!? I'm almost too giddy waiting for the show @ 10!!
Again Best of love, luck & wishes and most of all ENJOY all this, winning sooooo becomes you! IMO You are the best!!

My faith is completely invested in you, Santino. I'm in love with your inspirational style and zest.

In fact, you've inspired me to extract my dusty sewing machine. And...I've just bought my first fabric and...

And let's just hope it's as out of this world as you are.

Thank you for being you!

Hello Santino: I just wanted to say that I will be sick if you don't win. This is your calling, and your name WILL be known as one of the few top designers in history. In fact, it's already happening as we speak. I wish you all the best, you deserve it.

chicago is lucky to have you...
im here- come and find me!
~ carygirl

Santino won no matter what !!

Wed- Project Runway
Sun- Flavor of Love

Most compelling TV in years

And yeah, the pleated earth-tone dress was everything Tim Gunn said and more, if I had the knowledge of the fashion industry and the vocab I'd be able to properly compliment you on it. All I can say is it's gorgeous. My wife and I have discussed to death who wins and all I do is point to that dress and the green baby doll dress-love 'em-

SANTINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...I am from VENEZUELA and I just wanted to tell you that YOU ARE THE WWWWWINNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I wish that someday I going to wear something from YOU!!!!...CONGRATS!!!!!....

OMG I am so f-N nervous about the finale its not even funny. Can you explain why Kara also presented at fashion week but the actual show did not indicate this? I guess it was to keep the final 3 a secret but why didn't they just start airing the show later? Also, your website isn't letting me buy a shirt!

Ok, you're not a shit head. I should have expected it.

Are you sending us a message with the picture?

Pointing to ONE EYE

Kind of like "I WON"


*soft sigh* i'm going to miss your voice... any chance of doing a "Ring Tone" for cell phones so i can have your voice with me daily? *grin*

love you love you love you.. 'nuff said

may the moon dance in your shadow

Santino! Babe! You are loved and being supported on and

You should come to DC/Baltimore for the HFStival this year and rock out with us!

I've believed from the beginning. I definitely wanna be Santino'd.

santino, i'm rooting for you. you have completely played the system and it's genius. you're delightfully sweet.

Good luck, Santino!!! (Not that you need it, etc, etc). Your collection looks absolutely beautiful, and I am so in love with you. I can't wait to see what you do next!

santino, i'm rooting for you! you have completely played the game and it's genius. you are delightfully kind ;)

You have absolutely been amazing since one, both in your designs and personality. Your humor was unparalleled and I wish you all the success in the world (which I am sure is coming your way shortly). I may get in touch with you about designing my wedding dress :)


OMG, I just saw the bit with your mother. I love you forever. And possibly also your fan who shaved above the knee.

O M G!!! I'm sitting here watching the season finale & I'm so very sad. Project Runway has been such a big part of my life, its something i look forward 2 every week & u santino, thank u 4 everything. U were so wonderful on the show. My guess is u won. U r so talented & your clothes are beautiful. I can't wait 2 start wearing a Santino original. Much love, mua, mua Mayra :)


I love you! I love your sense of humor more than your designs. I wish you much success. I live in Atlanta, GA. If I ever win the lottery, you are set.

Continue being you.




i loveeeee you & you f-ing rule santino.


(we're in the process of making a video to go against that bitch who had that video...... we'll kick her ass for you)


I just saw your collection on Project Runway the Finale! and omg!! it was so stunning! the pictures online don't vompare. it's so great seeing it live!! I loved when the camera zoomed it into the details!

Santino, you are an amazing designer. your collection is SO STRONG!!! IT stood out from Daniel's and Chloe's so much, because it's HOT!! the models you picked worked your clothes. It was energetic!

I'm totally going to scream at my screen if you don't win this. in about 5 min we'll find out!! I'm so nervious for you, because you've blown me away with your work!!

fashion needs you!!

Go Santino!!!!!!!!!!

dear santino,

ive left like 10 messages in teh last couple minutes, not seeing the thing that says that YOU have to read it before it's approved... and i'm sure none of my previous ones are SUITABLE for the WEB but who fucknig cares! are long as you get them, i'm happy. ahghahaha ok well, i'll buy your whole fucking line .... haha i mean i already bought your tshirt... and um YEAH we're making a video against that bitch who wrote that mean one about you. the just is : she isnt getting any and shes taking it out on you. and PSH she just wants daniel and she cant have him because hes gay

and we're sitting here about to throw up because we're so nervous. but who cares! you obviously had the best line.... if they cant see it theyre fucking insane


MARY ME THIS INSTANTINO (made that up for our song) hahahaha


fucking NO

fucking NOOOO im turning off fthe fucking tv

fucking NO im still in shock


youre my winner
youre lizs winner
youre rachels winner

we all love you.


oh for the love of god.. im in tears. its wrong.. wrong.. wrong.. wrong..

chloe?! *sighs*

i want Santino..

with love and hugs,

everyone knows you should have won! theyre all just jealous of your MAD SKILLS.

choloe? ! like what the FUCK.....

you better know you're better than her! because you OBVIOUSLY ARE

fuck no... who wants that gross car anyway

Santino! I'm sorry you didn't win but you kicked major ass. I hope one of these days you make some clothes a fat guy like me can wear so I can buy some of your shit.


everyone knows you should have won. FUCKDSFGOIJKLOKFL:SDF

bad mood.

DAMN... I don't care what they say. I loved your line. Just wanted to say great work and welcome to Chicago!

I know you've gotten 100 notes about hanging out so I won't add mine to the list....


i'm almost glad you didnt win. you're too good for this show. go fuck nikki hilton and thatd be cooler anyway!

Santino, that was a f'ing steal. Chloe? For real??

Whatever, you're clearly doing fine, and so many of us love you, and your clothing is actually both interesting and beautiful.

I'm never watching Will and Grace again.

santino. you were robbed!
my dog pukes up things that are more beautiful than chloe's collection. her collection was so ugly. booo!

don't give up ever, i love youuuu!!!!

Santino, judges don't know what they are talking about!!!!

you are always a winner to me, to all of us!!! ALWAYS A WINNER!!

I'm so pissed off that they didn't pick you!!!!!

wtf!!!! I was shocked!! completely shocked!!

you know you rocked the runway!

I cannot wait to see more of your work in the future!!!!


Oh Santino,
I left as soon as Heidi said those horrible words, "you're out." I really have hated Nina from the begining, and Mr. Kors is horrible. I will never read Elle magazine again. I know you get so many of these a day, but I really think you are a wonderful designer. Please keep designing. I know you won't give up just because Project Runway is fucked up. You are an inspiration to all of us weirdos out there.
much love from massachusettes,

Santino, you were robbed!!! Your collection was way better than Daniel or Chloe's, and you were waaay more deserving. Good luck on all of your endeavors, and I know we'll be seeing more of you in the future. :)

Much love,

You were robbed! I loved your collection...Good luck in the future!


I'm one fellow in DC who thinks you should have won. Your line was so beautiful. I thought it should have won rather EASILY and was BEYOND shocked when Heidi gave you the Auf Wiedersehen. I can't comprehend it. But like "Brokeback Mountain," which should have won the Best Picture Oscar EASILY, you will go on. You got the stuff, you know the way. You will prosper. DO NOT STOP!

You, as you may have noticed, already have a HUGE following. I, for one, would go broke to buy clothes from your line when you start it (when, not if, because you're cool like that).

You are loved, adored, and a much needed kick in the pants to designers like Michael Kors!

*kisses* Ta, luv!

If you had to lose to someone, based on the collections showed, I would have rather you lost to Daniel than Chloe. Yeah, she might have some interesting seams but it just kept making me think of 80s prom dresses.

But what I really don't understand is the footage had Tim praising your collection more than the other two. So did they really edit Tim's comments that much or did the judges just have their own agenda?

(((((Gentle Hugs)))))
I am so sorry.
But, your collection was terrific.
You got momentum right now, use it wisely and watch out for all those who are not trustworthy.
I am saying some extra prayers for you.
God Bless.

santino..... NOOOOOO!!!! It's not cool. I've been trying to convince my Girlfried that you were the shit. She finally agreed tonight, and then we we both bummed out you didn't get the car. Sorry hoss. But you know what? You keep this website up, and you'll have your own little cult following, and you'll make a hell of a lot more money that cloe (since you live in LA and all, ha yeah, LA rocks) and then we can all buy your shit and it'll be great. I'll be like 'oh, it's a Santino Rice original'. See, things are already good, huh?

ugh, I am SO disappointed in the outcome. You and Daniel V are much more creative, more more interesting, much more stimulating. Chloe is a boring designer. She should go design for Liz Claiborne. Definitely NOT the next wave in design.

We still love you, and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!!!!


What the hell, I mean seriously.

Your website is bringing down the friggin internet since I had to wait AGES for your page to load. That is how popular you are!

I posted a bunch of stuff on your MySpace but let me restate:


Chloe's dresses looked like shitty prom dresses that NO ONE will ever wear.

Daniel V is the biggest douchebag and I hope he and Michael Kors make their shitty mc shitstain collection together and ride off into the sunset on polished turds.


But to be honest -- You got SO MUCH publicity for this show, that it's almost a blessing you didn't win -- now you aren't tied down to a contract with them or anything. People will be knocking down your door for a design by you.

Let us know ASAP once you have some girl shirts or anything so I can spend some money on them!

They should change the name from Project Runway to Project CRAPWAY because that's what it is.

I am so upset.

We love you Santino!

Like, TONS.

You are so friggin awesome.

Hey Baby,
Here's sending you much love and appreciation for your fabulous designs. PLEASE, PLEASE don't let anything deter you from your dreams. You design it and sell it I'll buy it...'nuff said!!!!


Ok Santino, I'm sick now. Give me a break. CHLOE???!!! Not to worry. Your time is here, and you ARE one of the top world famous designers, the judges obviously haven't opened their eyes to that yet. Won't THEY be surprised (S*) .......Take care.

santino!!!!!!!!!!! i adore you beyond belief. screw the judges that said your line was too "tame", to me it was unquestionably you and it was beyond beautiful. i adore your humor and personality and of course, your clothes. i've been a fan since episode 1 and will continue to be a fan. i hope to see a santino clothing line REALLY REALLY soon!!!! i'm anxiously waiting. really anxiously waiting. you're amazing beyond belief.

You have already won just like people have said you are going to be fabulously famous and I will NEVER be able to afford a dress by you so I understand and will "sacrifice" my own needs LOL Have a wonderful time you are unique in all the world!

You shoulda won!

Wow, the collection was amazing. Leaps and bounds above the competition. I haven't talked to one person yet that didn't think you got robbed. I know though you will go on to do greater things than anyone else on the show.

What perplexed me the most was they railed on you the entire season for being editorial or over the top, yet with this collection they said it was too safe. I really don't know what the judges wanted at this point.

Keep up the good work, you are larger than life.

politics baby...they didn't pick you because they thought it would insult sensitive viewers who mistook your boldness and curt comments as insults. come to the east coast, you're attitude and brilliance would be appreciated here!

Just wanted to say I loved your collection tonight--it was mesmerizing, especially that beautiful red gown. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more.

Your final collection was breathtakingly beautiful and truly unique. It made me want to see much more.

Chloe's collection was disturbingly a mardi gras themed prom circa 1987. Daniel's was attractive but boring, and a little off.

I am shocked that you didn't win. I loved everything about your was wonderful. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your taste and design sense. If you were closer I would immediately seek you out and commission you to make things for me. Don't give up!!!!


I thought you were completely robbed tonight. Your collection was stunning and anything but "safe". Obviously none of the judges have any real clue. I can't wait to see more of your beautiful, creative designs.

Hey Santino,
Your collection was really really beautiful. Period. I really feel like I was watching a totally different show from freakin Nina and Michael and Heidi. I am so stunned by the outcome. Honestly, if you consider the entire show and not just the final runway show, you hands down showed the most versatility and range in terms of your design and execution. What they deemed "safe" I saw as just another more sophistocated side of you - they forget you have a mind of your own and this wasn't the result of learned helplessness after weeks of criticism. In my opinion, they totally didn't get it. (I'm assuming you agree ;-))

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and wish you the best in whatever you do - I admire your passion and resolve - keep up the beautiful work.
Much love,

Boycott Elle, Nina Garcia is the dumbest person on the planet and was out for him since the beginning. But we can't blame her for being so stupid, it might be from the overprocessed hair, those dyes can really seep into your frizzy head.
Debra Messing has no style sense, no idea why they picked her to judge. She might have done a better job with her eyes closed.
Michael Kors... I don't own anything Michael Kors, don't plan on it... garbage.

Santino... what a shock. Tim knew you had the winning line. I loved your stuff from the first episode, you kept me interested, all I wanted to see was your response and your outfits. Cared about no one else.

Santino, if you aren't big in two years (which you probably will be), when my company takes off, I will seek you out and help you start up, I swear on it.

You were America's bad boy, and they couldn't handle you as their winner, when in all actuality, you proved yourself to be.

Don't give up, keep being real. You are awesome.

yeah, Chloe's the next great american designer if this was fucking 1982.

Wanted you to know how good you are again
I've never loved anyone's designs as much as yours and am saddened with how they tried fuckin' with you. no Helmut Lang? yeah, you're better than Helmut Lang. Really. Funny how your lingerie line sold for the most if "it's not aesthetically pleasing".
NINA's not aesthetically pleasing. The problem was never with your work, it's the judges that SUCK. Debra Messing? please somebody tell me what the fuck she knows about fashion, nice earrings. Kors, gross. Be grateful you didn't win to be bred for mediocrity.
Soon I'll be wearing your amazing designs at all my art openings.
Good luck.

I had to laugh bitterly when all the sudden the judges were calling what you did "safe" when all they've done the entire show is yell at you for being too over the top. Nina said, "you think we beat him up too much ?'.... uh.. duh! They're so contradictory. All season long they complained you were doing too much, too over the top... so now you knock out this great, sophisticated line and now it's safe? wtf? Whatever. You got the exposure, everyone knows you're a great designer (and a GREAT person!). Opportunities will come knocking and they'll be far better than what you might have won on the show. Rock the Casbah...your fans are waiting.

Great show! So, they tripped a brotha up a biggie cuz this will only make your will stronger. You have definitely ARRIVED! Your sense of style is a "breath of fresh air" to a fashion industry that at the moment is very stagnant. "Cheers to your future!"


Umm...i pretty sure daniel was designing for talbots....and chloe im pretty sure she was confused and making curtains and sofa covers. Santino really cannot win. He tries to be daring on the show and they shoot him down. He tries to show a refined, classic while still unique with a santino touch. he is the only creative artist on the show and should have won.

Umm...i pretty sure daniel was designing for talbots....and chloe im pretty sure she was confused and making curtains and sofa covers. Santino really cannot win. He tries to be daring on the show and they shoot him down. He tries to show a refined, classic while still unique with a santino touch. he is the only creative artist on the show and should have won.

You told Chloe she was a "brilliant pattern maker" following her selecting you as the one who should be given the boot because you don't know how to sew. And you were called the mean one?! She was able to criticize you without thinking of herself as a meanie but you were not. Defend yourself oh creative one. I love your essence and your designs.


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