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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

What's the Big Idea?

As some of you already know, Santino and most of the PR cast will be on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch this Monday night on CNBC at 10pm and 1am EST.

as poster 'Dan' mentioned, there's a poll on the site where you can vote for your fave of the remaining 3... head on over to show your love:

i voted.. you rule. end of story.

much love, Jill

You're winning the poll. :)

Damn Santino! I voted for you! Your creations are just brilliant! I really am hoping you win this thing!

Love ya,

Hey I just wanted to say ... I think you're an amazing designer. You can design a dress for me anytime. I hope that you win Project Runway because your collection was really fabolous and you really deserve it. Also I think you've got a realy cool personality so just ignore the haters out there.

p.s. I know that you said you were from St. Charles, MO? I'm from the St. Louis area too. Actually, I'm in Chi-town right now about to graduate from law school and I'm moving out to LA too. But anyways, good luck!!!

Santino Rice is the greatest designer of all time. please design something that a man can wear mr rice.


Santino is winning by a landslide! 58.5%.

Wheeee! Go Santino!

you got IT. Danny Vee is gifted, but needs to lose once in his short life to give him some DEPTH. Chloe is cool, but what gives with that puffy pink foppy jacket?? Yikes. Does she WANT to lose?
Besides, you are the more flamboyant, vibrant and unpredictable one. I always vote for unpredictable ...

Daniel has 25% of the current vote.
Chloe has 15%.
You have the other 60%!

Way to rock the vote, dude! Internet culture is the best thing ever. You stay connected to your fans in a way nobody else on the show does, and we're here for you in return. I only expect the vote to slide even more in your favor, and I know your fans will back you up dollar-wise too when the time comes. Hipster McGoldenchild can make all the smarmy remarks he'd like regarding which of you is "nice," but none of us see him touching base with his nationwide fans daily. You, on the other hand, kick ass.

I voted for you, of course. And you're winning in the poll. I love you!

Can't wait for Wednesday when you crack it, smack it and hit it on the bing bong...WITHOUT APPOLOGIES...because it takes all kinds Santino. One word for you being you: SUPERLATIVE - because of your conviction.


I voted for you! You have 3 Santino fans in Houston...we will be watching on Wednesday and hope you won!

As of right now you've got 53.8% of votes which definitely puts you in the lead. You're great. Take care. Love, Anastasia

I think that you are by far the most gifted designer on the show, not to mention incredibly sexy!
You've got my vote. I am your #1 fan in Kansas City!


Daniel showed occasional flashes of inspiration and good craftsmanship, but I wouldn't call him brilliant or profound by a long shot.

Chloe was SUCH a conniving bitch. I couldn't believe that after Kara busted her ass to help Chloe finish her garden party dress, that Chloe didn't show a little love and choose Kara as her assistant on the extra runway piece. I hope that other girl helps her to crash and burn, toute-de-suite.

You, alone, have been the season stand-out, truly original and willing to take constructive criticism while still not compromising your design objectives. I loved the way you unwaveringly defended your choices. I'll be shocked and VERY disappointed if you don't come out on top Wednesday night.

Cool beans! I think Christin said it best up above. That is frickin' awesome how quick your popularity vote went through the roof. Eat my ass!Again, congratulations and we'll be watching you. It's sad that PR is winding down, but it will be even more exciting to watch what happens NEXT for you. You got fans, Santino, and it's pretty clear you're adored. Keep rockin.

Santino, if you win, what's next for you? If you lose, what's next for you? I looked online at your collection. Very beautiful. Unfortunately, if you win, none of us will be able to afford your clothes!

Best of luck to you. Jeanne

I got my vote in. Good Luck! You're still winning as of around 9:30AM CST.


I guess I'll have to set Tivo or stay up!! You're turning me into a freaking tv zombie. And a two-year-old child can now say "project runway!" That's just not normal.

Gee, what a tough decision on who to vote for.. PFTZ!!!

I'm a fashion-a-holic, and I was a big Nick fan, m'not gonna lie. At first, I was really sucked into the Santino persona and was not your biggest fan.

I never however, doubted that you have talent like WHOA, especially your "clothes of the back" outfit, I loved that times ten. Now, seeing your collection ('cause I needed spoilers damnit) I am blown away. The dress Tim Gunn was gushing over? So perfect, it seems given more time to look and think and y'know - really work with a piece you create awesome out of fabric. No "Santino Effect" To be SEEN.

And I guess, uhm, thanks for being more open on this last show? I can't really imagine what it must be like to see your personality muted somewhat into a one dimensional character, but you did quite the job in bringing your better qualities to light (though most of your commentary? priceless.)

So, go you Santino, for putting yourself, all of you and not just the politically correct nicey-nice parts, out there for fashion-holics of the world. Your collection is amazing, and stands out completely from the other two.

You really deserve your spot in the final 3. And yea, I'm done now.
And I voted for you.

Chloe dissapointed, and I fail to see how those poofy numbers flatter ANY woman's figure.

And Daniel, I think he just fell flat. Really, can you tell us what he was thinking when he made those bags?

Oh..maybe you can answer a question for us? It seemed like Chloe would OF COURSE pick Kara and not Diana (dirty or otherwise) to help her finish, was it her holding a grudge...or did she know that Kara had her own collection to finish as well, and she didn't want to put that extra burder on her?

I'm done now.
--who is insecure as all get up, and thinks you rock at life. yeap.

who cares who wins? You've already won... those guys don't have mad fans like you...

even if you didn't i'm not going to buy something from lot 8 or from mr d v.. because...their clothes aren't pretty.

yours are.

I think you are a genius when it comes to fashion and you remind me of a younger and hipper Karl Lagerfeld in terms of your designs. I wanted to know if you design wedding gowns because I can't find anything off the rack that represents my personality and sense of style?

I think you are a genius when it comes to fashion and you remind me of a younger and hipper Karl Lagerfeld in terms of your designs. I wanted to know if you design wedding gowns because I can't find anything off the rack that represents my personality and sense of style?

Dude, you're waaaay ahead at this point...double the votes Daniel V has and Chloe is not even in the running...I love you!!!!!!!!!!

johnny D is kind of hot. Make out with him and show us the photos

I just added my tiny voice to the cacophonous scream of voters chanting "Santino..Santino...
Santino."! Saw the Donny Deutsch show last night: bless dear Andrae for thinking you should win the whole tamale. I was surprised that the designers seemed to be merely decorative elements on the show and said practically nothing. Would I be tempted to buy a garment from a lifeless spectre in a lumpy outfit who had nothing to say? I think not. You and Jay were the only ones there with star power.

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