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Sunday, March 26, 2006 

Yard Sale: Success!

Wow - thanks to everyone who came out - What a crazy weekend! It was really great to meet all of you and thanks for helping me unload some stuff. I'll post more tomorrow... Send me your pics from the yard sale:

Trent over at along with many others have posted pics and stories....


Looks like fun, wish I could've been there

awww I wish I could have made it!:(
looks like it was a lot of fun! Hope to hear from everyone who went.


yo santino,

question: would you ever consider making a CD?

honestly, i downloaded your song yesterday night and have basically listened to it on repeat since then. it's so well done.

congratulations on possessing so muhc talent.


Hehe good job :)

I have a yard sale coming up this summer, it is going to be extreme to say the least.

A house full of stuff really.

Snakes on a plane

:::sigh:::: will you ever get your ass to NY??? Why must you torture me??? Christ, you're like that "Mango" character from Saturday Night Live... I see you everywhere!!! lol... have fun relocating!!! <3 <3 Naomi xoxox

There's at least one post in the Livejournal community off_hotfashion, but it's friends only. So go make yourself an LJ account and join, then you can see all the girls talk about how much they love you, including me!

hey santino! i wish i could've visited you during your yard sale...but yeah, i live wayyy across the country in the love state of New York. I absolutely love your model are a very talented, music, singing, and just being you you are amazing...i wish i knew you you'd be my bestest friend in the world! hahhaha <3

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dont miss it:

Missy staring at photos = JEALOUS

grrr... I wish I lived around there; I suppose I HAVE to wait until I'm a wee bit older to head out to LA land.


We enjoyed our few moments with you-my friend who bought your three-headed dragon puppet got many a "oh my god!"s when we boasted to our other friends. Hope your move is less gluttered now...
p.s. we'll email you our pics soon.

I GOT MY TSHIRT TODAY! Love it, love it, love it!

you are neat santino

sorry i didn't come to the yard sale but chicago is too far away :(

Awww...looks like fun. I was seriously thinking of flying across the country for this event just to have the chance to meet you. I didn't - so maybe someday.

Where are U moving to - did you and Andree (sp?) hook up so now you two are moving in together?

You two better start on that sitcom soon.

I'm so upset I missed it! Looks like the greatest.

Maybe next time. Hah.

aww, i went over there but you'd already closed it.

you did meet my friend tess, though, who said you were awesome.

wowww this is awsome because you're actually going to read rock like hell and i got a bunch of other people hooked on watching PR [and hooked on watching YOU!]...your personality and vision are inspiring...i know you'll make it all the way to the top!

A three-headed dragon puppet!?! Damn, I KNEW I should've gone.

what the heck, I'm mad. I wish that I read your blog sooner because I just went to Melrose yesturday to shop and I was thinking about you and how I wish I could meet you!!! DANNG :(....I'm sad now. I leave on Wednesday back to hawaii...


You go girl...


Dude! If I knew you had a blog I would have visited a long time ago... and the track (for the runway show) is hot!

I miss the yardsale, i was making it when i was living in USA :'(

Wish u luck!

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