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Friday, April 28, 2006 

Coachella Weekend!!!

Alright, for those that aren't aware of this weekend long concert
event. Coachella is the place to see your favorite bands as well as
new up and coming artists. I've been going for the past 3 years and it
is definitely something that I'll do every year! Stay tuned for
pictures and updates. This event is the first sign of Summer for
me!!!! I'm so excited I got to pack my bag and go! See you there
maybe? Check out the line up this year, it's ridiculous!
Much Love,

AIN'T NO PARTY, LIKE A WEST COAST PARTY...I've heard of the Coachella Festival before, but alas, have never had the opportunity to attend the event-TOO BAD! It would make my year to see MADONNA, COMMON, AND DEPECHE MODE, all in the same weekend. But Cali is a plane ticket too far for just a WEEKEND. So have fun for all us non-Californians, Santino. And take lots of SCORCHING PICTURES AND KEEP US POSTED! LOOK AT YOU, FIRST TRAVEL CORRESPONDENT, NOW MUSIC JOURNALIST.

Look out, Coachella, Santino's comin'! As the weekend progresses, how many musicians will he add to his...............
...CD collection? ;-)

Damn I am so jealous you get to go to this concert. Both lineups sound killer. Tool madonna, daft punk, Franz ferdinand, coheed and cambria, etc wowwww. If i was closer I so would go but being here in chilly MN doesn't help. You have a great time though. We're having mississippi music fest sunday it's smaller in caliber but I will be there and will be wishing that I was at the Coahella festival.. Have fun for me will ya!!

YAY! I'll see you there! I'll be camping. If you need a place to crash, my tent is SWEET! :) I'm SO DAMN excited!


coachella is going to be great. you should also check out the neighborhood festival on may 20th. acts include:

moving units
ima robot
mickey avalon
idiot pilot
coldwar kids
& more

I'm so jealous! I wanted to go sooo bad!!! I just wanted to see massive attack...well, and the other 50 million awesome bands. Lucky! Can't wait to see pictures.


the 06 lineup blows

omg... I feel so bad... I totally bumped into you on Sunday near the Scissor Sisters and totally called you Andre. I am so sorry... I was on some substances so I was not clear headed... Still luv your work. Coachella rocked this year! (chica with big white floppy hat.) gina

I am so sorry that I bugged you for a picture at Phoenix but I absolutely love your clothes so I had to take a picture with you. Thanks for being so kind and letting me bug you... I appreciate it! Hope you had fun at Coachella.

i saw you there this weekend at WOLFMOTHER....i took a picture with you and i felt bad that i bugged you afterwards...i seriously like sprinted over to say hi though....Coachella was so great this year...i didnt think it could beat last year but i think it did

i saw you this past weekend at coachella at the WOLFMOTHER show...i took a picture with you and stuff then i felt bad for bugging you so im sorry if i so glad they have a festival like this out here(i live a half mile from the grounds)i thought it was the best lineup!

I too apologize for practically attacking you for a picture at Lady Sovereign but it was a lasting memory for me that I will always cherish! Thank you for being so cool about it and not treating me like I was Diana Eng!

which i could go, looks like fun! :)

You were standing right behind me and my friends during Madonna's perfomance. I couldn't help but to laugh and join in with your enthusiasm as you screamed "GOOOOOO, BIIITCH!" over our heads. I wished her show would've lived up to that enthusiasm. Although her rendition of "Let it will be" with her on screen wearing that red Halston-like dress practically knocked me off my feet.

"GOOOOOO, BIIIITCH!" Tee hee. I can just hear Santino yelling that.
Almost like being there!

If you like Coachella, you should really check out Siren Fest in Coney Island.

Jealousy owns my soul, for I wish that I could go and witness such magnificence as this concert fest thing.

And that you are going.

Damn. Some people will be so lucky. They get two in one.



i remember passing by you like when paul was doing his set and i slowed down abit to process who i had just seen(you). i didnt know what to do so i just decided that the simplest thing to do was to just ask you for a picture, so i did. haha

santino, your the best!!! your not only great television your a great designer. i love your stuff sooo much hope eerything goes well with you

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