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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Drinks at the Chapel

I'm off to the airport, Seattle you have treated me very well, thanks for everything! Here are a couple great articles Melanie McFarland of the Seattle PI wrote of our evening at the Chapel.


P.S. I'm writing a more detailed post on the plane about my trip to San Francisco and Seattle.

Santino! Great iconic image of you in front of the Space Needle! Such a perfect visual metaphor for suggesting impressive height...

...and, ya know, OTHER, um, measurements.

Hey Sweets,
Great articles!!!! Looks like you had a nice time in Seattle. And always remember da' hoods got your back, baby!!!!

I like you more and more with every article. I enjoy your candor. For a lot of people in the spotlight, their racial heritage is a "white elephant." They avoid it like the plague, because they're afraid people will focus on that and not said talent. But you seem unafraid of that. I applaud your willingness to talk about what makes Santino, Santino. I have to admit, after the last few episodes of PR, I felt a stronger connection to you and so did da hood. With that said, how about the two of us procreating!!! You know people say I look like Halle Berry. Ok, most of them are elderly, but not all.

wow you are amazing....

I'm still kicking myself for not hunting you down while you were here. I'm glad you had a good time. You're as amazing as ever! Please come back whenever you can! I've only heard great things from news reports. Thanks for gracing our city with your beautiful face!!Good luck with everything! LOVE LOVE LOVE! xoxo

Hope you weren't near the Pioneer Square shooting on Saturday night..but I'm assuming you would have wrote about that if you were.

Hey Santino, I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved your designs on Project Runway. I think you were completely robbed and if I were a wealth person (meaning I could afford to do such a thing), I would have you design a WHOLE wardrobe for me! All though I may never have the honor of wearing one of your designs, I hope to one day see one of your dresses going down the red carpet at the Academy Awards!

Shillington, PA

Sexi, talented and honest.. what more can someone ask fore?! Love your clothes and thank you for the eye candy ;) Love from Sweden

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