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Monday, April 10, 2006 

I'm still here

This past week was so busy I didn't have time to post anything.
Photoshoots, Events, Meetings, The GLAAD Awards!!!!!! I saw Nick and
Andrae and Tim Gunn at the GLAAD awards, it felt like a family
reunion. It was a blast!

Much Love, SANTINO

Aw :)

what can i say. its a celeb life. you're a celebrity now :]

I love Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Wow, I'm the first to leave a comment! You must have just posted this. Well, I'm glad to see you're still here. he he. You looked so great all dressed up!

-Martine (a MySpace friend)

Were Andrae and Tim together?

SO SEXYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! if i grow a penis will you marry me?

Santino, you've turned into such a social butterfly. I feel like a proud mother. It's great to see you painting the town red with your "bigger than life" personality. May your light continue to shine all over Hollywood.

You are such a handsome devil ! I know you're fighting the boys and girls off with a light saber. :)

It's cool to see that you're still getting publicity even after the show. A good sign, I think. Another good sign is how much your Fashion Week collection owned at the Project Runway auction. Again, nice job with that.

can i just say that you are sooooooooooo sexy and smooth looking without your hat(s) ???

that pic of you with the white scarf and black outfit...mmm mmm good!

Ooh you saw Hedwig!!! Who played Hedwig and was John Cameron Mitchell there?

I'm not obsessed at all. *coughs*

HEDWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture is so, "Ladies and gentlemen, whether you like it or not..."

So, basically you're awesome. Did you and Nick go to Red Lobster afterwards to crash Tim and Andrea's date?

how was your little lamb andrae doing? hahahah

You look very handsome Darlin'.
BTW, Hedwig is one on of my fav. movies.

You and Trent are so cute sony and cher.

Lookin' good!!! As usual

You were hanging out with Andy from Bravo - so I'm hoping that means he is still working on doing something with you (and maybe Andrae and Nick)- at least I hope that is happening behind the scenes - you look so handsome dressed up for the Glaad awards


Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!

Woah! I wonder if you will actually read this.

I digg your style! You should get into broadway! Lol, "lighten up it's just fashion"


Since Ms. G asked the question that was in my head (haha love that Ms. G), I will just say....evening Santino you long tall drink of hottie you. :)

hey babe. saw you last week at LAX...emailed you our sexy picture...i was so excited to see you! you must design everything i ever sport! :)
caroline vreeland

Dude, you're from Missouri. Crazy.

You look stunning.

These people are making references to the show... fucking hilarious! Lobsters! I get it! I SAW THAT EPISODE TOO!! And some of the womenz think you are HAWT!! Rock on!

People, the man is bi. At least if I got the Brad and Angelina reference right in the Village Voice interview. If Santino is not into you it is probably because you are deranged cyber-stalker.

Well, if people are still posting comments under this rather old post {Hint, Hint), (even the mighty Flea! "Scar tissue that I wish you saw..." Oh, not him? OK), then I may as well jump in here, too. Bravo is showing "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" tonight. Am I the only one who sees a facial resemblance between Pee Wee and Daniel Franco?

Hi, Tino, baby! I had a great time with you the other night...waking up beside you wrapped in your lustious strong sinewy arms...hmmmmmm....I can still smell the Lustra Silk hair lotion and the Old English leather I made you wear... *poof* Oh snap!!!!!!!

Oh DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I have to wake up from this dream!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? WHY do you have to be gay or bi or tri or whatever the hell you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well if you are into straight sistahs from Missouri (St. Louis) let us me know.

Sharon "Miss G"

I'm so happy you're still alive! I'm seriously going through some Project Runway withdrawal...but more importantly, Santino withdrawal.

You + Hedwig + Very Hip.

OMFG!! I LOVE HEDWIG!!!!! My all time favorite song is Wig In A Box! And Wicked Little Town...when Hedwig sings it! :D


aww family reunion! i can imagine! :D

Back-to-back posts by Ms. G. and Miss G! What are the odds?

Santino, post something new already. We miss you. I know you're probably still hungover from your wild night(s) out with the boys of PR at HotDog. But shake it off. Get back in the game. The Fantinos are hurting. We need our update fix.

Hey! It's good to know you're doing well and STILL Santino! Enjoy this! You deserve it!

Happy Easter Santino....I hope that you have a good Easter.

santino, were you at the kmart across the street from the Grove last week buying cleaning supplies? if it was, i apologize for the not-so-casual glances at the cash register - just wanted to be sure it was you. ;-) oh and the woman you were with is beautiful - especially love the hair...

disappointed not to hear from you in a while - need an update - what are you doing - and what are you going to be doing - more info please

Ah. I wanna see Hedwig. Actually, I want to see Anthony Rapp in Hedwig. But thats a different story.

Someone told me I looked like I was dressed in 'Santino couture' today. Made my day, I tell ya. :D

I'm so into you

Santino, if you have time, you should check this out... it's fucking HILARIOUS.

Pictures from celebrity events are cool and everything, but so is the goofy everyday stuff. Maybe you could show us you cleaning your new place with your newly-purchased cleaning supplies!

The above mentioned ode to Santino Rice....I'm speechless!!!!
Man, look maybe I'm a self centered bitch but when are you going to introduce a full fledge clothing line? Are you working on a Spring line to show this fall?

santino I've been away for 6 days, and what do I find when I come back to this page... the same entry as last week!!! this is very upseting, i thik i have to call out sick from work until this matter clears up, could you writhe the Dr's not for me? hee hee <3 <3

Missing Santino!!! Or, to put it another way, I've got a Rice jones no Chinese restaurant can satisfy. Santino, your Fantinos await our master's voice!

so basically i was at the GLAAD awards, and i saw no 'celebrities'. they must keep you all quarantined from all us screaming fans.


santino!! its sooo good to see your also a Hedwig fan!!! i went to see the show closing night and it was amazing. My favorite movie. I miss watching you every wednesday night. I think you need your own show. much love!

-chris toledo

oh, you crazy santino -
me, my boyfriend, & his mom, and just about everyone else i know all miss your weekly proj. runway glory -
i know its been some time since the show, but we miss you.
so keep on kickin ass and taking names -

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