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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

Let's go shake it!

Wow! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions - will definitely check out Pike's Market and some of the other ideas. My flight gets in to Seattle around 8pm this Sat - I'll need to go drop my stuff off at a friend's and then I'll be ready to rock it. I'd love to meet any of you Seattle folks - I'll post by Saturday afternoon where I'll be. Any good clubs? let me know... I'll check it out and then let everyone know where the party's at!


it would be kind of hilarious for you to show up at "Haute off the Rack: a rock and roll fashion show."

From the "plane to the party." Let the good times roll. Oh yeah!

aw, that sounds fun...are you not partying in SF?

Haute off The Rack will be the best of Seattle fashion, which while not saying much, we're pretty proud of.

Come by The Bus Stop for the only bar in town that feels like its in NYC (in the good way).

The War Room will be the spot for the hip hop...if you're looking to be seen, definitely hit the Cha Cha (yeah, same as the one in Silverlake).

Hey! It's your favorite Pink Haired Vanilla girl. Good to see you'll be hitting up my home town. A good show to go see Saturday night is Burlesque at the Pink Door. Hosted by the fabulous Swedish Housewife. 1919 Post Alley, in the Pike Place Market, 10 pm It's going to be a rad show, with a lot of the perfomers heading to Miss exotic world in Vegas next month. Good Times and Good Drinks.

Just stopping by, nice journal! Oh yeah awesome job on Project Runway (you should have totally won)

hmm...maybe I'll make a little trip down to Seattle on Saturday? Oh my gosh if I got to meet you I'd freaking die! I hope you have a great visit over here!!!

Well, if you're up for bluegrass-Celtic-punk, one of my favorite bands, The Clumsy Lovers, is playing the Tractor Tavern. The Tractor's not exactly a high-fashion type of place, though - they don't even have chairs, and the drinks are in plastic cups. But the dance floor's good, and the Clumsy Lovers are phenomenal.

Santino, you should come to my housewarming party that night.

According to the lyrics of an old song, Seattle has "the bluest skies you've ever seen" and the "greenest green hills." So...don't forget to look up!

I wish I lived in Seattle! Grah! I need to meet you and Jamey.

I know of two great clubs in Seattle, both Industrial/Goth, both on Capital Hill, just east of the downtown core by about a mile or two.

The Mecury

The Vogue

Santino, in the words of our hip hop connoisseurs-Lil Jon, Mystical, and Eminem- Shake it like a Salt Shaker, Shake it Fast, and Shake that Ass. Just make sure you Shake it!

Some popular Seattle clubs, in no particular order:

Phoenix Underground (and the other Pioneer Square clubs, one cover charge for entry to 5+ clubs), Neighbors, Down Under, Venom, Tabella (new and wasn't good when I went but other people like it)...

I haven't tried the alternative clubs as suggested by other posters, but they could be good too...

SANTINO! The Maharaja, on Pike Street on Capitol Hill: an Indian restaurant with a tiny bar and cocktail lounge in the back... It is a fabulous, sparkly, grimy, hole-in-the-wall, with friendly and pretty things inside. We will be there tonight and Saturday night, late.

Hey Santino!
You have come here at a good time of the year. Enjoy yourself. I'm around the corner in Spanaway, Wa.
If you are ever in need of artwork, please email.
Alicia Miranda

Where could I meet you in SF? You are my hero and I would love a photo with you. My whole family has been project runway fans but from day one I was a Fantino.

Hey you should come take a little trip over on the ferries to bainbridge island and enjoy a cup of coffee at pegasus with me! Not like that will happen, but one can dream. Yeah, let us all know where you're going to be during the day too, so us youngsters can come out and meet you!


Hi Santino! I live like two hours away from San Fransisco and i have no clue what to eat there, but i know a good place to visit!
The Pier! it's a lot of fun and a lot of seafood. Maybe even visit Alcatraz!(send pics!)


Hey, make sure you have someone point out Mount Rainier to you. And you might want to check out the EMP (the Experience Music Project) at Seattle Center they are having an art exhibit from Monet to Lichtenstien and the EMP is great itself. It started out as just a Jimi Hendrix museum but turned into a whole rock museum by Paul Allen (former Microsoft guy). Hope you enjoy my town and we ordered some great weather just for you. Much love, Blackheart1127


hey i think you need to open up the chat room again...that was fun!

I saw you talking on your cell phone in front of Pikes Place Market, you looked fabulous

Hello, Santino! I wish you a wonderful visit to our city and a wonderful life as well.

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