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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

My Northwest Excursion


Academy of Art University in San Francisco is the largest Art and Design school in the Bay Area. So when they asked me to make an appearance at their Academy Day, I was excited to participate. I met with current and future designers and artists, signing autographs, taking pictures, and answering questions about the show and giving my advice when asked.

It was a surprise to see how many young people are pursuing careers in a creative field. It was also a surprise to see GIANT foam core posters of myself jumping around, but I just had to shrug and laugh. Even with the huge turn out it was a comfortable experience for me and all the young, talented individuals. The excited energy in the room was invigorating and inspiring. It's always important to remind yourself of what it was like when you were just beginning as a design student. Many asked me serious questions about their chosen field and talking to each one, I felt like I got a glimpse of myself time and time again.

My San Francisco experience was a blast! I stayed at the St. Francis Hotel right off Union Square and I was able to see a lot of the city the night before that really reminded me just how much I enjoy being in San Francisco!

My time in San Francisco went by so fast, and before I knew it the car was outside again to take me to the airport. Destination: Seattle!


Boy, did I (in more ways than one!!!) ha ha ha Thank God the weather cooperated because it allowed me to see all the sites and vast beauty Seattle has to offer sans the downpour of rain familiar to the region.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their suggestions, I saw as much as I could! ( Dick's on Broadway, CHECK! Pike's Place, CHECK! Argosy Cruise, CHECK! Fremont, CHECK! Space needle, CHECK! The Troll, CHECK! Mariner's Game, CHECK! The Nightlife, CHECK! The Experience Music Project, CHECK! Your Mouth, CHECK!)

This was my first time visiting Seattle and I really wanted to see what this place was all about. Although Seattle is the #1 market in viewership for BRAVO and consequently PROJECT RUNWAY, I could have never imagined the reception I received from this city! Locals felt the need to yell my name the LOUDEST yet. I felt the Love, Y'all!

My Northwest excursion was just the perfect blend of work and play. I'll always have fond memories of my time there and God-willing, I'll be back! Thank you all for the great experience!

P.S. Just kidding about your mouth!

Santino I'm a vegetarian but you make me want to eat meat!
Your eyes are so sexy and i have dreams about a giant santino marching around my city.

Once again my merry mind has been filled with interesting ideas from reading a Santino post! Which one to focus on? Well, I see potential for yet another Santino career opportunity: TRAVEL CORRESPONDENT!

That post was really interesting. Couldn't you see traveling all over the world and reporting back on your adventures for TV, print, websites - whatever! There's even kind of a tie-in to the old fictional classic, "Gulliver's Travels," the best-known story of which features Gulliver visiting the land of the Lilliputians, all of whom were way smaller than him!

Too many ideas! Too little space!
I may have to go and lie down.

P.S. Great pic of you and Jamey. Looks like maybe you guys did a radio appearance somewhere on your trip(?)

SANTINO, SAN FRANCISCO, SEATTLE...OH MY! I'm glad your trip was worth the journey. You seemed to have had a "touristy" good time, and judging from that smaller pic, so did Jamey. All in all, "GOOD TRIP, GOOD TIMES, GOOD JOB!" AND IN THAT LAST PIC, YOU LOOK HOT HOLDING THAT BIG WEINER. :)

Santino it was really great to see you/meet you in SF. I didn't get to talk to you that much, but I did get a kickass picture to remember you by. So THANKS for that!

Tino! Are you back in L.A.? If so, you should come to the Coachella festival this weekend! I want to meet you.


so glad you shared your trips with us! but now you gotta make your way down to the east coast! new York needs Santino! <3 xoxo ( it's true just ask Mayor Bloomberg)

you seem so comfortable around the big weiner. i would be too

Love the cleanish shaven look. How does it feel to be recognized wherever you go? I hope you are being launched in to one fantastic opportunity after another. Thanks for keeping us out here updated on your comings and have made an indelible impression on many hearts and minds. Who knew, right? ;) I'm wondering how many times you heard during this trip "What happened to Andrae?".

Sounds great Sanny ^_____^
u make we wanna go to that school, cause i'm one of thoose peoples aspiring to be a fashion designer XD
though since i'm a new yorker i'm probably going to Parsons, yet i'll check out San Fran. cause if they get cool guest like yourself, then i sure as hell would go!
keep on rockin sanny
~ Dalin "Saint Duckie"

Santino how much would you charge to design me an outfit?

This was worth the wait! It's always great to wake up to a big kick in the ass from Santino. I'm glad to see you inspiring students. They know talent when they see it!!!

lol Santino!! all I have to say is that you are amazing! I just found your blog and I love it! my roommate and I watched Project Runway every moment it came on just to see you!! We LOVE your stuff! and we are so so PROUD of you and what you are doing now! muah*

Next time you visit Seattle, don't forget to check out Broadway (in Capitol Hill). One other place you need to visit is a favorite place of mine since childhood (yes I was a muthafuckin odd child but now that I am no longer a child I am now only muthafuckin odd) is the Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe ( which displays very odd things such as mummies, shrunken heads, etc. They also sell great novelty items and gags like fake vomit and fake poo etc... Well hope you visit soon...

Hey Santino!

I know you posted this a long time ago but I thought I would commment anyway. I'm so glad you came to Seattle, I've lived here my whole life (and I love it). If you had come to Fremont in June you could have seen the naked bicyclists (that was today.) Or you could have gone to Folklife (at the Seattle center) which is the most amazing festival here for locals and tourists. Next time you come to Seattle you should really check out the AVE too, it's great. There are a lot of great festivals and street fairs that go on in the summer.

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