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Friday, April 28, 2006 

Rockin' Out at EMP

Ever wonder how badass it would be if Santino and Jamey had a band? So did we! And thanks to the Experience Music Project in Seattle... we found out... pretty badass huh? xojamey.

That guitar suits you well. Looks like you had a blast good to see you made it to the fish market I'm sure it was a moment of a lifetime there. Have fun this weekend at the festival..

I LOVE a man that can "handle" his INSTRUMENT.:) If this were a real band, what would the name be?- RICE'S REBELS?

You guys DO look totally natural on stage! So, of course, I've been working on band names. I thought of some silly ones, like "Bobbin & Bobber," "Rice-a-Roni," etc., but one I really like is "D'Zyne Lynes."

You play the guitar! Awesome. You're sweet Santino. Hope life is treating you well.

It's so badass that you turn the atmosphere wild with currents of badassness... BEHOLD! The wonder that is the Jamey Santino project!

Jamey you look like a natural drummer! Yeow! ;)

wiat, does that mean you actually played? haha you are damn talented..

HEY YOU GUYS...MORE BAND NAMES...JAMEY'S JUBILEE, RICE'S REJECTS, HAUTE HELLRAISERS, THE UNICORNS, ANUS MOUTH, and my personal favorite- SANTINO'S SOUL SEEKERS! This fictional band would get more "tail" than a toilet seat.

It is neat that you can play guitar...or at least learned enough to do this show....whichever.

oh my gosh! too cute! my prom is going to be at EMP in a couple weeks and I'm definitly going to go find the guitar you're playing and lick it. I LOVE YOU SANTINO!!!!!!!

You guys look like you're having a blast! Would have love to have seen that. Thanks for posting.


It was a treat to meet you in SF last weekend, along with my wife and daughter. Not sure which one of us is the bigger fan.

But now to see you in front of that wall of guitar cabinets with the Strat; firkin cool.

I handed you two of my CD's in SF, Subdeacons/Half of 26 and my personal home stuff, Martin Sound Labs/Kinder Gentler Digital World. So proud to add those two to your collection, not to mention the fab magnets.

Thought you would dig the samples and loops on Kinder Gentler Digital World; i recorded my noisy neighbors and put them in there on many tracks, amongst other things.

Like a baboon's ass exploded on my ADAT.

Meeting you was a real treat. Look forward to hearing more of YOUR music.

Forgot to include URL, in case you have any comments!

hey hey hey!!!!!! I don't care how bad ass you are... it's May now...we NEED updates!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santino, as sexy as you look with a guitar...I'm still a little tired of this picture. Let's have an update, shall we? Update suggestions, you say? Well, lets could show us pics of your new place, Coachella pics, you in the nude, you and Jamey, you in more stilettos, you modeling your assortment of hats, you cuddling with beautiful women, you cuddling with beautiful men. Just something new about your life.

why are you neglected us Fantinos??

what are you up to?? -

when will we see you again??

oh good lord I'm going mad with anticipation of your updates!!!! how long will this torture go on?!?!?! WHY SANTINO??? WHYEEEEEE?!?!?!

haha I did the same thing when my mom had her company party. But mine was with some my mom's coworker's kids. They were like 3 and 6 and I was 14. They also got to name the band which was "the pink bunnies".

ure FCUK'in cool dude!

ure RAWK!!!!!

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