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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

Seattle Post 1

I've been having a great time here in Seattle, I am a little disappointed that it hasn't rained yet. Here are a couple pics from saturday night and sunday, I'll post more stuff soon, going to go out and enjoy the day! Here's an article from the Seattle Times.

Ooh, nice informative article!
And new pix for me to caption!!!

For picture #2-
Santino and friend are pleased to observe that the Santino Thong does indeed put an end to panty lines.

For pictures #4 & 5-
"What do you MEAN 'Get your head out of the shot.' You don't think all these people are here to see a BALLGAME, do you?!"

We have had enough rain around here!!! This sunshine is just for you!!!

Love the Seattle Times article. How was the game? And look at you in picture #2, checking out that girl's boobs. Shame on you, Santino. As for your dislike of "Fantino," here's a better example than Clay Aiken. The Grateful Dead has "dead heads" and Jerry Garcia was the shit, and Santino Rice has "Fantinos." So you're in good company! Just remember, the more famous you get, the more ridiculous the names associated with you become- i.e. TomKat, Brangalina, Bennifer- you get the point.


...and did I forget to mention...
that last picture is HOT! ;-)

I hope your loving it here in Seattle! I read the article in Seattle Times about you and how your dream was to go to Dicks. I'm happy that dream finally came true for you. I love Dicks. Its a Seattle classic it was started the same year the highschool I go to started which was 1954.

I want to meet you<333


Looks like you are having a nice time - the Pacific northwest is my favorite part of the USA

But - what are you really doing in Seattle - and - are you working? for other designers? who? what? when? where?

We Fantinos need to know

The last two pictures are orgasmic. Of all your hats, I love the black straw fedora most. In fact, I think you look most handsome in fedoras. They just don't grow men like you in the "dirty south." What a shame!

Santino!!!! you keep gettin' hotter and hotter!!! but are you cheating on me with the girls in the hot pants?!?! say it isn't so!!!

Santino, you have giving new meaning to my Lobster experience. As I looked down at my steaming red lobster lying placidly on my white china plate, i noticed it's head turned into your face and then it spoke to me...Design it and they will come!

Eep! ^_^ You're so fucking adorable!

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