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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 


Have the planets aligned?! I absolutely LOVE Star Wars and I LOVE Santino! Both together?! Yay!!!!!!

Bitchin' baby, BITCHIN' ! Kinda dwarf that storm trooper don't ya? hehe love ya doll! picture and everything, but what happened to the little dirty-talking toys? Oh Santino, you're not gonna go all G-rated on us, are you?!?!

hey santino- is that your leather jacket that you had to cut up in COYB?

Designers, the Emperor needs you to design a new outfit for the imperial stormtrooper. Must be tough plastic, but breathable underneath and also needs to be able to deflect a laser blast to the helmet.

I'm giving you 500 space bucks.
Make it work.

Santino, you're the man.

~j rock

haha you would so kick the storm trooper's ass.

i'd hate to see what happened to the wookie

Glad to see that the Imperial forces still care about fashion... ;-)

Santino, this photo oozes "hero status." I had a dream that involved visiting you, except you were a famous cabaret performer. Droves of fans waited to talk to you in your cabaret/circus-type tent.

oo i love that picture

that is all kinds of cool.

Love the pic but happened to our toys...that was FUN and you looked HAPPY!!!

who needs Luke Skywalker when Santino Rice is so much hotter!

Santino, you look hot in the picture, but what's with offing the stormtrooper. I prefer sex to violence. So what happened to the filty mouthed toys? Can the Disney stuff and bring back the fashion rebel.

This isn't a comment about the picture. It's a bit of fiction I cooked up last night:


The mood at Red Lobster was pleasant and upbeat. Tim Gunn listened proudly as his partner, Andrae, charmed Tim's associates with witty anecdotes. "This evening will be different from the rest," thought Tim contentedly, "At last Andrae and I are making it work!"
Unfortunately that was the very moment Tim and Andrae's friend Santino chose to stop by their table to say hello. Spotting a particularly appetizing morsel on Andre's plate, Santino screamed, "I...WANT...YOUR...SOLE!"
Terrified, Andrae ran from the table, sobbing. Tim shook his head in despair. His associates gasped in horror. Santino sat down in Andrae's empty chair and proceeded to polish off not just the rest of Andrae's sole, but two of Tim's associates as well.


You look like a cardboard cut out in that picture.

Great picture of you Santino!
Nice to see your sweet self.

Wow, nice body; man I'd love to kiss that belly-button.

There, I said it, so SUE me!


nice low rider jeans, Santino...your abs are deliciously on display :)

Which Star Wars character would Santino be good at being????

That's a really cool picture. I had no clue you designed that outfit - Wow!

This delicious picture is my current background!
Keep on rockin' in the free world,

Damn Santino, you are hot as hell.

As for the question about which "Star Wars" character Santino would be, I think he's Darth Vader on the outside, but an ewok underneath.

If Santino were a Star Wars character, he'd be Yoda. Only taller and hotter.

That picture is AWESOME!!! You should be the new General in command.

Also, did you know about this:

Is this you?

I think it's a fake and I wanted to let you know that people are using your name.

I couldn't put my name in for some reason, so anyway this is mailea.

I came by to steal hat ideas. I was not dissapointed.

Ms G! You are HILARIOUS! Thanks for the Fish Tale! :)

aaahahaha nniicceee..

Santino!!!! It's been 5 days since this post, I know I have been partying hard since then, you should be too...give us some updates!!! I NEED MORE SANTINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxxo

"Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?"

Come on, I had to quote it.

Much love to you as you settle into your stardom!

There's a big sale of Elton John's stage outfits and personal wardrobe starting tomorrow at Saks Fifth Avenue. It won't be anywhere near as fun as Santino's lawn sale. I'll bet Elton doesn't have any 3-headed dragon puppets or ANYTHING!

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