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Saturday, April 22, 2006 

This Weekend in Seattle

hey - tonight (this sat) we're going to check out the cha cha around 10:30ish and/or the bus stop and then the war room after (thx tom). thanks for all the tips... sunday night might check out the haut off the rack. (thx josh)

we'll see you around. jamey.

Anybody remember the Roxbury guys? -those club hoppers Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan used to play on "Saturday Night Live?"

Tee hee. I couldn't resist. I KNOW you two are MUCH cooler (AND have a sense of humor)!

Have a great time guys!

When are you coming to Phoenix? I'm jealous of all those Seattle fans...grrrr....

Tell us about the COFFEE that way!

Nod to my fave Ms. G as well.

You guys in Seattle are so lucky!!!

I live in California! You people who live in Seattle are so lucky!

I saw you at the Mariners game in the parking garage. You walk too fast or I would have said more than hi after we parked. I live in Capitol Hill so I hope to see you around tonight!

So when are you going to be stopping by NY again?

You missed out on good times tonight at the rockin fashion show. Lots of sexy people in their undies and shit! I even got drunk, wow! Anyway, I hope you're having a good time in Seattle and maybe I will see you around!

Santino, where did you go? (to the tune of Daniel Franco where did you go?) We tried to find you at Haut off the Rack last night but there were only Santino impostors! Can you please post where you are heading the rest of your time in Seattle? We are dying to meet you!!!

Hey Fella, I've been hearing you're putzing around my neighborhood. You caught the good weather. If you're still in town on Tuesday night, check this out:

Yes, Orchestra Le POW! is playing the JewelBox Theater again. And Last time the hyjinks were out of this world! Live Band Caberet, singing, and dancing.
Rendezvous and JewelBox Theater
2nd and Blanchard
8 pm, $12

Where are you going to be the rest of the time in Seattle? Are you hiding from us? Come out where ever you are. I'll untie you (Andrae)!!!

by the time I arrived at CHAC, the runway part of the show had ended. How very un-rock and roll for the highlight of the event to be over before 9 pm.

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