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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Wheelin' and Dealin'

Hey guys, thanks for being patient with my recent absence from the site. I have been literally going from one meeting to another for the last couple weeks. Things are going really well and there are several things in the works which i will share with you as soon as I am able.

I'll be doing doing a bit of traveling this weekend, first San Francisco on Friday and Saturday then Seattle Saturday night through Wednesday. If anyone has any suggestions on where to go or what to do specifically in Seattle, let me know!

Again, thanks everyone for your continued support... stay tuned here as the story develops.


mission or castro or both? i'm such a fan and glad to see you are back on and in the 415 this weekend...welcome.

Hooray for updates!
Have fun in Seattle!

you should definitely go to the famous fish market where they throw the fish and catch them it is such an experience and you can do it too. Then you can post a pic of you catching a fish on the site. That's what seattle is known for oh yeah and the space needle. I've been there it's a really nice city kinda rainy though. Have fun and keep on rockin the fashion world much love


MY HOUSE!!! I live in Seattle, go to Pikes Place Market, they throw fish, it's fun!

Hey Santino! If you want to check out some of the less touristy areas of Seattle, good areas to start are the University District, Fremont, Belltown, and Capitol Hill.

The University District is an ecelectic college student area. It contains all the usual: boutiques, music stores, and lots of great, cheap restuarants. I highly recommend Thai Tom (Hole in the wall Thai restaurant where food is served up in flames in front of pretense) and Agua Verde (best tacos in Seattle). The Fremont area is also a cool place to hang out. On Sunday mornings they have a flea market and Fremont is considered the artsier/bohemian part of Seattle. If youre there, grab a large cup of Gelatto. For evenings, the Belltown area hosts a hip lounge, music, and restuarant scene. Also Capitol Hill is an alternative cool place to check out.

Have fun on your travels. Glad to see your busy. I'm a huge fan.

"There are several things in the works which i will share with you as soon as I am able." So there is something brewing in the world of Santinoville and it's lofty king. I am bursting with anticipation. Have big fun in San Fran and Seattle- take an umbrella. And have a SAFE and PRODUCTIVE trip. In the words of Penny Lane, "it's all happening."

Santino? I really hope you are the person from Project Runway coming to Academy Day at Academy of Arts University in SF. I realllllly do. They said someone from Project Runway was coming. AND IF ITS YOU. I will cry.

We should have a map of the world to track Santino's travels, with a little light that pinpoints exactly where he is at any given moment. And the map will gradually change color as, one by one, he takes over all the U.S. states, then foreign countries in his quest for world domination!

I'm sure you'll have fun whatever you do.

Looking forward to whatever news is coming up soon!

In Seattle:
1. Harvest Vine- best Tapas and desserts in the world
2 Mashiko's- best sushi, get the chef's choice
3. Pies and Pints- for kick around, relaxing meat pies and good brew
4. Simply Desserts for Dessert
5. The showbox or the Sunset pub for concerts

Santino -

Let me know if you need any suggestions for SF - i can point you in the right direction.

Regardless - welcome to SF :)

Meow - K

Santino, i think you should hang out with me in seattle. definitely. i think fruity drinks of some sort could be arranged, as could a totally awesome good time. We could have dinner at my mom's, she's a huge fan. Just let me know, then I can cry into my charmeuse when you stand me up for some hot young design thing. Be aware, the boys wear polar fleece here.

Caption for the new picture:
"What do you MEAN 'the pope-mobile' wasn't available?!?"

(OH NO! I'm...I'm...OVER-POSTING!!!)

In Seattle, you might appreciate the Experience Music Project. Lots of hands on exhibits and good memorabelia.

i'm not from seattlem but every one knows the very first starbucks is located there, i'm sure the baristas would get a kick out of posing with you...i know i would...when are you coming to the Big Apple!?!, you come to NY and I swear I will be the first in line wherever you go! <3 <3 xoxoxo

Alicia mentioned some good ones, Agua Verde, Belltwon, Capital Hill, it all just depends on what you're feeling like doing.

OR you could hang out with a bunch of people who would love to meet you. We'll take you to the Rendezvous, it'll be fun.

I would FREAK OUT if I could meet you here in Seattle!!! You have to go to the Space Needle and Safeco Field to see the Mariners!

i live in seattle! ok um. lets see. definitely pike place market, which has been mentioned. all the people who visit love the flying fish. the first starbucks is right across from that, but that is usually reeeeeally crowded. space needle too, seattle center is right by that, its nice there too. EMP (experience music project) is always fun too. queen anne has some really cute boutiques and good restaurants. capitol hill is THE BEST, definitely go there. have lotsa fun and definitely come to my house. haha.

Santino!!!! (((HUGS))) great to hear you have things in the works! Have a wonderful trip and take lots of pictures! :)


Seattle is officially on Santino Rice alert.

Oh, i know what you can do on Friday night in Berkeley (it's worth the trip). Amoeba Music is having an art show at the Nexus Gallery
Its 7pm-11pm. Cheese. Booze. Art. Cheesey Art? You'll have to see for yourself.

P.S. In SF people keep sayin' I look like you. Its a little weird but when my mom said it I thought it was even weirder. Regardless, I got a Santino crew waiting to welcome you if you even need it.

Uh, KaySee...the Mariners play at Safeco at 6:05. The game will pretty much be over by the time his plane lands.

Ditto the people who recommended Agua Verde. It's on Boat Street at the south end of Brooklyn (Or University Way, a.k.a., "the Ave.") They serve great food, inexpensively, and they support sustainably-caught seafood.

Downstairs they have an awesome paddle club, so if you want to go kayaking on Sunday or Tuesday, let me know; I can guide you.

I don't know from the 'club scene' (not my gig/area), but the biggest clubs are in Pioneer Square (just south of the core downtown area) and up on Capitol Hill. I recommend that you pick up a free copy of The Stranger (it comes out on Thursdays). It's the free alternative paper available at a lot of shops and in newspaper boxes around town (counterparts exist in LA and SF). It lists all the alterno-happenings, esp. music, films and other interesting gigs for the week.

If you need to reach me for any more questions, the BPR folks have my info.

Definitly check out the Mission or the Castro. Mighty, DNA, Badlands, Martuni's, Skylark, Blondies. You must also stop by the Haight! Have breakfast at Katie's kitchen. Here is a good site to check out

yay san francisco!! are you here for the Academy of Art U thing? if so, see ya there!!! oh, and i used to live in seattle. i just saw a band from there too, the Lashes.

oh shit!! santinos in seatown! hooolllaaa. well i think you should deff go to like the ave. (university district) there are some bomb boutiques there and hella bomb food. the space needle is always good. and u should hella go into the big fountain in the seattle center! hahaha that would be hella tight. but yeah wherever u go, i wanna see u! so u should post up when ur gonna be at like pike place market or whatever. that would be tight. im a huggeee fan. hella. -ASHRAF

Welcome to Seattle!!!
Here's my list....
If is raining (or not) you should
check out Maya Lin's exhibit at the Henry Art Gallery. It just opened on Friday.
Get coffee at the Bauhaus in Capitol Hill or Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square.
Grab a drink with a view on the deck at the Pink Door. You'll access it though Post Alley downtown. Look for the pink door. Sometimes its hard to get a table outside - you can call ahead. Im not sure there is a sign. Speaking of no signs... there is a kickin cuban sandwich place on Fremont avenue - Paseo. 4125 Fremont. There isnt a sign but you can smell it if you get close. Grab one to go and check out gasworks park in Fremont. Best view of the city.

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