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Saturday, May 27, 2006 


SANTINO: "Ronald, you da man!"

RONALD: "No, Santino, YOU da man!"

SANTINO: "YOU da man!"

RONALD: "YOU da man!"

{Continues til McDonald's closing time, when the manager throws them out}

P.S. That picture is absolutely AWESOME!!!

Let's see, which of you two is better looking? The 6'5'' cutie with the beard, or the shorter one with all the makeup and the perm! Curiously, I'm attracted to both. But I think I'm going to have to go with Santino, sorry Ronald. I hope this won't damage your friendship.

Aw, it's Ronald and Santino.


but... what happened to Andre?

hano i come from HK
nice to meet u
i so luv ur design
well done +oil <3

hope i can be friend wif u =)
if ok can u sd me a e-maiL?
or go to my XG sign a comment

Mmmm, homefries.

heehee awesome!

i'am from Hong Kong
i've watched the tv programme "the projuct runway"
i love your style and your design very much
hope to be friend with you.

you're so cute

Imagine the bonding session, as Santino and Ronald swap horror stories of inappropriate fan behavior, drowning their sorrows together, milkshake after milkshake.

oh santino, you make me smile.


Hello*i come from Hong Kong.
I've watched project runway and i lve your design*
Hope i can be friends wif you.
My blog:
BTW,,,i support you forever=P


Santino, this snapshot is an excellent example of why you are, by far, the most endearing of the project runway pack(this includes season 1 and the always annoying Jay McCarroll); not to mention the most creative, talented, attractive, and funny. (Gee, I hope my crush on you isn't showing!) But can you imagine Chloe, Daniel, Nick, Kara, or God love him, Emmett, possessing the comedic wit to post a picture of themselves with Ronald McDonald. Andrae maybe, but not them. And that's why I say again that you, and you alone, are the only reason I'm buying the 2nd season of PR. But I'd much rather give my money to you, for something beautiful.

And the pals will likely start influencing each other's work. McDonald's next advertising jingle:
"Lighten up, they're just french fries..."

you're so hot

The running Ronald thing has finally inspired me to update my otherwise incredibly boring (but free!) text-only blog at in between trips to MickeyDee's!

As for RONALD'S influence on SANTINO - At his next fashion show, instead of having each model walk the runway solo, he'll have a funny little car drive out, from which a seemingly endless parade of models keep emerging!


You better be careful, Santino. You're in the spotlight now, and if the tabloids discover your friendship with Ronald, they might try to make it something dirty! I mean Ronald has a high profile job as Chief Happiness Officer of McDonald's! I can just see the tabloid headline now: Project Runway Bad Boy, Santino Rice, Caught with His Big Mac in Ronald McDonald's Happy Meal. The Room Covered in Special Sauce! :)

Santino starts tagging along with The Ronald to the children's birthday parties he hosts. The kiddies lose patience and start crying when Santino insists on designing a different outfit for each balloon animal before he'll let Ronald hand them out.

RONALD: "Santino, why would a camel even NEED a camels's hair coat? Just GIVE THE KID THE DAMN BALLOON!!!"

lol gotta love that red hair =]

The threat of scandal aside, there are perks to being Ronald McDonald's best friend. In no time, McDonald Corp. will be commissioning you to design all the chains' uniforms. Before you know it, you're at fashion week again, showcasing your Mickey D's Fall collection. And if all goes well, the next link in the chain of success...commercials. You could go from McDonald's designer to national spokesperson. And the new chain slogan would be: "Hi, I'm Santino Rice and I believe in eating the competition... but I'd much rather eat at McDonald's!"

P.S. Much Love!

I'm afraid the Santino/Ronald friendship may be doomed. For one thing, there are the differences in musical taste. How often can Santino sit through a CD by Insane Clown Posse?

Another perk to being friends with R.M. is the fun of collaboration. You two could combine talents. Ronald likes to sing and you like to sing. So why not put out a rap song! You could call it "Rollin With Ronald!" Or you could channel Ronald's style and create a new design aesthetic...clown couture is born!

no, he*s MYYYYYYY best friend.
look, i have proof!

Perhaps Ronald's association with Santino will make casting directors see him in a new light. Maybe at last they'll see Ronald McDonald as a romantic lead or an adventure hero and he'll no longer be cast only as a....well, you know...the "c" word. (I don't like to spell it out. He's sensitive about it).

Hi Santino!!!
I'm brazilian, and I have only, a basic notion of english.
Wish say who I love your occupation!!
I'm go stylist, too.

I love you!!!

Kisses, Isabela

hello Santino, i'm very surprising of are many people from HK want to be your friends. i'm very very surprising that. you're so HOT in HK!! and i also think people who from HK is so enthusiastic! as "Project Runway" is just start on HK's TV this year, it is also just to start in my country--Taiwan! though we all come from different countries, but here's the same thing--we all love Santino and your designs!!!!<33333

hey, santino
That is hilarious
Ronald McDonald
btw, u are really popular in HK
the outfits u designed are just...cant be better
though i dun really agree with ur attitude.
but anyway, u should have won the game
Daniel's ones were Okay
Chloe's . simply the worst among all> to me
ur stars didn't shine
it was just misforture

So, how is Santino the Great doing right now?
When will u show ur super amazing
design to the world again?
Just hope u will achieve whatever u want.
U sparkle in the world of fashion design

ha. and i didn't know u play music too. All-rounded Santino.

Santino, I miss you on Project Runway this season. You were the shine on the apple! You are unique and truly yourself. Those attributes are what draw fans to you AND piss off the insecure. Personally, I think you should host SNL. You are so funny, especially the Tim Gunn impressions. So, who did Andrae finally go out with? You or Tim? Inquiring minds want to know...
Just keep doing what you like; you won't be the next McDonald's or JCPenney, but then you don't want to be!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a Leo too, or had you guessed that already? Happy belated birthday. LOLA

Oh, Santino, I miss your presence on Project Runway this season! You were the shine on the apple last year. So, I see from reading your blog that you haven't gotten boring. And from one Leo to another, that's the ultimate compliment. :)
So, have you considered appearing on SNL? I mean, you are SO funny! You could do the Tim Gunn thing, and the Project Runway fans would never get tired.
It's safe to say you will never put Taiwan out of business or be the next McDonald's gangbuster franchise, but YOU DON'T WANT TO BE! Neither do your fans. Keep designing and just being you. That's all a true fan will ever ask of you.
Best wishes always,

Hy Santino,
I'm your Colombian fan ...
I was very happy to see you as Miss Universe judge, looking good an sexy as always ,,, If you need a designer of your accesories thats Me.
Love you

Santino - you are SO HOT!

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