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Sunday, May 21, 2006 

BIG FISH, little pond......

It's not important for me to be loved by everyone, only the right ones!
Heading over to In&Out to get my "Animal Style" fix, who should I run into but
GENIUS photographer, TERRY RICHARDSON!!!!!!!! Small World, Los Angeles is!!!
We had a little impromptu photo shoot in the parking lot.....CLASSIC!
Check out Terry's work at .

Hang Loose & Rock n' Roll!

Shhh! Animal style is a secret!

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In L.A., cameras are like American Express... you NEVER leave home without one!

WE Love you Santino! F.A.G it up baby!

The F.A.G Team

You might be the coolest guy who ever walked in a pair of shoes.
I'm swedish so I should know.

You're not fattening up your "big fish" to sell us to Red Lobster, are you?!?!?

mmmmmm in-n-out that place so much... seems like every where yo go is a kodak moment...hope to see some more of the photos you took, the best phots are always the spontaneous ones!

Thanks for the site; I was not familiar with Terry's work...very interesting stuff. Keep the artists coming some of us (speaking for myself) have fallen out of touch....Thank you!!!

Oh look! He's wearing a customized Santino shirt! Verrrry cool.

Santino, I'll bet you broke all your own rules about approaching celebrities when you spotted Mr. Richarson. You probably went all "fanboy," caused a scene, interrupted him while he was enjoying his In-and-Out Burger, and dragged him out into the parking lot to pose with you!

Great to see you're doing well, and thanks for introducing me to this photog's work: brilliant, loud, and sexy! I don't watch T.V. a lot, but I'll watch the next time you're on.

I just realized something. You have an odd fascination with restaurants: First, there was Red Lobster,home of the Tim Gunn/Andrae indiscretions; Second, you took your posse to Dick's on Broadway...Sir Mix-A-Lot style; Then, there's McDonald's, where you sometimes moonlight as a Ronald McDonald stand-in; and now In-n-Out Burger, where you serve as a very adorable parking lot muse/model for the noted Terry Richardson. Sorry Santino, but I think these are the early signs of restaurant fetishism!

Santino, do you know if we'll be able to see the pcitures


What more perfect lyrics could one find to serenade Santino with than the Pussycat Dolls song that goes "Loosen up my buttons, baby!"

I Santino!! .. mm i´m from argentina!... so im quite far away but I love Proyect Runway and UR my favourite !! I don´t know if it´s updated here so .. maybe you have already lost jajaja LOL joye.. (i hope not :D)

So.. even before I had catch up the show here I had founded this blog.. by mistake!! imagine qhen I have seen you on TV!!


well I just wanted to say Hi!! nice blog... and Good work!! You R great!! maybe you can come around and design here!! ..


miss your blogs, Santino! where u been??

I haven't captioned this picture yet!

SANTINO: "You da man!"

TERRY: "YOU da man!"

SANTINO: "No, YOU da man!"

TERRY: "No, Santino, YOU da MAN!"

{Continues til dawn}

I'm all for Terry's idea and him expressing it, I'm not debating whether it's art- it is art, it could be more, and it could be incredible. As it is, I
had some inital reactions to it and I need to know the 'why.'

I like controversy, I like new ideas, I like questioning the norm, or wondering what you wonder why you wonder. Terry's capturing of women felt
too one-sided, it's cheapened the art, the experience becomes a shallow victimization. Feel the whole spectrum, otherwise it's simply to turn
on or feed anyone's appetite that would want to objectify and victimize us. Is the art of it to wonder why we're so uncomfortable with it? I'd love
it if it was - that's art.

Santino, would you celebrate pictures of a fresh hate crime committed on someone you know, in a rallying
"look-what-we-scored" kind of way? Is that still art? Those pictures can be powerful. How would you want them to be used? I'd be interested
in your response as would your other readers I'm sure - even if it's "no comment" posted it on your blog.

I was going to start out with... "Terry's sick and I'm offended"... because women don't need to be objectified anymore than they are already.
But there was more to my point and I didn't want to turn off readers before the real thinking took place. Terry isn't sick, that's too dismissive
and an uneducated approach - my emotions got the best of me... I was umm offended, sorry.
From my point of view... why, because of the way I was born do I need to carry pepper spray and carry fear with me in order to take a test on
campus after the sun sets (2 female students were accosted by an unmarked van carrying at least 3 men that tried to take them from a
parking lot)? And apparently we're not even safe with another person- Excuse me, another woman. How many women in a group does there
need to be in order to make them safe? How does that look, that a whole world acts this way toward women? These kinds of questions and
shades of feeling- that's the art of this subject.

I'm sure that you have felt the hurt people in this world inflict simply because of who you happen to be. I thought you celebrated women. Your
mom's the shit, you make us pretty, we love our 'other girlfriends'- gay/bi men, we love anyone being true to themself, but I need to know
more of the 'why' - even if Terry never completes the project. How do you see his art? Am I completely off the mark?

With respect, compassion, and the interest to understand everyone's (complete) story.


Just a word of advice, don't let the fame take over your life. Design, Santino, DESIGN.

I look at the In-n-Out picture, and all I see is a guy that took a picture with a famous photographer he met at a burger joint. But someone else looks at the picture and they see a guy endorsing an objectifier of women...interesting.
I believe in the objectification of women but I also believe that all women are not victims or damsels in distress. The women posing for Terry Richardson are aware of what their getting themselves into. He doesn't force these women to pose for him, they do it of their own free will.
I understand where Jackie's coming from, but I enjoy Terry Richardson's work because it explores the sexual side of fashion and life. Women merely being sexual isn't objectification, there's more to it than that. Some of his work may cross into offensive territory but a lot of his photos are really beautiful in their own way.
And we all know sexual crimes against women are rarely about sex but more about control. Sexual images aren't always pretty, sometimes their disturbing or shocking. There are other photographers that take similar pictures of men, such as Rick Castro. So does objectification still apply? And I don't think Santino's personal journal blog should be a public forum for our individual rants or societal objections. This is a happy place for fashion and laughter. But that's just my opinion.

OMG. My two favorite men.

i'd love to make sex with you two.

i'm so jealous. i'm now dirt poor since i've moved to california and sooo hungry. animal fries would be amazing. haha

i came to write here though, because you have made my move easier. my best friend and i bond over the videos of you and andrae. i am the santino to her andrae.

and god damn, you're funny. can't wait to see more of your work!

Hi Santino and fans!
I was routing for you. You designs are so interesting and unusual which makes you #1, which is why I thought you should have won. You did to alot of us and hope to buy some of your designs online. Make sure you think of us moms of 6 with those 2xl butts ok!??
Kim in BC, Canada

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