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Sunday, May 07, 2006 


Genius Fashion Photographer Michael Thompson shot me and a handful of
others for a special TV issue of Details coming out June or July. It
was another surreal experience....Omarosa, Dr. 90201, The Also others that I wasn't familiar with because I
rarely watch TV. But when the issue comes out, I think you'll find it
pretty interesting!

It was exciting working with Michael Thompson. He shoots a lot of
Celebrity cover stories, but I love his fashion photography, Michael
shoots for W magazine and has created so many memorable images over
the years.

I haven't forgotten about Coachella, more to come

Caption for the middle picture:

Santino (whispering to Omarosa): "Room 618 at midnight, bitch. Be on time or China and I will start without ya."

Reality TV Gods I thank you. Now this is an update...Good boy! Oh Santino, you make me so proud. You definitely out SHINE a former reality bitch and ex-wrestler! One minute you're leading a "surreal life" and the next you're on The Surreal Life. And could Omarosa have put her boobs in your face any more than she did. A little closer, and her boobs would have been a part of your outfit... Good girl!!!

looked at you all in white, like some pimped out angel, love these photos though, you are one beautiful looking man!!! Can't wait for that issue of Details to come out :)

Santino you look so sexy!!!!

catering rules.
santino looks hot in white.

Damn you photograph well!!! Very impressive...I'll pick-up Details in my travels. Congrats!!!

White HOT!!!

Can't wait to see it. But you're way too hip for Omarosa.

is it just me, or do Omorosa's boobs look way huger (if that is a word) than they did the last time she was milking her 15 seconds of fame on the "Surreal Life" ? Give it up, sistah!

santino i love ya!

To answer SUE...yes Omarosa's boobs are bigger because she had them done, every "celebrity" news show had a clip on her last week ;)
So Santino...did they look real??

Caption for the top picture:

Disappointed that the buffet seems to consist of only coffee and some kind of weird-looking biscuits, Santino has the crew line up in the back of the room,where he will select one as his entree.

Santino,in the Omarosa and China picture, do you realize you look like a man that just won PIMP OF THE YEAR, with his two bottom bitches? You remind me of a tan Snoop Dogg... minus the weed and the perm! :)

u look really good in those pics!

Well, The Caption Monster may as well do the last picture, too:

Michael: "I swear, Santino, the suit looks WAY better on you than it did on the Kentucky (Fried Chicken) Colonel."

Yes! M Thompson is one of my Fav TOP Photogs in US right now, cant wait to see the Deails shoot!

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the same ole adjectives to describe how truly SEXY you really are... like the simple yet juvenile word HOT. Surely, we as adult and horny women have a more extensive vocabulary than that. So I'm willing to go out on a lexicon limb and try something different... here it goes...Santino, you are a very PULCHRITUDINOUS looking man. *pause* *longer pause* No, I was wrong... just doesn't have the same sexual ring to it as HOT. Sorry!

(taking a cue from try_girl) how about arousing and erotic?

Not to mention "smokin'".."seductive"...and "sinfully scintillating!" Santino, your female fans are going to take on your male fans and kick their asses! :-)

Santino!!! Sexy pics!!!

In the words of the A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together." The revolution has come, Santino. Now your female fans will consider new and more mature adjectives when describing your "hot bod." Here are a few more ladies..."ravishing," "salacious," "torrid." And if you must use "hot" ladies...try "red hot." Or as ms. g pointed out..."smokin." I can only hope my teachings help young women everywhere better express their hormones for you, Santino. Ladies, may you not only lust in your heart for this man, but also in your vocabulary. And yes ms. g, we will kick his male fans ass...because women are just better than men. Goodnight and Good luck!

adding to the revolutionlets add to our arsenal:

" magnetic" "ambrosial" "Adonis" and/or "resplendent"

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