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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 

DVD Signing at Vidiots



VIDIOTS will celebrate the DVD release of Project Runway Season 2 by hosting SANTINO RICE for an evening of fun, fashion and behind-the-scenes gossip along with clips from Season 2. DVD copies of Project Runway Season 2 will be available for purchase.

SANTINO RICE, the emerging youthful fashion talent and former contestant on Project Runway most recently appeared on the MTV MOVIE AWARDS as well as created MTV's own SuChin Pak's dress for the Red Carpet. Keep an eye out for SANTINO in the August issues of Details and ELLE magazine.

Admission is free on a first come first serve basis.

Make sure to reserve your copy of the DVD, You know they will be selling like BAGELS!
I look forward to seeing you there!
Much Love, SANTINO

Um...I understood all that except the unusal marks by SuChin's last name. It looks like a TM for trademark! Has she trademarked her name?! Has Santino trademarked HIS?!?! Should I trademark "Ms. G.?!?!?!"

I'm so confused,
Ms. G. TM

stoopid MS Word. Thanks - fixed it Ms. G™ ;)

I might not be able to attend the DVD in store signing (considering I live no where near California) but I will definitely purchase the DVD on the 27th. And even though I won't be there to attach myself to your leg like a dog in heat, I'm sure some other fan has it covered. I know the signing will be a success! And remember these words of wisdom, "never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy." (Well in your case, you're clear for the live boy, but the dead girl I'd advise against.)

ELLE, Santino?! Woohoooo! You are so going to make Chloe Dao look bad! Where the hell is the issue that she's supposed to be in?!

hahaha -- love the bagel line. i wish i could get my DVD signed by santino but alas, chicago is far away from LA :(

You wouldn't happen to be promoting a clothing line would you, my sly Boy w/ the devilish smirk. I hope the hell so!!!! May I remind you Fall is fast approaching and I need a new leather coat, which must be purchased in July when Fall/Winter clothes hit the retail floors. Get to work!!

Due to unfortunate geographical circumstances, I won't be there, either. But Santino's legs are so long, maybe try_girl and I can each hump one from afar!

To hump Santino's legs from afar is the stuff naughty dreams are made of. So here's to dreaming Ms.G. However, maybe this damn geographic impediment is a good thing. At least this way I don't have to crush the larynxes of 12 year old girls in order to get close to Santino, so he can sign my DVD and my boobs!

Just heard Madonna's "Borderline" on the car radio and had the overwhelming urge to pump my fist and yell, "Go, biiiiiiitch!"
No question about it. I've been "Santino-ed."

I have a brilliant idea- maybe you could re style the tragic Britney Spears. Turn her career around- make her ultra cool and stylish during this pregnancy. Imagine it... Feel it... Live it....

hi santino i was watching prject runway reruns and decided to do a search on you. well i am fifteen and i draw like a maniac i love your designs and you creativity. our designs tend to be very similar but i am havingtraouble starting to sew the garments i would love to here from you please email me:
thank you in advance,

hi Santino~it's really great to know that you have your own blog! I come from Hong Kong and I have been watching Project runway here (Well, the show isn't ended in HK yet). I think you are talented and after watching nearly the whole of the show, I feel there's nothing wrong with your character (in fact I feel that you have a good personality and I like it). I really hope that you had been the winner! Anyway nevermind as I could see from your blog that you are doing quite successful now. Wish u every success in the future, cute and fun man:P

You should go ON TOUR to promote the DVD - spreading peace, love and Santinoism across America!

I'm all for an American tour, sharing your big mac and special sauce with all who love you! My happy meal would welcome you! And my Mcflurry would overflow with joy...while I shout, I'm loving it!

You could do a tour of McDonalds' across the country! Think of all the Ronald McDonalds you could meet!

Uh oh, I mean...I mean... There's only ONE Ronald, of course. And he could come WITH you and....

(Ronald's gonna be SO MAD at me. I'd better not let the cat out of the bag about there being more than one Santino)!

I wanna go really badly but I found out too late to get permission. This sucks considering I missed the yard sale too.

I'm the kid who couldn't go to that because of his wisdom teeth.

Third time's a charm maybe?

Hi !!! im Claudia from Mexico... I love you ¡¡¡¡!!!

Awww. I wish I didn't live on the other side of the country. =( I think that you should do DVD signings at Red Lobster's across the country!!!

I saw the brown jacket with the purple trim (in Elle) and want it so badly! I'm here at your site, but I don't know how to go about ordering one.
a little help?

Hi Santino!
My name is Ivana, I´m 25 years old and I´m from Uruguay ( Latin America)
Yesterday I saw the Proyect Runway´s finale, sadly you wasn´t the winner. I think you had the most beautiful collection, very creative and excellently executed.
I hope you are fine now and remember this: you were the best designer!

I had heard about this video signing from my cousin Angela, who works at Vidiots. I would've gone, but I live an hour away with no ride. You are my favourite designer, and I hope your enjoying the new season.

We (L) Santino


Kisses from Amsterdam


P.s. Santino mary me!:)

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