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Monday, June 26, 2006 


UPDATE: I did interviews with TV Guide and AOL and more:

AOL | TV Guide | ET | DVD Review at DVDtalk

I'm excited to meet some of you out at Vidiots in LA tomorrow evening. I'll write more soon!


It's a shame that you didn't win the PR money because investing in Missouri real estate is a lucrative idea. I occasionally watch TLC's Property Ladder and it makes me want to run out and buy up property so I can sell it off for a higher price. Flipping houses is definitely big right now. But like you said, you're bound for bigger and better!

"You're always a little disappointing in person, because you can't be the edited essence of yourself" - Mel Brooks

Very informative...good stuff!!! Glad to hear the clothing line is on the way. Check this, Mr. "LaDeDa" Michael Kors has been know to sell his wears on none other than QVC...can you freakin' believe that? Just thought I would put that 'lil tid-bit out there. Of course, not that there is anything wrong with that; I mean after all, we have Issac Mizrahi and Todd Oldman at Target...deep sigh.

you should do the surreal life. seriously. that would be awesome.

Thanks for sharing those interviews with us and keeping in touch so faithfully. I for one can't wait to get my copy of season 2.
You're right, you are a winner!

Santino a few things:
1. You are far too good to be on a reality show, so don't do them.(But between the two of us, I'd love to see you on the Surreal Life!)
2.I didn't think you were all that rude on PR. I think everybody was too sensitive They wouldn't last a minute with Anne Wintor.
3.From what you said on PR, you've worked really hard to make something of yourself...don't let a bunch of babies get in your way.
4. I'd love to work for you!

I understand you only wanting to do TV related to fashion, but have to add my voice to those who'd love to see you on "Surreal Life." An all-fashion edition perhaps? A few designers...a few models...Tim Gunn?!? Could get interesting (or ugly, one or the other. LOL).

If I may, can I weigh in on the Surreal Life topic? I'm all for you doing a Surreal Life, but only if it's a Project Runway edition! Just imagine you, Nick, Andrae, and a select few of the PR cast, all sharing a house somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. Naturally, Tim Gunn and Andrae would share a room and Santino, you could bunk with Diana Eng! Her voice could be your morning alarm clock. Oh, the fun that would ensue!

I remember a Santino interview quote, where he mentioned that if there hadn't been a "no sex" rule on "Project Runway," he would have gotten distracted by trying to sleep with everybody.
I don't think there is any such rule on "Surreal Life," so one of the on-going storylines would be "How many of the housemates will succumb to Santino's charms?"
I can even see a blackboard where the houseguests get checked off one by one!.. Viewer participation, where we get to guess the order!...Bonus "website only" footage of the romantic encounters!...
(Somebody stop me or I'll just keep going! LOL).

you rock santino

Please Ms. G., don't stop, you're on to something! I especially like the viewer participation aspect of the show. The producers could set it up like a game of Clue. The viewers could call in and decide with whom and where Santino would strike next. For example, press 1 now for Santino in the bathroom with Diana and the mouth restraint, press 2 now for Santino in the kitchen with Andrae and the Red Lobster tablecloth, or press 3 now for Santino in the living room with Chloe and the step ladder. By combining both the "Surreal Life" and "Project Runway," you could accomplish your initial goal,
Santino...sleeping with everyone.

Happy July 4th, Handsome!

This is fun! OK, here's a few more:

-with Guadalupe on the bathroom floor with a cold cloth for her aching head.

-with Kara in her bedroom with a full-length mirror, as she and Santino both try desperately to remember how the jumpsuit comes off.

-with Daniel Franco on the doorstep with a lasso, as he protests that he's "not that kind of boy."

O.K. my turn, try these:

-In the swimming pool with Heidi and a dictionary, as she asks, Santino what does "auf Wiedersehen" mean?

- In the exercise room with John Wade and the treadmill, as Santino tries to help him lose weight the old fashion way.

- Or on the patio with Marla and a sex for dummies guide, because both she and Santino know, she's never had sex in her life.

You're right Santino, you do have the best fans!

More Santino conquests! :

-with Nick in the living room on the piano bench, where they perform what each will later describe as their "best duet ever!"

-with Zulema in the hallway with the spirit of Shetangy, who demands a threesome.

-with Emmitt in his bedroom, wearing a famous "Project Runway" wardrobe item. When Santino is uncharacteristically unable to complete the act, Emmitt asks,with a sad little smile, "Was it the shirt?"

And yes, try_girl, Santino does indeed have the best fans of all the "Project Runway" contestants...or maybe of ANYBODY!!

Ms. G., it's been fun!

Santino's final shags:

-With Kirsten Ehrig, by the side of the Jacuzzi, on top of the scarf her grandmother gave her mother the day she was born.

-With Daniel Vosovic, in Kara's bedroom with the full length mirror, so Daniel can simultaneously please Santino and stare at himself.

-With Raymundo, in the attic next to Nick's limited edition bagel/Barbie, as he says, "I still think the bitch should have looked like her mother!"

Thank you Santino, for inspiring our're the best!

I just finished watching Season 2 on DVD, and I thought your collection was by far the best. I can't believe you didn't win (except that I read somewhere that Chloe won, before I even saw Season 2, so I already knew). To be honest, I didn't like some of the pieces that you made for the challenges, but your collection really won me over... Too bad the judges had their heads up their asses!

SANTINO! I just watched a re-run of the end of Project Runway and I would love to see you doing more fashion! I love your taste and was so dissapointed when you didn't win!
My friend loves hearing your little "Where's Andre"s.
Well good luck! *hug*
~Beth C.

Santino, you look so hot in that photo. xo!

I watched the final 3 show today. I felt compelled to write you because I admired your ability to be humble after all the shit you talked. You know you're good! Your collection makes all other look like amateurs.

Some advice. Moving forward; be you. Your designs speak WOMAN. I truly look at all your designs and wish they were mine. Also, be smart and start a line for big girls. Your dresses flatter all women. Make your next show all about THICK women. Think about it, BIG confident women strutting.

PS Very surprised to learn that mama was black. Made me relate even more!

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