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Sunday, June 04, 2006 

MTV Movie Awards

I designed a dress for MTV's own SuChin Pak for the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday. Tune in to the pre-show on Thursday night... more details later.


Click images to see full size:


The dress looks gorgeous, so does the white coat/pinstripe ensemble. Whistle whistle.

Oh, what a tantalizing tidbit! Can't wait for the "more details later" part!!! Because, after all "the devil is in the details." Heh heh heh.

Aantino, great look for you!

The dress you designed is amazing! Well done!

oooh, pretty! Do you have a bigger picture of the dress?


that dress is fierce....and i was at the movie awards and you were like two rows in front of me and i wanted to lean over and tell you that you rock but i didnt!!! All the best

And yet Chloe Dao's "designs" have yet to grace the media presence, Project Runway what were you thinking!?...stay beautiful santino!!!

Love the dress... I wish I had your damn talent!

I want that dress! It's to cute. Can't wait to watch the MTV Movie awards on Thursday.

Love the dress, but aren't you just awesome rocking that jacket. GO SANTINO!!!

i saw you on stranded yesterday!

ahhhhhhhhhh that dress is the SHIT. I want one Santino! I loooooooooooooove you.

ah, the MTV Movie Awards have been officially Santino'd. glad to see you doing great. keep it up.


when I saw the dress, I thought "this is Santino's dress!!" and then I saw you on the pictures there!!

the dress is gorgeous!!

I found these awesome HQs!

The dress is beautiful and you look great. I'm tuning in Thursday just for you. I love it...SuChin wearing Santino!

Suchin looks smokin' in that dress. You are the world's premier designer, no doubt.

Beautiful little dress. Handsome big man.

Ok, that's what I wanted to see, the dress is gorgeous...First time I have seen your designs since PR. Keep up the good work; hopefully, you will launch sometime in 2007.

That dress looks very pretty, nice work with it! =)
Hope you'll have a great day. ^^

Santino, you look like SuChin's prom date with the pink lapel flower matching her dress. Except you're the prom date we all wished we'd gone to prom with!

That dress is gorgeous, I want one too. :(

Nice job, Santinooooo!

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:-D!!! What hotties!

it's so beautiful and i'm really love it!good design!Santino!

Santino -

The muslin version you made was equally as fierce is there any way I can convince you to make the muslin version for me - I love the layered fabrics that mimiced a corset of sorts - your work is so versatile - soft,rock,hard,feminine all at the same time. Don't let anyone tell you anythine different then you are the ish* and completly fierce!

what a gorgeous dress!!! I saw that on TV the other night and there u were! very cool!!!

Wow...fantastic! Great gig the dress and love your white shoes! :D Hope life is loving you more and more.

I love the dress! Especially the corset look you have going on up top. I was determined to wear the corset this past spring, but can't seem to find any (affordable) options out there.

Suchin Pak is fucking adorable anyway, but you made her look so beautiful! =D I must say, you also looked quite smashing yourself. Bravo, Santino!

I could tell you were my favorite designer when I saw that first dress that won you the first challenge! I see glimpses of it in the hem of this one here.

perfect dress!!!! I love the color and the way it hangs... GORGEOUS!

man I wish I had money to get fab designers like you to design me awesome party dresses!

I applaud your truthfulness and ability to express yourself in intelligent form. You have great talent and staying true to who you are is what keeps you above the rest! Cheers-Jennifer (Las Vegas)

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