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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 

Ring My Bell

I'll be on Ring My Bell ( this Friday Morning at 11 PST.

Ring My Bell revives the early 90's UK clasic show where YOU the viewer phone in and speak LIVE with celebrity guests... LIKE ME!

here's a clip from the original show:

the number to call is:

323.603.6312 6/9/06 @ 11am PST.

I plan on calling in sick on Friday just so I can call you. Now that EVERYONE knows, I might not get through, but I'll try. Speaking with you would be the highlight of my year! And I still haven't decided what to ask the Great Santino. But I'll think of something!

It would be inappropriate to suggest alternate definitions for "ringing Santino's bell," wouldn't it?

that is awesome. i never knew about this show before. that clip is great!

I will definately try to call but now I am fucking agonizing on what I am going to say to the Great Santino...if I get through. Damn. I don't want to come across any more of a fool than I already am...

*starts singing*
You can ring my be-e-ell, ring my bell, You can ring my be-e-ell, ring my bell, You can ring my be-e-ell, ring my bell, You can ring my be-e-ell, ring my bell
*leaves singing Anita Ward*

Hello Santino!

A admirerlove to you From Sweden
I saw on Runway Project in Sweden
I became disappointed that you not gain

I think that you're very charismatic and special. Seems special

I admires you and you want for clothes and feeling to human beeing.

You lived in USA and I in Sweden on long way from each other shall you feel on that I wanted just say that you're best!

Hope that you manage to with degsin in future.

I want to readily that you shall write any greeting to my blogg
Thank you!

/ Kiss and Hugs Bella

Andrae Gonzalo is going to be on "Ring My Bell" on Wednesday. What's really cool is that when you click on the link to read about upcoming guests, Andrae is described as "Fashion designer/Project Runway star/Red Lobster aficionado."

I watched a little of Andrae today. He has hair!

I saw the tail end of Andrae's Ring My Bell appearance. His last two calls were from complete sociopaths. I bet those were the strangest conversations he's ever had in his life.

santino I love you, you where FANTASTIC on ring my bell. xoxo

I've come up with another excellent media venture for You have the kind of voice that's made for radio. With your personality, you could reach the level of Howard Stern. I like the idea of radio personality/fashion designer!

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