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Saturday, July 22, 2006 


haha i love it

Caption when it appears in next week's "Enquirer":

Our body language interpreter concludes that Santino and Heidi have just shared a "very special moment." Maybe two or three.

Wow, Santino, Ronald looks great in drag! (he makes one good- looking woman) Wait a minute, that's not Ronald, it's Heidi Klum! (sorry Heidi) Aside from disappointment that Ronald is not the one wearing that beautiful dress, it's still a cute picture. The important thing is you look good...bunny ears and all!


Eep! Cuteness in a can. :D

that's one of my new favorite pictures. love it.

Caption as it appears in STAR magazine: (inspired by Santino's naughty facial expression)

Project Runway's bad boy, Santino Rice, has been spotted in numerous photos with the Bravo Network's resident beauty, Heidi Klum. When questioned by our STAR reporter, Rice had this to say about he and Klum's camera canoodling: "Yes, Heidi and I have shared a few very 'special sauce filled' post PR moments, but they all went like bagels." Klum and her husband, international singing sensation Seal, declined comment. On July 23, Rice will help judge the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant. The world will be watching.

And so will I! Good Luck tonight, Santino.

Maybe I WAS too hard on that Heidi.
Thanks for the inspiration, Santino.

hi. people from brazil know you, too. I wish chloe hadn't won. you are pretty cool. huge fan of your designs.i was wondering if u do custom made leather a very rick owens willing to pay from 200 to 500 dollars for a custom made leather jacket.if ur not maybe u could recomend me with someone who email add is thanks.hope to hear from you soon.

Oh, that is too cute! Love it.

I'll bet the most interesting part of that picture is the bottom half we're not seeing. LOL.


So sweet..thanks for sharing this photo. GREAT to see you tonite at the Miss Universe..big Bravo presence there tonite! You looked....too cool. I hope you blog about it! (I was rooting for Miss Japan and Miss Trinidad myself). Hope you had a great time Santino!

santino i luv ur site, it's neat

thou i've always rooted for Daniel V i actually wished u'd win at the final episode

anyways, luv ur designs, luv ur site, i'll come back often

luv that look of Heidie


i found this video on youtube about you-

-thought it might give you a laugh


aww this is the cutest pic ever! i love you santino!

I love that you wore your chuck taylors to the Jane Magazine party. I think it's safe to say the converse is the best shoe ever invented.

Santino, I love you long time! Anyways , I always think that Heidi is a little bitchy but maybe its just cuz the "editors" make her that way on the show. Loved you on ms. universe you totally rocked. I hope you get your own show or something, I'm not feelin PR3 they need to have you make an apprience or somethin. Take care and keep designing I LOVE YOUR DESIGNS! <3 allie

Santino, I think that you are to be straight from the fun table in hell all the day. And THAT is a compliment!

Fuck nice, indeed, and keep rocking it like you do!

You should have won Project Runway not only for your talent but because the name Santino sounds really good as a label. :P

My husband called you "Santito" yesterday and I corrected him. He said something about "Santito running around in heels on the show and what is that about?" and I gave him a LOOK. He's set straight. All joking aside, I hope your working on making a line we can buy? I loved your lingerie ...

my computer wouldnt let me email you. My fiance and I love you. I want you to design my wedding dress. I am an artist in Philadelphia and will give you a painting for it or pay. I'd also like to paint you with your work projected onto you. Check out my paintings here and lets make a deal. email
If you want I can just send you a painting.

project runway ended last week in south america. and you were my favorite.

that's for you, santino!

lol, awesome

did you hear heid compare one of the designs to yours? The dress was slamin'!

The bagel comment! (Dies.)
"They're selling like . . . bagels."

the bravo website has this thing where you can make your own Project Runway clip show, so this is what I came up with ;) <3 <3

I just recently found your site. Its awsome. Glad to see your still out there. Your Character is what got me. You me laugh. Thats the best. xoxoxo later bro ham


I'm pulling an all-nighter at work and I randomly thought about you. Creepy, I know, but gosh how I miss your comedic genius. I miss your honesty and quick-wit. Nothing will ever top you in the "Lighten up it's just fashion" musical and the Tim-bot.

Best of luck in all your endeavours!


Santino, why did you delete your myspace account? There I was, ready to leave you a sweet comment and was like Never Ending Story nothing!(the nothingness) Imagine my dismay. So why? I asked Jamey but I'd rather get it from the horse's mouth.


Hi Santi! I must admit that I miss kissing your lips and whenever I looked into your eyes, it reminded me of the Devil's penis. So stick it in my baby!

Great picture, love her pose and your comment in Star!

Hi Santino:
Project Runway is just not the same without you. In fact, I am seriously disliking the first 3 episodes of PR3 that I have watched. Just as an aside....I remain really angry with Tim Gunn for saying the mean things he said about you after you had been vulnerable with him during his LA visit in December 2005. First, I feel Tim Gunn acted very unprofessionally in light of his leadership position at Parson's. Since he has appointed himself as a mentor to PR designers, his comments about you and Jay made me lose respect for him. Frankly, if it weren't for you, and the way you brought out the more interesting sides of Tim, I doubt he would have the notoriety that he seems to have now. Without you and Andre, I am actually finding Tim Gunn quite unremarkable, and frankly not all that interesting and engaging. As such, I believe Tim Gunn actually owes you a big Thank You. Without you, Tim is frankly a turd (forgive my French). Lastly, I loved your collection, and am so happy to learn that you are reaping the benefits from all your hard work. I only hope BRAVO has shown you a little more gratitude than Tim Gunn in making PR the success that it has become. Thank you for your blog and for keeping your fans up to date on your activities. Santino you rock, and you are sorely missed. You are a one of a kind gem...
Take care,

NOW I get it! That's not "bunny ears" Heidi is flashing; it's a "V" for Victory!

Ms. G., you've got it all wrong. Heidi's not flashing "v" for Victory, it's a peace symbol...a call sign to all supermodels to help end the war in Iraq and stop terrorism. Or it could stand for "Veg out time" and she could just be hungry...she is pregnant you know. This could be the sign so her handlers know it's feeding time.

Um.... from the looks on their faces, it kinda looks like they just got DONE eating.

The way Heidi's tongue is protruding from her mouth, it looks as if she's tasting the air to locate her next kill...I mean meal. I now believe the "v" was for Victim! Santino should have run instead of vogued.

Santino you are "The Designer of Project Runway" By the way that song its so cool... I love u, you are so hot!! Caliente Santino

Marco From Zacatecas Mexico!!

With our analysis of the Santino/Heidi pic, we're going into "Ronald McDonald overkill mode," also known as: "Santino, we need something new...QUICK!"

you guys would have really hot kids. XD

Yeah Santino, we have picked this picture's carcass clean...and we're starting to CHOKE on the bones!

Thank you omnipotent blog administrator, for posting my comment so quickly...your constant vigil over this blog is comforting...but seriously, give us a new post, Santino, Jamey, Ronald, Elvis, anyone...can anyone hear me out there?

OK, let's see if we can milk that picture for one more post:

One night Santino, Heidi Klum and Ronald McDonald walk into a bar. The bartender says...

No. It's not gonna work. We need a new post.

(Tee hee).

Hi Santinoooo!!!

I'm argentinian





Congrats on the Elle editorial and mini-spread. I ADORE your work! Where can I get prices for your final look(dress) and or that caramel strapless corset that was featured with the bodice work?

Your collection was like looking at Monet's "waterlilies" in person, just breath-taking.



you've should have won!!!!!!
i think you were the most talented of them all. we hope to see some of your work soon!! i'll bet alot of people will be interested in your designs!!

Andy interviewed Nina Garcia in an interview for his blog:


"How is Santino?" -- that is probably the most asked question I get...

:) Your talent and humor is sorely missed in this season.

I agree that "Project Runway" just isn't the same without Santino. Malan seemed to have a lot of soul, plus that intriguing accent, but he was eliminated far too early. Tim Gunn comes out with the occasional smile-producing comment. (I loved this week's "It's kind of 'diaper-y'").
But, for the most part, there's nothing to get very excited about this season.

I can't believe I found your blog!
I'm Tatiana, 15 years, from Brazil, and I'm a huge fan of your work - every single piece was original and I think we can get your idea just looking at your clothes.
And I really enjoy sewing.
Good luck with everything!

Santino! i saw your mini spread in elle and i wanted to let you know that it made me smile. i am also from the stc and attend SCHS. you inspire me

im also from stc and go to SCHS. thanx for making my school seem not so lame. you inspire me

I definitely think season 3's Project Runway has more overall talent than the first two seasons. And most of the new designers have the skills to pay the bills but their personalities seem somewhat muted. It's easy to see the personalities are diverse but more tempered. The new guys just don't seem to possess the same panache as past contestants (SANTINO, SANTINO, SANTINO) but it's still early. Everyone's personality hasn't been fully explored yet, so I'm hopeful. But I haven't retained the fervor I had for the last two seasons and that's sad. Because Project Runway is television worth watching.

where are you santino?!!

You look so cute with Heidi - but I'm tired of looking at that picture - we need a new posting from you -

You must be busy to leave us all alone here since July 22 - tell us what you are up to

OK, our Ronald McDonald and Heidi Klum references are just about played out and we still don't have a new post to play with, so...

What do you think should be Santino's rap name?:
A.Ol' Dirty Sew-and-Sew
B.Naughty By Design

How about No Post A-Lot! I feel like you put us on hold but forgot to give us some music. So instead of waiting for the next representative, we're still waiting for the music. Play us a song, Santino...POST SOMETHING!

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you on a project runway show and how much I did not appreciate what they have done to you on the show. They were trying so hard to "tame" you (the judges,especially Nina) with your vision and design and when finally you decided to sort of put your vision in their realms; they punished you by not letting you win. Nina had a nerve to say that she wanted to see" real santino" same Santino that she was trying so hard to bridle you during so many challenges. You settled down because they wanted you to be little bit more corporate and judges and audience friendly and you being a nice guy; you gave in. I just hated how they kinda ruined your spirit by constant naggin. Well, I know they did not crash it and that your days are just coming... good luck, you are always welcome to drop a line

Santino, it's about half a month now, i miss ur posts...

Has everybody seen the controversy in the news about which model gets to call herself "The Body?" Heidi Klum claims the title in her current Victoria's Secret ad campaign. But Elle Macpherson's reps say SHE was given the title in a 1986 "Time" magazine cover story!

I say - Give the title "The Body" to its rightful owner: Santino!

Eres un buen diseñador, y lo sabes.
El mundo no tiene sin embargo porqué saberlo, so... espero que tu proxima colección sea excelente.
Estoy segura de ello.



Dear Santino, everytime I watch the program "Project Runway", the clother you designed are so much beautiful!!! You are really a powerful genius!!! I love YOU so much!!!!!!!

i made a santino fan blog : p LOVE THE PIC!!!!!!!

I think aleco021's recent post is the most insightful and concise analysis of Santino's "Project Runway" experiece I've ever read. I suppose every "reality show" participant is, at least to some extent, a victim of that syndrome (basically the producers' desire to keep viewers tuning in, no matter how much they have to distort "reality" to do it), but Santino's situation was probably one of the most extreme.

I've said it before, but after just reading and thinking about aleco021's post, which made the situation so clear, I've just got to say it again:
"Santino, don't let the bastards get you down." You know how much love, understanding, and appreciation of your talent there is out there. Please let all the positives inspire you. And as for the negatives (the people who DON'T understand), those "rose-colored blinders" come in mighty handy. Wear them whenever necessary.

Hahaha..."dude, you the best!"

You're so original, hardworking, arrogant, and most of all a creative genius!! Keep it up XD

I hope you are silent because you are doing something fabulous - but if you are - we want to know about it -

Please update us - I am losing my will....

ha ha, i love it.

i also appreciated your last post/long rant quite a bit.

stay strong brother.

Know what, Santino? We miss you.


Are you in San Francisco right now? A friend swears they just saw you in Pakwan wearing a grey sweater. Greasy Indian food your thing?

Anyway, looks like you're going more clean shaven and clean cut. NOOOOOooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I agree with your rant down there. I didn't think you were bitchy. I thought you were HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS! And those "designers" that got all up in your case for being "mean" were just retarded. Hon, they all turned on you when Nik got all bitchy about you interrupting him. Then the rest of them jumped on the bandwagon. Especially Danielle. He came across as such a pussy towards the end.

Anyway, love you. You shouldn't feel like you need to answer for all that stupid Project Runway drama anymore. The showed needs to make someone into the villian. You were the villian that season. Who is it this season? It would have been Keith Michael, but they kicked his ass off.


Are you in San Francisco right now? A friend swears they just saw you in Pakwan wearing a grey sweater. Greasy Indian food your thing?

Anyway, looks like you're going more clean shaven and clean cut. NOOOOOooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I agree with your rant down there. I didn't think you were bitchy. I thought you were HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS! And those "designers" that got all up in your case for being "mean" were just retarded. Hon, they all turned on you when Nik got all bitchy about you interrupting him. Then the rest of them jumped on the bandwagon. Especially Danielle. He came across as such a pussy towards the end.

Anyway, love you. You shouldn't feel like you need to answer for all that stupid Project Runway drama anymore. The showed needs to make someone into the villian. You were the villian that season. Who is it this season? It would have been Keith Michael, but they kicked his ass off.

Hey Guys, I know we all miss Santino, but I have it on good authority that he's taking a break from the blog for a while. In fact, it's been almost a month since his last update, so I'm pretty sure of it. In all seriousness, he's been working nonstop since the show's not easy having to balance being a serious designer and a reality star at the same time. And on top of that, having to appease his fans with constant updates. At first I thought, "how could Santino abandon us this way?" But now I see the bigger picture. Santino's human and tired. He's living a crazy life right now and everyone wants something from him. So take a break, Santino and do what's best for you...such as working on your label, your design commissions, your social life, etc. But like Ms. G. (and all your fans) I still MISS you.

"Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life"... - Thomas Carlyle

I can't wait to see your collection...come out with one! Your personality is so extreme and could your clothes NOT be great?! Do ya thang and don't choke on a chicken wang.....

I miss you on Project Runway.
Talk to the representatives of Bravo or something; get your own show. 'Cause the world misses you lots.

We miss you on Project Runway! Your persona embodies three different people on this year's side. Jeffrey is you when you are on form,as is he, vincent (just because he's completely nuts), and Angela with some of the crazier things she's done. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on what you are doing.


Update please! We miss you :( I'm suffering from Santino withdrawal...

santino please post again! I want to know what you think of Vincent on pr3! <3 allie

It's time to play "Where's Santino!" A visual "Where's Waldo"-like game would be fun, but the limitations of this board make it impossible to post visuals. Plus, finding Santino in just about any picture he was in would be ridiculosly easy. So...

...for THIS version of "Where's Santino," we must try to guess where the man is keeping himself these days. A few guesses:

1)He's enrolled at clown school, in preparation for replacing Ronald at McDonald's. Ronald, himself, of course, has joined the Royal Shakespeare Company.

2)He's starring on Broadway in a new musical that combines "Damn Yankees" and "The Devil Wears Prada," called "The Yankees Wear Santino."

3)At last weary of his life as the sex symbol of his generation, he has renounced all carnal pleasures and joined a monastery in the Himalayas.

How can i purchase one of your dresses?

My three guesses for the "Where's Santino" game:

1) Nikki Hilton appointed him the new fashion stylist for all of Paris' future music videos and all subsequent 'night vision' videos.

2) He recently inked a major deal as the new Jolly Green Giant spokesperson for the Green Giant food company. And he's in the process of designing the costume.

3) He's currently on tour with the Chippendales all male revue. And coming to a town near you!

This is getting scary now - WHERE IS SANTINO??

I mean it - bring him to us - NOW!!

Don't make me come over there

Today is Santino's birthday - and we want to know what he is doing to celebrate -

Happy Birthday Santino




LMAO Ms. G. The Yankees Wear Santino. heehee

Just coming on to send you some love Santino. That's all. I smile when I think of you. :)

Another possibility in the "Where's Santino" mystery: He's been abducted by aliens! They've taken him to their home planet, where he's being forced to mate with all their females, because they're trying to create a new "super-race," and with all their males...just because.

Wait, what day was his birthday? It doesn't show what day you posted. Just wondering because mine was yesterday and it would be so cool to have the same birthday as Santino!

I think Santino's joined a cult of pansexual, clown aficionados. And they've forced him to cut all ties with the rest of the world. So Santino, if you've somehow managed to sneak away from the rest of the pact and you're reading this...DON'T (I REPEAT -DON'T) DRINK THE PUNCH...BECAUSE IT'S NOT REALLY KOOL-AID! Ronald doesn't really love you and the cult is not your family. Come home, we miss you!

I am so glad I found your site! I am a huge fan of your work. You should have won last year. Absolutely breathetaking work, original sexy without being trashy. I love project runway but it isn't the same without you on it. You are honest,articulate,funny as hell and talented. Oh and by the way OH SO SEXY!
Good luck with everything. When is your line coming out so us everyday women can get your clothes??

I think I've figured it out. Santino has been recruited into the C.I.A.! Right now he's undercover in Iran, investigating their nuclear capabilities. And fashion trends.

you are adorable!!!

I'm terribly worried about this clown-worshipping cult Ronald may have lured Santino into. We have to get him out before he starts playing hymns on the calliope and donating 10% of his annual income to Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey!

Hey Santino, this is totally aside from all of these comments, but I knew you in Springfield...I met you a couple of times and I actually dated your brother, Tony, for a hot first memory of you is at a party at my house where you were spraying my cat with a squirt bottle making her run frantically around the room...oooh, i was soooo mad...Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I love your "stuff". You are an awesome designer, and i was rooting for you all last season. You are so talented, but you know that already...Hope everything is going well for you...can't wait to see more of your work:~)

First, thanks Sarah for that "flash from the past." I love reading new glimpses into Santino's sordid past. And it's nice to know, that even then, our Santino had pussy (cats) on the run. Second, one of these days you must tell us about Springfield. So please leave this new age cult at once. Regardless of what Ronald told you, this so-called revolution is not in honor of Waco but Wacko...the dancing clown.

P.S. What does Tony (Antonio?!?) look like? I'm guessing hottie but I've been wrong in the case of many siblings. Therefore, a picture is in order.

Does everybody know about the new Tim Gunn bobblehead, designed by Emmett McCarthy? (No, this is not the set-up for a joke. It really exists)!

So, of course, we have to start asking for an Andre Gonzalo bobblehead and a little Red Lobster dollhouse and.....

Oh man, this news can keep us going for another several weeks, with or without a new post from Santino!

I HATE HER should be in my arms : (

I miss you making fun of Tim. This season is nothing with out you.

Design something for me and I will be eternally grateful.

Cat B.

There hasn't been a Santino sighting here for so long that I'm beginning to fear he never existed at all, but was just a product of our collective imagination. Must we return to our drab, colorless lives the way they were before we dreamed him up?
Santino! Come back and show us you're real!

you need to update babe!

$200 through $500 might pick up the leather, for a custom leather jacket...!

$200 through $500 might pick up the leather alone...!

I was wondering about your total absence on Bravotv PR web site? I mean they have Daniel, Nick, Kara and others but Santino, the most popular and talented designer they ever had on this show, is not even mentioned on bravotv PR site!? What is the deal? You do not want to be there or they do not want you around because they are afraid that you will "take over" their website like you "took over" PR2 show?

Jeffrey Sebelia is my favorite designer on the current season of "Project Runway," so I'm glad to VOTE for him as my Viewer's Choice pick (as per Santino's suggestion). But the "PR" site also mentions the "ADOPT a Designer" feature. I'm sorry. Much as I like Jeffrey, I don't feel I can make that kind of commitment at this time.

I picture the following scenarios:

"Jeffrey, you've left fabric scraps all over the kitchen table again!"
"I refuse to shell out any more money for tattoos!"
"No, you may NOT start calling yourself 'Jeffrey G.'"

(Tee hee. I'm sorry. We're desperate here for new posts to riff on).

Yet more proof that the Santino show would be an overwhelming success... you seem to have the ability to draw out the fun loving side of people. So when are we going to see you show?

she's so cool, and you more!

You are so missed. Never miss an episode of Project Runway, but no one has impressed me as you did. You have a great talent at making beautiful clothes - you have a great gift of humor. YOU ARE MISSED!

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