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Friday, July 21, 2006 

Miss Universe

Santino will judge Miss Universe this Sunday night.

(I'm most excited about the simulcast en Espanol on Telemundo)


Happy Happy, Joy Joy! I knew all those wiccan ceremonies in your name, would pay off (just kidding) But I am extremely elated about this television appearance, Santino...scratch that, this not the time to be genteel...I'm fucking overjoyed! And Nick thought his Olympic ice skating commentary was huge, take that Nick. And even though, I don't watch a lot of "beauty" pageants, I'll make an exception because you're one of the judges and the pageant winner goes on to partake in a lot of humanitarian endeavors. As witnessed in the season 3 auditions, you have a keen critical eye, so you'll make an awesome judge...the pageant's lucky to have you.

P.S. You were making Hollywood deals in dark alleys!

Patiently waiting (til Sunday)

As a public service, I feel we shoud provide Telemundo with the Spanish translation for the following sentences Santino is likely to say on Sunday: 1)"You'd look SO much better in a Santino gown." 2)"Swimsuits are meant to come OFF." 3)"Sure you girls are all 'pretty,' but none can compare with the gorgeous Ms. G."

I will watch you on Sunday night.

Santino, What do you think of Kayne's winning dress which Tara will model on TV?

Now my going to Miss Universe has a reason..I'm so going now..I hope you attend the after ball :D

I just had a Season 2 marathon. I had never watched any of the seasons of PR until about a week ago. I just have to say: I'm sorry about leaving this lame comment, but I love the impression Santino does (you do) of Herr Professor! I die laughing! I can't believe you all aren't rich and famous designers by now. I have no idea what the real Santino is like, but they really portrayed you as a villian on that show. Do you even read the blog comments? No idea if you do, but I thought I'd leave one anyway. Personally, I thought the Fashion Week outfits were quite beautiful and your best stuff by far, but what do I know? Those clothes might fit on one of my fingers or around my head, but that's about it. I'd love to see one of the designers try to design something for a really fat girl--now that would be a good challenge! Anyone can design for toothpicks. Ah, but I digress. I'm just ranting now. Why? No idea. I just tend to rattle on and on and on sometimes. Besides, no one is listening anyway. Well, except for my cat *maybe*. Oh, one last bit of advice from someone who knows absolutely nothing: try to get a deal with Sanrio. Hello Kitty is great and that sh*t is could make a killing! I'm serious. I'm wearing Hello Kitty earrings right now! What a perfect pair: Sanrio + Santino!!!

I think, Santino, you are to be from heaven. All the day.

*jumps up and down* I was going to watch it anyway to see Kayne's dress on Tara, but now I have a REAL reason to watch it! Now I'll have brand new masturbatory material! ahahaha :D

Santinooooo... i LOVE u... i am actually from Panama, central america.. but im living in St. Charles, MO right now!!... so that's funny im living in ur hometown... project runway2 just finished airing in panama this thursday and u were my absolute favoriteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!......

i believe u must take in consideration miss Panama, for today's pageant!!!!... hahaha...

u rock Santinoooo.... and want my wedding dress to be of ur creationn! hahaha

Miss Universe, ummm, very intersting....I'm watching the last 10 minutes....And the winner is???

Ok Santino, this was the only place I know I could post you something. I mean proyect runway finshed 1hour ago here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I don't know how long had it been, but, I needed to tell you, that you where my frist and only choice to win this. And honestly, I can belive the final result, but, well, it's television. They really edit this shit to make characters out people.
I Like your style, personaly, the attitude, and, of course, your creativity and your design vision.

I have a denim brand in buenos aires, it's for men, and it's for sale. But, as corky as this may sound, you really inspired me into going more into fashion, and going back to my studies.

I have sounding like emotional o stuff like that, but, I just wanted you yo know.

Thanks, and keep in touch.

Marin Kazez (in stereo)

Didn't he look cute?..and debonair?...and somehow so..."UNIVERSAL!!!"

Now his only problem will be trying to make sense of all the little scraps of paper with international phone numbers that contestants thrust into his hand after the show!

Was the "Miss Universe" pageant a waste of precious time?...yes; will the competition in any way strengthen foreign relations or policy?... no; however, was seeing Santino on television, for a brief moment, worth it?... YES. You looked spiffy tonight, Santino. Yet, I'm a little disgruntled/pissed the "coveted" judges received a nanosecond of screen time MAX (namely Santino because screw the rest of the judges with Miss Japan's samurai sword) but c'est la vie. However, I'm glad you got this opportunity. So thanks Donald Trump (and Donald Trump's money), Miss Universe Organization, Quincy Jones (just for being a damn fine producer), PR 3's Kanye (for making a dress Tara Connor could barely walk in and hammering the challenge nail in her coffin), Mikimoto (for being a kick ass jeweler) and all others associated with this competition, for giving Santino Quinto Rice a chance to judge this "future rich man's trophy wife" smorgasbord. And a special thanks to Carson Kressley, for trying to make the audience believe he wanted to take girls out of their dresses, for other reasons, than merely to try it on himself. HOORAY for Miss Puerto Rico!

Suffering from beauty pageant brain drain: over and out,

Santino- I watched the end of the show and it was quite a pleasant surprise to see you there. Although I thought Miss Mexico should have made it into the final 5. Well, hope you had a good time around all those beautiful people.

Ms. G you crack me up!

Santino..loved "the look" when the camera panned to you. :D

I do believe Nancy O'dell called you "the fabulous Santino Rice".

whoo hoo!

Don't really love beauty pageants - but had to watch to see you, Santino - even if only for a nanosecond - and to think of you being able to contribute to the choosing of the winner - wow

a few posters over on blogging project runway said you should have been the commentator instead of that other guy - I agreee - you would have been great at that - way more entertaining than he was

Santino, please tell us which candidate you voted for? Puerto Rico? Japan? Switzerland? Please tell us!

I think Miss Japan got robbed too but we all know that pageant was about picking a pretty face. Donald Trump said as much in a interview about his pageant vs. Miss America. He said that the Miss America pageant was concerned with trying to prove that the women were smart and talented and his pageant was about choosing a beautiful woman out of a myriad of beautiful women.
I personally wanted Miss Trinidad and Tobago in the top she too was robbed. She had such a radiant glow and her appeal seemed "universal." But if "beauty" was the name of the game, then Miss Puerto Rico was indeed beautiful (and I liked her well enough) but she wasn't the most deserving. I think they should have had goats judge that competition and they should have given you Carson's job!

The Miss Universe Pageant was the 3rd most-watched TV show of the week!!!! Do people love Santino or WHAT?!?

("Pretty girls in swimsuits," you say? Naw, that couldn't be it. We know everyone tuned in to see Santino). :-)

oh my looord! please, i hope u read my post. well i'm gonna introduce myself first. My name is pablo and i'm 17. i'm from chile so my english isn't the best of the world jejeje why am i writing to u? ahhahaha because i wannabe a fashion designer! yeah! that's the only thing that i want. well, i'd like to be a lawyer too, but fashion world, love it!. i'd like to create a new fashion concept, a completly mind changing. i'm too skinny jajaja so all the pieces of clothes don't fix me! and all the clothes that i'd like to wear is not for me ... and i wanna change that. i wanna create clothes for people who care how they look and how they are. ooooh please! can u send an e-mail? ... or if u want to get a impression of me, u can visit my flog ... ... and this is my mail!

ahahahahhaha i saw u in the project runway show :D

who so u think should have won the challenge on Project Runway???? I was rooting 4 Uli

You looked F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! I think you were prettier than most of the contestants. XD What were your opinions on the dresses? I hated most of them. USA's dress (made by Kayne) was terribly unflattering...she has an awesome body but it made her look a lot bigger than she was. Puerto Rico's dress was sort of hot but looked more like it would be appropriate for a night on the town and not a beauty favorite dress was Japan's. Gorgeous. <3

Santino! I think you are a gorgeous man! I would definitely try to convert you over to my side! I very much enjoyed your vitality--I bet you are an incredible personality in all aspects of your life! I hope to see your stuff someday! Brandon

Hi there Santino
I have no idea if you still read these, its been awhile..
But Im here in Ontario Canada. I just watched the re-runs of Project Runway season 2. And just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your impression of Tim Gunn..I couldnt stop laughing..You were perfect!. Im a stay at home mum and watched the show when all were sleeping, and had a hard time keeping my mouth shut when you were doing the "Tim" voice..And loved the imagination of him and Andre..Wheres Andre? LOL
I thought you were great on the show, I dont know much about fashion, but since I started watching Project Runway , I am amazed at the hard work that goes into making a wonderful piece of clothing..its just like art..
Well just wanted to tell you that you gave me a good laugh! Thanks!
A fan in Canada!

hy,I really like your work.I would like to know how to buy your lihgt blue dress that you had present in the first contest.I live in France and dreamin to wear Santino rice clothing.

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