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Monday, July 03, 2006 

Missing You!

One Year Ago Today,
I left Parson's workroom, Project Runway & New York City to return to my life back in Los Angeles. What a crazy year! I asked for it....and boy did I get it! A major concern I had was the fact that it would be a long time before I'd be able to speak to all of my new friends that I had made over the course of the show, let me explain....

From the moment I'd arrived for the show I began to recognize the amazingly cool and talented cast of players. Not in front of the cameras, but behind! The group of men and women who create and work on the show. My fondest memories from Project Runway II, are my own. Memories no one will ever see because they were the brief times when I was off-camera and talking to really interesting and skilled professionals, who when I was talking with them, felt like it is when I'm talking with one of my friends.

Although, it became common for me to be reprimanded by the producers for talking to them when I was supposed to be chatting with my fellow designers, I had quickly grown glassy-eyed of the on-camera "talent" and longed for those cooler folks on the other side of the cameras. I couldn't help it! I was starved for stimulating conversation, for real human interaction with intelligent people. Especially after the group had wittled down and the production of the show was wearing on everyone. At times it was a lonely experience. It became common for me to re-create moments and conversations I've had in the past with my friends,in my mind, just to keep me sane. Imagine throwing 16 of anything into a small cage (Birds, rodents, yeah I know, not a pretty sight!) and that's what it felt like. In life some people you click with and some you don't! That's the honest truth, and I'll take being honest over being "nice" any day! Upon revisiting the episodes on the DVD, I came across a theme of others saying I'm not "Nice" and the importance of being "Nice" and the more I thought about it and filtered it through my brain, I came to the conclusion.......FUCK NICE!

When you play "nice" and you act "nice" you are essentially being fake. (NICE=FAKE) I participated on what essentially is a reality game show that you're a contestant and you're asked your honest opinion, so I gave mine. I gave my honest opinion in the workroom as well as in my private interviews. I know it wasn't "nice" to say, I know it wasn't "nice" to hear. But I was honest. HONESTY kicks the shit out of NICE! In real life, I reserve that type of honesty for only my friends and colleagues. The people who value my honesty and friendship. All things less than, or socially inept, or just plain bad, I ignore. The reason I ignore is because there are so many great things that my focus could improve on, rather than putting any thought into something that is not worth commenting on in the first place. The truth hurts and honesty is such a lonely word! In my everyday life people who I hear constantly pointing out all the insignificant things really bring me down.

The stereotypical hyper-fashionistas that I work with on a daily basis with their Michael Kors pitched whines of "Ohhhhh, What's she got On?" or "Argh, You call this a salad?" really get on my nerves because I'm thinking, "Why waste your energy and your breath?" Often when someone interjects in this way, I hardly feel it's constructive and far from necessary. To me, I feel like, the type of honesty I presented was authentic and spot-on and not about purposely hurting someone's feelings. For many the things that I said were constructive had they even been considered. This rant probably needs more time to fully explain what I'm trying to say. However, this was just going to be a post about missing folks I had grown to love over the shooting of Project Runway II.

So I digress, maybe if this sparks any comments, I'll continue this train of thought at a later date. Watching the DVD and talking about the show again has re-opened a lot of issues that have never been fully explained. On one hand, I'd rather put it all behind me and never have to talk about it ever again. Then, on the other hand, there is still so much misinformation and misunderstanding about the whole season that I'm compelled to have to address things. There are still a large group of people who don't get it, and probably won't ever get it. Some who still depise the "EVIL SANTINO" and other's, who like me for all the wrong reasons. What are you gonna do? At the end of the day does any of it really matter to me, NO! I'd rather walk through life with rose-colored blinders on. I'm looking for beauty, I recognize and applaud beauty when I see it. Truth and Beauty what else truly matters?

Happy 4th of July Everyone!
Much Love,

Santino, there's an awful lot of stupidity, narrow-mindedness, and my particular pet peeve -LACK OF IMAGINATION - out there. Coping with it can be exhausting for a truly creative person, even under ordinary circumstances. And right now you're dealing with EXTRAORDINARY circumstances (all the publicity surrounding the DVD release, etc.), so it all gets magnified.
I think it WOULD be interesting for you to expand on the subject in future posts, but for now, I just want to urge you [It's a quote from somewhere, but I'm not sure you said it] - "Don't let the bastards get you down!" And please don't forget what a unique and genuine individual you are.

I think it WOULD be interesting if you expand on the issue in future posts and let us fans toss it around a little. But for now, I just want to say [It's a quote from somewhere, but I'm not sure where] - "Don't let the bastards get you down!"

I think it's genuine of you to want to be honest with people, instead of wearing a false face and just playing "nice." Most people that say they seek the truth, secretly hope they never find it. And real honesty leads to alienation and the moniker of "mean." It takes a brave person to be truly honest and you're such a person. I'd rather encounter real censure, than a counterfeit compliment. Project Runway threw you into a stressful situation, with complete strangers, and yet you were still capable of being honest and real. And if the rest of the world has/had a problem with that...then screw em. "You came, you conquered, you coutured" and you did it without being a fraud. I encourage you to elaborate more in future posts. At the very least, it could be cathartic.

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know." - John Keats

I'm one of those who thought poorly of you in the beginning. You made me keep tuning in week after week...what's he going to do next? By the end I was loving you. As a grad of FIDM I was glued even my boys 16 and 11 were hooked. We still bust up laughing when we think of that song you and Nick performed at the sewing machines. Were is Andre:) Keep on keeping on.

I support your opinion/feelings wholeheartedly.
You know you are loved and admired by so many and it is simply because you are living your life the way you are. Haven't you ever noticed that the celebrities and notables out there who are the most admired are simply living their life and doing whatever it is they are talented at? Of course they generate publicity- because there is a real story there- a real person! I'm off tangent a bit but I think you know what I mean. I will take REAL over realty TV anyday!

I also think that in our real lives, we can exhibit honesty tempered with diplomacy and a reality show either discourages that or makes it impossible...because the producers are trying to create a dramatic (ratings filled)scenerio. And with the release of the DVD, you're starting to once again feel the sting of negativity.
I really think future posts would be cathartic and beneficial for you. Our friends are a Godsend but they fail at being truly objective because they love us and their so invested in our lives. They see us through a tinted lens. Sometimes it helpful to get the opinions/comments of those that don't know us well or at all.
As for missing your friends, don't miss them or email them. You don't come across people you truly "click with" everyday, so when you do, you have to make it a priority to keep in touch.

In my "real" life there are indeed only a few close friends I can be be totally honest with - who want me to be totally honest with them and who I can accept total honesty from

I wouldn't have a clue how to behave on a reality show - I think you did well - and I am glad we got honesty from you - I think editing always has a point of view - but thinking people don't have to follow their point


hey man, don't sweat it. there's enough of us out there that are smart enough to be awe-struck by your talent and to negate all the tv hoopla.

that said, you (and the others) were pretty entertaining on a pure television level too. as much as the whole 'villain' stigma might suck, it's a pretty big accomplishment to be entertaining AND talented to boot. be proud!

My girlfriend and I just watched the dvd this weekend.

You are very talented, Santino, and you shouldn't let how you were portrayed on a tv show get into your head and fuck with you. Move on and do better work.

My twelve year old and I both love you :) its for the right reasons its always harder to tell the truth than it is to lie. We have watched every show multiple times, anyone who does this notices a common theme even when you win the judges are jerks to you and there were mutiple times when you were in the final few because your designs were great that they basicly bashed you then told you, you were safe. No wonder you got a bit touchy well duh anyone would :(

Stay you, out of all the contestants we could see inviting you over for a picnic and enjoying your company. We like honesty and heart and you have it in spades.

I need to own some Santino design oter than th eproject runway shirt, becuz i don't wanna give money to people who betrayed their own senses.
my email is

Santino..... i loved all of your work in PR2. i think that you are a great designer and am really happy to see you are doing so well.

Whatching the show now! haha.

Happy 4th of July!!!


you are brilliant. i am spending my july 4th watching the PR season 2 marathon and it is reminding me of just why and how much i love you. FUCK NICE! i understand everything you mean when you say you never criticized to bring anyone down. The difference between honesty and "picking on" seems to be so incredibly lost on the world.
thanks for world, i'll be waiting for the extended version. xoxo.

You're a fabulous designer..

Thank you for this post/rant/ramble, you wrote it with the same openness and honesty that we loved in you when you were on Runway. Keep them coming, Santino!

Eh don't let the man get you down. I have my days that I feel like I want nothing more than to be one of the mindless sheep we call "normal". But through it all I still think I'm fucking fabulous and I let my freak flage fly high and you should do the same. Don't be worried with what people think of you. By the way? Sick track you made in "Blow You Kisses" hope to hear more electrotrashy goodness in the future. Remember, let the fucking freak flag fly high!

Baby, you are the only reason to watch that show over and over. It is clear the producers kept you around over the objections of the judges, because the judges feared you. At least the producers recognize good television! I hope the show served its purpose and you are making bucketloads of dizzo to replace the jacket you sacrificed.

Dude Santino. I was rooting for you from the beginning. I love your honesty and style. I felt like you were saying,"Fuck fashion!" on a fashion related show. I also felt like you where saying is that most people just didn't get it and probably never will. After reading your personal blog for sometime now I feel even more connected to the .. dare I say it ... Entity which is Santino. Although I will be going into a form of design not related to fashion I am still inspired by your "Fuck yes lets make it awesome" attitude and I draw from that in my own work. Thanks Santino Rice.

(I sound like such a fanboy lol)

Santino, I think you were the ONLY one that was genuine--let alone talented. I'm your BIGGEST FAN!!!!

I love your honesty. Seriously I feel like you are the male form of me with plus a few years. If anyway possible I would enjoy getting in touch with you and perhaps looking at some designs. I am presently a design student, and I am looking for some sort of internship possibilities for next year. I left my web page so if you are able to please get back with me..
Nice = fake
Honesty = bitch.. or at least thats what others tell me ...

I love you for being honest. I felt like you were the only really genuine person on the show (Although, please say Andrae was just as fabulous in person!). Your designs (and your personality) were some of the only ones to really stand out, and I think that is what fashion, as a form of art, is about, no? Pushing boundaries, challenging people, making them think. I must admit that I loved your German-inspired lingerie. It was fun because I've never seen anything like it. I might just have to recreate it for myself. So people don't like you because you're not a pretentious suck-up? Good for you.

the thing is, reality TV is far from "reality", I'm sure the honesty just kinda threw a wrench in whatever was trying to be accomplished, these types of shows always have a list of stereotypes that need to be filled and viewers just eat it up, plus everyone loves to hate someone, and because you ditched the "fake" thing, everyone decided you were going to be the token asshole, but your right it doesn't matter, it's awesome you were still able to connect with real people...and honestly, every time they showed you saying something "mean", i kept thinking, " bout time someone said it!"

Hello Santino,

Don't worry about TV editing which made you a "bad boy". You are a reason which It keep me tuning in every week until finale. I love to see you creat a fashion doll in your own design to sell like hotcakes.
Why not?

I've tried to imagine the producers admonishing you for not wanting to "socialize" with the other designers. I picture them saying, "Now, now Santino; you know the rules.... no talking to the cool camera crew, you have to play with the other's in your contract." (paragraph 3, line 4) And you saying, "but I don't want to, they're lame! And you can't make me!" But in all seriousness, I can envision how hard that must have been for you. To learn that the grass was greener on the other side of the camera and then be forced to stay in front of it. I've experienced the hunger pains of intellectual starvation, so I know those were TRYing times. But you persisted through bad conversations, whiny voices, alter egos, virgins, ass kissers, super queen tantrums, Texan Lilliputians, Lu-pe lushes, feminine menswear, and all the other reality show craziness. And you've managed to let the conjecture and negativity of others roll off your back. I personally don't think you should feel compelled to explain anything to anyone. The mob is fickle (a new season is starting) and they'll be on to the next reality villain...let him or her do some explaining. You have NO regrets and no regrets = no return! You're a winner and winners don't have to explain.

I pretty much agreed with your post besides one thing. Just because a person is nice doesn’t mean they’re fake. Yea, there are a lot of fake nice people, but there are a few out there who just trying to put a smile on a person’s face. I find it so sad every time I see the words “Fuck Nice.” (This is defiantly not the first time I’ve seen that) A lot of good people are criticized for being nice while a lot of jerks out there are praised for being “honest.” I guess in the end it just depends on your point of view. Some think that the world could use a few more nice people while others think it doesn’t exist anymore. It would be nice if people were more honest and not be total jerks in the process.

Blah, whatever. Good luck with whatever you have planned next.

PS: You look a lot less creepy and General Zod-ish with this hair-do and such. :) Nice.

Santino, i was your fan of yours from DAY ONE. You were honest, and you were brilliant. And thats what made me love you. Dont stop being who you are, and dont feel bad about it. The press takes your personality and turns it into something negative. For some reason the world loves to hear about the negative things in life more than to hear about positives. Just watch the News...

Its sad that people misunderstood your honesty and viewed everything you said as a personal attack. I dont think thats what it're just plain honest. lol. Maybe some of the things you said were a little what you said about Diana's voice. she just seems so sad and innocent. I agree...her voice was annoying as heeelllll. lol...but i dont know if u were really thinking she'd find out you said it when you were saying it. You didnt say it to her could have, but you didnt. So i dont beleive u mean to hurt anyone. So like i said, you ARENT're just honest. And you know that...dont worry about the press.

I love you for all the right reasons...because your personality is kick ass, you've come down a long road, you've worked so hard to be where you are today, and you KNOW who you are as a person...*PLUS* you're a brilliant designer.

Id MARRY you just so that i could always know what was going on inside your head, and so that I'd always see every beautiful thing that you create. You are very talented...dont forget it, and dont doubt yourself...ever.

- Candace

Hey, Santino! Whats up? ^_^
You were my favorite, from the begining, I just wanted you to know. And not for the wrong reasons. I have (and had from the begining) so much respect for you and your creativity, that I rooted for you in my head, throughout the whole show. I knew you would make it far, from the first episode. You had so much style! And so much personality. I have to say that its true what they say about judging a book by its cover. Alot of people might not like your phlilosophy of honesty first, and so they end up thinking your 'not very nice'. But I watched the episode where Tim visited the last 3 designers and in that show we got to see who you really were. Because you never know someone until you get a glimps of what their life is like, and I think that in that short glimps everyone got to see past the person they percieved you as. That said, I would just like you to know that when I become rich and famous (as is the dream of most 15 year olds, such as myself ^_^) Im gonna come looking for you and your talent. Your gonna get alot of business from me, so get those scissors ready.
P.S. Feel free to rant in the future.Its your webpage and beslides it helping you get things off your chest, Im sure your readers dont mind it at all.And beslides, didnt that last one just make you feel oh-so much better? After all, "Its just fashion, lighten up its just fashion!" *wink*

Dear Santino,
I came through a similar experience this past year, too (though on a much less publicized arena). Honesty is a virtue, you're right about that, but I've also had to learn to temper my honest opinions with humility. What I've been told so often, is to engage my mind before my mouth. As counter-intuitive as it seemed to me, to compromise my opinions, I learned the hard way that my words hurt other people. Opinions can change, anyway. And I've met a lot of "plastic" people that, once I got to know them, absolutely made my day.
So, that's my experience. It may or may not have application on a wider range than my bubble, but I hope it can only do good.

On a lighter note:

Have you talked with Ronald McD. about all this? I mean- Talk about a distorted public image! Here's a complex multi-dimensional man, and everyone sees him as just a know...the "c" word. That's gotta hurt.

(P.S. Sorry about my post at the top with the big space. I had to do a little rewriting on that post and forgot to delete that dangling paragraph at the end).

wow! i felt like you were reading my mind (except being on pr and all the technical stuff). I believe in being honest and being yourself more then being nice or "fake" just to make friends...why should i change who i am? My true friends now that i'm honest and i'm myself, i won't let anyone change me or my morals. I loved what you wrote and it really did touch me.
I hope that i'm not one of the people who "hate you for all the wrong reasons". I like you as a person because you were so honest, believed in yourself and designs and didn't change for has no limits, that's why it's art and a form of can someone judge that? I value how you didn't let others get to you and you accomplished what you went there for.

trust me i can go on and on about this and the following quote and how much you've inspired me, not just in a fashion sense, but as a person...but i'll just leave you with this.

"I'm looking for beauty, I recognize and applaud beauty when I see it. Truth and Beauty what else truly matters?"

that is an amazing way to live your life and i hope i can learn from you because nothing else really does matter

You have got such a fan base. You would never have to mention the negative comments again and know you are loved. So many of us only wanted to see you and only you on Project Runway. Maybe the NEW Project Runway brought all these feelings up in is with most of us. BUT, there were some real creey people on that season show. People with agenda's. People undermind ONLY the really GREAT people like yourself. Consider yourself lucky that you were chosen. You are brilliant!

Another thing, we do not have to be like you to absolutely adore you. We do not have to be gay. We do not have to be the same religeon. We do not have to absolutely like you for the RIGHT reasons to be the greatest fan of yours in the world. Throwing that out there, NOW your world is so big and we can love you for all our RIGHT reasons not yours. You are absolutely remarkable. You are a sensitive. Brilliantly talented. It all comes with the territory. We would all like to meet you in person. So when are you coming to Phoenix? We do not have to be like you to like you for all the RIGHT reasons. You are magnificent. Be YOU. Let US worry about really really really liking you. That is what a fan is.

Also, you would be amazed how incredible your fan base is. Brillian, sensitive, suscessful,

Your friend,
Jeanne from Phoenix

I think you are fabulous, Mr. Santino.

SANTINO!!!! The next group better have a fantastic personality like are my favorite x 2 seasons. I loved Jay in the Season 1, but then he kind of turned into...well, ass, you know. You haven't done that. You have REMAINED awesome. I love ya! Heidi's "bright bikini lights" won't be enough to keep me. Frankly? I'm not sure they can ever find someone like you. I could never afford your fashion, but I LOVE YOUR STYYYYLE.

M. Ocampo

Santino eres lo mejor!

Santino you are my fauvorite designer in PR. You make conceptual-art, you don't do a simple dress.

My sister love you, my e-zine [ ]love you, and i don´t learn to speak in inglish very well, but "this basic words" is to say that: we see you in my departament. I am chilean, a country litle-litle so much far to NY, near to antartica.

PR its here too. Now its rain, and flashes very strong, my dog see me and i write a post with you -in a leanguaje isn´t me. Sorry.

"Hey chico que estas re-bueno". If you said that in a latin party, you will be the star of that night, remember this. Saludotes to Santiago de Chile. (Chile: La ley, Don Francisco, Lucybell, Pablo Neruda, Pinochet (6), us wine, Leonor Varela, the fat boy to Lost)

Look that, is in spanish, but you can see in chilean e-zines :

Only this.

Santino, Ms. G. is right. You should definitely speak with Ronald about your recent frustrations. I mean, I know I said our friends can't be very objective but he does have a lot of experience with being a misunderstood public figure. I mean think about's a grown man who spends most of his time in the company of children!...with a white face, a fake nose and weird clothes. Let's face it, he's the Michael Jackson of McDonalds! Being the "c" word is the least of his problems. He might as well help you with yours.

I want to talk about your influence on US ALL.

I learned to sew from my mother and in High School classes. After I saw you in Project Runway, all I wanted to do is sew. So that is what I did. Sew and sew and sew and sew. The clothes were designed for work. I had the fourth of July weekend off. I sewed 3 outfits for this week because Corporate people were visiting our office. I looked great every day and my self esteem was up. You added to my life in a very positive way. Keep up the good work.

Your friend,
Jeanne from Phoenix


I just saw the finale of Project Runway season 2, yesterday.

You are a DAMN GOOOOOD designer. Just ignore that NOT talented gigs.

Be you. That will be enough to be a better designer.

Assorted miscellaneous comments:

-Jeanne from Phoenix' post is so cool! I, too, was inspired, in terms of believing in myself, by watching Santino's experience on "PR," and there are obviously A LOT of people who have been similarly affected. Santino, that is really something to be proud of!

-Is everybody aware that "PR" was nominated for an Emmy? If it wins, you know you oughta take home the trophy.

-Santino, those pictures of you with the friends you made behind the scenes at the show are really beautiful. Love your look, especially in the first picture in the second row. You are one hot-looking man.

If the discussion has taken a turn toward how much Santino has inspired us, I could talk for eons on the subject. I think I'm most inspired by your passion for your craft. You genuinely love fashion, style, and beauty and it's so apparent in your designs. This is the type of passion and tenacity that inspires me. You always say you want to leave a legacy, in my opinion you have...all those inspired by you are your legacy...through them you'll live forever!

And once again, Ms. G. has hit the nail on the head. You are one hot-looking man.

hay santino
im alex im 13 and a big fan
i watched project runways and LOVED all of your designs!
i really want to be a fashion designer when i grow up and i definately look up to you. well if you will please e-mail me
thank you,
alex worrell*

hey santino
im a huge fan of your designs and i plan to be a fashion designer some day!! i deffinately look up to you and respect your work!
im 13 years old and i would love it if you would like e-mail me
(A HUGE FAN) alex worrell


amen santino amen

From the beginning till the end i have been a great admirer of all of your work. you are a truly passionate and amazing desinger, and not only good at that. You make everyone laugh, you're geniuine, true, and honest and that's what i really love about you. From the moment i saw the first dress on the first challenge, the only thing i could think of was where and how can i get it!!! its amazing, you're amazing, your designs are amazing and i applaud you for who you are and what you do.
if it is for sale or anything else that you created is for sale- i would really love to buy it. Im a student in London, im 18 and im studying design marketing, id love to hear from you. carry on with what you do and dont ever change.

Eres Genial SAntino, sólo veo el programa por ti, acá en Chile.

Hey Santino ur a good man. The show only edited the parts that would only make good tv on the show. Also u mentioned about reliving fond memories of the show with the friends that u made it sucks that when situations change people change and things arent the same anymore. I know u will come out with awesome clothes cause u got style and u have tons of supporters bad and good.

Hi Santino,

That was a thought provoking post. I hope you do elaborate more. What did you mean about people liking you for all the wrong reasons? Good to see you pondering...I just finished watching Season 1 marathon today. considering these thoughts in this post, what did you think of Wendy Pepper? Have you met her?

I am one of those who, while watching the show, saw you in a negative light. I bemoaned the fact that the catsuit you designed for Kara came out ahead of the outfit Nick designed for Daniel and wrote you off as "evil". It wasn't until the season finale, when I saw you stressing out over the last outfit that they threw at you, that I realized that one can never jump to any conclusions about the participants in UNreality TV. So here I am, apologizing for making assumptions, congratulating you on the wonderful collection you presented during Fashion Week, and wishing you the bext of luck wherever you go. If you ever make it Philly, I'll keep an eye out for you on South Street!

I saw the Outfest photos (WireImage)...all your little poses were SO camera whore!:) But why the hell did Lupe wear the outfit she designed for the "clothes off your back challenge?" wasn't particularly good the first time she designed it, so why make similar version? (did she have a run-in with the martini monster again? Damn alcoholic tendencies) Oh well, it's questions like these that keep me up at night. Regardless, it looked like a fun event...the important thing is, you were HOT, and mama was proud! I hope your friend Jeffrey Sebelia fairs well this season! But if the adage is true about "birds of a feather," then he will.

It's kind of interesting how often lines I read on here seem to tie in with things going on in the rest of my life. Right now I'm taking a lot of inspiration from the line near the end of Santino's post, that mentions "rose-colored blinders." They're a great tool to have in one's bag of tricks to use whenever necessary. Got mine on right now!
Santino, you're one of the good guys. Don't ever change.


If you weren't on Project Runway last season, I'm fairly sure nobody would have anything to talk about! Your designs were always the most unique, and I think that less and less designers are truly taking the time and patience to conjure up "original" concepts and ideas, which destroys the meaning of design. And although it seemed you never really listened to any of the judges' advice on how to "tone" down your designs, I respect that you were trying to do your "own" thing, and like I said before, most designers aren't concerned about differentiating their designs from others, which truly is a shame. Keep up the amazing, fantastical work! And I can't wait to see any of your future collaborations with celebrities or any possible events :)

ok mr. santino (see how polite I am), i have to say that without uncensored individuals like yourself this world would be in deeper shit than it already is. Fact is, there are too many fake people in this world.

Please keep ranting. The impact and truth of words is underrated and overlooked by too many. So be intelligent and honest. Be one of the few real people from the "reality tv" movement.

and to add yet another quote to this long list...
“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

Just found your website today and I am so glad. I have an opportunity to tell you how amazing I thought your designs are. Especially for the finale, your gowns were feminine, sophisticated, just sheer beauty. I wish you the best of luck, your star is sure to shine brightly for a very long time!

Unfortunately, so many people are raised to believe that even the most constructive of criticism is just plain mean. People want to hear that they are good and right no matter what - of course, they make the mistake of asking people for their opinions. What are you supposed to do? Lie to them? If they wanted that, they shouldn't ask you for what you think.

I could probably go on forever about this because I've had a lot of people recently who have been very frustrating when asking me for what I really think and getting angry at me for it.

rock on, Santino. rock. on.

My wife and I sa the PR2 marathon recently. She thinks you rock and we both respect how you have matured over the year. I also like how you look like Genral Zod from Superman II (or Sean Connery from the movie Zardoz)

We miss you this season, Tino!

* WHO did we KNOW would be the star of the "Project Runway 3" casting special?

* WHO lived up to - and even surpassed - our expectations?

* And as for the rest of season 3: WHO CARES?!?

I was just watching the new Project Runway, and was thinking about last years season. Reminded of you, I had to find out what you were up to! I just wanted to say, I admire your honesty and your amazing creativity.

I'm reminded of the Witch from "Into the Woods"

"You're so nice. You're not good. You're not bad. You're just nice. I'm not good. I'm not nice. I'm just RIGHT!"

You'd make a good Witch, Santino.

Santino, First of all I'd like to say that from the beginning it wasn't your honesty that got me hooked. It was your personality and humor. You seemed like a cool guy and I loved how you could make jokes and still be funny while you were in this competition environment. A sense of humor is the best personality trait. Toward the end of the show when all the negative attention was being brought on you, I still was on your side about it. You still cracked me up. While I wasn't crazy about some of your designs, I was in love with others...I still respect you as a designer because you have something to say that is way more interesting than what anyone else was trying to say. I remember someone saying that toward the end that you were a one trick pony...which i don't agree with. If anything everyone else was one note while you had so many different sides to your creative vision. While some people thought you were a jerk I couldn't disagree more. Reality TV has a way of taking things out of context so who knows whats true and whats not. As a design student myself, I look up to you more than anyone else because you have an amazing way of channeling your creative vision and turning it into something beautiful...regardless if I like every one of your designs or not, it is still something I admire! You are awesome...period!

Everybody in PA miss you!!!! Just watched the new season last night and no one can beat you! You are the greatest by far of all people there!!!!!

It's not that I don't think the new designers of PR3 are talented, it's just that you're such a tough act to follow and you have such an effervescent personality. It's hard to pave your own way and carve your own niche, in the aftermath of storm Santino. But I think the season will be successful if everyone stays true to their vision and sticks to their guns...the way you did. And I agree, if Nina starts mouthing off, check her crazy ass! Did you see the promos of Nina saying, "she doesn't mind a good fight" and how she's a tough chick? Didn't she previously say she thought you wanted to kill her?...but now her motto is "never scared"...she's on drugs. Nothing but love for ya baby!

Sex & Stitches,

You're not alone. It's called trying to cope in a world filled with people who aren't smart enough to know what's important. Think 1984, the proles. The smarter you are, the harder it is to deal with reality. People are fake, always trying to fit in with someone else's warper, pre-concieved notion. I feel your pain with needing to have stimulating conversation with REAL people. It's hard. I bet it's always been this way though. One just has to find their way while keeping a tight grip on their sanity. Good luck man!!

oh man santino.
i fucking love you

Wow, just finished Season 2 DVDs. You were the only memorable person from the show.

I am really flabbergasted people think of you as "the evil one" from the season. You seemed cool and totally down to earth! It's only because everyone else was so vanilla, and you were the spice! And the niceness WAS so fake...I mean, look at Daniel V. I hear he's a total prima donna now, and on the show, he had SUCH a high and mighty attitude about how "not nice" you were! (Don't worry...the smart people in the audience like myself could see right through his B.S. as well as everyone else's.)

As for your designs, I wasn't crazy about the initial ones, but your runway collection almost made me weep...the dresses were beautiful. You seem to have both the talent and persona of "a complete artist" (very Oscar Wilde.) For that, you will ALWAYS be considered arrogant and some people will never understand you. Just the way it is.

And by the way...I totally sing the "Daniel Franco" song with my friends.

Excuse the rambliness. Peace.

Funniest moment in the "PR3" casting special BY FAR: Santino's reaction to the guy at the audition who felt that "Men are underexposed." Focusing on how totally OVERexposed the guy was himself, Santino remarked, "I definitely think you have a 'point of view.'" Laugh Out Loud funny!

Most smile-producing moment - Santino in his special Santino shirt! :-)

You know, BRAVO is showing reruns of your season again, and each episode I'm hoping you're imitating Tim again.

For me, the funniest moment in the PR3 casting special was the "boobs ahoy" girl. The girl who came to an interview to be on national television as if she were attending stripper auditions... either she thought the sign said,"Project Strip-away," not Runway or she too is on drugs. But the best is when Santino puts both hands up to his face. I can't tell if you're praying she covers up or takes off more.

P.S. And how can Tim Gunn pretend to despair over spending two days with you...we all know he "piddled in his panties," when they told him!

No more Tim Gunn impersonations this season. :( If they call you in as a guest judge will you do it at the runway judging? ;)

Honesty is awesome and I commend you for being so true to yourself. Had fun watching the Season 2 reruns/marathon this week on Bravo and seeing you all over again. Haven't laughed out loud so much in a looong time! Lots of love and happiness coming your way. :o) Luv ya!

I hated how they made you out to be the villain of season two. You were funny, vibrant, articulate, talented, creative, and honest. Sure, there were a few other designers that possessed the first five qualities that I mentioned, but almost all of them lacked the sixth quality. You're a beautiful human being from the inside out, and I don't think that you deserved to be pigeonholed as the asshole. You're an incredible inspiration to aspiring designers like me everywhere. All of your fans know that you're brilliant and amazing, so don't let the bastards get to you! They're all just jealous. And, remember what they say...HONEST IS THE BEST POLICY!!!

Pattern Maker was spot on and the reaction to comments like that is just plain ego and immaturity combined with difficult editing rarely showing the other side of you.

So glad there was at least that moment where Tim visited you and people saw another side.

You remind me of my closest friend on the planet: honest even if it doesn't paint you in the best light, at least you spoke your truth.

I keep remembering stuff about the casting special. Santino's reaction to the person who has "always been inspired by bugs" was priceless, too!
I'm starting to see a pattern here, and it ties in with the original subject of Santino's post - the whole honesty thing. I think I've finally found the words to explain what his fans knew instinctively from watching season 2: What's so cool about Santino is that everything he's feeling shows up on his face, and his reactions to things are so honest, spontaneous, and always interesting. Besides being fun to watch, this makes him a really good critic. If he says he doesn't like something, it's the way he truly feels and he always has REASONS for it. He doesn't criticize something to hurt anyone's feelings or to make himself look hip; he just calls 'em as he sees 'em.
No wonder we're so loyal to this guy!

This is completely off the subject of honesty, loyalty, or my undying love for you but I've come to the conclusion that you probably spend a lot of time at In-n-Out Burger, don't you? Does it ever upset Ronald that you prefer his competitors to his fast food chain? This type of behavior must make him feel more insecure about his role as a national spokesclown. Shame on you, Santino and your recreant love for "animal style." And Ms. G. is once again correct, you really do conceal nothing when it comes to facial expressions & feelings. But at least during the PR3 casting, you gave the "lunatic fringe" (as Tim Gunn so delicately put it, making him in no way an elitist) the courtesy of turning away when you laughed...that's why I love you.

hey santino, this isnt gonna be as good as before cause i just deleted the whole thing by accident but oh well. i so wish i was a little (make that a lot) more famous and more rich so i could get clothing designed by you aha...anyways i basically wanted to say thanks to you and the show project runway in general cause you have def. inspired me to wear what i want and be me and to wear fashions that other people would be too scared to try. i am teaching myself/having someone teach me how to sew this summer (im 14) so i can get to work haha but ive been working on sketches for a while cause i can draw good, nice grammar, anyway thanks for helping me see that sucess can happen and w/e, ya know? well i guess thats all.

Random fangirlish comment: You remind me of my brother. You're awesome.

I can't tell u how much I relate to what you wrote. Ive watched your season of PR probley 10 times each episode, and never do I understand why people think you're "mean". I think they're misintrepreting mean with just being passionate and focused to win the show, which pretty much was the goal anyways. I adore the show, dont get my wrong, and I do because in the fashion world thats SO typical. People trying to be your friend instantly to just backstab you and get ahead somehow, when in reality if you just did things on your own and worked hard for what you believe in you'd get just as far. I deal with it every day! People I work with or have been friends with for so long in the end I find that they really were just trying to get something or prove theyre better. And how you said you got so close to the crew I even sometimes feel strangers and people I just meet by chance are better friends than anyone else and I respect and remember the things theyve said to me more than anyone because theyre just being genuine. It's hard to seperate average people from people how are just genuinly honest, which you are. It's so obvious now that youre so above the show, and you really didn't need to "win" at all because you did the first episode when you showed how talented you are. You should write a book! ;]

Oh no! try_girl used the "c" word about Ronald McDonald! She kinda snuck it in there in the phrase "national spokesc_ _ _n," but he's going to see it and be upset. Mr. McD. wants to play "Hamlet!"

What can I say about project runwey. Its awesome!!!.
I love your desings, I hope one day you can make me a dress so I can wer it for my prom!!!.
Im frome Mexico and the only thing that i can tell you is that i love you.....


Yes Ms. G, I used the dreaded "c" word but it's for Ronald's own good. I mean think about it, isn't this the entire message behind Santino's post, to not only be honest with others but with ourselves. Therefore, get over it, Ronald! You're a clown, deal with it. In fact, use it to your benefit, why don't you?...use your "clowny" ways to get ahead in this clown's paradise we call life. You can't be Santino's BFF and not be proud of who you's a slap in his face. Now that's settled, I came across an interview Tim Gunn did for the Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan and it was Tim's candid take on the show and past contestants, blah blah. But the most interesting part( aside from Tim's elitist ideals about "freakish" cast wannabees and how Daniel Vosovic has become a supercilious "tool") was him saying that Nina Garcia persuaded the other judges to vote for Chloe and take the PR 2 win from Daniel...therefore, making Nina... the Devil incarnate. Not to say I was a huge Daniel fan by the end of the show but to take the victory from him and give it to the reincarnated designer of 80's prom fashion (Chloe) was wrong! They should have picked Santino (clearly the most talented and deserving) and rebuked Satan.


yo mister. you won project runway in my book if that counts for anything. i guess if the show was about designing for jcpenny in the 1980s then it would make more sense that chloe was the champ. keep designing baby, i'll buy your clothes as soon as i'm out of university and i can afford 'em. xxxx

RE: Ronald and the "c" word. It's the TYPECASTING that bothers him. He goes to auditions for serious roles and people just...laugh. Why should a man of such depth and emotional range be limited to blowing up balloon animals and pushing french fries? Such a waste of talent.

You're just too awesome. Love your work.

RE: Ronald and his fear of TYPECASTING. All actors, at some point, get typecasted, Ms. G. happens. Ronald isn't the first and he won't be the last. Maybe he needs a better agent or publicist. A change of image could work wonders for his strangled acting career. But first and foremost, he is clown. He needs to grow up, hone his craft, and get out there and play "Hamlet!" There are a lot of clowns in Hollywood and on Broadway...they just don't wear makeup!


I loved your sense of humor and your defense of your designs when the judges didn't understand where you were coming from.

I don't know very much about the fashion world, but it was good seeing you stand up for what was real.

RE: Ronald -
try_girl, surely you're not suggesting Ronald's colorful facial features are....MAKE-UP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
And I suppose Santa's BEARD is fake, too!

Santino, we need a new post from you so we can let poor Ronald deal with his identity crisis in peace. LOL

P.S. I love this place. :-)

Lots of love from Norway(Scandinavia)
Santino darling!
I just saw the last episode of "project runway" and I have to say that I wanted u to win the competition.

I love your work and hope to see moore of your extravagant fashion.. (or shall we call it art?) in the future.

Good luck and Lykke til!

Kjærlig hilsen Ellen B.

Santino where are you?

You know, Ms. G. and I have spent so much time going back and forth discussing Ronald's poor self image and low self-esteem, that we forgot to tell the good people of this great site how Ronald and Santino met. Surely, everyone has wondered how such a friendship came to pass...well I'm going to tell you. Santino and Ronald McD. met at a Hollywood club called "The Big Salami." Initially, Ronald thought it was one of those special interest clubs for food lovers...boy was he wrong. But it's there he met our Santino and the two exchanged numbers...and the rest is BFF history. And since that fateful "sausage filled" night, Santino has helped Ronald through a lot of tough times: contract disputes with McDonald corp., paternity suits, sexuality issues, cross dressing malfunctions, failed marriages, bad perms, various drug problems, sexual addiction and most recently...his stagnant acting career. So see Ms. G., no matter what Ronnie's problem...Santino can help him far more than us.

P.S. A healthy imagination, is a terrible thing to waste! But give us a new post and save us from ourselves.

Ah Santino! I'm so glad to have found your blog! I don't think Project Runway will be the same this season without you--come back?!? No, I'm sure you have much better things to do with your time than go back into the cage.

What thrills me most about this blog entry is what you said about the fact that in reality tv being NICE often means being FAKE. I'm actually a PhD student at Stanford doing an entire qualifying paper on this topic, and I got my inspiration from reality tv. The comment about the "Michael Kors pitched whine" is dead on, and that's the facet of the whole fake nice thing that I'm focusing on right now. Too bad the conferences I'm hoping to present my research at aren't hip enough for couture or I'd have to look you up to fit me in one of your bitchin' originals :). I hope to hear much more of your blunt honesty in the near future!

I love the provocative "SANTINO" logo that comes on the screen now when you first come on the site. A hint of things to come, perhaps?

I just have a few things to say... first of all, Santino you are an absolutely AMAZING designer! I seriously cannot believe that they did not choose you to win project runway. Everyone I know and me was rooting for you. We LOVED how honest you were and really wish that more people could take what you do as a good thing and practice it themselves. We were all so sad for weeks when they chose Chloe. Thank you for being you and for being such a creative designer. Nina did not know what she was talking about, she could not recognize incredible talent and creativity when it was staring her in the face. You are truly original and innovative, thank you so much for being on the show. You made our wednesday nights so fun and something to look forward to. I pray that God gives continues to bless your talent and open many doors for you so that all can appreciate your wonderful talent.

Who are these lame ass people who think you are evil? You are an incredibly awesome, interesting, and unique man and a talented artist. I respect your honesty and I also find you to be hilarious and on point. When you were talking about how freaking annoying the one chick's voice was on the show (Diana was it? I sort of blocked her from my memory), sure I guess it might have hurt her feelings, but it was also so true! I was sitting at home like, "Thank God someone said it." It was like the elephant in the room. I muted the TV or fast forwarded my TiVo when she spoke after a while. I thought all your comments were either deliriously funny, slap-happy sounding gems, or honest constructive criticisms. I am sorry you feel misunderstood, but I don't think you have to defend yourself. Most reasonable intelligent people can see that you are not evil or malicious. And if not, f them.

Where ya been Santino? Can we talk about your big upcoming TV appearance I just read about today? Woo hoo!

santino, if you have the time, a post about the new season would be very interesting to myself and friends. we love the show but miss santino! our favorites is robert best and uli. much love from argentina!

Hey santino! you know, i have to admit, i didnt care for yo umuch in the show, well at least as far as attitude... and then i realized that most of who i thought you were was in the editing. i dont hold it against the editors or any other creative person on the show for doing so. 1, they built a character that you loved to hate and 2, they are story tellers. they ingeniously sculpted one of many characters that they needed. still it kinda sucks that you had to be the bad guy. you dont seem to mind all that much tho. anyway, slowly i have become a santino fan and now i cant wait to see what you are going to put out cuz its going to be amazing...

PS i really loved the jump suit but you have to admit, it kinda sucks that the shoulder fell out... then again this show is about design ability, when you're a big designer your clothes are obviously going to be well constructed, so the design should be the focus.

Santino,even though the project runway is juz over in Hong Kong,but i'll support you forever;)

Santino...I miss you on Season 3.
You are a panty creamer.

Santino! You are WONDERFUL!!! Today is july 21st., and project runway just had finished here in BRAZIL. I loved your collection and you should be the winner.
Was very nice to see you telling what was on your mind, instead of being FAKE.
You are THE BEST! And I love U!!! ^^
(Sorry about the bad english, I am studying english yet...)
Kisses from you fan - Brazil!

well, i'm from latin america (chile) where the second season just finished, and i have to tell you that i, and many people that i know and that love the show, think that you were by far the best of all the sixteen designers, not only because of your enourmous talent and creativity, but also because of your honesty. you were the only one who told the truth and what you think no matter what other people could think about it, or how this at some point might turn againts you. you were real santino, not just another tv character
and i tell you this without reading any of press comments or something like that, because here nothing of that arrives, or arrived whatever
(i can't believe that it's been a year since the show's over)
sorry for my english but i hope you'll get the point

What big tv appearance? Is that why you haven't updated? O.k., it's time to come clean, Mr.! Have you been making Hollywood deals in dark alleys? You know we like being informed on all things Santino.

Santino I totally understand you. it always happen to me that people think that I'm the "evil Daniel" and stuff just because I say things how are supposed to be said. The other people is not used to that kind of honesty and I think they get hurted. They rather like to do those unpleasent comments like the one that you said about salad...
Now talking about me.. I'm a 19 y/o Southamerican guy (From Chile), that really likes your work. Yesterday it was shown the last chapter of PR2 on tv (here in Chile) and I was so surprised to not seeing you as a winner... I always thought that the competition was between you and Daniel. I don't wanna be a bad person or anything like it, but I think Chloe it won't get very far...
well that's for now... an enormous hug for you.. your fan
P.S: Just in case... ;)

I don't know if it makes you feel better to know that you are not alone. Project Runway - heck most reality shows - are a lot like the corporate world. You can be the most talented individual on the planet, but unless you "play" their game (which by the way - most of the time you're not sure what the rules of the game are), chances are, you won't get to the top. But something to chew on...why would you want to be at the top of something that makes you compromise your integrity, your talent, and your personality? A rhetorical question...yes, I know.

Here's the thing - don't hold on to the bitterness. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. While you may not become the next Michael Kors - isn't that really the best possible thing in the world???

Keep being yourself. That's what the world needs.

Much love,
The fan known as "K"

As you said... FUCK NICE!!!

You´re not alone !!!!!!

I´m from Argentina and the season finale of PR2 was just about a week and I´m still very angry with the results.

You deserved to win, and we all know it!!!

My best wishes from the end of the world!!


When you play "nice" and you act "nice" you are essentially being fake. (NICE=FAKE)

Yesss, That's so true!! I know quite a few people who want to be "nice" 24/7, and God it gets on my nerves. PEOPLE LET GO!!

Santino I only watched Project Runway because you had awesome designs and inspired me when I was sewing my creations, but I have to let you know that I was disappointed with the line you designed for the finale. I was expecting an avant-garde line that would shocked the world because that's what you did with your designs.

I still Lov U
and I admire you for what you have accomplish!! You're the only cast member from either season that has
achieved what you said you were going to do.

Hi Santino! My name is Ivana, I´m 25 years old and I´m from Uruguay ( Latin America) Yesterday I saw the Proyect Runway´s finale, sadly you wasn´t the winner. I think you had the most beautiful collection, very creative and excellently executed. I hope you are fine now and remember this: you were the best designer! Bye! Ivana

Some deleted my post? Really?
Too bad..

Anyway, you are still the favorite in Argentina.

Where can we see your desings?
when will you desing menswear?

I'm know I'm like one in a hundred comments here... but I just wanted to thank you for this post. I am a theatrical draper/stitcher who does (and loves) all of the behind the scenes work. I get the designs and turn them into actual pieces and then opening night, I just smile as the designers claim all the fame. I'll never see my name in lights and am fine with that because I love what I do, but some days it gets difficult. So I applaud you for talking to the behind the scenes guys... and more importantly, recognizing our validity.

ha ha. so true. sometimes the hired help is much more intelligent, interesting, and entertaining than the guests.

Miss seeing you on TV a lot. You should get vh1 to put you back on Best Week Ever.
Bless your heart

Yes, the "fuck you" smile...

I can related...I've never really been nice, blame my bluntness and being tactless on my sun sign Sag).

In fact, that was one of the main reasons why I loved PRII as much as I did because of your bluntness and in-your-face-honesty.

I was rooting for you from the beginning and still nauseated at the fact that Chloe won, sorry I suppose I am obviously not a fashion expert, but I thought garments that would look better as upholstery is a bad thing...

But what do I know...

I dont give a shit about ur attitude, btw its great, I only care about ur designs, they beyond fabulous !! U keep at it Santino, never stop showing the world whats is inside that great designer-mind of yours! All the luck in the world babe...Ur hot, sexy and just great ! Luv ya ! Bye !

Yes, it is possible to be a kind and caring person without being "nice" all of the time. Have taste! Have opinions and say them.
For me, I have said that I am "sweet" but not always nice. (sweet-tart)
Hope things are going passibly well, if not beter.
-Rachel K

Dear Santino,

I LOVED your creativity and honesty with everyone.
I felt like you wanted the judges to know that you were listening to them during the final fashion show.
This is how they "pay you back!"
Anyway, keep up the wonderful work you do!
I really thought that you created BEAUTIFUL woman's clothing.


We miss you so much. You were hilarious on Project Runway and it REALLY isn't as much fun without you!

it's extremely immature to think being an asshole = being honest or that being nice always = being fake. a mature, intelligent person knows how to be honest AND nice. only teenagers think you have to be a jerk to be real. just because it's cruel doesn't mean it's true.

Hey Santino!
I hear you on the "playing nice" thing. I'm from the South and god does that shit wear on you after a while.
Just thought I'd pop over here and say that I miss your sense of humor!! It was really the best thing about Season 2 of PR. The hilarious impressions of Tim, PR the musical. Good times. ;)
Keep on keeping on my man!

hey Mr.Santino

I'm jackelin , from Argetina.

And only I wanted to say hello, because I talk a few english.
I like very much you work.
Continues working like till now.
Then, bye bye and kisses.

I’m from Australia, and the show just stared to air here. =( I’m really cut and sad you didn’t win. My little sister and I were cheering at the TV when you won the Hilton competition and kicked the other guys ass- that was so funny. I really love your attitude and admire you, I agree with your outlook and think your absolutely fantastic. You’re my idol. Hopefully one day, I’ll be thin enough and rich enough to own one of my very own Santino Rice dresses. Till then im just going to be one of your star struck fans from afar. Your awesome! P.s I brought your song. Jessica

I miss you Santino! No one has been as interesting as you on the new show :(
Hope you are doing great!
Much love from Philo, IL

Santino, Iam not even a fan of reality TV and yet I kept tuning in to watch you. My absolute favourite moment was when you were the only person among the contestants to think of giving Nicky Hilton your business card. Opportunities like those are hard to come by and you made the most of yours. The hallmark of a true professional. Must be the Santino effect!

Santino, Iam not even a fan of reality TV and yet I kept tuning in to watch you. My absolute favourite moment was when you were the only person among the contestants to think of giving Nicky Hilton your business card. Opportunities like those are hard to come by and you made the most of yours. The hallmark of a true professional. Must be the Santino effect!

I'm in the mood to buy a NICE=FAKE shirt, but when I clicked the CafePress link I got an error message. Maybe they're doing some housecleaning. My Santinomoolah account is nearly $500!!

I get what your saying, and i agree with you 100%. Had i been in your place i would have done basically the same thing.

There were a few people in season 2 which i liked. Most of them, their clothes looked like crap. And i'm sorry but most of the time i think that the judges themselves make wrong choices. For instence i think either you or Daniel should have won. And i was sure that it would have been you! Me and my mother were very sad when it wasn't you.

But getting to the point, why waiste your time or your breath on talking to someone and being nice to them if the truth is that you do not like them or have no interest on them.
*PS. You make a great Tim Gunn =)

What made me like you was the way you were just blunt.. Honest bluntness... I dig it!

I am so glad I found this blog.. I have wondered where you are these days.


you are the best thing that ever happened to that show! youre the reason why people watched. we miss you!!!!!!


IT Is a SHALLOW WORLD. I come from the old world and when I first encountered so called Western world I realised how fake it is. Niceness and good manners are required but not honesty which is so depressing. You have chosen to live in California, LosAngeles - the capital of FAKE! I personally think that you have an old, bright and tallented soul and that you belong in Europe. I kept watching you and thinking how you remind me of Rasputin. He was speaking his mind all the time and therefore he found many friends and followers, but also enemies. And you look like him too! YOu have the depth and honesty of a Russian and sense of humour of a Brit - excellent combination!
Thanks for being exactly the way you are.

Well... this is several months late, but anyway. Just wanted to say I, too, think I understand & agree with what you're saying. As far as honesty goes... hell yeah, honesty kicks the shit out of nice. I think you're a great producer of "wearable" art, and many of the critiques made by Michael & Nina and the like... shows their lack of inspiration. Proves how commercial Proj. Runway really is... still entertaining, but commercial. And last thing... you've got a wicked sense of humor.

Good luck and much success in your future endeavors!

You might not ever read this and I hope I don't sound like everyone else when I post this but I think your awesome and I love your honesty. I too am discouraged for being "too" honest and your my Hero because you don't seem to let others discourage you and my eyes are green because of that. No doubt I still remain brutally honest. But it makes life easier when you decide not to apologize for being your self I heart you I am BiGfAtCaT on myspace not that it matters

MUCHA SUERTE FROM MEXIQUE....(good luck from mexico) i do recognize in you that chickie, phatty, artesanal and bohemian mock me for and attempt a cheap rip off!

I would apprecite your removal of a comment purporting to be from "Mme. Katorga" removed.
Found here:

It was brought to my attention and is not from me, the actual Madame Katorga, professional dominatrix. It's not critical, but that is a false representation and I thought it reasonable to request the removal. It has been cached by Google and thus, seems to come up once in awhile from those seeking professional time with me.

Thank you for your time and good luck in your endeavors Mr. Rice.

I just finished watching the "makeover" episode of season two and I couldn't believe they let Santino stay......greatest injustice I have seen on the least Nick made something that Daniel agreed to wear and could walk in it....and most of all WAS FINISHED....but Santino's designe was awful and if you think how hard was to work listening to Santino talking nonsense Nick deserved to stay....anyway I've seen some of these shows and they always let the opinionated and trouble makers stay to spice up the show....ratings not talent in that...thats part of the truth Santino....good luck in the future

Dear Santino,
To be frank, I don't understand why the public has made you out to be evil.
I watched project runway because I am interested in fashion, and because it gives insight into what really goes into creating clothes. I am not a fan of you, I am a fan of your work.
I really do not care whether you were mean to the other designers.
You can be the biggest jerk in the world (which you are not), and it wouldn't matter if you were talented, which you are.
The bottom line is, project runway is not a popularity contest.
I did think you were a bit mean on the show (you call that honesty, I understand) and it was probably all editting, but I also think you were smart, funny and by far the most creative and talented designer on that show. You are even better than Michael Kors!
So why you were made out to be the bad guy, I don't understand.
But I do love your work, and look forward to one day owning a whole wardrobe of Santino Rice creations.
Best Wishes,
Sarah <3

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