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Friday, September 22, 2006 

Oh Shit!

I apologize for my absence. Life and Work have been non-stop. I'll be posting an update about what I've been up to after I return from St.Louis. In case you haven't heard, I'll be hosting St. Louis Magazine's FEVER Fall Fashion Show, this Saturday Sept. 23rd.

I grew up in St. Charles / St. Louis and I haven't been back since 2002! Crazy, I know! It's so important to take time out to reconnect with family and friends, however, when you're constantly working to stay afloat you can't ever justify taking a vacation. But life certainly goes by too fast..... "The cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon...." Click on the link if you're in the area and want to have an amazing time with me and the most fashionable folks in St.Louis! It's going to be a blast!

There are only a few tickets left but I believe there is standing room tickets available as well. Maybe I'll see you there!

Much Love,

I think Ferris Bueller said it best, "life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Truer words have never been spoken. I'm glad this event affords you an opportunity to go home because I don't believe the saying that "you can't go home again." It's good to reconnect with our past, it keeps us grounded. But I still can't believe St. Louis gets you and I get Daniel "where did you go?" Franco...but healing is a slow process. Knock 'em dead in St. Louie, Santino. You're handsome, tall, fashionable, funny, articulate and're a host incarnate. And I couldn't think of a better host for the Fever awards than you...I get a fever just thinking about you. You're a hard worker and you deserve to have success heaped upon you. In fact, I'm going to start calling you the "hardest working man in fashion." Have a safe trip back to L.A.!

P.S. Look for more words of wisdom and encouragement on your myspace.

Santinoooo~! I've been worried sick about you, young man! >:O But I'm ecstatic that you're alright. ^_^

glad to hear your keeping busy with what you do best...however the link you posted is sending me to a "page not found"

It's nice to see your words. Good luck to you!!! I wish I could being there.

Hello there, my one and only favourite designer!

I am a HUGE fan of your work, and you were my fav to win Project Runway, so I simply have to ask: Is it possible to buy clothes you design? And if it is: where?


Ahh Santino! Nice update, even though it was a huge tease. Can't wait to read your full recap, and uhm, when are you gonna be Connecticut? At least in NYC so I can see ya!! Ok, thanks again for the post.

You were great at Fever - St. Louis loves you - come back soon

IIIII LOVE YOU. PLEASE POST MORE BLOGS... I love reading about what you have to say!

Oh shit is right...where's Ms. G.? She can usually smell a new post from 30,000 miles away. See Santino, you waited too long btw. new posts and now Ms. G. has gone off into great blue yonder to look for you...I hope you're happy. However, if Ms. G. should post something before this comment is revealed...then welcome back.

im a virgin here...I am writing u now coz I just had freaky sex with u in my dreams last night and I was wishing it was true when I woke up. It was great, but I won’t hassle u with a long letter of details (unless u want to know). I think u r the hottest guy on my television. U made me riveted to Project Runway, which I thought I wouldn’t like until u came along. Getting u was a great move for the producers. U got to me all the way here in the Philippine Islands (have u heard of this place). I really like people like u… not afraid to do something different and u don’t conform. Reminds me of myself, maybe that’s why I am so attracted to u (I am too an "artist" btw).
There is a passion and drive in you that channels through my television; when I turn u on (television) u turn me on! Your unique voice and appearance makes me want to make love to Jesus Christ (note: make love not sex, cuz I wouldn’t have sex with Jesus). Im guessing u have heard that a lot, but I hope ur not offended. Im going to stop now before I dig myself a hole.
I plan to go to LA to work and I wish and hope to see u and ur fabulous designs soon. Much love and props to u my man.

Missed you at the signing with Andrae and Nick - tell us about the trouble at the airport that they were mentioning - surely they wouldn't profile you - everyone must know who you are by now -

Tell us all - love you - miss you

hows it going love.
i miss you.
miss you so bad.
i wish i could kiss you .
can u hear me .
i remeber it clearly.
the day that you slipped away .
i wont be the same .
ps.. your beautiful *mauhz*

Santino, I love you! When you said on the show that you're from St. Charles, I freaked out! And I couldn't believe you went to MY high school. Coach Meeker says you played on the basketball team? You should DEFINITELY visit. My friends and I are obsessed with Fashion Runway. Anyway, I agree... life goes way too fast. I still remember when I was in diapers. Not a care in the world.. Anyway, keep up the blogs. :D
<3 Katie

I love you!

Um...hello? May I come in? It's me, Ms. G. I know I've been missing from here for a long time, but I hope once I confess the shameful secret behind my absence and say how sorry I am, I'll be forgiven and allowed to come back. It's kind of embarrassing, but here goes:

It all started several weeks ago, when Santino hadn't posted for a long, long time. I got so worried! What was wrong? Had he been kidnapped? Was he all right? I needed someone to talk to- Someone who would understand. So I went to see...Ronald. You know - Santino's good friend, Ronald McDonald? He was very kind to me. He told me how worried HE was, too. We shared memories of Santino. We laughed together. We cried together. We became very close. Ronald began giving me little gift to cheer me up. He'd reach into the pockets of his clown suit and come out with little trinkets and toys. They always made me happy - at least a little bit.

And then one night Ronald whipped something out of his clown suit that REALLY put a smile on my face. I mean - HOLY SHIT! Ronald! Who knew?!? I couldn't help myself. For weeks I was totally under Ronald's spell. I could think of nothing else - Not Santino's absence...Not Santino's blog...NOTHING but Ronald 24/7.

But it wasn't long before little problems began to develop between us. He made me eat at McDonald's -for EVERY MEAL EVERY DAY! He insisted we hang out with HIS friends only, and frankly, they're all a bunch of CLOWNS! And then when he refused to make love to me unless I put on a round, red nose -THAT was the last straw.

So...I'm back. Ronald wants to remain friends, but I don't think I ever want to see him again. The whole sordid affair has left me embarrassed and ashamed.

I'm so sorry. May I please come back here to the blog and post again like in the good old days?

Now if only SANTINO, HIMSELF would come back....

Oh Ms. G., you're back! I was sure you went out looking for Santino but instead you went out looking for a good time. Who knew Ronald was good at producing two kinds of "special sauce." Welcome back fellow prolific poster. I wish I could say the same thing to Santino.

Thanks for the welcome back, Try! Now we must concentrate on turning this space into a wellspring of creativity, where fabric of all kinds can be turned into beautiful fashions and humans of both genders can be driven to unparalleled peaks of ecstasy by that sexy tall guy.

["NO, NOT YOU, RONALD! Haven't you done enough damage? You took advantage of my concern for Santino and used it for your own carnal pleasure. Just....LEAVE!"]

Santino, come back quick before that nasty clown takes over your blog!

Ms. G. is once again right. This blog is a place where all garments and accessories can co-mingle regardless of fabric cost or designer...where retail mall clothes can share space with high fashion couture, where velvet can co-exist with velour, and where Payless shoes can go toe to toe with Jimmy Choos. A place where ecstasy is up for grabs by all...let the fashion orgy commence. And Santino, when you embark on your Asian odyssey come November...don't take Ronald. I don't think the people of this great continent would appreciate you bringing the clown responsible for introducing greasy Western fast food to them.


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