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Saturday, September 09, 2006 

WTF happened?

hey everyone, Jamey here. Santino is still alive and well. he's taking a short break.

in the interim here's a post that's been circulating myspace - started by Santino - please pass it along.

So Bravo's Project Runway 3 is having a Fan favorite contest.....
Winner get $10,000....
Vote up to 20 times...
Vote for my friend Jeffrey Sebelia,
If you've been swayed by the editing of this complex man,
Jeff's the real deal and I'm in 100% support of him.
Show Jeffrey some love!
Click the link below:
Much Love,

P.S. Also repost this as many times as you see fit. I'd love to see everyone vote for Jeffrey and see if this "Fan Favorite" contest, isn't full of shit!

P.P.S. Jeffrey is Jeffrey, Santino is Santino. Jeffrey is not this season's Santino. Or trying to be anything other than himself. McQueen is not trying to be Westwood.... Comparing Galliano to Gaultier? Yes, the more you study designers with more directional points of view, the more you will realize there are similarities.
However, to compare us shows one's inexperience with designers or artists. In many ways Jeffrey and I couldn't be more different. Comparing us, as Heidi did in the first episode just shows her ignorance. ( I often wonder if she knows what she's looking at, ever?) Unfortunately, I received too many comments already, that reitterate Heidi's sentiments. Jeffrey is as passionate as I am about creating HIS idea of beauty. RESPECT IS MUTUAL.

vote here!

Oh damn. My Jeffrey post belongs HERE! I must have posted just before this new heading appeared, so my post is under the old Santino/Heidi pic heading. Everybody, go read it there!

(and vote for Jeffrey. He's cool).

Short break, huh? Congress deliberating over the national deficit take shorter breaks than this. But it's all good. I'd wait an eternity for Santino and he knows it. I left my thoughts, remarks, etc. on the "Fan Favorite" contest and Jeffrey Sebelia on your myspace, go there and read my comment. I think Jeffrey's talented, but my jury's still out as to whether or not I'll be voting for him. I'd much rather cast my vote for Santino so I hope there's a ballot write in section. But like I said in my comment, I haven't made up my mind on who I'm voting for, if I decide to vote. This reminds me of the Presidential election!


I voted for Jeffrey - wanted to vote for Santino -

you were gone too long - we missed you -

I wish they had done the popularity contest last season - I would have voted 20 times and then 20 more times and so on

If you want me to vote for Jeffrey - then I'm voting for Jeffrey

Hope you are well and have been doing productive stuff that made you happy

Heidi says "wunway" instead of "runway"!!!!!!!!!

I know some of us have given reasons as to why we're either voting for Jeffrey or not voting for him and it reminds me of Santino's Coachella experience. Just like the free lemon ice, he doesn't care why we vote for Jeffrey, just as long as he gets the votes. And to amend my earlier post, I did decide to vote for Sebelia, for two main reasons: his visceral passion and Santino's endorsement and good taste, in not only fashion but people. But irregardless of Jeffrey's passion, because crack addicts are passionate or Santino's stamp of approval, he is a very talented and capable designer...editing ruses aside. And I may not have agreed with everyting Sebelia did this season but I applaud his talent and I wish him good luck.

I hope Santino's mobilization of his troops to vote for Jeffrey is just the beginning of a crusade to make the world safe for people with IMAGINATION!!!

No problem. Fuck the villain edit. I see a person I like in Jeffrey. Oh, he's not perfect, but the producers of PR are going out of their way to not show any of the good bits, just the bad.

But if he was that damn bed, the rest of the designers would have tied him to the stake by now and roasted his ass.

I hope he wins the whole enchilada.

I voted indeed. Repeatedly. Hopefully it was 20, but I lost count.

I hope both of you are well, Santino. I think it's quite cool that you are sticking up for you good friend.

See y'all on MySpace.

Santino was my favorite last season. Heads above the rest. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Jeffrey's work. I like him, he's just not my favorite. (Although his couture dress was untouchable!) My fav is Michael. Sorry.

I'll tell you one thing, though: in all sincerity, this season is shit without Santino Rice.

Just found your site. Actually, I just watched Season 2 on DVD. Didn't have cable... been watching Season 3. Love Jeffrey. That couture dress was punk fab.

Anywho... when am I going to see your clothing in stores?!

PS. Obviously, thought you should win!

With "Fan Favorite" voting over, I guess we have to go back to playing "Where's

What if he's been kidnapped and taken overseas to work at a sweat shop sewing machine for 20 hours a day?!?!...

(Well, I guess that wouldn't be too far off from what he had to do on "Project Runway').

...or what if, for 20 hours a day, he's being forced to serve as some royal family's sex slave?!?!?

(Yeah, he could handle that one, too. I guess we've got nothing to worry about). ;-)

You fucking rock Santino, still can't believe you didn't win Project Runway last season but it doesn't matter because your talent is killer and it will prevail. I don't see why Heidi had to go and compare you and Jeffrey, that's just terribly dumb because you're two distinct awesome designers...being compared is just lame. Well take care Santino all the best in the future to ya!

I have a theory about Santino's disappearance. I think he's currently under the watchful eye of the Witness Protection Program. He was taken into custody because he's decided to testify against all fashion criminals far and wide. Just imagine how many bad fashion perpetrators he'll put in fashion prison with his compelling testimony. The good news is that he's currently dating one of the federal agents in charge of his safety!

I hope Jeffrey gets the $10,000 and the $100,000 - but it isn't fair that you didn't get a chance that way - and I mean for both - Season 3 was pretty lame - Season 2 and Santino will never be beat

It boggles my mind how someone hasn't put you on TV somewhere, somehow yet - we would watch and then get our friends to watch and they would get their friends to watch and you would be a big hit

Please don't lose interest in this blog - it is all we have of you for now and if you don't update -it isn't much - give us a crumb now and then - we eagerly await any word from you

Maybe old songs hold the key to Santino's whereabouts. Could he be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?" "On Top of Old Smokey?" Or perhaps "in the kitchen with Dinah, strumming on the old ban-jo?"

I just find it strange that so many people disliked Santino, but I liked him because he was himself. He was who he was, and he wasn't at all fake. Wish there were more people like Santino, willing to be themselves.

I have voted for Jeffrey, and I do hope he wins.

And I agree with whoever said Santino should have his own TV show, because I would definitely watch it!!! Because Santino rocks!!!!!!!

Yea!! Jeffrey - I hope he wins both the fan favorite and the final challenge. Also, I am in total agreement with Santino - I think Heidi is as dumb as a post. Sometimes I can't believe the shit that comes out of her mouth.

I wish Jeffrey well. I can't wait to see his runway show, however I would be even more excited to see a Santino runway show. How about it?

ok santino, i have a question for you... what was the material you made that stunning blueish/ grayish dress out of? the one with the braided strap? I LOVE IT. i want to find a dress like it for my homecoming. problem: i'm not a size 0. i'm like, a size 14. yeah, i like eating a burrito now and then. anyway, my point is, what is that material? i have no idea where to start shopping. lemme know

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