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Monday, October 16, 2006 

Jeffery, Robert and I on Megan Mullally Show

Hello Everyone,
I'll be on The Megan Mullally Show this Wednesday Oct 18th
(Project Runway 3 Finale Day!)
Along with my friends Jeffrey Sebelia and Robert Best! It's gonna be a RIOT!
Check your local listings for time.
The Megan Mullally Show is on NBC.

Click Here to go to the Megan Mullally Show Page

SANTINO POSTED!!! Break out the confetti! It made me very happy to see this new post, not just because A.SANTINO POSTED, but also because B.we get to see him on TV and because C. Jeffrey and Robert will be on, too!

Jeffrey is the second coolest contestant ever on "Project Runway." (Guess who's at the TOP of that list)? If Jeffrey doesn't have a blog of his own, may we keep him?!? We'll just push the Tim Gunn bobbleheads, Red Lobster cocktail stirrers and all our other debris out of the way and set him up with a futon or something. OK?

Santino, is it really you? Come closer my child, oh is you! It's about damn time. I'll definitely tune in to the Megan Mullally Show tomorrow. And Megan can thank you properly later for helping to boost her ratings. I'm so excited about this, Santino. I loved Robert Best on the show. Sure he bored me in the end, but his talent still shined through. I just hope you and Jeffrey behave yourselves. So that means no jumping on Megan's couch, no vehemently defending Scientology, and no bemoaning the use of psychiatry and antidepressants. Have a good time, cutie. I'll be watching.

Very cool Santino! I'm searching and searching and don't think my Dish Network carries this channel. SHIT! I hope there's a video somewhere that I can see online. Excellent!!! And Robert BEST as a bonus! Cheers!

Saw the clip - do you look good! and there was even a mini Timpression - boy do I miss you -

Are you going to Asia and when will we ever learn more of what you are up to -

Santino on TV! Santino on TV! I'm glad I taped it, because I kept getting distracted -by the SANTINO SHIRT, Santino's hot bod, etc. - so had to keep rewinding to watch parts over again.

The sketch was wonderful. You guys are natural actors! It was so cool to fantasize about Santino and Jeffrey being on the same edition of "Project Runway" (to add to my, um. "other" fantasies involving Santino and Jeffrey. but we don't need to go there right now. Heh heh heh).

I sense there may have been some writing contributions from you guys? - Beet juice to get the right color? Melting cupcake pans to make the jacket? Those lines made me laugh out loud.

Looking forward to tonight's "PR" finale!

Well, whaddya know? Nice guys don't always finish third!

Congratulations, Jeffrey!

I feel bad that I haven't checked your site inawhile but I am so glad to see/hear you are doing well. Funny to see how you were routing for Jeffrey so was I, the others were good in their own way but he is extremely talented and I really hope he makes a go of this.
When are we going to see some of your designs??!


P.s. Not to mention I love that Jeffrey beat the b***h laura. I couldn't believe she woud even suggest that he cheated.
Jeffrey and Santino much love!

So are Ricebelia still out celebrating or what?
We're leavin' the light on for y'all!

Hi Santino! Great to see an update on what's going on with you. While I watch the third season, I kept hoping you would make a special appearance. Great to see you on Megan's show, but I think you should have your own show. Not only are you talented, but you're very funny! I won't say more because I think you're conceited enough! ha ha!! Love your designs! Hang tough!

Yay for Santino! I'm so fucking happy I got to see you on TV! AND YOU POSTED! AHHHH! IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!

Ronald McDonald keeps calling and leaving messages on my machine. He makes up all these false "leads" about where Santino might be, suggests elaborate plans for the two of us to go search for him, or sometimes just whispers seductively into the phone, "Come on over, baby. You've got the hot mustard and I've got the Big Mac."

Been there. Done that. Got the high cholesterol. Don't let this happen again, Santino! Come back!!!

Damn it, Santino, where ARE you? Your futon here (custom made, XXXX-long) hasn't been slept on in several nights, and Jeffrey's is in COMPLETELY pristine condition, despite numerous requests for sleepovers! Are you crashing every night at MySpace or what?! :-(

i happened to be in a doctor's office for several hours and caught the show - I haven't ever watched it as i am working during the day! and you guys were a riot...loved those ovenmit boots! Great acting jobs all around :)

Hi Santino. First time visitor. Big fan.
Will drop by in the near future.
Season 3 of Runway is starting at my place here in November.

^I hope that's true.


I rented the season two DVDs at Blockbuster...watching the Barbie episode made my day! When the judges gave you their (awesome) feedback, you looked soooo happy! Like a little kid on Christmas! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

You were great on the show - I had to watch the clip online - as we don't get the show here - wish you could get some more spots

Are you and Jeffrey going to hook up - it would be a great pairing - Emmett's store in New York seems very popular and if you guys had a shop - you would beat it all to heck -

Have a great time in Singapore and Malysia -

Please post more often - we miss you and we are not crazy fans - we just like you and want to know more about what you are up to

Just watched you sing "Lick Shots" on youtube - wow - you are multi talented - why don't you let your fans know what you are up to

everyone should go watch the video

Santino and Jeferrey ROCKS!! seriously your styles are unique and different, sooo boring to go to a shop and see the samethings done over and over again to death. Its pretty but classic need to roughed up a little..I fall between the classic and the Humpf factor you guys have.

Why spend money to buy yet anothe rblack dress...give me black dress wiht a twist, a unique cut, something that will make me wanna crab the cash card.I am always looking for that uniqueness.. and You and Jeffrey just bring that THING to fashion...Keep pushing the boundaries and coming up with more ART.

You two should seriously work on line that retains the classics but with that Santino Jeffrey thing you all ...
Santino you were hilarious on the show..Jeffrey you are such a to your little boy .(Even if the red head had got you kicked off she still could match your INNOVATION ..I didnt watch most of the show, but I went on line to look up your stuff...I was awed by the sheer INNOVATION of it.........Keep up the good work)

SANTINO do you have a store and where can I sneak a peek at your work...!!!


Santino...I thought I saw your model Heather on a movie with Uma Thurman tonight. True??? Do you stay in contact with her? She's beautiful.

we just got project runway over ere in england, i just saw da finale!!! santinos collection was amazing.. i am 13 and want to be a designer wen i get older, santinos outfits are soo inspiring it makes me want to go santino totally was da truee winner and i know we will be seeing santino rice alot in da future!!! looking forward to it!
tanks for a great project runway santino!!

o by da way same 13 year old sayin..
go andre!!!! santino and andre would make TV gold!!! would love to see dat..

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