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Sunday, October 29, 2006 

Lick Shots!

Hi Everybody,
Recently, I collaborated with an amazingly creative band by the name Howardamb. We covered the Missy Elliot song, "Lick Shots" Watch the fun that ensued while filming the video. I'm really proud of how the whole experience turned out.... Can't wait to hear what Missy and Timbaland think of this version! I'm happy to finally be able to share this with you, let me know what you think!


Also, check out Howardamb's website, always ones for keeping people guessing, Howarbamb defies genres, and can't be placed in any one box. The only thing you can assume about the music they create is that it will always surprise and inspire! And being surprised and inspired is a rarity, but for me, it's a daily necessity! Can't wait to do it again!
See you soon!

Much Love,

P.S. Happy Halloween!

P.P.S. the video was shot and cut by G.B. Young check him out.

First, I just want you to know that I'm really offended by those fucking curse words so thanks for the disclaimer. I mean how irreverent and sexy can you be, Santino? Just know that I love this performance and it's extremely funny. Second, "Lick Shots" is a great hip hop song and Missy Elliot is an original. With that said, I completely bought your version. And I like the fact that you changed some of the lyrics to fit your life..."riding in L.A. in the cabriolet," and my favorite line of "If I give you dick, you'll never leave." You're not a bad MC. In fact, I think Mickey Avalon should be shaking in his blue jean cut offs right now. The video is great and you look really hot dressed as a hip hop swami. And I've already discovered HowardAmb. I really like the band because their music is so unidentifiable. It's like being high and sober at the same time...there's true but no logic. If that makes any sense? If fashion is your heartbeat, then music is definitely your pulse. Keep being a creative dynamo with a magnetic's your saving grace. And save me a seat in the cabriolet.

And I meant "truth but no logic" in my first post. Sorry, typo!

Can I make love to your voice?
Happy halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Santino, you're so cutting edge the rest of us have to tote an extra oxygen tank just to keep up with you...and it's so fun out there! Keep it up, baby!

do you have a good agent - because you should be all over entertainment - you are funny - witty - sexy -musically talented too -

LOL. santino, you make me laugh so hard. :):) you're awesome.


IT's TheKim sister
lol hopefully u remember..anywho
i emailed to congratulate you, how sucessful you've become!!! and i love that suchin pak dress!! =]
i love that video too!!!! im sure missy and tim woul like it!
hit me back ttyl!!!!

mucho <3,

Santino, i most simply cannot lie....your the shit. tu les mired.
why are you not a rapping designer?!?!?!?!?!
or are you......
yeah so im pretty much wearing a santino shirt as i am typing this in.....
much love

Santino, you're a genius. By the way, my friend showed me some love by getting me a WWSD shirt for my bday. :D

The "meow" is a nice touch.

santino santino. how i wish i have more chances of seeing your designs or attend your fashion runways... in singapore. )=
i live too far away from you!

man that was an awesome video, you totally rocked it and the last bit of that was hilarious keep on rockin. much love

The guy in the cat mask with the maracas is cool, too. IS it a cat mask?? (and hence, the "meow")? Is it a real cat, who can miraculously play maracas??? ARE they maracas???? Do you ever miss your 3-headed dragon puppet?????

HEY SANTINO! I'm the female friend of Riddy who had dinner with you yesterday. Well once again, it's really wonderful to have met you in person. I totally love your designs on PR2 and yeah, F-CK NICE. Cos' being straightforward now rules the world! ;)

Ronald McDonald showed up today in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, in both human and balloon form. A Santino balloon would have been cool. But it would have slowed down the parade and taken an awful lot of people to carry it, because of it's LENGTH.... I mean, because of it's SIZE.. I mean...
It's a holiday. I'm trying to keep this clean.

I love your work..


I just saw project runway (yes, was just sent in Sweden) and just have to tell you that i totally love your style. You are so hot.

A Santino-less USA feels boring beyond belief. We've shared you long enough. You're ours and it will be great to have you back!

Hello fellow Santinonites! Today I come to you all with a message tinged with hope, and lined with lust. In the vein of Ms. G., I too have missed Santino dearly. But now that he's home from his Asian travels, he can once again invest in his amazing design work and his adoring fans. And I've discovered a way he can repay all of us not given the opportunity to design a t-shirt and have dinner with this uber sexy and talented man. I think Santino should go back on the Internet show, "Ring My Bell" and perform Santa like duties for an hour this holiday season, preferably before Christmas. He could wear a Santa hat, red Chuck Taylors, and if he's in a really festive mood...he could straddle a sleigh. He could then ask each caller what they truly wanted for Christmas ala Santa Claus style. It's almost like virtually sitting on Santino Rice's lap. But like all men, Santino must be forced into making the proper arrangements. So how about it fellow Santino fans? Wouldn't you welcome the opportunity to tell Santino Rice what you want for Christmas? So email, call, and post incessant comments in the hopes of persuading Santino into going back on the show. Happy Holidays Santino Claus...hear how good that sounds!

I'd have loved to see Heidi Klum's initial reaction to the most recent Victoria's Secret fashion show, which just aired. No deer horns, but some of the outfits were dangerously similar to your Heidi's Homeland lengerie. Seriously.

It's so cool to see Santino's blog heating up again! And with the holidays coming, he really MUST do something with a "Santino Claus" theme. It's just too perfect.

I like the idea of a command performance on "Ring My Bell," try, with one small caveat - The show will need one of those Parental Warnings at the start. Otherwise, just imagine all the innocent little tots sitting cross-legged in their footed jammies in front of their computers, expecting a visit from Jolly Old St. Nick. For the next hour they would be exposed to calls from me, you, and (to borrow a line from an old Tom Petty song)- "some boys, some girls, some I don't know," all describing in rapturous detail everything they REALLY want from Santino Claus! This could cause a scandal that would he heard all the way from L.A. to the North Pole!

But yes - with a Parental Warning, I'm all in favor of a Santino Claus-hosted "Ring My Bell." Oh, one more request - Can Jeffrey Sebelia appear, too? As an elf or something?? :-)

I'm glad you agree with my suggestion, Ms. G. And I think Jeffrey Sebelia would make a terrific elf. In fact, Andrae could make an appearance as a reindeer...there's not much difference between a lamb and reindeer. You could even use this opportunity, Santino, to sell some holiday merchandise. Why not design a new holiday thong which reads, "this not only comes off, but is now yours today in the flavor of peppermint or eggnog." So how about it, Santino? Do something really special this season, and give the boys and girls something else to penetrate this holiday besides their stocking. Let's all sing "I Saw Mommy Shagging Santino Claus!" I think it's times like these which make you wish you had gotten the more puritanical Emmett's.

Something I started wondering about in the midde of the night:
With "Project Runway 2" airing in different countries, I'm assuming the dialogue has to be dubbed in various languages. In each of these translated versions, does the guy who does Santino's voice also have to be capable of imitating the guy who does Tim Gunn's voice?!?!

So, Santino, I was just checking out your MySpace page, and who do I see listed on your front page of Friends? This guy who calls himself "G.C." and looks a whole lot like....IDENTICAL to, actually...George Clooney! I, the marvelous Ms. G. can't make it onto your front page, yet you have this plain-looking, unsuccessful actor who nobody's ever heard of on there?!? What an insult.

SANTINO!!! ahhh please update I keep checking and I'm seeing nothing new! I love to hear what you have to say.

I'm still reading the year-end issue of "Entertainment Weekly." "Project Runway" is one of their "Entertainers of the Year." The 2-page feature has some interesting photos, including: Tim Gunn (without glasses), wearing sort of a "Vampire Lestat" outfit, similar to what Santino wore on Halloween -and- Jeffrey Sebelia, looking hot in eyeliner.

Aw man, now you're chums with Timbaland?!? I may as well give up right now. I'm never gonna make it into your MySpace Top 24. I am a mere commoner...a wannabe...a nobody.

But wait! There's a ray of hope! I'm a big fish in a small pond!

Now if you'd just POST here in your small pond once in awhile....

Hey Santino! Update! It's been forever. Not that you know me or anything. I am just here to pop in and say that you're awesome - and I'm sure you hear that a lot, but you are. I am a designer (clothes, interior homes, websites...) and an artist (painter, opera and jazz singer) and I just feel very linked to you somehow. You exude the same confidence and arrogance that I do, and I know how you feel that insecurity inside, despite the fact that you will never let it control you. Or something. Anyhow - I came across the page on Wikipedia about you and realised that we have the same birthday! Ha. So that makes sense now.

This is getting really long... my point: I think your clothes are fantastic; I wish I could own your entire Fashion Week line, and I wish even more that you were my neighboor or something. Keep being awesome!

-Shanti M.

Long time man! I'm still getting drunk, using your old COCKtail shaker, ya sold me at the grand LA yard sale!

Anyhow, nice video. Love the location! You rock, and the Face fucking thing made my eyes water!

all the best!
Jeremiah CHristopher

i'm from chile( a little country in south america) and here just yestarday finished the season of proyect runway! i must say that you're collection was my favourite it was so beautifull! and you were always my favourite ! well, that's all greatings from south america!

Damn, I miss the old days here.

please, please come back - give us a new post - this is what we wait for - we wouldn't keep coming here if we didn't love you - don't you like us?

I wish that this blog was updated more often. I like reading it & linking to anything that I find of interest. I want to read about what you are doing. Thank you.




santino, where are you?! =[

Dude, you rock!

I've been stuck at home recovering from surgery with nothing but the Season 2 Project Runway DVDs to keep me occupied. Thanks for the entertainment and inspiration.


just checked ur blog find it really kewl!!!
i'hve got a really kool nd krazy website for u bro check this thing out
man it gonna blow u up,click the link below

Santino we miss you :(


Santino!! Update more. I'd love to hear what you're up to.


Very cool..

Hi: Just finished watching the project runway dvd. I loved you in it. Your mom is beautiful.
I wish you had won. I think that you were the most talented on that show. I frankly I think you were robbed. Please post what you have been up to. All the best....Lolita

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Santino why don't you blog anymore? I miss you and your creativity in general... I hope they recruit some actual INNOVATIVE designers this season!

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