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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Fashion Week

So I just got back to the apartment in NYC and was pleasantly greeted by many many beautiful comments from all of Santino's fans!

Santino was wonderful enough to invite myself and our good friend Rory to the show this morning!

All 4 remaining designers showed their lines and the room was on fire with excitement. Everyone did well, Daniel gave a sweet shout out to his 'upper-middle-class family' ;) and they all did generally well on the runway.

Santino was last to come on to the runway. He was like Tigger-the-fucking-Tiger all bouncing around and shit and the room exploded with cheer. Santino joked that whether you love-to-hate-him or hate-to-love him, he hopes you all enjoy his stuff. And if you don't... to be patient 'till next year 'cause he'll be back. then he said:

"Where's my mom? Oh there she is... Hi mom... Hey everybody meet my mom, she's the SHIT!"

The stage went black and the show started... I heard someone whisper behind me 'Is that Santino singing in the music?', i leaned back and told her that indeed it was. Santino even produced his own song for the show.

Anyway Rory and I cruised the room like a couple pro star-fornicators, here are a few pics.

I told Santino he had many many loving comments waiting for him once he could get his 'Out-of-this-World' ass back in front of a computer.

Santino thanks you ALL for your love, it was definitely felt on the runway this morning.

xoxojamey | a.k.a. Pearbobber | a.k.a. Santino's Bitch 4'eva |

CLICK HERE for Santino's entire collection.

Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Project Runway Odds?

We received this comment this afternoon from Poe Street and I thought it was pretty fun and wanted to pass it on:

Daniel Vosovich - The golden boy finally faltered and made Chloe Dao look like a painted up harlot from Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" - "Me so horny! Me love you long time!" Poor girl. Immunity saved him from getting auf-wiedersehened, and it was interesting to see how he blanched under the criticism from Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. (I used to think Nina was gross, but she’s beginning to look more appealing... maybe it's my TV goggles).
Still, Daniel has got to be considered the favorite to make it to fashion week in NYC and win.
ODDS: Even to win

Chloe Dao: Well, she's been in the Kool-Aid mix from the beginning and now she has an impressive win under her belt. After coming in second place so many times, Chloe is sparkling at precisely the right moment. I think there's no possible way that she doesn's make it to the final 3.
ODDS: 2:1 to win

Kara Janx:She does have skills but her emotions often betray her at crucial times. With the pressure only increasing from this point forward, it’s nearly impossible to imagine her not crumbling under pressure. Kara is a potato-chip gangster... when she gets the pinch, she crumbles.

ODDS: 7:1 to win

Santino Rice: Our favorite is the dark horse. He's got a cool new look and an abundance of confidence. Now that his nemesis (Nick) is out, will Santino be able to focus more freely? Can Santino recapture the mojo that was flowing at the beginning of the season when he was winning with aplomb? Will Santino's designs be "female-friendly" and "practical,not conceptual?" I think yes to all of the preceding questions. Santino dodged a bullet and it looked bad with Kara's sleeve falling off and the glued-on fabric. Nina Garcia hates Santino and he's a breath away from getting peaced out, Deutschland Style. Jay from last season needs to relax a little bit and stop hating.

Regardless of what happens /has already happened Santino is a mega-star and is beloved. Comparing Santino to Jesus (as a blogger did) is just ridiculous, however. "You Can’t polish a turd."HILARIOUS... Santino you magnificent bastard, Simply brilliant! LIGHTEN UP IT'S JUST FASHION.

ODDS: 3:1 to win.

Background on Poe Street:

Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

Santino Chat

UPDATE: The chat room was fun and quite lively during the airing of the show this evening. I've taken it down for now but may put it up again next Wednesday night, thanks to everyone who participated!

Please keep the comments coming and take a moment to sign up for updates. Santino really appreciates your support.

So, Santino's got his hands full this week - the entire cast is in NYC filming the re-union show and stuff. But I figured I'd put up this little chat applet if any of you would like to talk.

xoxo Jamey | a.k.a. pearbobber | a.k.a Santino's bitch 4'eva

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Star Magazine

Star Magazine did a sweet little spread about Santino! Click to view.
Also the Chicago Tribune named him one of the 5 great characters on TV (The other 4 are fictional). Link

Monday, February 06, 2006 


Jackie on myspace sent me a pic of this great new book! Too funny.



After a long day I always look forward to reading loving and often funny comments and messages from all of you. Sometimes people remark 'you probably will never read this' and 'is this really you' and I just want to say that i read all of your messages and am very thankful for your support both here and on my MySpace profile.

Much Love, SANTINO

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