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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Don't miss your chance!

OK Andrae this is too funny.

From the auction page:

Yes, indeed, you can believe your eyes. These are THE SHORTS from the show. After hearing all that I've heard about them, - the vehement laments, the anguished harangues, the turgid criticism and etc., I thought I'd send them out to the highest bidder to dispose of them (or not) as they see fit. Regardless of your intentions, whether you're interviewing for Hooters, going as me for Halloween, or just plain have twisted ritualistic bacchanals every third thursday of the month, I freely relinquish them to you and only ask that you don't don't tell me what you do with them. Some darknesses must in deep dusk remain. Vintage OP surf shorts, from the 1970's. Size S, waist 30". Orange, tan, and brown panels of cotton canvas. One back pocket, velcro fly. Autographed upon request.

No one is going to look as good as you in these Andrae!

In other news... I'm going to be on LIVE with Regis and Kelly this coming Monday morning! Set your TiVo!

A crazy week has almost come to a close, thanks to everyone for all your support... you guys are the BEST!



Thanks Jay

from an interview with Jay in Time Out:

Jay McCarroll:I would love Santino to win. He's edgy and I'm sick of this one-trick-pony thing that the judges keep telling him. That's his style. That's why Calvin Klein makes fucking tunics and why Betsey Johnson makes fucking floral chiffons. Mixing shit up is what he does...

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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Me + Vanessa Minnillo

It's funny to watch the show after seeing everybody last week. Thanks so much for rooting for me! Daniel and I are all good...

Out with some friends Sunday night in SoHo and bumped into MTV TRL princess Vanessa Minnillo.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

(haha... look at all the Red Lobster ads!)


Red Lobster Time Square.

Let's do this.

hmmm what to get...

mmm... cheddar biscuits.
Look at all that fried goodness!
Aaaaaand scene.

Happy (belated) St. Valentine's Day everybody!
Much Love, SANTINO!

Monday, February 13, 2006 

Blizzard in NYC

Hey Y'all what's happenin'? It snowed like crazy in New York and my flight back to LA was canceled so I went out and played in the snow!

Those lumps behind me are cars i think.
We took a break from making snow-angels and I caught last weeks episode for the fist time. Ugh, So funny Kara.
A lot of you have looked at the pics from the remaining 4 designers and have offered up some very kind words of support. THANK YOU, SANTINO.

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