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Friday, February 24, 2006 

fun stuff over at FourFour

FourFour has a great recap of the reunion show, complete with images and sound clips like this, this and this.

go to article


Project Runway the Musical



(language warning)

this video was uploaded to google video by someone named "Lisa". I think she's bubbling over with talent and needs to get off her futon and on stage!

p.s. She's all yours Nick :D

When I first saw your greasy hair
All I could do is stare (and ask)
Why are you on this designer show?
You're ugly as fuck you know

Nick was voted off (We all were pissed)
Nick's suit may have been crap but he's better than this
He's gay and pretty hot
I'd do him on the spot

Santino...Fuck you
You ruined the run way
And you'll burn in hell some day

Santino...Fuck you
Your jumpsuit was ugly
And I hope you don't get money

Stop talking bout poop
Stop talking bout poop
Stop talking bout poop
Stop talking bout poop

Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Buck Huntin'


Was it really fun? Yeah - it was fun, it was great to see everyone and no one really held any real grudges (O.K maybe 1 or 2 grudges.).

What was up with Guadeloupe? She just had too much to drink... way too much to drink.

What was up with the editing with Daniel F.? If anything, they were kind to him in the editing room, that was really uncomfortable.

To all you 'new' fans... welcome to the club!


Greg, Adriana, Jamey and I blow off a little steam.The reunion show was fun, it was good to see everyone again. When Daniel, Chloe and I showed up, it seemed most everyone was already wasted. How 'bout Project Runway the Musical?!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

The Videos from LIVE with Regis and Kelly pt.1

Part 1. Regis and Kelly talk with Santino as he's back stage making a dress for kelly using items found in her kitchen.


The Videos from LIVE with Regis and Kelly pt.2

part 2. Regis interviews Santino.


The Videos from LIVE with Regis and Kelly pt.3

part 3 Kelly works it.

Monday, February 20, 2006 

Saran Wrap and Cabbage - LIVE with Regis & Kelly

When Santino arrived on set they sprang a challenge on him, giving him 45 minutes to design a dress for Kelly using items found in her kitchen. For those of you who missed it - I'll try to get a video up for tomorrow's post. Here are some screens of the highlights.

Look everybody, Santino's on TV!Santino's gona make Kelly look HOT.

Regis thinks the crowd is screaming too loud

Regis gives 'Tino $%# about doggin' Michael Kors
Here she comes

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