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Saturday, March 04, 2006 

Oscar Parties

I've been running around Hollywood going to Oscar parties, crazy times! I found some pictures of myself at Getty Images from the Global Green USA Oscar Party and the Gotham Party...

Friday, March 03, 2006 

Having the Best Week Ever

Hello! I taped VH1's Best Week Ever this week and it was a blast! Everyone on the show was great and if you're jonesin' for some more trash-talking by yours truly, this should do the trick. It first airs tonight on VH1 but should be on a few times this weekend.

If I don't talk to you, have a beautiful weekend y'all!

Much Love, SANTINO.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 

Note: subscribe to email updates.

Hey all - don't forget to register for email updated here. We'll have a special announcement within the next week which will go out to subscribers FIRST, before posted to the site.

UPDATE: hi! I've noticed by checking the database that several of you have signed up more than once or using multiple email addresses, that shouldn't be necessary, as long as you entered your email correctly - you're all good. You should have received an email asking to confirm that you want to be on the list, so check to see if you got it. Note about the announcement, as you know PR season 2 is coming to a close but SANTINO is just getting started and we want to keep you updated on what he's doing next, where you can get his clothes etc. Thanks, Jamey.


In the Park with Tony & the kids.

This morning I about fell out of my chair when I checked my email and comments on the site. Thank you all so very much for all your kind words, i can really feel the love. Sometimes it's hard watching the character that is Santino on the show and I'm grateful that you were able to see a slightly different side last night.

I put a couple of these pic up back in November when i first started doing this site, but many of you have probably not seen them. Tony's daughter celebrated her birthday in the park with a handful of close friends and family...

thank you again for all the love, I'm humbled by your warm remarks.

Much Love SANTINO.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Me and Andy

Andy Cohen is Bravo's Vice President of Production and Programming. We got a drink at one of the Project Runway parties after the fashion show in NYC. Andy called me yesterday and asked me a bunch of questions for his blog... here's how it went down. He was typing as i was talking and complaining that his fingers were starting to hurt. LOOK Andy, I don't care if you have to CRY and TYPE but you better CRY and TYPE!

Much Love, SANTINO

P.S. did anyone hear Andrae and I on Sirius Radio last night?

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

Project Starwars

Tiffany sent me this gem, ENJOY!
Other news, Kim's boy Brad really knows how to show the love!

Monday, February 27, 2006 

Seattle PI article

On season two of "Project Runway," fashion may be their passion, but the personalities were the main attractions. Although several contestants emerged as audience favorites, there could be only one star -- Santino Rice.

He was mean-spirited in his confessionals. He threw tantrums in front of the judges. His work ranged from inspiring to epically disastrous; one week, he made a gorgeous outfit by slicing up his own leather jacket, only to dress his models like intergalactic deer people later in the show.

go to article


Intuit Media Group Launch Party

I was invited to the Intuit Media Group Launch Party last week, I met some cool people and had a great time. I sat with Cory Feldman, hey Cory send me the picture!


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I'm Santino Rice, a fashion designer living and working in Hollywood California. I was a contestant on Bravo's Project Runway Season 2. This is my personal journal.