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Saturday, September 09, 2006 

WTF happened?

hey everyone, Jamey here. Santino is still alive and well. he's taking a short break.

in the interim here's a post that's been circulating myspace - started by Santino - please pass it along.

So Bravo's Project Runway 3 is having a Fan favorite contest.....
Winner get $10,000....
Vote up to 20 times...
Vote for my friend Jeffrey Sebelia,
If you've been swayed by the editing of this complex man,
Jeff's the real deal and I'm in 100% support of him.
Show Jeffrey some love!
Click the link below:
Much Love,

P.S. Also repost this as many times as you see fit. I'd love to see everyone vote for Jeffrey and see if this "Fan Favorite" contest, isn't full of shit!

P.P.S. Jeffrey is Jeffrey, Santino is Santino. Jeffrey is not this season's Santino. Or trying to be anything other than himself. McQueen is not trying to be Westwood.... Comparing Galliano to Gaultier? Yes, the more you study designers with more directional points of view, the more you will realize there are similarities.
However, to compare us shows one's inexperience with designers or artists. In many ways Jeffrey and I couldn't be more different. Comparing us, as Heidi did in the first episode just shows her ignorance. ( I often wonder if she knows what she's looking at, ever?) Unfortunately, I received too many comments already, that reitterate Heidi's sentiments. Jeffrey is as passionate as I am about creating HIS idea of beauty. RESPECT IS MUTUAL.

vote here!

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